Examples of sustainable living amidst global challenges, with an emphasis on personal responsibility.

Earth in Mind - Interview with Sepp Holzer

Earth in Mind

The normal temperature range for growing lemon trees is seventy to fifty-five degrees. Below fiftyfour degrees Fahrenheit they go into dormancy, which is why much of the world’s citrus is grown in sun belts like Florida and California...

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For almost all of human history, said the great economist John Maynard Keynes, from “say, two thousand years before Christ down....

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Through Native American Eyes - Two Spiritual Teachings from “subiyay” and Mark Johns-Colson

Through Native American Eyes

What do the indigenous peoples of the world innately comprehend about the nature of reality? And how do their traditional ceremonies connect them with nature’s regenerative and life-giving qualities...

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Earth Advocate - Interview with Robert Kennedy Jr.

Earth Advocate: Interview with Robert Kennedy Jr.

“See you on the barricades!” is one of Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s signature phrases, and it aptly summarizes his attitude towards fighting the root causes of global warming. Kennedy is a warrior on the earth’s behalf and one of the most...

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Interview with Dr. Paul Mayewski

Glaciers, Gases and Global Warming

Glaciologist Dr. Paul Mayewski, Director of the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine, has led dozens of international research teams into the remote places of the earth....

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The Coming Storm

We live on a volatile planet. The earth has always changed, and the evidence of natural cyclic patterns of cooling and warming are preserved as....

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Can Plants Read Our Thoughts? - Cleve Backster's Work with Plants and Lie Detectors

Can Plants Read Our Thoughts?

Can plants somehow sense or understand our thoughts? Is that even possible? Would gaining a greater understanding of the underlying interconnectivity of all life expand our awareness of the “nature” of our physical world...

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On The Same Wavelength

On The Same Wavelength

After thirty years of swimming with dolphins and whales, Joan Ocean is regarded as an authority on the subject of dolphin and whale communication. Ocean developed the remarkable...

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An Ecology Based Education - Interview with David W. Orr

An Ecology Based Education

What is the purpose of education? What exactly are we trying to achieve by sending kids to school for twelve years? Many people talk about reform, but Dr. David Orr, Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies at Oberlin College, says...

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The Art of Being Prepared for Any Catastrophe - Taking Back Your Power Before (and after) a Disaster Scenario

The Art of Being Prepared for Any Catastrophe

September is National Preparedness Month in the U.S. - spawned by the World Trade center trauma in 2001. In honor of the event, most Americans listen to a few speeches, wave a flag, and cram another piece of mom’s apple pie down their throats...

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