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Best Thesis Awards

Best Thesis Awards 

The Department of Geography is proud to publish the best dissertation from each Masters programme at the end of each year.

The authors of the highest marked dissertations from 2012 - 2015:


MSc Aquatic Resource Management

Jack Joseph Bloomer

Homestead Aquaculture in Bangladesh: Current Status and Future Directions

MSc Carbon: Science, Society and Change

Sophie Page

Linking Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) Storage to Ecological Successional Stages in the Urban Plant Communities of the London Borough of Southwark, UK

MA Cities

Nils Gustav Brade Johansen

High Expectations: The Social, Cultural, and Economic Reality of ‘Meanwhile Uses’

MA Disasters, Adaptation and Development

Sumiko Anzai May

An Investigation into Resilience Thinking: Its visualisation, operationalisation and utilisation in bridging the disaster risk reduction and development gap in Bihar, India

MA Environment and Development

Elodie Behzadi

Gendered subjectivities and everyday livelihood struggles in transition. Place-based transformations in post-Soviet rural Tajikistan

MA Environment, Politics and Globalisation

Jasmine Eva Livingston

A Technological Solution for Climate Change? Examining discourses on Carbon Capture and Storage

Benjamin Thomas Tannahill

Internet Democracy in Global Environmental Governance: Blogs, Environmental Discourses and the (Re-)Radicalisation of the Public Sphere

MSc Environmental Health  

Silvia Ines Suarez Robles

An Exploratory Study of Musculoskeletal Disorders among Hotel Housekeeping Workers

MSc Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Management

Martin Klotz

Delimiting the Central Business District – A physical analysis using Remote Sensing

MA Geography

Paul Charles Lilley

The Public Weather Service and Vulnerable Group Service Provision: A Critical Review

MSc Geography

Leigh Daniel Merrigan

Diurnal hydrochemistry contributions from an alpine glacier meltwaters along its river system

MA Geopolitics, Territory and Security

Shady Giada Anayati

The ‘resource curse’ and the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)

MSc Global Environmental Change

Adrian Norman Ross

GOSAT Measurements of Wildfire Emissions

MSc Risk Analysis

Sarah Haunert

Occupational Health and Safety in Germany: A Risk-Based Approach?

MSc Sustainable Cities

Sarah Helen Gibson

Residential Preferences Versus (Sustainable?) Planning Policy: Conjoint Analysis in the Town of Berkhamsted

MA Tourism, Environment and Development

Katharine Monroe Blackman

Conservation and Community: The impacts of volunteer ecotourism from a local perspective

MSc Water: Science and Governance

Bart Constant Octave Schoonbaert

The water-energy nexus in the UK: Assessing the impact of UK energy policy on future water use in thermoelectric power generation


MSc Aquatic Resource Management

Daniel David Adrian Chadwick

Bank substrate and gradient preferences in Pacifastacus leniusculus

MA Cities

Emma Colven

Localism in Discourse, Localism in Practice: The Translation of the Localism Act from Policy to the Ground

MA Disasters, Adaptation and Development

Hannah Jobse

Promoting Healthy Communities: Evaluating the usefulness of a Needs-Centred Resilience Framework in Identifying the Barriers and Opportunities for Improving Collective Efforts to Stay Healthy in the face of Disaster. Examining the October 2012 Floods in Sariakandi, Bangladesh

MA Environment and Development

Munkaila Mohammed

Migrants Talk Climate Change: Assessment of Ghanaian-Londoners’ understanding, perceptions and concern about Climate Change

George Frederick Alexander Neville

Vulnerability Beyond the ‘Cement City’: The Political Economy of Flooding and Land Tenure in Maputo, Mozambique

Ijeoma Anita Okolo

E-waste management in Accra: Examining informal workers and informal-formal linkages for sustainable recycling

MA Environment, Politics and Globalisation

Anne-Marie Benoy

“A National Treasure”: David Attenborough, his nature programmes and representations of the environment

MSc Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Management

Cristina Megan Evans

Modelling the 2D Infiltration of Oil in Porous Media: Including vertical percolation and lateral spreading

MA Geopolitics, Territory and Security

Helen Coburn Ryan

Fugitives and Filibusters: The Origins of the Sapodilla Cayes Sovereignty Dispute

MSc Global Environmental Change

Henry Brittlebank

A Method for Using Global MODIS VCF Data to Evaluate Land-Cover and Land-Use Change in Protected Areas Throughout the Western Ghats, India

MA/MSc Risk Analysis

Simone Balog

Severe Weather Decision-Making: A study of headteachers in Wales and western England

MA/MSc Sustainable Cities

Bruno Walter Friedel

The drive for energy efficient homes: what implications for council housing residents? A case study of the Energy Companies Obligation

MA Tourism, Environment and Development

Helen Klimmek

An examination of the barriers to local community participation in the dive tourism industry in Flores, Indonesia

Anke Winchenbach

Taking Responsibility for Responsible Tourism in Communities – A Local Perspective

MSc Water: Science and Governance

Ruth Frances Romer

Can the concept of Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) positively contribute to the oil and gas sector?


Alix Green

Realising Marine Conservation Objectives; the use of flagship species and ecosystem-based management in achieving local and international marine conservation goals

MA Cities

Alexander Murray

Creative Destruction? An investigation into gentrification resistance led by two music venues in London’s creative quarters

MA Disasters, Adaptation and Development

Alfred Jack Smith

Disability and disasters: Exploring the potential of self-help groups and social capital for increased disaster preparedness and dissability rights in Satkhira, Bangladesh

MA Environment and Development

Naomi Mead

Risk governance within an NHS Foundation Trust: A case study

MA Environment, Politics and Globalisation

William Pryer

Biodiversity Offsetting - creating 'bigger, better and more joined' spaces for nature in England?

Msc Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Management

Richard Beason

Evaluating spectroscopic measurement protocols and the potential of UAV-based digital cameras to measure reflectance and vegetation indices

MA Geopolitics, Territory and Security 

Melanie Smith

'Syria is not for the Syrians and Iraq is not for the Iraqi's': The Islamic State 'Foreign Fighter', Transnationalism and Baghdadi's 'Khilafah'

Serkan Birgel

David or Goliath? An analysis of the practical geopolitics of the Cyprus question 

MSc Global Environmental Change

Natalie Bakker

Analysing recent land use/land cover change in the Mangabe Reserve area of Madagascar using remote sensing techniques

MSc Risk Analysis

Melanie Reid

Risk governance within an NHS Foundation Trust: A case study

MA Sustainable Cities

Saima Iqbal

'Informing' behaviour change: The role of smart metering & real time feedback on energy consumption in social housing

Ruth Saunders

Sustainability and Waste: A local governance perspective of north London

MA Tourism, Environment and Development

Oi Yee Wong

Towards sustainable community development: A case study of Homestay Tourism in Sabah

MSc Water: Science and Governance

Jesse Heemskerk

Water usage from a long-term perspective: dependence on natural water has decoupled in Spain



MA Environment and Development

James Grabham

An investigation into renewable energy as a driver of grassroots development in rural Rwanda


MSc Water: Science and Governance

Laura Mapstone Scott

Gendered Participation in Community Level Water Governance in Syrian Refugee Host Communities in Jordan


MSc Aquatic Resource Management

Melinda Nicole Mohamed

Best Management Strategies for the Use of Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) in Sustainable Tuna Fisheries


MSc  Cities

Duncan Wane

A Martyr for Lebanon.Solidere’s Discourse of Memory and the Death of Rafiq Hariri

MA Disasters, Adaptation and Development

Sophia G. E. Robson

A critical analysis of the African Risk Capacity disaster risk pooling mechanism, in relation to the achievement of Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation goals


MSc Global Environmental Change

Kayleigh Lynch

Climate Change Adaptation in Urban Planning: A Comparative Case Study of English and Scottish Local Authorities


MA Geopolitics, Territory and Security

Mia Lombardi

The False Securitisation of Ebola


MA Tourism, Environment and development

Annette Green

“Where there are trees, there are no builders.” Nature, discourse and the ‘Serengeti Highway’


MSc Risk Analysis

Maximilian Genta

'A Qualitative Analysis of Accident Prevention Incentives in the American Health and Safety System'

MA degree in Geography

Angela Serrano Zapata

'Beyond Price: Farmers' livelihood opportunities and the political
economy of avocados'

MSc degree in Sustainable Cities

Elizabeth Ponce

'Collective culture: Vancouver's collective housing networks and a grassroots integrated approach to social sustainability.'

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