Starry Sky Block (get the pattern here!)

UPDATE:  Download the new, easier-to-read version of the Starry Sky pattern below!

The Starry Sky block has hopped around and eventually fell off the face of the web.  Now that I have finally settled into my new blogging home, I can safely (and freely) offer it to you here.  It’s been long anticipated and I’ve received lots of emails and messages about how and where it could be found, so here it finally is!

The Starry Sky block has been my most popular design by far, and for good reason.  Fun wonky stars are easily achieved when we use a simple foundation paper piecing template.  You can download the pattern below!  Here’s all I ask:  Please don’t pass the pattern around.  All I want in return for my free stuff is a visit to my actual site.  Not too much to ask, is it?  I don’t think so 🙂


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use this pattern for a quilting bee?   Yes!  Just please send the link to this page to each participant instead of sharing the pattern directly.  Copy from the search bar and paste into emails or texts.

Can I sell an item I have made from this pattern?  Yes!  I encourage you to make and sell handmade items.  What’s the point in teaching and sharing with others if they can’t benefit from it?  I’m a firm believer in sharing what I know and what I make so that others out there can pursue hobbies, dreams, and most importantly help support their families.  That’s what I’m all about.  Just please state somewhere the name of the pattern and the designer’s name (Kylie Kelsheimer).  I would appreciate a link to my site as well.

Where can I find more inspiration for this pattern?  Instagram is the best place to find inspiration for the Starry Sky block.  Go to your search and type in starryskyblock under the TAGS bar.  There, you’ll find lots of creative ideas for the pattern!  Please add the hashtag #starryskyblock to your photos as well so others can find it and be inspired.

Can I share your photos of your Starry Sky block on my blog?  Yes!  Please link back to this site and give credit to me.

Can I use your block in a block of the month pattern for my blog?  Yes, as long as it is completely and 100% for free.  Again, participants must visit my website in order to download the pattern but you may use my Starry Sky block photos to promote it.


Ready to download the pattern?  I figured so!  You can download the Starry Sky PDF pattern by clicking HERE.  Exciting, I know!  Please enjoy the process and share, share, share your pictures!  I love seeing what you all make.  It means a bunch!  Join the Persevering Mom Facebook Group and be a part of the community.  Tag me on Instagram @aperseveringmom or send an email with your project picture so I can add it to the blog!  Include your link if you blog or have a shop.

Update:  Troubleshooting the File Download

Here are a few tips if you’re having trouble with the Starry Sky PDF file.  I cannot email this pattern to everyone, I run my blog in my spare time which is very scarce!

  • You may need to create a free Dropbox account to download the pattern.  I do understand that this may not feel convenient for you, however it is what works best for me since I share so many free patterns, tutorials and printable downloads.  I spend hours creating and perfecting these things, so please don’t make it stressful for me to share with you!  Rude comments will be removed before they’re even posted.  I’m sad that I even need to post this!
  • Once you click the Dropbox link and create your account, select “Download” at the right side of the page.  Once it has downloaded, reduce or exit the web screen.
  • Find your Downloads section in your computer or search “Starry Sky” in your files.  Scroll down to the “S” documents if needed.
  • Open the file, then select Print.  Make sure that you have selected “Scale 100%” instead of “Fit to Page”.
  • You may choose to only print the pages with the templates you need and save ink, then refer back to the file on your computer if you need help with instructions.  This is the same for all downloads available on my website.
  • If you still have trouble with the file, please leave a comment below.  Do realize that I can’t check my blog every single day and it may take two days to get back to you, so please try to be patient.

I hope this helps, it’s important to know your computer and printer functions in order to print any file successfully.  I will be updating this file to be cleaner and more attractive looking, but no guarantees when.  As always, thanks for making my block!  It makes the effort all worth while when I see your version of the block, so please join the Facebook group or tag me on Instagram @aperseveringmom to let me know you’ve made it.

Happy sewing!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this block! I’ve loved it from the moment I saw it on Pinterest more than a year ago , and now I can make it for Honeypot Bee!!

    1. It has been downloaded many many times at the link provided, you’ll just need to create a free dropbox account in order to access it. Once you do, save the file to your device, reopen the file and print at 100% from there. If you continue to have this problem, please explain a little more what’s happening and I will be glad to help!

  2. Thanks so muc for sharing this block pattern. That is very nice of you. I absolutely love this block pattern. I can’t wait to try it. I love that it is a modern block and you used such greag colors. Keep up the great work and I hope to see more patterns from you in the future. 🙂

  3. Thanks I’ll be using this for my month in the do good stitches care circle. I’ll send my fellow stitchers to your site. 🙂

    1. Sounds wonderful! I just logged in to add the updated pattern, so check back in about an hour for the cleaner version with a coloring sheet!

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