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Real Estate Websites

Edit your content with ease.

Our new WEBKITS editor is a true WYSIWYG drag and drop add-on for WordPress.

Your WEBKIT includes a full WordPress website, CREA DDF listings feed, managed web hosting, online training videos, support & design services*. Each installation can be customized and redesigned to match your unique look and feel. Edit your site with ease. The WEBKITS new visual editor allows you to quickly drag and drop content elements into your site, and begin editing them in a true WYSIWYG environment. WEBKITS are SEO friendly, responsive and will grow with your business.


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Edit your content with ease.

Our new WEBKITS editor is a true WYSIWYG drag and drop add-on for WordPress. It allows you to quickly and easily edit and manage your page content.

Add text, images, sliders and galleries with just a drag and drop of an element. Customize and edit each element through the WEBKITS editor’s unique style and settings box.

Enhance the look of your pages with Parallax or video backgrounds, animated sliders and much more.

For advanced users who wish to manually enter their listings, we offer custom templating of your listings layout so you can easily load the same layout for all your properties.


Our new WEBKITS CREA DDF plugin allows you to seamlessly incorporate your listings into your website, with full control over the design and layout. Our unique new plugin updates your site automatically with your listings data, and allows you to customize and display the results with our new drag and drop WEBKIT editor. Available options include:
Main Page Search
Advanced Seach Options
Brokerage Listings*
Listing Slider
Listing Photo Slideshow
Listing Gallery Grid
Google Map
Mortgage Calculator w/CMHC
Fully Customizable Details
and much more.

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Your website needs to be accessible by all mobile devices, so to make sure your clients have the best experience when viewing your site, we use WPTouch. WPTouch is an ultra fast, mobile framework that ensures your content is delivered to all devices with the best possible performance. Used by over 500,000 websites, including many Fourtune 500 companies, WPTouch is the only mobile framework trusted by WEBKITS.


Every WEBKIT is built using WordPress, installed in its own hosting plan and is equipped with all the plugins and tools you need to edit, manage and build a great website.

Listings are updated automatically every 24 hours with the latest updated data from CREA Data Distribution Feed. Your listings, Brokerage and National** Listings feeds are available.

Manually adding your listings is also available using our easy to use content editor and optional predefined layouts. Manually adding your listings allows for complete freedom in design and layout of your listings.


Your WEBKIT is hosted on our web servers and managed for you by our team. WordPress themes & plugins are updated regularly and we’ll take care of any issues you might experience throughout the year.

100% Compliant with all CREA Data Distribution Feed Policies and Rules. Developed by CREA DDF® Registered Technology Providers.

We’re here to help and guide you through the entire process. From setting up your new site, to helping you with questions and issues throughout the year, our support team is here to help.

WEBKITS editor – Drag & Drop
Our WEBKIT content editor enhances the standard WordPress builder allowing you to visually layout and edit your content. It’s the complete solution for creating responsive pages without coding and simply by dragging and dropping content elements.

We’ll connect your site to your own personal Google analytics account so you can monitor your sites preformance whenever you wish. REALTOR® Analytics provide valuable data back to agents and brokerage owners. Analytics information will be accessible in the CREA reporting dashboard.

Take advantage of our online video training videos. Our collection of video tutorials will walk you through every aspect of your WEBKIT. Some Brokerages*** also offer one-on-one and in-house WEBKIT group training sessions.

WordPress offers plugins and tool to take your SEO to the next level.

Mobile Friendly
All WEBKITS include WPTouch Pro, a plugin that will deliver your website in a lightweight mobile app version to all smartphones. Unlike responsive design, WPTouch Pro is a seperate, fully customizable theme that is optimized for mobile viewing.

Our experienced team of designers and coders will work with you to help customize** your WEBKIT with you, so you can concentrate more on your business. Our team will build your initial site for you to match your brand.