UOTW #62

This patient is a 56 year old male smoker who presents with sudden onset of left sided chest pain and shortness of breath.


7 thoughts on “UOTW #62

  1. Enjoyed the comparison views very much and I get the visible difference. But do not understand the term “‘ lung point'” and its derivation and I figured that I would be looking for air on imaging.

    1. Great point. Some would say that technically this scan does not represent a lung point (Lichtenstein included), because there’s clearly not air deep to the pleura. Now we’re just in a semantics argument. The purpose of this UOTW is that one could easily mistake this scan for PTX. I prefer to think of this as a false positive lung point, but you could also call it a pseudo-lung point (thereby protecting the sanctity of the pathognomonic lung point).

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