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Paradise or Oblivion | Documentary by TVP - Coming in March 2012: “Paradise or Oblivion” – A free online documentary created by The Venus Project.  Watch the trailer.




Where Is Humanity Going?
The Human Journey (video)
What life stage is the human family currently in? Toddler; Teenager; Adult; or Elder? This is a film on global trends, consciousness, and a sustainable Future.

Is Humanity Growing Up? (video)
"The world is moving into a new era where the human community must work together if we are to realize a future of sustainable prosperity. This transition represents both a great challenge and an extraordinary opportunity. We are being called to make a shift toward green lifestyles, supported by a mature democracy, and guided by the collective wisdom of science and spirituality." —Duane Elgin

Pete and Duane’s Window (Videos)
Pete and Duane’s Window is a program that explores our world in transition including topics such as consciousness, world trends, sustainability, spirituality, and our common future. The show began in September 2010 as a biweekly series that was broadcast on Marin Public Channel 26. Learn more about Pete and Duane and their co–producer, Coleen LeDrew Elgin. We welcome your comments and reflections on the themes of this program. Each of the video pages has a place at the bottom where you can leave comments as well as suggestions for other resources.

RSA Animate – The Empathic Civilisation (video)
Bestselling author, political adviser and social and ethical prophet Jeremy Rifkin investigates the evolution of empathy and the profound ways that it has shaped our development and our society.

People are Waking Up Around the World
A spiritual shift is occurring. Many people around the world have found themselves on the verge of something vast, and their experiences can't be explained. This film introduces the awakening and illustrates the unprecedented number of lives affected by this shift. See Awakening video !


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The following links introduce you to the current state of the world and world news as it happens with links to commentators, scientists and specialists who bring you up to date on where we are today and what mistakes we as humans are making. While our technology may be soaring to the highest realms, human consciousness has not caught up with that technology and that conscious development is where we need to go. Check out the links below on how humanity is developing and have fun with all of this. To keep you up to date, this website is updated frequently to reflect your suggestions to make it better. If you have suggestions, write to us on Facebook.

Radio Programs and Videos

How Much Reality
Do We See?

potential peace and growth or war and destruction
Solar Storm Warning, NASA 2010
In light of recent news, the following information is paramount. On July 14, 2010 we learned that our sun is passing through an interstellar energy cloud which excites/energizes the sun. NASA, along with The National Academy of Science and other world renowned scientist are so concerned about this up and coming solar maximum in late 2012, that way back in March 10, 2006 NASA issued a solar storm warning (in writing) for 2012. What NASA omitted in their 2006 solar storm warning is what prompted NASA in the first place to issue a 2012 solar storm warning four years in advance? Then in 2010, NASA again warns the general population of a pending solar storm, telling the population to get ready for a once in a lifetime solar storm. Despite that news agencies and websites like this one are beginning to cover this developing story, no high government official has yet to stick his or her neck out to make an official announcement about the catastrophic implications as to allow the global population to begin preparing. The following scientific data revealed by Alexei Dmitriev further supports NASA's original 2012 solar storm warning issued back in March of 2006.

Off The Grid News – Better Ideas for Off the grid living
September 10, 2010 – On today’s edition of Off the Grid Radio, Bill Heid interviews renowned trend analyst and forecasting expert Gerald Celente. Mr. Celente uncovers the latest conspiracy to control the food supply and explains how the coming war with Iran will destroy the economy…and the soul of our country. This is one episode you absolutely MUST hear! The Gestapo of Food – Episode 013

Trends Journal – Trends Research Institute
The Trends Journal® is the World's #1 source for the most important trends that are shaping the future. The Trends Journal® shows you how these trends will affect your life, how to profit from them, and what to do to avoid pitfalls. Regardless of business or profession, the Trends Journal® provides insights, strategies and opportunities to help you navigate these treacherous, unprecendented times.

Attack Proof – Home of Martial Realists
Learn from a Veteran of Over 100 Documented, Brutally Violent, Life–and–Death Confrontations. What WORKS and What DOESN'T. Since 1978, the only system teaching true FREE–FORM, adaptive self–defense.

Survival Preparation and Much More – The Diamond Principle
Man is still living by the law of the jungle. Survival of the fittest in a distorted terminal game of monopoly. We live in an economic model that forces slavery on to the masses…while rewarding those who cheat and steal. Our existence as a species is at a crossroads. As we realize space faring capability, we also realize that this fragile existence could be wiped out on a moments notice by forces we cannot control. New sets of universal principles are presented based on Professor Jim McCanney’s proven science. And like a well cut diamond “The Diamond Principle" has many complex facets. Listen to coast to coast interview with Professor McCanney here. Professor James McCanney argued for the urgent need for humans to colonize outer space, as he believes the survival of the species depends on it. We could be wiped out by a comet at any time, such as what happened in Earth's distant past, he noted. It could take a thousand years to really master living in outer space on a broad scale, with millions of people successfully inhabiting colonies, he said, and NASA's program where we send astronauts to the moon in 20 years is not going to cut it. In listening to this program, I got the general impression that this information fits well with Jacque Fresco's The Venus Project program which includes a future with space travel not to mention the technology to get there.

Scientific Data

The Global Future & Transforming through 2012
John L. Petersen, President and founder of The Arlington Institute, is considered by many to be one of the most informed futurists in the world. See Mr. Petersen’s presentation “Big Changes on Our Horizon". The Arlington Institute is a 501(c)(3) non–profit research institute that specializes in thinking about global futures and trying to influence rapid, positive change. We strive to be agents of change by creating intellectual frameworks & tool sets for understanding the transition in which we are living.

Roger Nelson, Ph.D. – Global Consciousness Project
Roger's professional degrees are in experimental cognitive psychology, with a special focus on the lesser known aspects of perception. His primary work in design and analysis is supplemented by a background in physics, statistical methods, and multi–media production. Until his retirement in 2002, he served as the coordinator ofexperimental work in the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) lab, directed by Robert Jahn in the department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, School of Engineering/Applied Science, Princeton University. Roger remains connected with PEAR, but gives most of his time to the Global Consciousness Project (GCP), which he directs. The GCP is an international, multi–laboratory collaboration (independent from the PEAR program) that maintains a network of random event generators (REGs) around the world that send data continuously over the Internet to a server in Princeton, NJ. The hypothesis to be tested is that there may be correlations of anomalous structure in the data with major global events. Click here for related videos.

Cultural Creatives: The (R)Evolution (video) - This film is the result of a 3 year-long project with no financial help whatsoever; therefore, I appreciate all donations, which will support similar film productions and the operation of the Cultural Creatives NetTV in the future. Thank you for sending along this message to your friends! -- Frigyes Fogel

Exopolitics Media Note – Mt. Adams Statement: On 2012 & A Golden Age.
Campaign For A Positive Future. Fri, 18 Jul 2008 22:22:44 –0700.
Here you will find a lot of links from the era of 2008 about what is coming in 2012. These are fascinating. The closer we get to 2012, the greater number of people see 2012 as a revolution in awareness and way of being, rather than total destruction and tyranny. The more people who understand the real power of our minds, and the fact that we live in a holographic universe, where we actually create our collective reality as well as our individual reality, the closer we come to creating a positive transition for a future that the people on planet earth are meant to inherit.

The Master of Light – Futures of Planet Earth (video)
A two hour film documentary by Ruben del Muro & Michael St.Clair. He confirms in this video that we live in a matrix created by others to control this planet. From 2005 to late in 2009 Ruben del Muro and St.Clair worked on a final and comprehensive film presentation of all the issues facing mankind now in the ongoing earth and climate changes. This two hours movie (shot in Germany and in Japan) chronicles the conversations the two visionaries had over time, in a spellbinding performance from both in a talk filmed at the Mask exhibit in the Mathildenh鐬e Institute in 2009. The discussion is at times very intense, and at times hopefully optimistic, and humorous – despite the very serious subjects covered, ranging from pole shifts to the new discoveries and advanced technologies, ET presence and the guidance via the invisible world.

open your mind

Leave the Brainwashed Mind behind
Join the birth of a different life on planet earth
See through visionary eyes
Make known the unknown

cooperation is the key

Free Your Mind (video)

"In a sense we're all artists because we're all creative beings. Terence McKenna advocates self–creation rather than compliance with an imposed cultural paradigm" Awesome video! Flawless, Inspirational, motivational, really just gets you going. Now, to narrow that ambition and anger, go research The Venus project, and the Zeitgeist Movement. Links to research further are included here on this website for your convenience.
The Intention Experiment
Can your thoughts heal the world? The Intention Experiment is a series of scientifically controlled, web–based experiments testing the power of intention to change the physical world. Thousands of volunteers from 30 countries around the world have participated in Intention Experiments thus far. Lynne McTaggart, architect of the experiments, is working with leading physicists and psychologists from the University of Arizona, Princeton University, the International Institute of Biophysics, Cambridge University and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. These experiments are being run at McTaggart’s seminars and conferences and on the web, and have produced extraordinary results.

Venus Project

Exemplar Zero Initiative Overview
Humanitad is proud to present the Exemplar-Zero Initiative to all world nations.   This pioneering global initiative heralds the dawn of a new cooperative approach toward manifesting a just and sustainable world. It invites and challenges all nations to demonstrate their stated obligations toward mitigating climate-change and carbon-emissions whilst ensuring a sustainable future.  Be sure to watch this video as well www.exemplarzero.org/ez_video.php

Blueprints for Star Trek RBE and TVP Basics (video)
This is a 3 hour film about The Venus Project - a resource-based economy.  This is a Fair Use, Fan Film created & intended for Educational Purposes Only.
Their website http://www.TheVenusProject.com

A New Fresco Lobby — Tuesday, March 8, 2011 - Jacque Fresco, on Behalf of Humanity; I Call him Friend.
Jacque Fresco is a good man, but he is more than that. He is a great man and one of the most powerful visionaries of the age who has never received his due. He’s spent his life serving the public, tirelessly and under the radar, now he is under attack by people who are suspicious of him. It’s not like they have anything real to hang their slander on. It’s not like he’s remotely similar to the Neo-Pharisees, the Zio-Ogres, the banking and corporate vampires, the politicians, the majority of religious leaders and sundry. You have only to listen to him speak to know his heart but if you don’t possess one, or it has been made inactive, then I guess you can’t hear can you?

The Venus Project – Beyond Politics, Poverty & War
The Venus Project presents a bold, new direction for humanity that entails nothing less than the total redesign of our culture. There are many people today who are concerned with the serious problems that face our modern society: unemployment, violent crime, replacement of humans by technology, over–population and a decline in the Earth's ecosystems. As you will see, The Venus Project is dedicated to confronting all of these problems by actively engaging in the research, development, and application of workable solutions. Through the use of innovative approaches to social awareness, educational incentives, and the consistent application of the best that science and technology can offer directly to the social system, The Venus Project offers a comprehensive plan for social reclamation in which human beings, technology, and nature will be able to coexist in a long–term, sustainable state of dynamic equilibrium.

Future For Sale (movie trailer)
“We cannot solve our problems with the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein. Is our current monetary based system out–dated? Can we work within this system and tackle our huge environmental problems or do we have to design a completely new one? This website is designed to deepen the theories and discussion which are part of our feature documentary Future for Sale by Maja Borg.

Future by Design – Must Watch Movie
Imagine a world where war is outdated, there is no shortage of resources, and every human being enjoys a high standard of living without a price tag or any kind of servitude attached to it. Like Leonardo da Vinci, Jacque Fresco is also a self–taught scientist, architect and inventor. A prolific creator and builder, Jacque has been redesigning our entire culture for most of his life.

A New World Society - Change begins within the Heart
This website is an open source educational tool to help new individuals about the truth about the state of our world, the root causes, and the solutions that are available.  The site is dedicated to the Venus Project and Many other topics here to expand your mind and your possibilities of how we can turn our world back to it's pristine natural state of health.  This site also delves into the Truth, on many different Topics. There is alot of information out on the web that it is difficult to determine the Truth even when it sounds and seems accurate. I recommend using Critical Thinking processes, and your own Intuition to find the Truth. Be open to any other possibilities even if it threatens your Belief system.

The Venus Project Future Technology (video)

The Venus Project Library

Promotional Video of the Venus Project: part 1

Promotional Video of the Venus Project: part 2

If you want to tour The Venus Project (video)

The Venus Project on Fox News (video)

Zeitgeist: Addendum – Venus Project (video)
Zeitgeist: Addendum, a 2008 documentary film produced by Peter Joseph, is a continuation of the film Zeitgeist: The Movie. The film discusses the Federal Reserve System in the United States, the CIA, corporate America, other government and financial institutions, and religion, concluding that they are all corrupt institutions detrimental to humanity and are in need of replacement. The film proposes The Venus Project as a possible solution.

Zeitgeist Where Are We Going? (video)
Peter Joseph Lecture: "Where are we going?" at Maharishi University, Nov. 15th 2009. Graphic data shows there’s been an exponential increase in technology from the years 1960 to 2000, and an amazing rate of progress in general. This is the primary factor driving the development of human civilization – so where is that taking us now with regard to social enhancements and how do we go about redesigning our social infrastructure from the ground up with the goal to create nothing less than the most efficient, conscientious and sustainable society as possible?

The Venus Project Blog
Follow the progress of The Venus Project World Lecture Tour 2010 with Jacque and Roxanne. View videos put together by Luke Wonderly and Christoper Madden and read comments by Roxanne Meadows. Roxanne and others at various locations supply the photos.

Other Innovative PRojects

Local, self-sufficient, optimistic: are Transition Towns the way forward? - added June 17, 2013 - Locally grown food, community-owned power stations, local currencies … can small-scale actions make a difference? Yes, according to the Transition network – in fact, it's our only hope. The Guardian, Friday June 14, 2013.  'There is no cavalry coming to the rescue' … Rob Hopkins, co-founder of the Transition network, which promotes local, self-sufficient economic development.  I have long believed this is the way to go.....It's just difficult to get others to get into this conversation.  But here is a guy who is working on it.  Let's see what he has to say from experience.  BTW, I too have had conversations with municipal and utility folks in the know, who have told me similar things as mentioned in this article.  One of them, an astute, politically positioned, transmission line engineer actually discussed going to small community-owned power stations and water/waste water facilities and how that would probably save this nation from complete disaster in the future.  Of course, his foretelling was back in the early 1980's so he never spoke of this except privately.

Contributionism (videos)
Michael Tellinger is a scientist in the true sense of the word, never shying away from controversial issues, scrutinizing every clue meticulously. He graduated in 1983 from the University Of Witwatersrand Medical School, Johannesburg, with a B. Pharmaceutics degree, a passion for the cosmos, genetics and human history. His research and astute understanding of his subject matter has made him a regular guest on many radio shows in the USA and UK with popular hosts like George Noory on Coast to Coast; Kevin Smith, Hillary Raimo, American Freedom Radio, Howard Hughes in the UK; the Camelot Project, and more. What is Contributionism? It is a new socio–political structure that is completely different from anything we’ve ever experienced. Every socio–political system we’ve ever had has failed us so now people are looking for something completely different that does not repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

The Reciprocal System
Dewey B. Larson (1898–1990) was an American engineer and the originator of the Reciprocal System of Theory, a comprehensive theoretical framework capable of explaining all physical phenomena from subatomic particles to galactic clusters. In this general physical theory space and time are simply the two reciprocal aspects of the sole constituent of the universe–motion. For more background information on the origin of Larson’s discoveries, see Interview with D. B. Larson taped at Salt Lake City in 1984 by clicking here. This site covers the entire scope of Larson’s scientific writings, including his exploration of economics and metaphysics.

Jim Channon interview 6/03/10 – Coast to Coast AM Radio (audio)
Jim Channon is in his 70's, Jacque Fresco is in his 90's, Barbara Marx Hubbard is in her 80's – are all saying the same thing, we either grow up or perish. In this interview a caller asked Jim Channon if he was familiar with Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project. The answer was yes and Jim had great things to say about this remarkable man.
Evolution into the Next Millennium – historian of the future
There is a state of change at hand, the rate and complexity of which is an acceleration vector never before experienced in human history. The relationships between rapidly evolving technologies, ever expanding volumes and complexities of information resources, and socio–economic system substrates are going to reshape almost every aspect of life as it is currently understood to be. To study the nuances and implications of this synergistic codependency is to become an adaptable entity, capable of evolving and utilizing the tools embedded in this interactive, bi–directional experiential knowledge conveyance system. For better or for worse, we will collectively know, well within our current lifetimes, and indeed, quite likely within a short handful of years, what these various test increments will consist of, how they will be negotiated, and what the outcome shall be.

Handbook to a New Paradigm
This Internet Edition of the Handbook for the New Paradigm was kindly provided by George Green upon request in order to provide the whole planet with the opportunity to view the material. It was posted back on 21 October 1999 as a service for those interested in the material. Good for those people just coming from religious belief systems and seeking to expand beyond their current perspective. The Handbook for the New Paradigm is composed of several volumes of messages purported to be telepathically received from an advanced Ultra– Dimensional race by George Green. You are obviously expected to view this material with discernment, evaluate it on your own terms and in accordance with your experience. It will mean different things different people, like anything else. The material seems to be of service to people, and for that reason it exists here. Find what is of use to you in terms of your life journey .... and have fun!

Difference Between Money and Resource Base System

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