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Our catalogue, unlike that of our competitors, is infinite — if it exists in the world, we will track it down for you! We like our customers, and we like talking to them to find out exactly what they need. A search engine can only take you so far compared to years of expertise. In the near future, we're also looking forward to putting up some choice menus of some of the finest interesting morsels and new releases from all the sources we deal with on a regular basis. So give us a call and ask at 617-547-8263 or outside of the Greater Boston, MA area, please dial toll-free at 800-863-5150. And if you prefer to reach us by email, please send your orders or inquiries to orders@yesterdayservice.com.


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About Rob Bethel

Since earning a Bachelor of Music in Cello Performance from The Ohio State University in 1986, Rob Bethel has led an active and varied musical life as a performer, teacher, clinician and sponge for musical knowledge.

He is currently the principal cellist of the North Shore Philharmonic and the Waltham Symphony
and also enjoys playing with the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra, the Rhode Island Philharmonic and other area ensembles. In recent years he has appeared as a member of the Fensgate Chamber Players in the annual Candlelight Service at Mount Auburn Cemetery.

Collaborations in theatre include work with the Revels Repertory Company and Perishable Theatre in Providence, Rhode Island. Collaborations in the world of dance include numerous projects with choreographers Michelle Bach-Coulibaly and Julie Strandberg at Brown University and Dawn Pratson at the Longy School of Music.

Rob has ventured into other musical territories as well. Folk music collaborations include a project with John Langstaff and more recent work with Deborah Langstaff on her album "Take Wing in Song" One of the all-time favorite projects was playing in the Pan-Twilight Circus Orchestra.

Various other projects over the years with members of The Wompers and The Smiling Dog Band have rocked the house over the years. The current house rocking ensemble of this stripe is the Sam Hill Trio.

Rob is an avid improvisor. He has been a member of Music for People, a network of improvising musicians for 20 years. He is the cellist for the Vortex Other Dimension Ensemble, a group dedicated to new and improvised music run by clarinetist Todd Brunel. Other improvising includes work with members of Sonic Sandbox and solo projects.

As a teacher of improvisation, Rob has worked with the Suzuki Cello Festival at New England Conservatory, the Somerville String Camp and other various events around the country. Rob has delighted in a long and fruitful association with Community Music Works, an award winning string program in Providence, RI.

Rob has led numerous workshops and performances of improvised music with the Providence String Quartet and the stellar CMW students. One of these outings took place at the Peabody-Essex Museum and included a collaboration with musicians of The Silk Road Project. That was a fun day!

Rob Bethel - Yesterday Service

 Rob Bethel
Proprietor, Yesterday Service Sheet Music

American Federation of Musicians
Local 9-55

Music Library Association

Rob has worked with lots of living composers but his musical associations (and friendship) with Steven Jobe and Forrest Larson have going ongoing for over 30 years.

Recent highlights with these two include a premier of Act I of Steven Jobe's The Legend of the Fairy Melusine and premier performances of two Forrest Larson works - Shortwave Symphony and Night Music.

How did Rob get good at finding scores? Well, a healthy preoccupation with music was a good start. He worked in the music library while a student at Ohio State. Later he worked in public libraries with duties that included building music collections.

Later he worked as a classical, jazz and world music buyer for Tower Records when they were in their hey day. After that he worked for Warner-Elektra-Atlantic as a sales rep for classical, jazz and world music.

All this experience gave constant exposure to scores and recordings and created frequent opportunities for listening. In 1999 Rob was hired by Esther Breslau at Yesterday Service and began learning the ropes of the music publishing industry. He has been with Yesterday Service ever since, nowadays as owner and president.

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