Winter 2010 Stable 1 Release Notes

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Winter 2010 Stable 1 Release Notes
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Note: Stable builds are deployed automatically only to demo instances. Customers may also request an upgrade to a stable build.

The Winter 2010 Stable 1 build was completed February 19th and includes the following enhancements and new functionality. This release is no longer recommended for upgrades. If you want to upgrade an instance, consider a current version. All content in a Stable build is included in the subsequent Release.

1 Feature Matrix

Automatic for all
Automatic for new instances Admin can enable plugin Contact ServiceNow for plugin
New Language Dictionaries for Spell Checking

Grant people only the rights they need to do their job Tick.png

2 Description of Functionality

Our Winter 2010 Stable 1 build contains the following new or improved functionality:

  • New domain picker menu format: The domain reference picker format has been added to the Domain Support Plugin. This optional picker enables users to select from a large list of domains by filtering the list or by using an auto-complete feature to locate and display selections by their first letter.
  • Streamlined HTML Editor controls: Extraneous controls were removed from the ServiceNow HTML editor, and new icons were created for existing controls.
  • Enhanced search capabilities on mobile devices: The capabilities for searching ServiceNow lists on mobile devices have been enhanced to include for text searches, sorting, go to searches by initial letter or number, and the ability to control the number of records that display on a page.
  • Search result limits for the Service Catalog and the Knowledge Base: To improve search performance, two new properties were added to control the number of records returned from Catalog and Knowledge searches.
  • Database field types are protected in existing records: The platform does not permit the internal data type of an existing dictionary field to be changed to an incorrect data type.
  • Selective scanning for Discovery port probes: The out-of-box system now prioritizes the order in which the WMI, SSH, and SNMP port probes run. This ensures the proper classification of devices that might be using two protocols (e.g. SSH and SNMP).In previous versions, controlling which protocols ran could only be accomplished with the use of complex Behaviors. Now, an administrator can perform a Basic Discovery in which the correct protocols are detected and used to classify devices.
  • New controls for Discovery logging and probe reports: Two new fields were added to the Discovery Schedule to control the generation of probe reports and the logging of Discovery state changes (current and completed activity). In previous versions, the generation of probe reports was controlled by a property. The logging of state changes is new functionality.
  • New Discovery multiprobe for classifying ESX Servers: A new multiprobe called UNIX - Classify that can classify ESX Servers is installed with the Discovery plugin. This multiprobe contains two simple probes, one for classifying ESX Servers (run first) and another for classifying UNIX devices (run on any SSH device not determined to be an ESX Server).
  • Discovery Quick Ranges IP address selection feature: The new Quick Ranges feature in Discovery enables administrators to define different IP address formats in one interface. Users can enter IP address lists, IP networks, or IP address ranges in a comma-delimited list, and ServiceNow will organize them automatically by type.
  • Improved Discovery Status information: The Discovery Status form has been enhanced to display specific fields from the schedule (in read-only format) that apply to the current Discovery. Additional information has been added to the Discovery Devices Related List, including a link for investigating the details of failed scans.

3 Other Notable Changes

See Winter 2010 Stable 1 Notable Changes for differences you may encounter with this build. Not necessarily problems, not necessarily major features, just things you may notice behaving different than before.

4 Fixes

See Winter 2010 Stable 1 Fixes for a list of issues fixed in the Winter 2010 Stable 1 build (logged in users only).

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