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The Spring 2010 Stable 3 release was released September 3, 2010 and includes the following enhancements and new functionality. This release is no longer recommended for upgrades. If you want to upgrade an instance, consider a current version.

A manual detailing new functionality can be found here.

1 Feature Matrix

Automatic for all Automatic for new instances Admin can enable plugin Contact ServiceNow for plugin
Knowledge Management Wiki Support Plugin

Enhanced Backout for Update Sets Tick.png

Employee Self-Service using the Content Management Plugin
Common Practice Plugins

2 Description of Functionality

Our Spring 2010 Stable 3 release contains the following new or improved functionality:

  • Discovery Timeline support: Discovery now supports timelines, which generate graphical displays of the ECC Queue and provide additional information about each probe and sensor that runs.
  • Reduced use of Synchronous Ajax: Some synchronous AJAX calls on the client side have been eliminated to improve browser performance for instances on slow networks or with high processing loads. See Asynchronous Glide Ajax for examples of asynchronous calls that reduce processing time.
  • Tiny URL Support Plugin: Tiny URL Support enables the generation of shortened URLs to eliminate issues in Microsoft Internet Explorer when dealing with very long URLs. This plugin is activated automatically with the List v2 plugin and for all new ServiceNow instances. An administrator can activate this plugin manually.
  • Improved login performance on high latency connections: Login performance has been improved by reducing the number of round trip Ajax calls made between the server and the client.

3 Other Notable Changes

See Spring 2010 Stable 3 Notable Changes for differences you may encounter with this build. Not necessarily problems, not necessarily major features, just things you may notice behaving different than before.

4 Fixes

See Spring 2010 Stable 3 Fixes for a list of issues fixed in the Spring 2010 Stable 3 release (logged in users only).

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