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I  am a clinical psychologist and transactional analyst. Since 1965 I have studied, written, taught and lectured on the emotions and emotional literacy--as opposed to emotional intelligence--as they relate to  love cooperation and the coomon good -- and how these factors affect our personal power. 

I have developed  a program for emotional literacy training (click here) using transactional analysis (click here) principles and methods. 

Three Books to Read:


 Emotional Literacy: Learning to Feel  

     The Warm Fuzzy Tale: Why Don't People Love?            

          Scripts People Live: All About Transactional Analysis    


This is my latest book

The Heart of the Matter; Love, Information and Transactional Analysis, (click here for more information)  You can order the hard copy or Kindle versions from or directly from me (click here)

(Click here for Claude Steiner's other writings)

NEW, New, new; FREE, Free, free

FREE?: You cannot be serious!   Seriously: free, completely! 

1. A Book:   Wake up! You're Dying: Excellence in Aging, for Men 

2. Downloadable re-editions of: 1. Emotional Literacy; Intelligence with a Heart   2. The Other Side of Power or 3. Healing Alcoholism 4. When A Man Loves a Woman

3. A lecture: The Meming of Love    Three essays: A Meditation on the Adult Ego State , Transactional Analysis and the Triune Brain , and The Adult Emotion  

You can also read about:

1. Emotional Literacy Training. The latest information on the subject with Updates

2. Transactional Analysis

3. Radical Psychiatry.

4. About Claude Steiner. A photograph and some biographical notes.

5. Order my books, audio and videotapes.

6. Schedule of public appearances.

7. Write me or ask a question at: 

8. Blog: Claude Steiner's Brain. Irregular musings of my feverish mind.

9. Other interests: Cyber-psychology. The outline of a book in progress which examines the psychology of  the citizens of the information society. Central America Politics. A document written in the 80's.

10. Emotional Literature; poems, fiction, reviews and commentary by Jenae Marks.


If you got this far I have a surprise for you: Write me with the word: "Raffle" in the Subject line and tell me your opinion about this web site. I will include you in a yearly drawing of an autographed copy of  Achieving Emotional Literacy, in a hard cover, first edition.