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Author of ALL THE LIVES I WANT, writing at , 😎. Send champagne, cats, and money.

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    23 Aug 2016
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    My book has a bee-yoo-tee-ful sparkling cover! And you can pre-order it too:

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    what's that? oh nothing, just reading editorials in my hometown's newspaper

  3. 19h

    A white woman in sex work activism invented a black immigrant sex worker persona to defraud community, from

  4. 20h

    I love how unabashedly horny Susan Sarandon's Instagram is

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    May 20

    A tiny warthog cools off in a puddle

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    May 21
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    Imagine if a woman sent an email around asking people to unfollow all associates of a pub with under 1K followers cause of a negative review

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    My mom's dog has the exact same, "I'm not mad you're home late, I was just WORRIED" face as her.

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    "We want women’s genius and beauty to be accidental, part of her very essence rather than something she worked hard for."

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    May 20

    the cat has possessed this man and is speaking thru him

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  14. 23h
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    A sinkhole just opened in front of President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate THE ORB DEMANDS SACRIFICE

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    We will never have a "Celine Dion is over" party

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    Whenever I think about how much I loathe news/journal paywalls and the "wisdom" that they are a necessity, I reflect on this Stengers quote:

  18. 23h
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    Judge him if you must, but remember that if God made you this handsome, you probably have no choice but to be an insufferable dick.

  19. 23h

    Happy birthday to my devious and attractive Gemini brethren, Mr. Steven Patrick Morrissey, who does what he wants.

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    30 Jan 2016
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    In addition to telling our cats he loves them I regularly hear my husband telling them "Morrissey loves you".

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    Feb 3

    help so my cousin got upset after reading a fan fiction where harry styles dies and now she's been peeling potatoes for 3 hours

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