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  1. May 18

    ⚡ Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell has died

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    May 18
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    May 14

    Extraordinary: Microsoft officially confirms developed the flaw that brought down hospitals this weekend.

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    Apr 27
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    Apr 27
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    Apr 27
  7. May 4

    Let's remember what happened on this day 47 years ago.

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    Apr 28

    Formerly imprisoned journalist Barrett Brown taken back into custody before PBS interview by

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    Apr 27

    We did it! Cassini is in contact with Earth and sending back data after a successful dive through the gap between Saturn and its rings.

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    Apr 23

    Start your day with coffee. End your day with beer.

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    Apr 23

    Technically speaking, boot sector and MBR viruses were "fileless," and I liked to think of the Dir II virus as a file *underwriting* virus.

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    Apr 22

    As a kid I watched men walk on the moon & dreamed of the future. Thought by 2017 we'd be on Mars, not marching to defend science from idiots

  13. Apr 22

    Happy Earth Day

  14. Apr 22

    The Pale Blue Dot - A Compelling Speech by Carl Sagan - YouTube

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    Apr 8

    This is interesting. A list of NSA targets and the specific implants installed (IP address included).

  16. Apr 16
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    Apr 14

    Full doc: CIA orders to hack Le Pen & other French presidential candidates

  18. Apr 10

    ⚡ Two dead, two wounded after San Bernardino elementary school shooting

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    Apr 10

    Hacker activates emergency alert system in Dallas on Friday night, setting off every one of the city's 156 sirens

  20. Apr 9

    See, I knew arguing with myself would help.

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