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Fact200 is distributed in a zip file. It is a simple monolithic 1MB executable that self-installs and self-uninstalls.

It does not install itself into the program files directory, the start menu, the quick launch, or the desktop. There are no DLLs.

It will create a directory in the current user's Application Data directory to store default settings and the default library. It also writes values to the Windows Registry for user preferences, and for system registration (file associations, etc).

Portable Mode

You can avoid registry writes and can have all files written to Fact200's executable directory by creating a blank file named 'prefs.ini' and placing it with the executable. Note that file associations won't work in this mode because they require System registry values to be written.

Because Fact200 uses the Internet Explorer engine as its renderer, some files (typically related to caching) are still affected outside of the local directory.

Legal Stuff

Fact200 is free. Use it at your own risk.


Click here to download 1.10 (9/1/2008): Fact200_110.zip (~440KB)


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