Semantic Web for End Users: Keynote from ESWC 2013 now Online

A final addendum to my series of three posts on the Semantic Web and End Users.  The talk that I summarized in those posts is now online here, synchronized with the slides I presented.  I think I did a pretty good job getting through 217 slides in 75 minutes, and there’s some interesting Q&A at [...]

The Semantic Web needs a MySQL

One thing was clear in the comments of many industry-facing participants of ISWC 2010: a big impediment to adoption of semantic web technologies is the lack of an off-the-shelf triplestore that “just works.”
There are many other problems, of course: RDF an awkward format when it comes to real world programming because the graph model [...]

The Toothpaste Problem & Choosing the “right” data to publish

People who visit a toothpaste isle with only 4 products walk away much happier than those who visit the typical supermarket isle crammed with 40 variants of Colgate. Why? Because they don’t get overwhelmed by a tsunami of possibilities that leaves them wondering if they made the wrong choice.
When it comes to a large [...]

Rich Visualizations in your Wordpress Blog

Datapress is a Wordpress plugin that makes it easy to enhance your Wordpress blog posts with rich interactive visualizations such as maps, timelines, various charts, and sortable lists, all with interactive filtering and faceted browsing.   Datapress uses the Exhibit framework to offer a collection of rich structured data visualization elements that can be dropped [...]

ISWC Afterthoughts

After recovery from chairing ISWC 2009, I had always intended to blog about some of the changes my co-chair Avi Bernstien and I tried for the conference.   I was prompted to do it today by a very interesting post by James Landay—it describes problems with the current CHI/UIST reviewing process, and led to some fascinating [...]

Paper Awards at ISWC

Having gotten ISWC’s Ontology Panel off my chest, I want to take the time to discuss the Best Paper Awards we gave at the conference.  The papers that got these awards received uniformly high ratings from their reviewers, were recommended for awards by the program committee, impressed the program chairs, and had good presentations at [...]

Does the Semantic Web Need Ontologies?

Ever since returning from the 2009 International Semantic Web Conference last week I’ve been bursting to discuss a panel that took place there on the topic “Does the Semantic Web need Ontologies?”.    But the WWW2010 deadline was today and we had 3 papers to write.  With that deadline now 10 minutes past, I can [...]

Tag relatedness in social bookmarking systems

This post about ISWC got lost in the drafts pile, so I’m publishing it a bit late.
The folks from Tagora spoke about the relationships between different tags that get applied to the same document, and the tags that different people apply to the same documents.  The looked at the ternary relation (user, resource, tag) and [...]