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To serve as the collective memory for all things about our town.

Welcome to Austin's Collective Memory Bank

Note: Due to Spammer usage of this site, new accounts have been suspended. If you are a true Old Austinite and wish to contribute, send an email to info at and we can make that happen.

Also Note: There have been several cases of requests for access that we granted by email but nothing happens after that. If you feel that you might have been one of those cases.. try again!

As time passes, it becomes clear that we need to capture the many things that made Austin what it is today. This experiment is to do so by capturing snippets of memory and letting the community add and comment at will. The result should be a social memory bank about Austin and how we lived and loved our city. You'll find a decidedly counter-cultural theme in these pages. Whether you acknowledge it or not... that attitude is one of the primary forces that shaped Austin. It emerges today as a "Keep Austin Weird" slogan. This site is dedicated to the things which that slogan strives to keep. Come on folks... you lived it. Write it down. Click a category and get started or just browse around and remember the way it used to be.

Here's what's new on the site:

The Bo Tree
     by Kay
Leon Russell
     by clex
Stuck House
     by clex
South 40
     by justin
Lil Toot
     by llamageorge
Thundercloud Subs
     by clex
The Texas Chili Parlor
     by clex
Guy Clark and the Chili Parlour
     by clex
Lung's Cocina del Sur
     by clex
Say Hi
     by clex
Orange Boots for the Orange Bull
     by LonghornMike
Paul Ray
     by clex
Gun Violence
     by clex
Legal Gay
     by clex
Highland Mall
     by clex