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Calendar for Jesuits and Friends
: This Day in History - Religious, Catholic, Cultural Events; One page full of interesting Historical events for every day of the year . Check out your birthday.

Loci Critici
- resource for Sermons, lectures: this is in process and will be added to:
hundreds of quotes, jokes, stories that can be used in sermons, lectures. You can search for themes, words by using FIND function on your computer and exploring, finding quotable quotes, illustrations, etc. "Jesuit Jokes" and "Golf Jokes" can be found if you Find/Search using the keywords "Jesuit" and "Golf".

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Handbook for Lectors, Lay Readers
- 49 page booklet for parish readers, Improving your Speech, Proclaiming the Word. Published in Faith and Life Series, Vol. 10, Gaudium et Spes Institute, Abuja, Nigeria, 2002.

Handbook for Extraordinary Ministers of Communion - 44 page booklet for Ministers of Communion and parish priests, with reflections on Eucharist - Practical. Also revised and published The Bread of Life - Pastoral Guidelines forExtraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (Pauline Publications, Africa, Nairobi, 2004, 88pp.

Handbook for Ministers of Hospitality - Church Wardens
: 28 page booklet for Parish ushers - How to Welcome new members, etc. Published as Handbook for
Church Wardens Faith and Life Series, Vol. 15, Gaudium et Spes Institute, Abuja, Nigeria, 2003.

Handbook for Choirs, Church Musicians, Priests and Church Music
; 38 page booklet
On when to sing at Mass, how to sing the Mass, who sings, why we sing, Church documents on singing the Mass.published as Handbook on Church Music Faith and Life Series, No. 14, Gaudium et Spes Institute, Abuja, Nigeria, 2003.
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Novena in Honor of the Sacred Heart. 26 pages, Nine days of prayer, suitable For Parish, for Sacred Heart Societies, for families. Also in Prayer and Service, January-March 2001, No. 1, pp. 7-53.

Novena of Grace in Honor of St. Francis Xavier. 11 pages. A traditional novena updated, to ask for special favors from Xavier, usually prayed from March 4-12.

An Eight Day Retreat that focuses on Jesus - Outlines of 32 meditations that reflect on a Deep Personal Love for Jesus Christ. Based on the Gospels, and Jesuit writers. Also found in Ignis Vol 28, No. 3(1999 / 3) 3-58. Hyperlink text is incomplete - only 7 days are found. Sorry.

An Eight Day Retreat on the Constitutions of the Society of Jesus: The One and True Way - mostly for Jesuits. 28 pages, many excerpts of Jesuit writings. Outlines of 32 meditations, themes of vocation, mission, community, life in the Spirit, etc.

A Five Day Retreat for Religious in Retirement, or Nearing Retirement
: 28 pages, Outlines and content of talks, material for reflection, prayer. Published in Ignis (2000 / 4), pp. 40-71. How the elderly have lived the second week of the Spiritual Exercises, and are now living the third week, and are looking forward to the fourth week.
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A Distinctive Vision of Christians; 17 questions and answers on how, where the Christian vision makes a difference in our world. 12 pp. Also in African Ecclesial Review Vol. 42, No 1 and 2 (February-April 2000), 81-99.

A Guide to Reading the Bible;- How to read and what to read in the Bible. 20 pages, which parts of the Old Testament to read; 19 questions and answers on how to read the bible. Very practical for Christian Laity and families.

A Help to the Sick - the Apostleship of Prayer: 12 pages, reflections on ministry and prayer for the sick, List of prayers and Psalms to assist the sick - practical for priests and Parish ministers, chaplains to the sick

Apostleship of prayer - A Spirituality for everyone
- 6 pp. practical, daily spirituality Of finding, serving God in everyday life.

Birthdays of famous philosophers, theologians, Jesuits, and Death days - 5 pages, lists of many famous thinkers of the last two centuries. Is it all in the stars?

Brief Political History of Nigeria A brief chronology of recent political history, significant events in Nigerian History 1960-2002 Five pages

Catholic Church - chronology 1958-2002 Outline of major dates, events, deaths, Encyclicals, etc. in the Catholic Church from 1958-2002; 5 pages

Case Studies in Formation: 9 pages. 29 cases useful for discussions on formation in Africa with young persons in formation. (Introduction to the case study method Is presumed)

Catholic Church and Democracy: 4 page article on official Church views on democracy In the Nigerian Guardian, October 27, 2002

Christmas Martyrology - updated; two page presentation of the traditional Roman Martyrology for Christmas Eve, but updated in accord with modern science And historical studies.

Church in Africa - Seminar paper, given in Louvain: 5 pages overview of the Church in Africa, its problems and possibilities, with focus on priests/ seminarians.

Church in Africa/Nigeria - Weston Lecture: 15 pages, 10 theses or summary statements on the present prospects of Christianity in Nigeria - an optimistic, bright future.

Collaborative Ministry: 10 page article on who, what, where collaboration takes place, With comments, reactions from the audience on collaborative ministry in Nigeria.

Common Misunderstandings of Catholics
: 5 pages, listing and explaining 20 common misunderstandings of Catholics regarding prayer, sacraments, devotions. Practical, helpful to laypersons and to parish priests

Computers and Telephones, Bless the Lord:
3 page essay on how we must find, serve God through modern scientific, manufactured things, as well as through nature. This is the beginning of a major project - finding God in manufactured things!

Conversation in Christian Life and Ministry - manuscript - 150 pages, on conversation In everyday life, in St. Ignatius, and in the Church/ministry today.

Cross Imposed or Freely Chosen: 2 page reflection for Holy Week - Jesus (and us) freely choses the cross in order to free others from the crosses imposed upon them.

Family Today and in the Bible
: 4 pp. How Jesus redefines family. Family of faith is more important than blood relationships

Fourth Week of the Spiritual Exercises and Everyday Life
- article from a book of essays On the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. 10 pages, on finding God in all things.

Fundamentalist vs. collaborative view of church and ministry - Tensions in the African Church. 2 page outline - contrast between two viewpoints - useful for parish Priests in Africa and elsewhere.

Greed: The Root of Corrupton and Violence; 2 page reflection on Greed, corruption in Africa, Nigeria. In theNigerian Guardian, April 6, 2003, page A 19.

Guidelines for Seminarians - self-Evaluation for Seminarians: 11 page article, the Church's vision for seminarians and how seminarians can, should evaluate themselves as part of their formation towards priesthood

Latin - The Heritage of Latin -  2 page outline of a presentation to Catholics interested in Latin, but who have not studied Latin. History, importance of Latin.

Latin Phrases that Endure - 2 pages of common phrases from Latin that are used and useful for English speakers. Ad multos annos, etc…

How Many Jesuits were there? 2 pages on how many Jesuits ever lived and died - Probably fewer than you imagined.

How to Write a Research, Term Paper: 3 pages of practical advice on how to research, outline, draft, and write a term paper - for students, seminarians, etc.

"I am the…" series: eight short reflections, articles, two pages each, on the themes from the Gospel of John: I am the bread, life, way, truth, good shepherd, etc. Useful for prayer or for sermons. Also published in Emmanuel May to December 2000.

"The Pilgrim Journey of Ignatius, 60 page monograph on his pilgrim journey from pilgrim to laborer in the Lord's vineyard, and its implications for apostolic lay spirituality. Published as "The Pilgrim Journey of Ignatius." Studies in the Spirituality of Jesuits Vol. 31, No. 4 (September, 1999)

I Chose You The Nigerian Priest in the Third Millennium. Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, 2004. 37 page booklet, on challenges facing priests in Nigeria and elsewhere (I was one of the principal authors of this). Identity, mission, spirituality of the priest today.

"In Their own Words: Ignatius, Xavier, Favre;"
40 page monograph, that appears in slightly different form in Studies in the Spirituality of Jesuits 2006. Select writings from these three friends, three of the first Jesuits.

"Inculturation and Syncretism: What is the Real Issue?" International Bulletin of Missionary Research, Vol. 16, No. 2 (April 1992), 50-53. The meaning of syncretism, its inevitability, good and bad syncretism.

Jesuit Nicknames:
1 page of some commonly known nicknames - all in good fun

Jesus Christ the Gardener
: 3 page article on the theme of the garden in Scripture, and focus on Christ the Gardener in the garden of the Resurrection

Jesus Christ the Teacher
. Two part article, 7 pp. on how, where Jesus taught and what Teachers can learn from his way and method and example.

Jesus - Leadership and Service
: 10 pages, 19 theses statements on what service should mean, and how Jesus exemplifies it.

Journey to Emmaus and our Journey
. 10 page talk at a Eucharistic Congress On how Jesus walks, accompanies us, and this is found at Mass. Also found in The Eucharist in the Life of the Church, Daily Graphics, Nigeria 2003, pp. 98- 114.

Jesuit College - the Tragic Loss of 60 students in a plane crash, December 10, 2005: Articles on the tragedy and the aftermath. Use three links below.
"From Grief, through Determination, to Hope." 5 pages
"Return to Almost Normal" 2 pages;
"Condolence Letters - Your Grief is the World's" 7 pages
Mary, Model of Faith and Perfect Disciple
: 17 pages, 12 theses on the role, function of Mary, on Marian theology - for laity, for priests

"The Mass Ends, the Mission Begins
:" Eucharist and mission; 7 page essay on how Eucharist leads to Mission; towards a Eucharistic ethic and way of life. Also, in Emmanuel October 2001, 472-82.

Ministry of Acolytes - their functions - 2 pp. outline of the canon law, liturgical law, etc. on The ministry of acolyte - for seminarians, schools of theology.

Ministry of Readers / Lectors, their function: 2 pages, from Canon Law, Liturgy, on The role, function of Readers - those in transition to priestly ordination. Helpful For seminarians, seminaries

Nigerian Catholic Church - Chronology 1960-2002
: Outline of major dates in Recent Nigerian Catholic church, signs of great growth - 15 pages

"Pope Benedict and the Heart of Christ
;" 5 pages on how the Pope speaks of the pierced heart of Christ in his Encyclical, "God is Love" - encouraging devotion to the Sacred Heart.

Prayer Book for Students
: 78 page booklet, with Psalms for every day, favorite prayers for students, schools, special occasions, Hymns suitable for Secondary schools, colleges, universities, youths and adults.

Papacy - How many popes
: one page of interesting statistics, facts, data on The popes and the history of the papacy

Richness of Roman Catholicism:
2 pages on the treasure, the rich sacramental, incarnational tone of Catholicism - holy places, persons, times, etc. Also in Pastoral Life, Vol.49, No.6 (June 2000) 9-11.

Sacraments and Mission
- 6 pages, reflections on how each of the seven sacraments involves and leads to mission.

Seminary Architecture
: 7 pages, on how the architecture of a seminary impacts upon the Formation: the institutional vs. a more familiar atmosphere.

Shifts, directions in theology:
11 pages on shifts in WHO, HOW, WHERE theology Is studied, impact of laity and woman on the study of theology. Useful for Seminaries, seminarians, professors in seminaries. In Chicago Studies Vol. 34, No. 3 (December, 1995) 275-290.

Sign of Jonah:
2 page reflection on Hope - there is always hope. God remains with us and faithful, leading us to the Third Day

Smiling Christ:
4 page reflection on the picture of Christ dying on the cross, with a smile breaking out - The resurrection begins on Good Friday. Good reflection for Holy Week. Original figure is in Xavier Castle, Spain.

Theology as Test or Project
: 8 pages. A variation of Segundo, how the study of theology. Could well be more project oriented rather than test/examination oriented. Footnotes may not appear on this article. "Theology as Project Rather than Test," in Hekima Review Vol. 26 (December 2001) 56-61. "The Study of Theology as Project Rather than Test," Seminary Journal, Vol 6, No.3 (Winter 2000), 32- 36.

Third Day and Easter
: 3 page reflection on how we rise with Jesus, how we experience The Third Day.

To See as Jesus Saw:
6 page article on Faith as a way of seeing the way Jesus saw How we are to see, feel, walk, reach out, the way Jesus did.

The Vision of Jesus and the Social Order
: 11 pages, the principles of the social teaching of the Church and the political, social order of Nigeria and elsewhere

Voice of the Voiceless

Vow Homily
: 4 pages. On the vows as apostolic, enabling us to be fruitful laborers in the Lord's vineyard - a favorite image of St. Ignatius and the Jesuit Constitutions

Where do we Find God
? 3 page reflection on the many places, times, where we find and touch God in our everyday lives - eventually "finding God in all things."

Women in the Gospels
; A Surprising Look. 4 page reflection on how positively Jesus sees women as women of great faith and love - somewhat in contrast with many of the men in the gospels. "Women in the Gospels," Emmanuel Vol. 98, No. 5 (June 1992), pp. 256-261.

Assorted Trivia

Bible Quiz - Bible question and answer jokes

Brief Dictionary of Catholic Items

Collective Nouns for Animals

Contitutions: From an Ascetial

Latin phrases that endure

Limericks - theological and other

Some Catholic Dioceses

Trivia, Catholic Trivia

Via Lucis- the Way of Light - Stations of the Risen Lord

Words Most Frequently Misspelled by Theology Students