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Jersey City Property Tax Revaluation

The City of Jersey City is hosting a second series of public meetings to provide property owners with information about the reval that is currently underway. Please join us at one of the upcoming meetings and listen to a presentation by the reval firm followed by a question and answer session.



V5Tree Planting Application Spring 2017 

Click here to view the 2017 Spring Tree Planting Application.


No-Knock Ordinance 

In late 2016, Members of the Jersey City Municipal Council began holding numerous rounds of meetings with community leaders to develop a plan for a “No-Knock” ordinance, with the goal of creating a safe space for all Jersey City residents. Jersey City takes pride in its diversity and tolerance, a goal shared by all parties throughout the process. 


On March 8, 2017, the Jersey City Municipal Council unanimously approved Ordinance 17-022 to create a registry for residents who do not wish to receive door-to-door solicitation. The ordinance, which took effect on March 28, 2017, stipulates that anybody wishing to have their home added to the “No-Knock” registry submit their name and address to the City Clerk. This can be done by submitting the form found here 


To learn more, click here. 

V2 Mayor Fulop’s 2017 Budget with No Tax Increase 

For the 4th year in a row, the Fulop administration will introduce a budget with no tax increase. The 2017 budget holds taxes flat for a third consecutive year, following a 2.13 percent tax reduction in 2014. 

View the budget presentation here 


 V2 2017 State of the City Addresses  

For the transcript of Mayor Fulop's 2017 State of the City Address in Ward F, please click here.


For a video of Mayor Fulop's 2017 State of the City Address in Ward F, click here.


For the transcript of Mayor Fulop's 2017 State of the City Address in Ward C, click here 

For a video of Mayor Fulop's 2017 State of the City Address in Ward C, click here. 


For the transcript of Mayor Fulop's 2017 State of the City Address in Ward D, please click here 


For a video of Mayor Fulop's 2017 State of the City Address in Ward D, click here. 


For the transcript of Mayor Fulop's 2017 State of the City Address in Ward E, click here


For a video of Mayor Fulop's 2017 State of the City Address in Ward E, click here.


For the transcript of Mayor Fulop's 2017 State of the City Address in Ward A, click here. 


For a video of Mayor Fulop's 2017 State of the City Address in Ward A, click here. 


For a video of Mayor Fulop's 2017 State of the City Address in Ward B, click here 


For the transcript of Mayor Fulop's 2017 State of the City Address in Ward B, click here 


V1 Parking Permits  

Due to a computer error, the Parking Division has not been able to issue permit renewal notices on a regular basis. We are working on correcting this issue. Please check your permit expiration date, and if you have not received a renewal, please call 201-547-5538 or ext. 2115,2117, or 2119. 


Follow @JCParking on Twitter for daily updates.  


The Parking Division has a new phone number. To reach the Parking Enforcement Division, residents can now call 201-547-5538.  

For permits, call ext. 2115, 2117, or 2119. 


V2 2016 State of the City Address   

Read Mayor Fulop's 2016 State of the City Address.   Click here to view .   


 V4 Citizen Advisory Review Board  

Anyone interested in being a member of the Public Safety Citizen Advisory Review Board can send a letter of interest and resume to dps@njjcps.org 

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month. For location info, please call (201) 547-4239.   


V3Affordable Housing Navigator  

The Jersey City has just launched a new Affordable Housing Navigator to provide more information on affordable housing options in Jersey City.  Click here to view    


Jersey City Ward Map  

Ward Map 


Click here to Sign Up for Emergency Alerts  

NJTPA Transportation Plan  

Transportation is key for our residents. So help us, help you! The NJ Transportation Planning Authority is seeking your input as they work on creating a 13-county, $1 billion regional transportation plan for the next 25 years. Where do you want to see improvements?  Take the NJTPA survey to help update the long range transportation plan, Plan 2045: Connecting North Jersey. Visit www.njtpa.org/Plan2045 for the survey and a list of outreach events.

Haga clic aquí para el español 

हिंदी के लिए यहां क्लिक करें   


New Fitness Class at the Bethune Center  


The Bethune Center is now offering a new fitness class on Fridays from 5pm to 6pm.

 Wanita Moses 


Body builder Wanita Moses brings her unique brand of fitness training to the Bethune Center. She combines physical exercise and motivational speaking to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit. This program is free to the public.


SciTech Scity 


 The $280 million SciTech Scity Liberty Science Center Expansion project will be developed by the Science Center in conjunction with the city, and will feature a biotech lab, a coding lab, a technology business incubator and a K-12 STEM-focused public school. This is a transformative project, and one that will establish Jersey City as the home of the region’s premier innovation destination, as well as educate the next generation of students as leaders in the fields of science and technology.  Read more here



SciTech Scity Rendering    

V6 Resiliency Plan 

Draft Resiliency Planning Documents are available for public comment through April 15th. 


Share your feedback and insights by taking this survey!   


 V5Free Trees   

The Jersey City Parks Coalition (JCPC) has been chosen to receive a 2016 Tree Giveaway Award to distribute 150 FREE trees to the residents of Jersey City. This award is made possible through a partnership with CSX Transportation and the Arbor Day Foundation through its Alliance for Community Trees program.    

Apply for a FREE tree here: http://jcparks.org/about/city-of-trees/     




V6 Exchange Place Special Improvement District  

View information about the new Exchange Place Special Improvement District (EPASID).


 V7 Recycling Containers   

The Department of Public Works will be providing recycling containers to one and two-family homeowners in an effort to increase recycling citywide.  


Eligible recipients will receive one (1) round recycling bin for co-mingled recyclables and one (1) square bin for paper and cardboard recyclables.  


Containers can be obtained starting May 9th, Monday through Friday between 2pm and 7pm while supplies last at:   


Resident Response Center       

280 Grove Street, Rm. 106  

Jersey City, NJ 07302  


Department of Health & Human Services  

199 Summit Ave - Suite E1  

Wednesday 10am-3pm   

Pershing Field Ice Rink   

201 Central Ave   

Mon – Fri   

9am – 3:30pm   


Mary McLeod Bethune Community Center  

140 Martin Luther King Drive  

Monday thru Fri 8:30am – 7:30pm.    

Saturday 8:30am – 2pm   

For more information, click here   


JC Employment and Training Program   



Find out about today’s events, meetings, street closings and more.

Use this area of our site to lookup and pay property taxes, pay parking tickets. You can also download forms and documents from this site.  More... 

Making A Film? Everything you
 need is online at FilmJC!

FilmJC is responsible for permitting and oversight
of film and TV production in Jersey City.
Go to filmJC

Simply fill in your information, upload forms
and pay for your permit online. Jersey City
is one of a handful of cities in the country
that have automated permit systems.

JC Sues Port Authority For $400 Million In Missed Payments 

Mayor Steven M. Fulop has announced that the city will
file suit against the Port Authority of New York and New
Jersey for $400 million for missed tax payments and
undue economic harm caused to the taxpayers of
Jersey City by the bi-state transportation agency

Read more. 

View or download Presentation here 


Have Questions About Citizenship
& Immigration? Check Out The 
Office Of Welcoming Communities

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Want To Know What Ordinance Your Municode Logo 90
Neighbor's Blasting Music Falls Under?
Look No Further, My Friend, The
Municipal Code Has The Answers!
The Jersey City Municipal Code (Code) is a
compilation of local laws and legislation
 adopted by the governing body of the City.

Over the long course of Jersey City’s history, the Code
has required constant updates, which are currently being
done by the Municipal Code Corporation.

Extremely user friendly, the Code is organized alphabetically by
subject & outlines the duties and responsibilities of all those who
live, work, visit, conduct business and/or provide services
 in Jersey City. The noise ordinance, btw,  is #222
on the Hit Parade! 

Check Out JC Recreation's Line-Up Of 
Activities For Young & Old Alike. 

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City of Jersey City Public Services Notices 
• View or Download The JCIA Guide To E-Waste
 Download The JCIA Waiver For Graffiti Removal
Renters Know Your Rights! Bedbug Ordinance 
• Attention Dog Owners! 2015 License renewal! 
• View Journal Square 2060 Master Plan 
•  Zone Permit Parking Application 

• English/Español Rules: Safe Cycling Etiquette 

 Senior Farmers Market Voucher Application 
•  Check On Your Construction Permits Here  


Abandoned Properties List Published,
Placing Delinquent Owners On Notice!
The city’s worst abandoned properties are now on
public record! Lists of vacant buildings are now published
in the newspaper in an effort to place pressure on owners
to improve properties which are currently a blight to
their neighborhoods.

 Download Public Officers Abandoned Buildings List

Has Your Property Been The Victim Of Graffiti?
Historic House Vandalized buttonThe JCIA Can Help Homeowners
Remove Tags & Repaint!
If private property has been
tagged or disfigured by graffiti,
the JCIA will any repair
the damage. Just sign & send
 in the waiver
& provide the paint,
if the building needs to be
power washed. Note: Take photos of
the tags & send them to local police
 with the date & time the vandals struck. If the 
culprits are caught,  they could be charged
with other vandalism.  

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