Time. Now Available Without Compromise.

The Olio Model One combines modern design with timeless style to help you manage your digital life.

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a pretty sprightly hop in the right direction.

the same materials and processes you'd expect from a high-end Swiss watch

There’s a lot of thoughtfulness that’s gone into many aspects of these time pieces.

handsome and well-built

I'll personally attest … this one really does look nice … and has a satisfying weight

Olio Devices… is redefining the face of the watch.

It’s not every day I’m impressed by a smartwatch. Olio is different.

Upon closer inspection you'll see an item that looks and feels … like a traditional watch. The solid steel case is milled and polished and has a welcome heft to it.

The Olio Model One, a seriously stylish smartwatch that wants to manage your digital noise

very clean in its appearance and style

The Olio Model One is a very handsome package

designed for those whose time is valuable

the Model One is a Humvee-tough smart device

Meet the Olio Model One, a stunning metal smartwatch that is just as much a watch as it is smart.

the Model One has a premium feel

a refreshingly honest take on the current state of smartwatches

just the right amount of context and some serious timepiece quality

Its high-end Olio watch is a solid-looking piece of machinery.

a smartwatch that emphasizes design over whiz-bang features

all your notifications, weather info, and appointments… sorted by time – Earlier and Later

a much better smartwatch than everything else

Both of these watches … are flat-out gorgeous, with a pleasingly simple interface and some unique features.

your high-end alternative

looks more like jewelry than a mini computer

a luxury smartwatch with a novel interface

an organized time-saving device

elegant aesthetics and real-world functionality

It works with both Android and iOS, looks incredibly slick, and is built to last

intuitive, well-crafted, and durable

not just any old watch, but a stylish fashion statement.

a new contender they may have it all figured out

put style at the forefront

Olio is different

the biggest competitor in the smart watch market

a very similar look to other higher-end watches

Olio is what I believe a smartwatch should be

it looks fantastic

sharp-looking new Olio Model One

cool, calm and collected

functionality and luxe feel

impressive as far as smartwatches are concerned

Olio (whose case is waterproof for swimming) is thoroughly a luxury product.

it has been made to both look good as well as handle a lot of abuse

The watch itself is as strong as it is beautiful

Apple Watch may be the popular play, alongside Pebble, but Olio is already setting the pace for smartwatch design.

it looks gorgeous with amazing attention to detail and a deep understanding of what has been missing in the smartwatch space thus far.

The luxury materials, bespoke UIs for each collection and limited edition releases of the Model One so far speaks to Olio's understanding of fashion as self expression.

Command Time.

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Precision Craftsmanship.

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Rose Gold Collection

Sets a whole new tone.

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Gold Collection

As polished as you are.

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Steel Collection

Stainless. Always timeless.

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Black Collection

Smart, dark, and handsome.

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