• The Leading Hotels of the World Mapping Customer Journey Through Content Attribution with Google Analytics 360

    Category: Google Analytics Google Analytics 360

    The Leading Hotels of the World uses Google Analytics 360 to measure its website performance, collecting information about how users access their website while also exploring user behavior including pages viewed and on-site interactions with key website features. But despite the tremendous amount of data, LHW needed to answer the question at the core: Which content touchpoints lead to hotel bookings?

    By deepening LHW’s understanding of how these informational touchpoints lead to bookings, the organization can:

    • Add detail to marketing strategies, leveraging targeted messaging based on customer interests.
    • Refine site design to surface information that customers find most useful.
    • Prioritize amenities that are more likely to lead to successful bookings.

    There is no straightforward analytical answer to be found in the Google Analytics interface — instead, this question takes statistical modeling to address. By partnering with LunaMetrics, a Google Analytics Certified Partner, LHW took advantage of their data from Analytics 360 to do just that. Google Analytics 360 customers benefit from many enterprise-focused features, including the ability to collect and report on much more data than the free version allows. Behind the scenes, Google Analytics 360 also provides the ability to access detailed, unsampled, hit-level data for analysis through a connection to Google BigQuery, a cloud database tool.

    To understand the different types of touchpoints, LunaMetrics assigned each page on the site to categories, which were then used to produce a statistical model of how users move through the site before making a booking. LunaMetrics developed a content-based attribution model, distributing the value of successful bookings across the many interactions that preceded a purchase. By leveraging the deep statistical modeling capabilities of Google BigQuery and Google Analytics 360, LHW and LunaMetrics uncovered great new insights with both immediate impact and guidance for the future.

    “This analysis helped us better understand how our customers navigate through our website and what customer journeys are most common. Once these journeys were identified, we were able to make enhancements to the website to create more seamless experiences for our customers, as well as guiding the creation of more specific A/B tests to continue improving.”

    – Nina Lakhani
    The Leading Hotels of the World

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  • PBS Audience Modeling with Analytics 360 and Google Cloud Platform

    Category: Google Analytics Google Analytics 360

    PBS television programming reaches millions of people, and its website PBS.org is an online content hub that supports that television experience and provides online video streaming content. PBS.org, like many websites, strives to understand its users and their needs for features and content by developing personas and audience segmentation. Personas often begin with anecdotal knowledge of customers or users and can be informed by many kinds of data, including interviews and other qualitative ethnographic data as well as surveys and other quantitative market research.

    PBS was able to develop an additional approach with Google Analytics 360 and its BigQuery export: employing a data-driven method to classify audiences. PBS already had a robust Google Analytics implementation, with the default information enhanced by Event Tracking for on-page interactions and a wealth of internal information surfaced and stored in Custom Dimensions.

    PBS partnered with LunaMetrics on a Data Science Solutions project to distill large and complex datasets like these into concrete, usable results. LunaMetrics applied data mining techniques to find patterns of audiences based on their website behavior. Using BigQuery along with Google Cloud Platform products such as Cloud Datalab and Cloud Storage, they were able to extract answers from over 330 million website sessions.

    A data mining algorithm classified clusters of similar users based on a number of behavioral factors.
    The analysis identified six distinct groups of users, for instance those who primarily focus on either particular kinds of content (such as news or information for parents) or features (with different preferences for watching video online or on TV-connected devices). (Read more about the technical details!)

    PBS was able to use these findings to reinforce and refine their existing personas, now based on behavioral data.  Moving forward, these personas can inform the creation of new audiences to be used in remarketing, advanced reporting and content experimentation.

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  • Qorpak Improving Conversion Rates & Building Internal Capacity

    Category: SEO

    Testing is only as valuable as the lessons learned and implemented. It is easy to talk about website user experience (UX) or conversion rate optimization (CRO) during marketing meetings, but these are only buzzwords until actions are taken that lead to results.

    Qorpak approaches its website testing with the same mentality – a test needs to be successful and its results easy to implement and scale. The specialty ecommerce company has a lean marketing team and complex website, so testing aspects of the online buying experience that cannot be easily managed or updated is a waste of precious resources.

    Perhaps most importantly, Qorpak hopes to build a corporate culture of testing, but needed to know if significant improvements are possible within their technical constraints.

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  • Paula's Choice Finding Time and Insights with Universal Analytics & GTM

    Category: Google Analytics

    Paula’s Choice knew they needed a tag management system, but wasn’t sure which one would make the most sense. As an ecommerce company that specializes in amazing skincare products, they needed an amazing tag management system that would help speed up their implementation time when working with vendors. Additionally, for a company that prides itself on being quick and agile, their process for bringing in new vendors and getting solutions implemented was neither quick nor agile.

    After researching many different options, Google Tag Manager stood out as the clear winner to help revamp their advertising and analytics tagging on their website. Google Tag Manager offers an immense amount of flexibility and reduces the need for complicated website coding.

    When Paula’s Choice partnered with LunaMetrics to implement Google Tag Manager, they didn’t realize how much value they would receive. More than just installation, LunaMetrics helped coordinate and plan a strategic approach that included upgrading their Google Analytics, implementing Google Tag Manager, and that enabled cross-departmental insights for various stages of a user’s journey.

    “Working with LunaMetrics has been great – your analysts were clearly experts, easy to work with, and happy to hop on a call to explain complicated issues. I appreciated LunaMetrics guiding the strategy, and our tracking now benefits every department including merchandising, design, and marketing. We didn’t know how much Google Tag Manager would help us. I have already started recommending LunaMetrics to others!”

    – Natasha Kocharov
    Senior Manager, Digital Marketing
    Paula’s Choice

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  • Teach For America Attracting Diverse, Top Talent with Google Analytics and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

    Category: Google Analytics SEO

    Teach For America applicants have other options. The organization recruits “remarkable and diverse individuals to become teachers in low income communities” to confront educational inequality classroom by classroom. That calls for the kinds of leaders who are superior students and engaged citizens. These are some of the most distinguished and desirable job applicants in the world, and they’re also pursued by big brands offering big salaries.

    Keeping these applicants engaged throughout a rigorous selection process is essential. Teach For America and LunaMetrics partnered to stay top-of-mind with their illustrious applicants by uniting the Audiences feature in Google Analytics with Google search remarketing in AdWords.

    “There is no greater win as a marketer than to be certain you’re finding the right people in the right place at the right time. The results speak for themselves: The marriage between Google Analytics and RLSA insured we were able to deliver the message we wanted to the people we wanted.”

    – Stacey Jaffe
    Senior Managing Director, Digital Acquisitions and Channel Growth
    Teach For America


    • 57% increase in conversion rate over campaigns without audience targeting
    • Identified and targeted distinguished applicants successfully
    • Achieved a conversion rate higher than account average with broad keywords

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  • Penn State World Campus Using Google Tag Manager for Instant Results

    Category: Google Analytics

    When Penn State World Campus needed to quickly transition their tracking from another analytics solution into Google Analytics, they called again upon LunaMetrics, a Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Certified Partner, to address their very specific needs and aggressive timeframe. As an early adopter of Google Tag Manager, LunaMetrics staff recommended and implemented Google Tag Manager to quickly and effectively go beyond Penn State’s expectations.

    LunaMetrics went above and beyond to teach the technical skills needed, working as an extension of the World Campus team. They not only answered questions but empowered the World Campus team to confidently take over control of the site’s tracking at the end of the engagement.

    – Shelby Thayer
    Director of Web Strategy and CRM
    Penn State Outreach and Online Education

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  • Rooms To Go Using Google Analytics Premium + BigQuery to Uncover Insights

    Category: Google Analytics Google Analytics 360

    Rooms To Go is America’s #1 independent furniture retailer with the nation’s largest furniture inventory. Rooms To Go introduced the concept of displaying and packaging furniture in complete room settings. Designers coordinate each room’s colors, fabrics, and accessories to the last detail, so customers don’t have to.


    In offering complete rooms for sale, it’s important to be able to give customers easy ways to choose the options they need to best furnish their spaces. The options need to be flexible, yet simple and easy to understand. The Rooms To Go and Rooms To Go Kids websites offer several variations of room packages and add-on options to get just the pieces a customer needs for their room. LunaMetrics’ goal was to answer this question: what can we learn about what customers choose to buy, and can we use that information to make it as easy as possible for customers to get packages customized for them?


    As a Google Analytics Premium customer, Rooms To Go was well positioned to answer these questions. Working with LunaMetrics, the integration of Google Analytics with BigQuery allowed them to extract data about which items were purchased in the ecommerce transactions on their site. “BigQuery allowed us to extract and organize large quantities of raw, visitor-level data from Google Analytics to use in this analysis,” says Jonathan Weber, Data Evangelist at LunaMetrics. Statistical data mining techniques were applied to the data using R, a statistical programming language, to find products that were often purchased together.


    This analysis revealed a number of findings about how customers combine products in a room. It allowed Rooms To Go to find correspondences between products in order to offer expanded functionality for customers to add accessory products (such as a non-slip rug pad with a rug) or coordinating pieces (such as extra dining chairs in a dining room or extra side tables in a living room). These data-driven options work in concert with the Rooms To Go tradition of experienced designers and knowledgeable sales associates to give online customers an easy, convenient way to assemble stylish, coordinating rooms.

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  • Harvard University Pay-Per-Click, SEO Increases Program Awareness

    Category: SEO

    It is hard to imagine that Harvard University had an opportunity to increase awareness. Ask people to list top schools and Harvard is counted on the first hand, often named on the first finger. Academic elite travel from far and wide to the campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts to pursue higher education.

    Harvard’s Division of Continuing Education partnered with LunaMetrics to use SEO and PPC to expand the digital reach of two established schools, Harvard Summer School and Harvard Extension School, and to build awareness for their growing professional development offering. The 12-month project used an audit to identify technical setbacks, content positioning to create new landing pages for search traffic, and top-of-funnel awareness campaigns with AdWords.

    “At the end of the day, digital marketing initiatives at DCE need to help potential students find and register for programs. We enjoyed that our project with LunaMetrics worked toward that at every opportunity to help us accomplish our goals. We are big fans of LunaMetrics and the work that they do.”

    – Carol Stuckey
    Executive Director Marketing and New Programs
    Harvard Division of Continuing Education


    • Increase awareness and registrations for professional development programs at Harvard Division of Continuing Education


    • Optimize program pages to generate more qualified traffic
    • Create topic pages with structured markup to target broader search queries
    • Tailor advertising to increase ad rank, click-through rate (CTR), and return on ad spend (ROAS).


    • 89% increase in visits from organic search
    • 75% increase in registrations from organic search
    • 30% increase in CTR with AdWords
    • 124% increase in ROAS with AdWords

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  • The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Custom Reports Reveal Global Reach, Impact of Grantees

    Category: Google Analytics

    Through customization of Google Analytics’ powerful features, LunaMetrics helped the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation’s Education Program understand the global reach of their grantees and the impact of their work


    • Measure the web analytics of selected funded organizations
    • Provide organizations with data to optimize performance of their websites


    • A single summary account to view an aggregate of all web analytics, but also separate accounts for each individual website
    • Use multiple Google Analytics tracking codes on each website
    • Use the Google Analytics API and Custom Reports to reveal key insights


    • Reliable measurement for funded organizations
    • Archive of reliable, benchmarked performance data
    • State-of-the art websites that help improve education for all

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  • Maxim Strong SEO Keeps Maxim Above the Industry Noise

    Category: SEO

    One important component of SEO is choosing your battles. LunaMetrics helped Maxim target and surpass lateral competitors and searches for points of weakness among industry leaders. Maxim was also able to consolidate nearly 1 million pages, and increase organic traffic by 93%.

    “LunaMetrics worked with our IT and editorial teams to resolve technical limitations, optimize existing content and maximize the reach of new content and campaigns. I’m proud of the work our teams did together.”

    – Michael Le Du
    Chief Technology Officer
    Maxim Magazine


    • Rise above the industry noise
    • Increase online authority to reflect the offline brand recognition
    • Increase search engine traffic following a site redesign


    • Work with editorial team to maximize content reach
    • Resolve outstanding technical limitations
    • Optimize existing content for search


    • 93.74% increase in organic search traffic
    • Domain consolidation of nearly 1 million pages
    • Strong gains in non-branded traffic

  • PBS Tailored Google Analytics Features Increase Conversions & Visits by 30%

    Category: Google Analytics


    • Have a single place to monitor the web performance of all PBS properties
    • Allow the producers of each TV program to only see their program’s web performance
    • Track key site elements, such as registrations and video views


    • Use two account codes: one for the entire website, and one customized for each producer
    • Use advanced features, such as event tracking, to monitor video views
    • Set up goals and funnels to monitor registrations


    • Drove a 30% increase in traffic
    • Boosted registered users by over 30% by improving the registration process
    • Created two new video portals thanks to clear understanding of video consumption

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  • The Humane Society of the United States Google Analytics Advanced Tracking Makes Web Audience Clear

    Category: Google Analytics

    When The Humane Society of the United States approached LunaMetrics, they weren’t just looking for help with their web analytics; they were looking for a data intelligence partner. As the nation’s largest animal protection organization, The HSUS needed to be sure that its website’s data was reliable in order to confidently drive their constituent engagement decisions.

    LunaMetrics helped to implement some advanced tracking techniques, like cross-domain tracking, to track visitors’ behavior across the multiple domains under the Humane Society umbrella. Additional efforts to streamline Goal Funnels, track PDF downloads and videos, and diagnose misattributed traffic channels helped The HSUS see what was working (and what was not) on the website. Deborah says, “The HSUS has received consistent and reliable support from LunaMetrics, allowing us to establish a foundation for making better, data driven decisions across the organization.” LunaMetrics helped to find insight and make actionable recommendations, which the client implemented with success.

    “The HSUS was looking for a proven partner with the history of delivering results. We wanted a partner with the unique skillsets to educate and empower our staff to take advantage of wealth of data from Google Analytics. LunaMetrics was the obvious choice.”

    – Deborah Guinnessy
    Web Development and Support Manager
    The Humane Society of the United States

    Through the combined efforts of The Humane Society and LunaMetrics, The HSUS better understands its website as a conversion platform. Now, The HSUS is moving on to adopt newer technologies, like Google Tag Manager and Universal Analytics, all with the help of LunaMetrics. Because of efforts like these, The Humane Society of the United States is able to better understand its web audience, have confidence in its strategic decisions and serve the audience that really matters: the animals.

  • Databazaar Strong Analysis, User Testing Increases Conversion Rate By 43%

    Category: Google Analytics

    When Databazaar, an Internet 100 retail, came to LunaMetrics, they were dying to figure out how they could increase their (already awesome) conversion rate.

    LunaMetrics worked with the Databazaar IT team to configure the company’s Google Analytics, and followed that with a strong analysis of the data.

    “We not only figured out what we were doing right (and doing wrong), but we were able to improve our site based on their analysis.”

    – Oney Seal

    The analysis showed that one medium was doing fabulously. However, creation of various profiles, segmented by medium, revealed that the drop off rate through the shopping cart was nearly identical. So the cart itself was not broken — the challenge was to get the customer coming from other media to put something into the cart.

    Based on the results of the GA analysis, we used Google Website Optimizer to test various ways of giving Databazaar’s various customers the option of choosing different products. The “winner” had a conversion rate that was 43% better than the old version. The process, from Google Analytics analysis through Website Optimizer completion, took about three months.

  • Sherpa Software Audit & Content Research Ease Web Redesign Concerns

    Category: SEO

    Sherpa Software is a market leader in information governance solutions. Their Software As A Service (SAAS) platform helps IT, Legal, Compliance, and Business units manage electronic information. When a website redesign jeopardized web traffic, Sherpa Software reached out to LunaMetrics for a Technical SEO Audit and on-going recommendations for improving traffic and establishing an industry voice via their blog.

    “We trust and rely on LunaMetrics completely when it comes to our paid and organic search traffic. They have worked over the last four years to create a web presence that allows us to reach our global audience and compete with our much larger competitors… To continued success!”

    – Doug Yarabinetz
    Vice President of Marketing
    Sherpa Software


    LunaMetrics offered many technical and on-page recommendations designed to help Sherpa Software maximize their redesign effort and improve web traffic. Keyword research and content consulting informed their aggressive blog outreach efforts while landing page optimization increased organic traffic. Competitor link research conducted by LunaMetrics identified new partners Sherpa Software could target for outreach. By working very closely with Sherpa’s marketing team, LunaMetrics was able to implement a successful plan of attack to drive targeted visitors and web conversions.


    • 366% Increase in average monthly blog sessions
    • 111% Increase in total Organic Sessions since partnering with LunaMetrics

  • Thermaxx Jackets Long-term SEO Strategy Yields 50% Increase In Qualified Web Leads To Proposals

    Category: SEO

    Thermaxx Jackets, a business-to-business manufacturer of formfitting removable insulation blankets for pipes, valves, steam traps and heavy equipment, began its relationship with LunaMetrics in 2008. The company aspired to strategically develop its website into an asset that would support its direct sales model through lead generation and help Thermaxx Jackets to grow its brand through SEO.

    “LunaMetrics has helped Thermaxx Jackets to navigate through website development and search engine optimization. They do a nice job of filtering the sales team’s expertise and using them efficiently to extract the technical knowledge needed to optimize our website correctly and accurately.”

    – Brian Bannon
    Co-Owner & VP of Business Development

    The high caliber of SEO services provided by LunaMetrics have driven the following results:

    • 1,085% Increase in User Sessions over six years
    • 1,118% Increase in New Users over six years
    • A 50% increase in qualified web leads to proposals.

    The LunaMetrics SEO team has built the Thermaxx Jackets website into the very asset they set out to create in 2008, and their investment will continue to grow the company in the future.

  • RedZone Reinvented SEO To Reinforce New Business Strategy

    Category: SEO

    RedZone came to LunaMetrics with two SEO problems. Like most companies, they wanted to come up higher in the search engine rankings. But their second problem was a unique one: They tended to rank for terms that reflected their old, hazardous environment strategy, but needed to rank for their sewer pipe strategy.

    “We had no idea how to start a SEO campaign ourselves. Initially, our goal was to ensure our marketing budgets translated quickly into new leads and sales. Robbin and her team were very effective in guiding our online strategy to accomplish that goal.”

    – Eric Close
    RedZone Robotics

    Twelve months after starting our SEO work with RedZone, we found that the searches which resulted in an organic click to RedZone were up by 182%. Most of our important keywords are on page one of Google. And best of all, RedZone is now showing up for keywords related to their current business, and not to the technology that got them started fifteen years ago.

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