FAQ for Facilitators

Why isn’t my course listing up yet?

Have you turned in a copy of your course proposal form and syllabus to our office at 112 Hearst Gym Station 15? If you have, then there’s probably a problem with your paperwork – likely a missing syllabus or missing signatures on the form. We will email you if there is a problem with your paperwork. It takes an exponentially longer time to process these incomplete submissions because we have to troubleshoot it and then e-mail you back. But relax, you have until the 5th week of the semester to submit the paperwork to DeCal Board. The deadline for the Academic Senate is much sooner, please check their website.

How do I sign in to my account?

Go here and login via the sidebar with the account details that we e-mailed you… If you haven’t gotten an e-mail yet, and you’ve submitted the complete paperwork, then just sit tight.

I don’t know if my department or sponsor sent you my course form and syllabus yet. Can you check for me?

Probably not, because that would involve searching through a gargantuan stack of paper. Instead, we suggest asking your department or your sponsor if they sent it in for you because it is your responsibility.

How do I get my course’s CCNs and CECs (if applicable)?

You need to contact your course scheduler (your department contact in charge of DeCals) to receive this information.

How can I get units as a facilitator?

There are two potential ways to receive units.  You can sign up for the SLC’s class “The Craft of Facilitating” or talk to your faculty sponsor and set up an independent studies course that you can enroll in for being a facilitator.

Is there a way I could find out who is enrolled in my class?

To access the official roster for your class, please contact your faculty sponsor.  He/she should be able to provide you with one.

Can I facilitate the ______ course?

Of course! You don’t need anyone’s permission to facilitate anything. However, it would be useful (and polite) to get in touch with former facilitators or the former sponsoring department.

… Oh, okay. How do I contact the facilitator of ________?

If the facilitator has chosen not to show their e-mail address on the course listing, then we cannot provide it to you (it would be against our privacy policy) but we can send an email to them with your contact info in it.

I facilitated last year. Do I need to re-submit the paperwork?

YES. You must go through the entire process for every semester you intend to facilitate.

How do I input grades?

In most departments, you don’t input anything. Instead, your faculty sponsor is responsible for submitting grades, usually through BearFacts. If in doubt, check with your department.

How do I apply for grants to fund my DeCal?

Go to callink.berkeley.edu, click on “Organizations” in the dark gray bar at the top, click on “Search” in the light gray left side bar, search for “EEF” in the search box, click on “AAVP Grants (ASUC AAVPG)”, click on the “Read More…” link in the description, and the rest should be self explanatory once you find the “Educational Enhancement Fund (EEF) category.  You have to apply and attend an interview in order to be considered for the grant.

Still have questions? Contact the Undergraduate Course Facilitator Training and Resources (UCFTR) office in the Student Learning Center at 510-642-3075 or email ucftr@berkeley.edu