Admiral Byrd Diary

Admiral Byrd Diary


Admiral Byrd Diary

In memory of 26 yr old Rik Clay - Happy one day, dead the next. (or here)

The Admiral Byrd Diary, the Hollow earth theory and the Inner earth theory. How much of his supposed "Diary" document is actually true?

I am not a sceptic and if you can find fault with my research and logic, please let me know.

I believe that there are places on this planet where extremely large man made caverns exist, especially when you listen to underground miners who often tell of finding tunnels, sometimes supported with crossbeams, more than several kilometers (1Km == approx 1,090 yards or 5/8th of a mile) underground and in locations where no modern human could or would be digging tunnels, some of which extend for many 10's of miles (dozens of Kms).

These man made tunnel reports come from South America, around the Caucasus mountains in Europe, Italy, Greece, North America, All over Africa, Malta, Afganistan and even Australia.

While it is entirely feasible and probably that humans have created - or participated in creating - such cavernous structures, we need to focus on the FACTS and the TRUTH, and not red herrings if we ever hope to find any of these locations.

While the "beings" who live in these locations may have been collecting Gold, Silver and other precious metals and stones (diamonds etc), it is also highly likely that given the time which they have been underground, they may also have developed advanced weapons as a by-product of their exploration and mining methods.

Das Gold

According to the "Master" in the Admiral Byrd Diary, these "beings" are collecting Gold etc from "Us" and keeping it for later generations.

":: lost and legendary treasures, and they will be here, my son, safe in our keeping"

The implication here is blatantly clear that by this one statement. It clearly implies that this is not only an ongoing process of collecting Gold etc, but that it has happened many times previously.

My question is this: How many other previous generations of human civilizations has this happend to?

The Talmud states that there were 974 Generations before ADAM. (and 26 after > sefer zohar) It is worth noting that the words in Hebrew for Generation to Generation (Dor'Le'Dor) can also mean "periods of time".

Note also that the "Master" never states or implies that these "treasures" will be returned.

We also assume that these "beings" are human and this may not actually be the case especially when you understand that the Sumerians have written records of "beings" from outer-space who employ what we would refer to as autonomous like robots, perhaps even cyborgs to do their menial work.

This "human" assumption may be completely false and the stories of abductees who almost always speak of telepathic communication would leave the possible "Life Form" of these "beings" to be anything but human.

My Interest

I have been interested in the Admiral Byrd hollow earth theory for over 35 years and for some strange reason, I simply never got around to reading the actual purported document.

However, after recently reading about the Admiral Byrd inner earth adventure, I came to the conclusion that while Admiral Byrd may have indeed written "a diary", the one I was reading which was being touted as the original and the best, was certainly not it.

In fact it had been doctored to such an extent that it amazed me it was even considered as being authentic at all. There are SO MANY mistakes in this document that only someone who was ineptly stupid would repeat the diary without validation or scrutiny.

Is the Admiral Byrd Diary a Fake or a Hoax, you decide.

My caution to the reader is as follows.

While most of us want to believe in something, please let it be the truth and not some badly written sci-fi novel.

I would suggest that most of the people reprinting this fraudulent piece of history were either stool pigeons or ignorant of many aspects of recent earth history and especially nazi ideology which rather bizarrely seems to permeate almost every sentence of this work of fiction.

The first question

The first question you must ask yourself (if you have any kind of a brain at all) is why is this diary so limited, small and devoid of so much detail?

See the supposed diary here.

Why was this document released when it is so obviously a fraud ?

It started to make sense to me after I read that Admiral Byrd was associated with the Masons and was supposedly a member of the illuminati. These 2 groups have an American chapter called the Skull and Bones that also uses many nazi icons including the swastika, in their occult and black magic ceremonies.

The first things which alerted me to the fact that this document is fraudulent are the following;

  • Date
  • Location
  • Base Camp name
  • Base camp location
  • Final Entry

Firstly, THE DATE

  • The date coincides with the same time that Admiral Byrd was trying to reach the South Pole by plane and set a new world record as he has supposedly done over the North Pole (still under dispute).
  • The south pole is ANT-Arctica
  • The South Pole is also where Admiral Byrd was stationed during the unofficial naval mapping exercise according to Naval military logs.

The interview appeared in the Wednesday, March 5, 1947 edition of the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio, and read in part as follows: "Admiral Richard E. Byrd warned today that the United States should adopt measures of protection against the possibility of an invasion of the country by hostile planes coming from the polar regions. The admiral explained that he was not trying to scare anyone, but the cruel reality is that in case of a new war, the United States could be attacked by planes flying over one or both poles."

Note that this newspaper is located in Chile (South America) and not in Canada or Alaska.

What is even more confusing is that the above paragraph is associated with the (dis-information website) wikipedia account of operation highjump which supposedly happened in AUG 1947, yet wikipedia states starting dates in March 1947. (* NOTE: wikipedia have now corrected their site as of June 2013)

Plus: It takes Byrd almost 3 weeks to get back to Washington to discuss this with the US President. (0215-Hours) Alaska, Canada, USA, DC does not take 3 weeks by plane, especially given the magnitude of the event.

And the most important question is... WHY didn't the "aliens" take him to DC and leave him on the white house lawn? As stated by Byrd, the aliens had "TRACTOR BEAM" technology. (tractor beam is my words)

Much greater impact one would assume. Instead they wait until 1952 to do the Washington DC UFO Flyover. [YouTube] [Google]

IF he had been at the North Pole as some contend, why did it take from the 19th of FEB until MARCH 11 to have his meeting with the top brass ?

  • And most importantly, WHY didn't the President of the United States even bother to attend the meeting personally ? Did he have a prior golf engagement ?

WHY was there NO response to return to the North Pole, yet a full military campaign co-authored by Admiral Byrd, of all people, was set in motion for the South Pole ? See the actual movie here (they keep removing the video I link to so this is a general link to youtube)

For those who have read some of the actual reports from Operation Highjump, you will notice that 1 BattleShip was sunk, while others were badly damaged and they refer to several other amazing "observations".

  1. Circular craft emerged from the water at high speed
  2. Circular craft RE-Entered the water at high speed and were not destroyed by any kind of impact
  3. These circular craft used some kind of "unknown" light beam weapons
  4. These circular craft moved at incredible speeds
  5. These circular craft were completely silent
  6. Some of the planes from Operation Highjump flew into (and crashed with a complete loss of life to the crews) invisible barriers

It appears that Byrd may have indeed had some kind of wierd experience at the South Pole, however the diary circulating around the world purporting what supposedly happened is complete fiction. I doubt that the real diary, if it exists, will ever see the light of day.


  • Why would they falsify this location at the time as it makes no sense and there is no benefit in doing so, unless to subconsciously promote the nazi ideology which is alive and well in the USA, and in no small part, thanks to Operation PaperClip (post WW II) (see Camp Century link below)
  • For those who understand the joke, the nazis did not go to the dark side of the moon (ironsky), they went to the dark side of America (For anyone interested in seeing for yourself, watch Peter Levenda's talk on NASA's Secret Space Program)
  • The NORTH Pole is Ice on top of Water, Kinda stupid for an advanced race to build their empire over water, but who knows (see Camp Century link below)
  • The SOUTH POLE actually makes more sense as it is Ice on top of LAND. Allowing for some kind of Shield or Force Field tech from such an advanced race, it makes more sense to dwell here and live in obscurity. (see Camp Century link below)
  • Low sunlight would cause a lack of vitamin D and this would lead to hair loss, Impotence (for the men and low libido for women) and other physical problems which contradicts the descriptions of the "natives"

Crust Thickness

The south pole also has some of the thickest solid Crust (land) above the Mantle - see USGS mantle map below. This would make it even more suitable for anyone who wished to dwell underground as it allows much greater distance to the magma below and allows for more mining.

CLICK for pop up larger image
Admiral Byrd Diary

This contour map of the thickness of the Earth's crust was developed from the CRUST 22 model. The contour interval is 10 km deep; also included is the 45 km depth contour for greater detail on the continents.

Found on this website:


  • ANYONE who has traveled around the world remembers the names of exotic places they went to where they experienced wondrous events, yet Admiral Byrd fails to give this Base Camp a name before, or even after his cosmic experience
  • This is something a novice or untraveled person would be unaware of
  • I still remember the names of the places I visited over 40 years ago when I was traveling around the world, these are places which gave me great excitement


  • Also conspicuous by its absence

Please bear in mind that The Writer supposedly meticulously details the PRE-Flight checks, yet fails to know which side of the world he in On and Where he is.


Then, after reading the rest of the document, I could not stop laughing until I realized that this was being re-printed as gospel by many acolytes and the exceedingly ignorant.

Exclamation Marks

Please note the 59 exclamation marks. No professional writer or even a modern-day mindless teenage texter over the age of 13 would use such a prolific volume of these irritating sentence stoppers.

What is Facinating Though Is His Timeline

April 1918 - After a brief retirement Richard E. Byrd is reassigned to active duty as a naval aviator.

1919 - Richard E. Byrd helps the U.S. Navy plan the first successful transatlantic flight when he accompanies the NC-4 from Rockaway, Long Island, to Plymouth, England, via Nova Scotia.

1925 - Richard E. Byrd leads the naval party that accompanies Arctic veteran Donald B. MacMillan and his expedition to Greenland.

April 5, 1926 - Richard E. Byrd and Floyd Bennett leave Brooklyn, New York, with a fifty-two-member expedition to explore the Arctic by air.

May 9, 1926 - Richard E. Byrd and Floyd Bennett become the first men to fly to the North Pole, completing their roundtrip aerial expedition in about sixteen hours. This pioneering feat later is questioned by skeptical scientists who claim Byrd and Bennett could not have made the trip in such a short amount of time. (especially given that Byrd has a plane which he knew was leaking oil)

June 23, 1926 - Richard E. Byrd's Arctic aviation expedition returns to New York City, where Byrd receives the Medal of Honor and a promotion to commander.

June 29, 1927 - With Bernt Balchen, Bert Acosta, and George Noville, Richard E. Byrd flies the first transatlantic airmail to France, demonstrating the feasibility of commercial transatlantic flight by multiengine aircraft.

1928 - With a crew of forty-two men, eighty-four sled dogs, two ships, and three airplanes, Richard E. Byrd travels to Antarctica and establishes a coastal base called Little America.

November 28, 1929 - As part of a four-man crew, Richard E. Byrd flies to the South Pole.

1934 - Richard E. Byrd returns to Antarctica for a one year expedition.

1940 - Richard E. Byrd returns to the Antarctic as commanding officer of the U.S. Antarctic Service with a mission to establish a permanent base on the continent for additional exploration.

1946 - Richard E. Byrd returns to Antarctica as commander of the Navy's operation that uses aerial photography to map more than 1.5 million square miles of the continent.

Note the lack of any mention of the NORTH POLE after 1940?

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