Mastodon User Guide

How does muting work on Mastodon?

When you mute another user on Mastodon, you are essentially hiding their posts from your view. You will not see their posts on the local timeline, the Whole Known Network, or your home timeline, even if you follow the user (however, you do not have to be following a user in order to mute them). Muting is different from blocking another user in that it allows you to continue following the muted user, and/or for them to continue following you. Muted users will also not be notified if they have been muted by you. A unique aspect to muting on Mastodon, however, is that you will still be notified when mentioned by a muted user. The only thing that changes is that you will not see the muted user's posts around the site, unless you choose to visit their profile page.

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