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09 2011

Kristin Arnold

The Extraordinary Team

President of QPC Inc.,

The shift from melting pot to salad defines the contrast in teamwork that Kristin Arnold, high-stakes meeting facilitator and President of QPC Inc., calls attention to.  She reveals the 9 hallmarks of a high performing team, the development of team charters, and the leading teamwork killers that everyone should be aware of.  As Kristin Arnold is also the current president of the National Speakers Association, she sites the differences between facilitation, speaker, consultant, and trainer. From her book Boring to Bravo, she shares examples of typical presenter problems, useful tips to counter those problems, and engagement techniques to bring your presentation to the next level. Learn the 4 E’s of professionally speaking. Learn how to handle a Twitter Wall. And learn how to tell if you have the ‘sticky factor’.

Interview Date: May 2011


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