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Saturday, June 10, 2017

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Comey Bluntly Raises Possibility of Trump Obstruction and Condemns His ‘Lies’

Mr. Comey, fired last month as F.B.I. director, said the president had tried to derail an investigation into an adviser and had lied and defamed Mr. Comey.

Comey’s Testimony Sharpens Focus on Questions of Obstruction

Several former prosecutors say there could be a prosecutable case of obstruction of justice against President Trump, but they cautioned that there is no guiding precedent for this kind of situation.

News Analysis

For Trump, the ‘Cloud’ Just Grew That Much Darker

James B. Comey’s testimony was almost certainly the most damning j’accuse moment by a senior law enforcement official against a president in a generation.

Theresa May Loses Overall Majority in U.K. Parliament

Voting returns threw her government into uncertainty less than two weeks before the start of negotiations on withdrawing from the European Union.

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"The president surely knows if there are tapes. If there are, my feelings aren’t hurt. Release the tapes."
JAMES B. COMEY, the former F.B.I. director, in testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee, on whether President Trump had taped their conversations.



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