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Magazines 2000-2009


This was the decade that began with a bang for me with the publication of my second book and ended with sadness: the deaths of my childhood idol Patrick McGoohan and, more significantly, of my father, George. My dad had been a great influence in and a great supporter of my writing and career (indeed, in his last months, he was still critiquing my work, both positively and negatively but always constructively. For a more complete look at my dad and me, see the section "Family Matters," on the navigation bar to the left.) I continued to work full-time at Habitat, continued to freelance (I met childhood hero Fess "Daniel Boone" Parker, although I was unable to place a story I had hoped to do about him) and conducted a phone interview with the charming Avengers star Patrick Macnee. As the decade wore on, I freelanced less, and spent more time teaching and performing improv. I became a vegetarian and lost 30 pounds – and then became a "meatatarian" (and "sweetsatarian") and gained perhaps too much of it back. And I started this (and the Sunday Night Improv) web sites, which are taking up way too much time but are a fun exercise in "Does anyone care about me?" narcissism. Thanks for your interest, whoever you are.