Comic Review: Steve Rogers: Captain America #1

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 2, 2016

Captain America - Steve Rogers 001

Hearing that Captain America had gone full-Nazi and joined Hydra, I was excited to get a hold of Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz’ first issue of Steve Rogers: Captain America last Wednesday (I meant to write this then but then like, didn’t for some reason).

Nick Spencer is not really a great writer; he tends to be a bit heavy-handed, laying on emotional themes intended to be deep, but which come across as hollow and unmoving. The art is decent, I guess, but nothing spectacular by modern comic standards.

Overall, if we put aside political themes, the book is very average. To be fair, I’m probably not the best person to ask. I’ve never been a big fan of the character, and found even Ed Brubaker’s celebrated run to be rather boring.

That having been said, it is possible to read this as actual pro-Nazi propaganda. So I wanted to give you all a closer look, given that you’re


In comics time, Steve Rogers – the original and only real Captain America – has just returned to super-heroing after having been forced to take on his actual age, which is ninety-something. During his absence, a Black guy, Sam Wilson, was Captain America (and he was fighting Donald Trump supporters).


Having been restored to his eternally youthful self by a living Cosmic Cube girl named Kobik, Steve resumed the title of Captain America, kicking the Black guy out on the streets.


As it would have been racist to replace a Black character with a White character, the logical thing was to make Cap a bad guy – an actual Nazi.

And the premise put forward by Nick Spencer is that he’s always been a Nazi. For nearly 80 years of comics history, he’s been secretly working for Hydra.

Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 starts out with a flashback to Steve Rogers’ childhood. His mother is getting beat by his father. Because as everyone knows, the 1930s was a period of patriarchy. And during the patriarchy, all men beat their wives randomly for no reason.

Captain America - Steve Rogers slap a bitch

Mama Rogers is then rescued from her abusive 1930s patriarchy husband by a female ninja of some sort.

Captain America - Steve Rogers bitch slaps

The female ninja character, being a kindly and motherly sort, takes Mama Rogers and little Steve out to dinner and gives her a pep talk lined with cult-like buzzwords.

Captain America - Steve Rogers 001-017 dinner date

We go in and out of that flashback throughout the course of the book, but ultimately we find the woman who rescued her inviting her to a “civic group” meeting.

And she is, of course, a Hydra Nazi.

hydra steve

Back in real time, Cap is on a mission for SHIELD, taking down a Red Skull terrorist.

We then get a gushy flashback for this random Nazi terrorist character. This character also watched his patriarchal father beat his mother, then because of this grew up to be a criminal. In prison, he joined a Nazi gang. When he got out of prison, he got a job, but he got fired when the economy collapsed in 2008 (he was the first to be fired because of his Nazi tattoos). He became a drug addict.

He then enters into a 12-step program, before being called up by his old cellmate, who invites him to see a pro-White speaker.

It’s Red Skull – a Nazi terrorist trained by Hitler himself, who became the leader of the Nazi terrorist organization Hydra following the fall of the Third Reich.

And here’s where we start to see that Nick Spencer could be a secret Nazi pushing a Nazi agenda. Red Skull’s speech is epic.

red skull epic

Full transcript of Red Skull’s speech:

What an audeince. We grow in number each time I visit. Thank you, my friends, for your corage and dedication to our cause.

I have just come from Europe. My homeland, in fact. And do you know what I saw there?

It was an invading army.

These so-called “refugees” – millions of them – marching across the continent, bringing their fanatical beliefs and their crime with them.

They attack our women and bomb our cities.

And how do our leaders respond? Do they push them back and enforce their borders as is our sovereign duty?

Of course not. They say, “here, take our food. Take our shelter. Take our way of live, and then take our lives.”

Despicable. So it is good to be here, where some men still know how to fight.

When I was a young man, there was a great war. And our two countries did nto see eye to eye. But all the sides – they all agreed on certain things. The fundamental responsibilities of a nation – protecting the land through strength. Preserving the heritage and culture of the people. Offering them opportunity.

Now look at the world today. Look here – at the dead husk that was these “United States.” How the mighty have fallen.

Who is protected, I ask you?

On my flight, I was briefed about these brave patriots fighting the government’s illegal claims to their land – who does the land belong to if not the people?! This is who your government sees as transgressors?! What about the criminal trespassers who make a mockery of your borders? No, they are protected of course!

but that is only the beginning – your entire culture is under siege. The principles your country was founded upon lost in the name of “tolerance.”

Your religion, your beliefs, your sense of commuinity – all tossed aside like trash. And you cannot even speak out against it, lest you be called a bigot!

And who benefits from all this but the vultures feasting on the carcass? The bankers who stole your homes out from under you, and the politicians they purchased.

Well, let them call you what they will. I know who you truly are – the beginning of a revolution. The first to see the collapse of the old guard, and the road to something glorious!

The glory of Hydra!

Hard to find anything there that any reasonable person could disagree with.

We are then reminded that Red Skull is actually the bad guy when the terrorist character having the flashback is shown joining Hydra, murdering a random homeless Black guy and then getting strapped with a suicide vest (apparently, random homeless man murders and suicide bombings are the new strategy of Hydra – that has yet to be explained; normally, they are trying to get a hold of the Cosmic Cube to transform normal reality into a Nazi reality).

hydra suicide bomb

We then skip ahead to Cap confronting the young Hydra suicide bomber.

There is more relevant dialogue here.

Captain America - Steve Rogers suicide

Cap attempts to talk the Nazi lad down, tries to convince him not to push the suicide button.

He tells him his mother wants him to come home, to which the Nazi replies, “look around you, Cap. Don’t you see it? What they’ve done to us? That’s why I have to finish this – there’s no home to go back to.”

He pushes the button and blows himself up.

But wow, “there’s no home to go back to” is a powerful statement, huh? And one that must ring true to anyone who has witnessed the transformation of our country over the last decade. They have taken our home away from us.

Just like Red Skull’s speech, this isn’t ridiculing Nazis. It’s giving our actual views and painting us as sympathetic.

After this, some boring stuff happens.

The setup for the end of the issue and the big reveal has Steve going after Baron Zemo to rescue Dr. Erik Selvig, a character who knows the whereabouts of the above mentioned living Cosmic Cube girl (no reason to explain that any further here, but he is an important asset of Hydra). Jack Flag and Free Spirit (D-tier SHIELD agents) go along to help.

Cap ends up on a plane with Zemo and Selvig, before Jack Flag drops in to help. At this point, Cap murders Jack Flag by throwing him out the cargo compartment.

captain america murder jack flag

The last page shows him looking at the Doctor and saying “Hail Hydra.”

hail hydra

So, there you have it.

Cap is a Nazi.

And not only is he now a Nazi – he’s always been a Nazi. He was raised a Nazi, and his entire comics history – going back to the original stories published during WWII – was a part of the long-game of infiltration, leading up to this moment.

When it is time to make Black Lives Matter splatter, when it’s time for mass round-ups of disgusting Mexicans, when it’s time to invade Europe and use live ammo on migrants, when it is time to rid the planet of the Jew infestation – Cap reveals himself.

Probably, neither Nick Spencer nor the editorial staff of Marvel (who presumably came up with this concept) are secret Nazis. However, based on the first issue, it looks like this story can indeed be read from that angle.

So it might end up being a pretty fun time.

I’m going to keep reading it, because I am 100% sure that before they reveal that Nazi Cap is a clone or from a different reality or whatever (most likely, Red Skull took control of his brain through the Cosmic Cube de-aging process), he’s going to give some sweet speeches like the one Red Skull gave above. It will make for some fun memes.

Hopefully he talks about Black Lives Matter: “unwashed monkeys tearing down the statues of the heroes who built this great nation.”

A note to Nick Spencer (@nickspencer): as the world’s number one Nazi, I’m willing to serve as a consultant on the character of Captain Nazi America.

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