Heroic Immolation Copy


Heroic Immolation Copy
Heroic Tier 12 Paladin Copy

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 85
Source: BoP drops from heroic Firelands
Availability: Time consuming to obtain – requires a full raid of experienced players

How to get the set:

This outfit is a non-class-specific visual copy of the item level 391 Paladin Tier 12 heroic sets, the Battlearmor/Battleplate/Regalia of Immolation, and is obtained from bosses in heroic-mode Firelands.

Whilst there is not a belt in-game which perfectly matches the set, we’ve included a good gap-filler in the ‘Extras’ section below.

HeadCasque of Flame (Heroic) (BoP from Baleroc in Firelands)
ShouldersSpaulders of Manifold Eyes (Heroic) (BoP from Beth’tilac in Firelands)
ChestClutch of the Firemother (Heroic) (BoP from Alysrazor in Firelands)
WristsBracers of the Dread Hunter (Heroic) (BoP from Shannox in Firelands)
HandsGrips of the Raging Giant (Heroic) (BoP from Lord Rhyolith in Firelands)
LegsLegplates of Absolute Control (Heroic) (BoP from Shannox in Firelands)
FeetTreads of the Penitent Man (Heroic) (BoP from Majordomo Staghelm in Firelands)


Note that the belt is really a perfect match for the normal version of the Immolation sets, but happens to fit the heroic set well too.

WaistBelt of the Seven Seals (BoP purchase from Naresir Stormfury at honored reputation level with Avengers of Hyjal)


Lookalikes/Recolours (Paladin-only):

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