Are there any coolers like Yeti but cheaper? … and I mean this performance-wise.
Buying a Cooler can be an expensive purchase, especially when you want a high-end cooler like the Yeti cooler. But this got us wondering, are there any other cheaper coolers like yeti that have the same performance as a high-end cooler, but can be a cheaper yeti alternative?

Well, there is! … well, in fact, 15 of them!

This guide is about coolers like yeti but cheaper. But we understand, you may not be interested in reading the lengthy guide.
In that case, we have compiled a list of the best cheaper Yeti alternatives.
These top 5 knock off Yeti coolers come with high-end insulation at an affordable price. We want you to get the best value for your money.

Shall we begin?

Top 5 coolers like YETI but cheaper – Comparison Chart

 Coleman Xtreme RTIC CoolerIgloo Polar CoolerORCA CoolerPelican ProGear Elite Cooler






Capacity (qt.)
Weight (lbs)

Do you remember the first experience you had with Yeti ice cooler?

Someone must have bragged about cooling capabilities of Yeti coolers, that’s why you decided to consider it. I am sure the person must have mentioned the price too!

… supposing your jaw didn’t drop after looking at the price and thinking you’ll need to get a second mortgage to purchase a Yeti cooler.

Let’s go into the history of the Yeti Company.

Yeti made the entry in 2006.

Honestly speaking, this brand created a massive hype being a flagship version of top coolers. Their coolers proved to be durable equipped with incredible cooling powers. Any of its coolers can keep the ice intact for an entire week. Yes, in sweltering temperatures too!
But Yeti is not the only player in the market. Now, this brand is facing sheer competition in the market, because Yeti competitors are coming with coolers like Yeti but cheaper that no one can ignore!

Undeniably, Yeti is a symbol of perfection and brilliance. But still, there are some people who would prefer knock off Yeti coolers. But why they fall for Yeti cooler alternative? Why do they think coolers like Yeti but cheaper are better?

Hold on, we are going to answer all these questions. stay tuned!

Why People Prefer Yeti Coolers?

Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper - Igloo Sportman Cooler Image

The founders of Yeti wanted to create a cooler that would serve in every situation. They wanted to make a durable unit that would entertain the people for more than a season.
According to most people, cooling capability is the best thing about Yeti coolers. Because of strong build quality, they can hold the ice for many days. This brand has launched coolers with different types and sizes.

We have divided the Yeti coolers into two categories: hard sided and soft sided coolers.
Hard-sided coolers further come in two types: Tundra and Roadie series. As the name implies, Roadie series is specially designed for travelers who want a cooler with optimum mobility & compactness. On the other hand, Tundra is the larger cooler series of Yeti with bigger storage capacity.

We call Soft sided coolers as Hoppers. Unlike the siblings, these coolers lack hard plastic walls to be more convenient, light and compact. Of course, they provide shorter ice life.
You must be thinking about the cost! Yes, quality always comes with a price. And every Yeti cooler has a steep price tag!

So, what if you cannot afford the Yeti cooler? That’s why alternate coolers like yeti but cheaper
come into the game!

 15 Coolers like YETI but cheaper – Why would you want a cheaper alternative?

People prefer to switch to a knock off Yeti coolers for the price. No doubt, Yeti’s are expensive.
A few years back, people only had the option of Yeti coolers for longer ice life. But today, coolers like Yeti provide same ice retention for the lower price.

Yeti competitors include following:
• Grizzly
• Pelican
• K2
• Engel
• Orca
• Coleman

Warranty is another reason why people choose to a cheaper yeti alternative. Grizzly wins the warranty battle by offering a lifetime warranty. Performance wise, Yeti competitors are highly competitive. For instance, Pelican or Orca Coolers provide longer ice life than Yeti coolers.


#1 Coleman Xtreme Cooler – Best Cooler for picnics 

Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper - Coleman 52 Xtreme Cooler

Coleman Xtreme Cooler is a delightful choice to feed picnic or camping trip!

As a cheaper yeti alternative, the Coleman cooler is a durable unit with hard plastic construction. Despite having sturdy walls and back, it is easier to lift, not to mention its own wheeled cooler version. The Coleman Xtreme cooler features a rubber hinged lid, this comes in handy when you need to grab a drink instantly.

On top of the hinged lid, you will find four cup holders. This way it can serve you as a table top. A two-way handle makes it easier to move. But when the cooler is packed with food and cans, you will need extra man power. Otherwise, you should be able to carry it alone.
The lid closes tightly leaving no room for air or heat. This way, ice can live longer!

Capacity: Colman cooler offers a plenty of space for storing food and drinks. You can place 82 cans of soda in Coleman cooler. And it can retain the temperature of 45 degrees for days. You can even store a tray of cheesecake or meatloaf (of course foil wrapped), plus dozens of taller bottles. And how can we forget to put ice cubes or ice packs to provide cooling?

Pro Tip: Instead of putting ice cubes or packs, use frozen water bottles. It will prevent waste of water when ice gets melted.
You must be thinking about draining the water! You don’t have to flip it to get rid of melted ice. There is a drainage hole placed under the handle. Just tilt the cooler in right direction, open it and let the water flow out.


• Holds 82 soda cans
• Drainage hold to get rid of melted ice
• Keep the items cool for three days
• Lightweight


• Construction could be better
• Hinge is prone to damage


#2 RTIC Cooler (RTIC 65 Tan) – Best Yeti Alternative

Yeti knockoff cooler - RTIC Cooler Side

RTIC 65 Tan Cooler is a great example of coolers like Yeti but Cheaper, and our personal favorite!
Cut to the chase; you can place 70 pounds of ice along with 64 cans in this cooler easily. This is a great choice for extended camping trips and offshore fishing.

Materials: Let’s talk about construction. Inside the wall, closed cell polyurethane foam insulation is used. This material keeps the inside cooler by not letting warm air in.

It comes with the t-shaped latches made of silicone. Not only it interlocks nicely but also easier to grip.
When it comes to construction, the brand has used innovative Rotomolded construction. By touching it, you can feel the toughness of the material. Moreover, the lid owns a nonslip surface. If you are thinking of it as stepping stool? Then it is not a bad idea!

Features: The drainage system is pretty advanced compared to other knock off Yeti coolers. On the lower side, a drain plug is placed. You can get rid of excessive water without tilting the cooler, all thanks to the v-drain system.

Two types of handles are available: molded and rope handles. When you are carrying heavy loads, prefer rope handles. Otherwise, extra manpower is suggested to move a cooler with molded handle.


• V-Drainage system
• Polyurethane foam insulation
• Easy-Lift lid handle
• Rope handles for heavy lifting


• Slightly heavier, one person cannot easily carry it


#3 Igloo Polar Cooler (120-quart white) – Best Cooler for efficiency 

Igloo Polar Cooler - best ice chests 2016

Number 3 on the list of coolers like yeti but cheaper, is the Igloo Polar Cooler. An efficient cooler with an affordable price tag!
As featured on our best ice chest 2017, if you are seeking a heavy duty cooler as a cheaper Yeti alternative, Igloo Polar Cooler (120-quart white) is an ideal choice!
Igloo Cooler comes with great cooling abilities without breaking the bank.

Ice Retention: The body and lid have a Ultratherm layer for extended cooling. It can hold the ice for 5 days even in extreme conditions. In any cooler, lid performs a key role. If it is not properly sealed, the cooling cannot be retained. Fortunately, the case is opposite with Igloo Polar Cooler.

Features: This Yeti alternative comes with additional value in the shape of UV inhibitors. You must be wondering about its benefits; we are coming to this point. This layer of protection provides resistance against sun damage, odor or stain.
Durability is the only thing to be concerned about this cooler. As mentioned at the start, Igloo cooler are large, designed for heavy duty purpose. One cannot move it easily when it is full. This becomes more inconvinent due to lack of wheels. Although, the hinges and handles are present, but still difficult to maneuver.


• Ice retention for five days
• Larger storage capacity
• Efficient insulation


• Heavier
• Handles and hinges are not durable
• Wheels are absent


#4 ORCA TP0580RCORCA Cooler, Tan, 58-Quart – Best Cooler for insulation

ORCA Cooler - heavy duty cooler

Regarding insulation, Orca 58 Quart is unbeatable!

The Orca cooler features a rotomolded construction. It maintains the optimum temperature required to store perishable items for a longer period. You can stow the items up to ten days.

As far as temperature is concerned, it retains the temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit for an entire day. This is impressive!

Performance is not the only best thing about Orca. This cooler possesses intelligent design features making it less bulky and lighter.
The smart drainage system makes it easier to use.
Despite being a heavy duty cooler, Orca is easier to move!


• Rotomolded construction
• Insulation keeps the perishable items fresh for ten days
• Lifetime warranty
• Sturdy and durable
• Properly sealed lid
• Flex grip handles help in mobility


• Technically, nothing is wrong with this cooler. Its lid can slam shut unexpectedly. To be honest, this is not an issue. We can’t think of anything else worth mentioning.

#5 Grizzly 40 Quart

Yeti knockoff cooler - Grizlly Cooler Tan Open

Ultimate light duty cooler for camping, fishing, hunting and tailgating needs!
The build quality is the highlighted thing about the Grizzly Cooler. The walls and lid are comprised of rotationally molded plastic.

This type of plastic is known to having the uniform thickness for absolute performance. Furthermore, the walls have closed cell polyurethane insulation that provides maximum ice retention. It can retain the ice for approximately four days.
The Grizzly Cooler has features worth mentioning in a separate article-  Grizzly vs Yeti coolers. This unit is designed to ensure maximum convenience. One can easily lift or move it. For handling, there is mold in handles, stainless steel pins, and mold in hinges.
For instant and secure closure, mold in EPDM Rubber Bear Claw latch is available.


• Light duty cooler
• Sturdy and strong
• Finest build quality and superb insulation for longer ice retention
• Mold in handles and hinges for easy maneuver


• Not made for heavy duty purposes


#6 K2 Coolers Summit Cooler 

Yeti knockoff cooler - K2 Cooler Summit Green

A cheaper yeti alternative that is built to last!
K2 Cooler is giving YETI cooler a run for its money. This unit is famous for its rotational molded construction.

Materials: Most brands construct coolers by attaching several plastic parts with each other. This is not the case with K2 Cooler. A single piece of polyurethane gets curated using the roto-molded process. In simple word, the body walls and lid have no weak points.

The polyurethane layer is further protected with UV stabilized polyethylene on the inside and outside. You will find such combo in extreme applications like protective shields or hockey rink walls. Now you can imagine the toughness level of this cooler! Due to higher tensile strength, it can handle drastic impacts easily.

K2 has earned a reputation for its ice retention capabilities. If we talk precisely, K2 can hold the ice for 12 days in the optimal conditions.

Features: Unlike regular brands, K2 cooler features a high-quality ICEVAULT Gasket seal between the lid and base. Most of you may not be aware of its importance. Because of an improper seal, the ice retention is impossible. Fortunately, this unit provides the same seal as that you have in your refrigerator or freezer.
For easy drainage of melting ice, a torrent drain plug is placed in the bottom.


• Tough and durable rotomolded construction
• Outstanding insulation for longer ice life
• Efficient drainage system
• Gasket seal between lid and base


• Heavier to lift
• Maybe hard in your pocket


#7 Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler – Best Cooler for performance

Pelican Cooler White

Number 7 on the long list of coolers like yeti but cheaper, is the Pelican cooler.
If you value quality and performance over money, the Pelican cooler is a great yeti alternative.

By just looking at it, you can say this unit is made from high-quality materials. The 2-inch polyurethane insulation and freezer grade gasket seal ensure longer ice retention. You can keep the ice for 7-10 days easily.
Portability: It is an efficient cooler and extremely easy to use. Both sides have dual handle system. It is your choice to bring out hinge handles or use molded in handles. Either way, Pelican is easy to transport.
In the bottom, it features nonskid and marking raised feet. It won’t slip regardless of the place where you put it!


• Lifetime warranty
• Ice retention for ten days
• Polyurethane insulation
• Dual handle system for hassle free maneuvering
• Nonskid & marking raised feet


• Heavier and bulkier


#8 Engel Coolers High-Performance ENG35 Roto-Molded Cooler

Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper - Engel Cooler Open

Engel Cooler made it onto the list of coolers like YETI but cheaper due to its high performance. This cooler is not prone to damage as it is built to last. Just like any premium cooler, this features a rotomolded construction. Further assisted by 2 inches thicker highly insulated walls, and the best part, you get all the charms at the affordable price tag!

Unlike regular brands, you will find the insulation throughout the body. Yes, it is not limited to walls only. The bottom and top lid are also covered with 2-inch insulation. In such environment, ice hardly even melts.

Features: Durability is not confined to the body only. The latches and hinges are also tough enough to last forever. If you want to get rid of the fear of breaking, you need Engel cooler!
Silicone Airtight gasket is placed between the lid and base. This way, air or heat cannot pass through it. It can hold the ice for ten days easily!


• Ice retention for ten days
• Rotomolded construction to ensure durability and toughness
• Highly insulated body with polyurethane foam
• Silicone Airtight gasket
• Marine level compression latches


• Heavier

#9 RTIC 30 Soft Pack

Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper - RTIC 30 Soft Pack Cooler Side

A soft contender on the list of coolers like yeti but cheaper!

As the name implies, it is the soft sided hopper. Unlike hard sided coolers, this knock off Yeti cooler comes with incredible insulation value. It outperforms many regular hard sided cooler when it comes to ice retention, with a 5-day ice retention period all thanks to 2” foam insulation inside the walls.
As per the size, we place it in the moderate or mid-range category. But still, it will cater your needs amazingly. You can place up to 30 cans with ice in it.

As per the size, we place it in the moderate or mid-range category. But still, it will cater your needs amazingly.
Most people have concerns about the zipper. Don’t worry; it won’t leak.
Yes, the exterior will not sweat.


• Ice retention for five days
• Used as a backpack cooler
• Storage capacity of 30 cans plus ice
• Zipper does not leak when ice is melting
• Exterior does not sweat
• 2-inch foam insulation inside the walls


• Not sturdy like hard sided coolers

#10 Canyon Cooler Outfitter Series

Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper - Canyon Cooler Outfitter Open

Cut to the chase, Canyon cooler is considered as the best cooler for your money. This unit offers the longest ice retention on the list. Can you believe that it can hold the ice for two weeks? Even in sweltering conditions.

It comes handy even in most severe and extreme conditions. Even the professional guides take it to the trips in Grand Canyon. Hence, it is named Canyon cooler

Unlike cheap coolers, this one is comprised of high-quality plastic walls and body. Not only it holds ice for the longer period, but also provide resistance to the impact. We can say, this unit is highly optimized for truck beds, road trips, medical use and camping because of compact design.


• Great mid-range cooler
• Rotomolded construction
• Longer ice retention ( up to 14 days)
• Lifetime warranty
• Sturdy and brutally tough


• Not made for heavy duty or large capacity use

#11 ENGEL USA Cooler

Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper - Engel Cooler Dry Box

Great choice for storing both hot and cold items.

The insulation ability of Engel cooler is the bit confusing. Although it features elevated fee, air tight seal, and insulation, still the performance is not as good as of sibling coolers. That is because this cooler is mainly designed to store both hot and cold items. So, the main focus was making it waterproof instead of maximizing ice retention capabilities.
The build quality is commendable. This cooler can stay in water up to 3 feet. This implies that cooler’s components are of high quality and can handle drastic abuse.

The side handles are not absent because this is small range cooler. But don’t worry, it placed on the top.
Airtight gasket seal ensures that perishable items inside the cooler stay safe and away from water.


• High-grade molded polystyrene foam insulation for longer ice retention
• Highly portable
• Airtight gasket seal between lid and body
• Stain and odor resistant


• Not designed for heavy duty cooling purposes

#12 Igloo Products  Sportsman

knock off yeti coolers - Igloo Sportman Cooler Open

Number 12 on the quest for coolers like yeti but cheaper is the Igloo Sportsman, this is for the serious outdoorsman, Igloo Sportsman cooler seems perfect!
Let’s start with the performance. Although this Cooler has thick insulation, the performance is not as expected. It is satisfactory but not great. The ice retention is of around five days is possible with this cooler.

Durability is a big plus about Igloo cooler. Being a tough unit, it can handle the wear and tear without tearing the body apart.

Features: The handles and latches are available for easy transportation. But they are not as tough as should be. Unfortunately, they can break quickly.
The bottom, non-skid feet provide maximum traction against the surface. It won’t slip ever!
The tethered drain plug allows quick drainage of unwanted water easily.


• Rotationally molded construction
• Thickest walls (15-20” insulating foam)
• Handles and latches for grip
• Non-skid feet to prevent slipping
• Instant drainage plug


• The insulation does not perfect as per expectations
• Latches and handles are too weak

#13 Nash Sub Z Cooler – Best Cooler for fishing

Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper - heavy duty cooler

A Smaller unit packed with the bang!
If you an active hunter or fisherman, the Nash Sub Z is a great small cooler.
Built like a nuclear safe, this low storage capacity is the only thing to worry about. But if that does not bother you, Nash Cooler is one to watch!

The walls and body are made up of industry standard rotational molded plastic, further infused with 1.5” insulating foam. It will retain the ice for the substantial amount of time.
There is an Artic Dome lid gasket between the lid and base. This tight seal won’t let the air or heat come inside.
Oversize drainage plug allows easy and quick removal of excessive water.


• Ideal for fishermen
• Artic Dome lid gasket seal
• Rotationally molded construction
• Lighter than competition
• Oversize drain plug for instant removal of water
• Nonskid feet to avoid slipping or sliding


• Not made for heavy duty purposes

#14 AO Coolers Canvas Soft Cooler 

AO Coolers Canvas Soft Cooler - Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper

For an overnight trips or camping, AO Cooler comes to mind for coolers like Yeti but cheaper!
Being a soft sided cooler, it still manages to provide satisfactory cooling capabilities. The ice can stay intact for straight 24 hours in 120-degree temperature.

The storage capacity is pretty good. You can place 12 soda cans in it.
If you want to take dry items with you, place them inside pocket.
Despite being a soft sided cooler, its insulation is better than rest of competition. Furthermore, the exterior and liner are leak proof.


• Highly portable
• Removable shoulder strap
• Ice retention for 24 hours
• Ideal for small events, fishing, hunting, picnics or parties
• A side pocket for dry objects

    • Performance is not comparable to hard sided coolers

#15 Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler

Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper - Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler

Last but not least on the long list of coolers like yeti but cheaper is the Coleman Steel-belted Cooler
High performer with flatter design blueprint.
Coleman coolers are known for larger storage capacity. It can hold 85 soda cans at a time. This way, it becomes the desperate choice for big parties or outdoor events.

You will find the stainless-steel handles on the side with rubber grip.
Unlike other coolers, the lid features a solid steel latch seal that applies the force of 10 lbs to keep it airtight.
In the bottom, a rustproof and leak resistant drain plug are placed so you can remove the water without tilting the cooler.


• Large storage capacity
• Stainless steel handles with rubber grip
• Traditional design features
• Solid steel latch for airtight seal
• Smart drain system for removing water


• Low ice retention (overnight)

Coolers like YETI but cheaper – Frequently Asked Questions

knock off yeti coolers - Canyon Cooler Outfitter Dimensions

Soft sided vs. Hard sided coolers, which one is better?
It depends upon the needs. Soft sided will serve for a shorter period, they are easy to carry. On the other hand, hard-sided coolers have large storage capacity and longer ice retention abilities.

What is meant by rotomolded construction?
This is an advanced type of plastic construction. Instead of joining the different plastic components, a single piece is formed by molding it into the desired shape. This process leaves no weak spots: making the cooler sturdy and tough.
What is standard ice retention period?
You should not get a cooler with ice retention less than 3-5 days. In some cases of soft sided coolers, it comes down to 24 hours only.

Final Words – 15 Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper

So, we reviewed 15 coolers like yeti but cheaper. You must be wondering about what we think is the best yeti alternative cooler in the list.

Editor’s Choice: In our opinion, you might want to look at RTIC 65 Tan Cooler.

There are so many things to love about it. For instance, the thicker closed cell polyurethane foam insulation provides longer ice retention. The V-drainage system is the best thing about it, as you can drain the water without lifting the cooler. Easy handling – You can use both rope or molded handles to lift it.

For those who would consider a Yeti, have a look at what we think are the best Yeti cooler 2017.
But of course, you have to make the final decision. Hopefully, you have found this knowledge-base helpful.