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CALL TO ARTISTS for 2018 !

Attention Artists!  The 2018 Verde Valley Birding & Nature Festival will be April 26-29, 2018.  We are once again sending out a call to artists for submission of their artwork for the 2018 festival. The bird that we are featuring is the Crissal Thrasher.  Deadline is August 1st – hope you can make that deadline.  We want your art by this date so we can put on our Save the Date card to be printed up for this event! The winning artwork will also be displayed on the booklet, banners and other promotional material.  This is a juried selection for best artwork depicting bird and theme.  All runner ups will be allowed to show their original at the 2018 Verde Valley Birding & Nature Festival at Dead Horse State Park.

The Theme is “Symphony on Wings”.  The Crissal Thrasher is a large thrasher found in Southwest United States and Mexico.  The bird is 11.5 inches tall and is known for a somewhat “angry” look countered by one of the most melodious and beautiful songs heard.  This desert dweller is unique to a small range in the southwest of which we are fortunate to be included in.  The song of the Crissal Thrasher is beautiful – somewhat akin to the Northern Mockingbird.  It is soft and rolling musical affair.

Note: Art is best if vibrant and graphic but also artistic expression that depicts the personality of these little guys.  Must be age appropriate for this family event and a realistic depiction of bird and habitat!  And you know photography and sculpture are also art forms!

Here are some info links to give you more info on this species and inspire you even more!


Go to the events link to the Birding & Nature Festival for 2017 to see last year’s artwork that we used..  Make your art as big as you can that will downsize nicely to a quality image for reproduction on fabric and poster paper.

We will do all the photography of your art and provide you with image ready copy, and you get to keep your original and display at a free vendor booth with the 2018 Festival!

Please email your submission to events@vrvno.org or mail to PO Box 2224, Cottonwood, AZ 86326

For general questions, call 928-300-3880 and for specific art-related questions, call 928-300-6089

VRVNO 2017 Events

pc-vbnf-front-7-20-16-1-200x300Birding & Nature Festival

Migration Madness – April 27-30, 2017

The 2017 Verde Valley Birding & Nature Festival wrapped up out at Dead Horse State Park.  Despite some challenging weather conditions, our wonderful guides managed to get 192 species for the 4-day event.    Family Day was fun for all as well.   Below is the species list for this year’s event.   We look forward to next year where the theme will be Symphony on Wings.



See a bird species list from the 2017 Festival

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