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The straight and shiny hair style always holds an unreplaceable position despite the incessant development of hair style trends. Therefore, best hair straightener has now become one of the must-have tools among styling community. According to 2014 Customer Report, big brands like Babyliss PRO, HSI, Bio Ionic have massively invested in the new technology which has now allowed flat irons to be extremely versatile for example: titanium vs ceramic plates are very effective for fine and thick hair flattening, the customizable plates width is designed for rosin making, the auto shut off feature is integrated to limit the risk of fire hazard… For that reasons, it’s necessary to have a general guide on how to choose the proper straightener. This article is written for that mission

Top 10 Best Flat Iron Reviews For Each Hair Style

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1. For Coarse Hair: Sedu Revolution Tourmaline ionic 1” styling iron


It’s lucky for people who was born with thick and coarse hair. The sturdiest structure brings the feeling of confidence and healthy to us. However, the thick one will suffer from excess volume, frizz and tame-ability if we don’t know how to care for it.

Thanks to the large strand diameter, thick hair will absorb and contain more protein than the fine one, therefore, possess stronger internal structure. Not only protein, the complicated structure of thick hair leads to the higher moisture absorption. That’s why this type becomes too vulnerable to frizz.

In order to get rid of frizz from your robust hair, one of the most popular solutions is the use of straightener.
The best straightener for thick hair should have its plates which are made of ceramic, tourmaline, titanium or a compound of the three. These materials can reduce the negative heat effect and prevent your hair from friction, pulls and snags.

The plates size also matters. They should have at least 1” wide in order to cover more strands and decrease the time taken. Temperature should range from 380 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit to get the job done. According to these criteria above, the Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic 1” Styling Iron is the perfect choice for you.


  • With high-end ceramic plates infused with black tourmaline gemstone, this product is specialized for curly, thick, frizzy and coarse hair. The technology allows the plates to transfer and distribute heat evenly as well as reducing the friction between the plates and your hair. In order words, the smooth slippery compound helps the plates to glide through strands easily and therefore, mitigate breakage.
  • Rounded-edge plates will preclude your hair from being crimped and support you to create beachy, shiny and attractive curls.
  • Ionic technology will take care of your hair strength by sealing the cuticles. This feature will make your hair smoother in a silky, shining look. Additionally, they also provide the heat recovery ability which maintain the optimal temperature until you finish the job.
  • Flexibly adjustable temperature control, ranging from 140ºF to 450ºF where you can find any temperature for most hair types.
  • Very long lifespan! Most of Amazon customers have used the devices for more than 5 years and it still works well after that long period of time.


The downsides of this product is the absence of auto shut off ability. In case we forget to turn off the device, it can be dangerous. However, the majority of hair straightener on the market don’t include this feature. So please keep in mind to protect yourself by turning it off after use

2. For Thick Hair: HSI professioal ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron


Some people use the term “coarse” and “thick” interchangeably. In fact, they are 2 completed different notions. Coarse hair mentions the thickness of a single strand while thick hair indicates the high density of strands. People can have thick fine hair or thick coarse hair depending on their genetic make-up. Humans have approximately 2,200 strands per square inch scalp. Thickness means more than 2,200 strands/inch. On the other hand, we have fine hair. Technically, your hair thickness has nothing to do with the strength or weakness, rigidity or fragility of your hair.

The only downside of this type is the significant increase of time and effort in hair straightening process. So when choosing a flatiron for your thick hair, you should take the plates length into consideration as well as your hair texture and health.

The HSI professional ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron is the epic choice for thick hair. More than 26 thousands of customers count on this product for its number of impressive features. The best part is the price is very reasonable – under $40.


  • It can be used for curling and flipping thanks to the flash quick heating ability and the swivel cord. Wide range of temperature from 240F to 400F allows users to apply the tool on all hair types from fine to coarse, from thin to thick. The 1-inch width is wide enough for any hair textures and narrow enough for any bangs.
  • Safe for your hair with the infrared heat technology. The Far Infrared rays are electro-magnetic waves of energy. They can’t be seen by human eyes. These rays can penetrate deeply into human body as well as the shaft to dry very strands from the inside out. Simply put, this integrated technology helps retain moisture to reduce damages. However, you should keep the temperature below 356F or 180C to protect your hair cuticle.
  • The plates are made of ceramic covered by tourmaline in order to distribute the heat evenly. Your hair will become shinier, silkier after flattening thanks to the moisture-locking ions and negative ions.
  • Good price for value. It’s hard to find such a good product with such a reasonable price. Only $38 on Amazon. This product is proudly recommended by Amazon.
  • International use thanks to the dual voltage feature (110v – 220v). It’s a great companion for travelers.
  • Auto shut off feature included. Prevent from fire hazard.
  • Light-weighted, less than 1 pound with ergonomic design. No need to take a break during straightening.
  • Great customer service. Fast reply and assistance. The company desires to receive your feedback to improve their products.


  • It’s not for short hair.
  • The light indicator just indicates if the device is turned on or not. It should be developed to be able to show when the plates reach the right temperature.
  • Long return transaction. Some clients have to wait up to 2 months to receive a new product back. Nothing is perfect. Sometimes, the company will deliver the mistake product. Thus, they are willing to receive the defective products back.
  • However, the returning process needs to be ameliorated.
  • Based on where you live, when returning the product, you will need to pay the shipping cost.

3. For Thick Curly Hair: HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron


In case you don’t like an envied thick curly hair, it’s not easy to straighten it naturally without heat because of the strong internal structure of thick hair. Therefore, it’s necessary to choose the right styling appliance whose plates are made of gold or titanium. More importantly, the tool must have the multi-temperature knob or buttons on its control board.
The pick for this hair type must be HIS Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron. Once again, a product from HSI has scooped one of the pickiest market in the world. This best straightener for curly hair pros and cons are similar to the aforementioned product of HSI.


  • Round body shape: good for flipping and curling. There’s no need to waste money on an extra curling iron.
  • Ease of use with the digital LCD temperature Control – you can easily see which heat the plates are currently generating. Ergonomic design with swivel cord and light weight helps you control the device easily without losing too much energy.
  • Versatility: Wide range of temperature from 240F to 450F generated by infrared heat technology. The plates are made of ceramic and tourmaline gemstones from the outside. These above characteristics allow users to apply the device on multiple different textures without causing too much damages to your hair.
  • Ion technology will take care of your hair and limit the negative impacts on your strands.
  • International use: dual voltages (110v-220v), great for travelers.
  • The power button must be pressed on for about 3 seconds to turn on the device to prevent sudden accidents.
  • The full package includes heat gloves and 5ml Argan oil leave in conditioner Bottle and heat pouch for storage.
  • Auto turn off feature to avoid fire hazard.
  • Very good customer service.


  • Not good for short hair.
  • The heat recovery is not good. Some customers complained that the plates lost its temperature after flattening some strands

4. For Curly Hair: BaBylisspro NaNo Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening iron


According to Research and Development Department of L’Oreal, a famous long-standing cosmetic group, the curliness is the consequence of the obliqueness of hair follicles inside our scalp and the curliness of the bulb. This situation also leads to the elliptical form of each strand.
For those reasons, the curly hair becomes sensitive to combing and brushing. These activities could break your hair seriously. Next weakness of curly hair is the dryness due to the low sebum production. As we all know, dry hair is difficult to bend or shape, therefore, hard to be straight. Curly hair is also very fragile to hairstyling. Wrong hair care or styling method could cause some serious diseases like reversible hair-loss or worse, alopecia or irreversible scarring alopecia.
If you need to straighten your curly hair, I highly recommend you to purchase straightener with nano technology which generates far-infrared heat and helps your strands be covered with proper level of moisture and natural oil. Simply put, one of the best straightener for this hair texture is BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Straightening Iron


  • BabylissPRO has been a well-known leading brand in the hair iron market for years. This product will surely be a great one, trusted by a number of salons around the world.
  • Pure titanium plates heat extremely fast. This material has gained great reputation for durability, resistance, suitable for heavy salon usage.
  • Ease of use: the housing is made of Ryton, a heat proof material. Additionally, ultra-thin profile helps reduce the weight significantly, suitable for long time use. 5-inch plate width will remarkably reduce the working time and therefore, decrease hands fatigue.
  • There are 2 plates sizes available from 1 inch for all hair types to 2 inches for long curly hair.
  • Wide range of heat setting – 50 heat levels – up to 450F
  • Great heat retention feature which allows the heat to maintain the right temperature until the job is done.


  • Not good for curling and flipping due to the missing of round body design.
  • No auto shut off feature.
  • Not for travelers. One voltage only – 110v
  • When buying on Amazon, there’s a tiny probability that you will receive a counterfeit product. However, in this case, you can contact Amazon to change the product.

5. For Fine Hair: Bio Ionic OnePass Straightening Iron


Most people misunderstands that fine hair and thin hair are the same. In fact, it’s possible to have thin fine hair or thick fine hair. The term “fine” indicates the the small circumference of a single strand of hair while “thin” hair mentions about the density of hair on our head. People with fine hair will find it curly in nature.

Contrary to thick hair, this hair structure is much more fragile due to its lack of protein as well as the short of the third layer which forms a complete hair structure – the medulla.

Thus, it’s difficult to hold hairstyle and easy to be broken. On account of these aforementioned characteristics, it’s a big deal when you want to find an appropriate hair straightener.

The most crucial factor is the ability to flexibly adjust the temperature on the plates. Heat is the culprit of broken fine hair. So make sure you use flat iron with caution. The best flatiron for fragile hair should be the Bio Ionic OnePass Straightening Iron


  • Like BabyblissPRO, the Bio Ionic is a very considerable competitor. Their products gaines the massive reputation for their high quality products with leading ionic technology integrated. Thus, this recommended product will surely be worthy of your hard-earned money.
  • OnePass says it all. This device is for anyone who doesn’t have enough time to curl or straighten their hair. This super speed is supported by the OnePass 1” Silicon Strips. This component helps accelerate the heating process. You only have to wait for 10 seconds to start using the device. The maximum temperature is up to 400F by the far infrared technology which reduces hair damages.
  • The plates are made of ceramic, infused by Nano-ionic mineral which delivers negative ions to your hair, then, they will neutralize the positive ions to flatten your hair as fast as possible.
  • Ergonomic design: 360-degree swivel cord helps prevent tangles and the weight is very light – reduce hand fatigue.


  • Not good for curling and flipping due to the missing of round body design.  
  • No auto shut off feature. 
  • Not for travelers. One voltage only – 110v 
  • When buying on Amazon, there’s a tiny probability that you will receive a counterfeit product. However, in this case, you can contact Amazon to change the product. 




The pesky flyaways hair is always a nuisance. As explained above, frizz depends on how well the hair takes in water molecules from the air and how well the hair reacts. Simply put, the more hydrophilic the hair, the frizzier the hair. Additionally, damaged hair has very strong affinity for moisture because of the overloaded quantity of cysteic acid stored in every hair strand. The tips to choose a good flat iron for this type of hair structure are similar the ones used for thick hair which is The Cloud Nine Original Iron Hair Straightener .


  • A product “for your hair”. The patented Vapor Infusion Technology allows you to receive the same sleek 400F results when styling with S8700 T at 340F! Just in one pass, your hair will be rehydrated, protected and straightened simultaneously. The Macamadia Conditioning treatment is integrated into the water container to stimulate the rehydration process. The dangerous temperatures are greater than 356F. Simply put, your hair is safe with this hair straightener. Remington found that using that mist feature gives 68 percent more protection from damage and reduces frizz by 90 percent.

“The technology is quite simple – the clever part is putting it to use at the critical point in the straightening process, just before the plates hit your hair. Getting the timing right adds a whole new level of protection from heat styling” – Cosmetic chemist Ni’kita Wilson.

“The style doesn’t just look healthier, it lasts longer, and when I’ve used the conditioning treatment, the hair was very shiny and smooth” – Matt Fugate, a stylist at Sally Hershberger Downtown in New York City.

  • You are safe from hot water. The reservoir must be closed before the flat iron dispenses water vapor. Otherwise, there won’t be no vapor getting out.
  • Floating 1-inch ceramic plates will even distribute heat on entire plates and are suitable for all hair lengths.
  • Wide heat range from 350F – 450F with 5 heat settings, suitable for all hair textures. There is a safety temperature lock and recovery system to make sure each pass get the best out of it. 30 seconds to reach the right temperature – very quick heating process.
  • Won the Allure Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award in 2015


  • In order to activate the Vapor Infusion Technology, you will have to spend money on distilled water and time on filling the water tank.
  • You must fill the Macamadia Seed Oil in the water tank to accelerate the rehydration each time use.




Damaged hair often makes you feel uncomfortable due to its low level of lipids both inside and outside. Less lipids means greater hydrophilicity or simply put, frizzier. Low level of lipids also leads to the quick loss of water. Lower moisture retention + lower lipid levels = an increase in flyaways or statics. Lack of lipids resists combing and brushing activities. In other words, combing damaged hair can be prone to hair-loss and other worse damages. Damaged hair tends to be more sensitive and fragile to hair styling due to the short of protein inside each strand. For those reasons, if you want to flatten your hair, a proper high-end flatiron is absolutely necessary. Beside the demand in quality, the tool must include the ability to deliver hair conditioner directly on your hair while straightening. That’s why we proudly introduce you the xtava Time to Shine Steam Straightener.


  • Steam Straightener feature: Damaged hair can be protected with moisture. This flat iron includes a water tank in which the distilled water is filled in order to infuse the liquid while ironing.
  • Nanoceramic and tourmaline 1-inch plates – medium heating speed, fast heat recovery, even heat distribution. These characteristics protect your hair from being burnt due to a sudden hotspot.
  • 60-min auto shut off – your safety is guaranteed.
  • Flexible long swivel cord and light weight to reduce hands fatigue.
  • Dual voltage (100-240V), good for travelers.
  • Round body, can be used for curling and flipping.


  • Damaged hair must be straightened in conjunction with heat protectant despite the steam feature claim.
  • You have to purchase the distilled water to fill the reservoir before ironing.
  • There are only 2 heat settings: 360F and 450F. Not suitable for all hair types. However, for damaged hair, 360F setting is enough to lock your sleek.
  • 60 seconds to reach the right temperature, slower than the other straighteners.
  • Not good for short hair.

8. For Short Hair: T3 Singlepass Compact 0.8-Inch Straightening & Styling Iron

for short hair


Most of hair straighteners are designed for long hair. Luckily, together with the rise of short hair styles, manufacturers have customized their products in order not to miss the market trend. The table below will instruct you how wide the plate should be based on each hair texture.


Hair texture

Hair Length

Proper Size (Inches)



2 – 3


1.5 – 2.5






1.5 – 2


1.25 – 1.5


1 – 1.5



1 – 1.5


According to the table above, the best plate size should vary from 1 to 1.5 inches. However, you should take the other criteria into consideration like your hair strand circumference, the density of your hair and its health, before deciding purchasing the appliance. . T3 Singlepass Compact 0.8-Inch Straightening & Styling Iron is one of the best hair straighters for this hair type thanks to T3 Tourmaline SinglePass Technology.


  • 8-inch Ultra-thin plates which are perfectly for short hair.
  • Patented T3 SinglePass technology will stably maintain the temperature during styling process.
  • A custom mixture of Tourmaline and Ceramic materials evenly distributes the heat to the entire plates surface. This feature will prevent the hair cuticle from burning because of hotspots.
  • Lightweight and compact size, reduce hand fatigue. Swivel cord eliminates the unpleasant cable tangles and knots.
  • International use: dual voltage (100v-240v), minix size appropriate to small bags, tiny storage. Simply put, the flat iron is one of the hair straighteners for short hair travelers.
  • 1-hour auto shut off feature.


  • Just good for fine to normal hair, short to medium hair. For long, thick, coarse hair, you can buy the Single Pass X.
  • Only one heat settings: 410F. Therefore, it’s necessary to apply heat protectant before styling.




This hair styling device is versatile. It’s not only able to flatten your hair but also unflatten it. One of the most important ability of this appliance is curling your hair. With the help of Oil Sheen Spray, Volume Spray and proper flatiron motions, you will easily achieve the beautiful, loose, shiny and beachy waves. After mastering the necessary skills, you’ll never go back to curling irons again thanks to the prevention of clips, burns as well as being free from gloves. A good flatiron for curling must have one inch plates or smaller in order not to have over-loose curls. Secondly, a round body will help you wrap the hair around and through the straightener to make the loose curl. Thirdly, to avoid being snagged and broken off, the flatiron should be easy to handle. For that reason, make sure you try to test the device before pull out the money from your purse. In this article, the best candidate is BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron


  • Round body shape & 1-inch plates: perfect for curling.
  • Porcelain ceramic plates, even far-infrared heat distribution, which is friendlier to hair.
  • Flash heat up: ready after 15 seconds.
  • Long plates save your styling time


  • Single voltage – not for travelers
  • No floating plates
  • 10-inch long and 1-inch width, requires big storage space.
  • Not for short hair.
  • No auto shut off


hair straightener for rosin


It’s hard to believe that straightener can extract Rosin. A good news for dabbing enthusiasts. Nowadays, everyone can make their own high concentration hash oil from the comfort of their home with the help of a familiar household appliance.

This extraction technique uses the high temperature and pressure to squeeze the cannabinoid-rich resin from bubble hash or kief. In this article, we are not going to instruct you in details how to make rosin from home with straightener. You can easily find the tutorial on youtube. Instead, we will show you how to choose good flatiron for the rosin extraction process.

You will need a straightener with the plates width ranging from 2 to 3 inches and the output temperature options should contain the heat somewhere between 280 and 330 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, we recommend the following product: Remington S9520 Salon Collection Ceramic Hair Straightener with Pearl Infused Wide Plates, 2-Inch, Black


  • Good value for money, the price only $30. So you don’t have to spend a huge of money for making high quality rosin.
  • Large pearl ceramic plates: 2-inch width allows you to squeeze the flowers and hash faster.
  • Endurance: Strong plastic housing appropriate to crushing forces.
  • Low temperature available: the maximum heat should be 300F. Otherwise, the valuable terpenes will evaporate off.


  • Not good for international use: one voltage available – 120V
  • Make sure you wear heat protection gloves while pressing the flowers and hash because the flat iron is quite hot.

Extra. The Royal Hair Straightener

Nowadays, The Royale hair straightener is the preferred brand of many people who are looking for a reliable as well as stable iron flat. Royale has been considered for their high quality products. However, the Royale flat iron doesn’t just rely on the company’s reputation as it really has a host of practical  features.

One among many features here is its use of enhanced ionic field technology as it seals in the oils in ways that would not otherwise be possible. The iron flat is also comes with nano silver plates and infrared technology for more efficient use.

Another highlight of the Royale is its lightweight design. It is light to hold but is durable, something that you wouldn’t expect considering its appearance. However, many users have reviewed that it can withstand hours of use and won’t break down. In addition, the product has a very good warranty.

 Things to consider when buying a hair straightener

These aforementioned tips mentioned the best flatiron for each specific hair texture and special purpose. However, if your needs are beyond the frame of this article, please read thoroughly this buying guide in order to have the general strategy when choosing your own hair straightener.

Like the majority of hair styling appliances, the key rule to buy the exact hair straightener is a thorough understanding of what your hair is missing. I know this advice sounds really simple but you will find how ridiculous when a number of people don’t care about their hair texture, just go to the shop and choose the most high-end products based on their lifespan, their quantity of features… Purchasing high quality but wrong tool, your hair can be heavily damaged.

There are totally 4 key criteria that you must take into consideration: your hair texture (the most important), Plate Dimensions, Temperature Range and finally, Plate Material.

Front and foremost, I will instruct you the details about the 3 technical parameters above:

1.1.    Temperature Range

As we all know, each kinds of hair will need the proper temperature in order to limit the possible damages. In case you don’t really know which temperature is right for you, I suggest to choose a flatiron with wide range of heat, so you can start from as low as possible and work your way up until the exact temperature shows up. Remember the rule of thumb: thicker your hair, hotter your plates.

1.2.    Plate Dimensions

The width of plates depends on what you are going to do and how your hair look likes. As illustrated in the table above, the size of the plates will vary based on the length, the thickness and the density of each hair strand. If you intend to do the curls with your flat iron, the maximum plate width should be 1 inch. Make sure you don’t run over the same spots twice in pursuance of preserving your hair health.

1.3.    Plate Materials

There are 3 fundamental plate materials which are Ceramic,Tourmaline and Titanium. Each of them serve different purposes and hair textures.

Ceramic: This material is very popular in flatiron production thanks to its ability to charge up heat quickly and distribute that energy evenly. Make sure don’t be scammed because the plate could be covered only by ceramic but inside, they are made of something else.

Tourmaline: In comparison to ceramic, this material is better in terms of generating negative ions because it is an organic crystalline mineral. Our hair contains positive ions, therefore, each strand will have a tendency to push each other away. Then, the positive ions will be neutralized by negative ones coming from tourmaline plates when being heated. For that reason, your hair will lay down and free from frizz.

Titanium: this material can be heated up extremely fast. Thanks to its enduring characteristic, the flatiron’s lifespan is obviously extended. Thus, titanium appliance is especially designed for heavy duties for example commercial hair straighteners.

1.4.    Hair textures

Hair textures

Temperature Range (degree F)

Plate Material

Thick, Coarse, Curly Hair

380 – 420




Medium Wavy Hair

360 – 380




Thin, Fine Hair

Under 360





Heat protection is extremely indispensable for all hair types. Choose them wisely.


2.1.    Do hair straighteners damage hair?

Yes, definitely! Heat can damage anything. According to Iain Sallis trichologist, improper and too frequent hair ironing will lead to severely frizzier and curlier. Old hair straightener plates are made of steel and it takes about 20 minutes to heat the plates. With the new technology, the plate can reach more than 392 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 1 minute.

Even the coarse hair cuticle will be burnt to a frazzle by any heat greater than 356 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat protection can’t save your hair with that crazily high heat.

The best solution is use a straightener with infra-red radiation to heat the plates and always keep the temperature under 356 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you blow your hair until it dries and avoid applying the device to the same area multiple times.

Don’t forget to use heat protection products while styling. Before and after straightening, take care of your hair with the shampoo and conditioner for hair straightening.

2.2.    Is permanent hair straightening good for hair?

“Permanent” hair straightening is a myth due to the incessant hair growth. This technique is a pricy alternative to normal use of hair straightening tool. Instead of applying the hair styling appliance on a daily basis which can lead to hair damages, hair styling community has invented a new technology to flatten your hair in a few months. This approach uses a combination of chemical treatment and heat to break down the keratin structure and make the shafts manageable.

To answer the question above. Unfortunately, this approach is not good for your hair. Because the normal structure of your hair has been permanently changed. The permanent hair straightening contains 3 different approaches: the Keratin treatment, the Japanese Thermal treatment and Chemical treatment. Actually, the Keratin treatment is the safest method because the old keratin will be infused by the new keratin layer. This new layer sits perfectly on the fibers to soften the hair structure. I recommend you to spend your hard-earned money on a high reputation salon like l’Oreal Professionals or the Habibs to limit the downsides of this method like serious scalp allergies.

2.3.    What is the differences between straightening and rebonding?

Rebonding is a synonym of permanent chemical hair straightening which specializes in dealing with thick curly unmanageable hair. This technique uses very strong chemicals to break the bonds in our hair before rearranging them to be straighter.

Straightening uses heat to flatten your hair. This technique is temporary and cause less damages to hair than the aforementioned rebonding treatment.


After reading this article, I hope you will find the best hair straightener appropriate to your purposes and your hair texture. Remember to always keep the heat below 356 degrees Fahrenheit and use the heat protection before using the device. In case you don’t like the traditional hair straighteners or permanent hair straightening treatment, there are some alternative like the hair straightener with steam, hair straightening brush, cream, serum, gel, oil… Let’s shine!


Best Hair Straightener For Thick Hair, Fine Hair..Brand And Consumer Report Reviews
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