Black Deathbone


Black Deathbone Set

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 70
Source: BoE world drops/BoP boss drops/Honor purchases
Availability: No longer fully obtainable

How to get the set:

This set is built around three items of the Deathbone Guardian set and is a recolour of the Deathbone Outfit we have listed elsewhere on the site.

It’s an unusual set in the sense that, of the five Deathbone items in-game, the three listed here are black and silver, whereas those listed on the other article are blue and aubergine. We’ve listed a number of other items from various sources which match the black and silver look.

The Deathbone pieces in question were all approximately 3% chance drops from the six penultimate bosses in the final wing of Scholomance; Doctor Theolen Krastinov, Lord Alexei Barov, Instructor Malicia, Lady Illucia Barov, The Ravenian and Lorekeeper Polkelt. However, these items are no longer obtainable, following the Patch 5.0.4 update to Scholomance. There are no alternatives to the belt and boots, but the gloves do have a crafted lookalike, albeit the recipe is very rare.

Note that there are two pairs of legs which match this look, one each for members of the Horde and Alliance.

HeadGrimscale Helm (BoE world drop from low-level Outland zones/instances)
ShouldersStoneform Shoulders (No longer available. BoP drop from Kirtonos the Herald in Scholomance)
BackIronscale War Cloak (BoP drop from Rokmar the Crackler in heroic Slave Pens)
ChestSpiderfang Carapace (BoP drop from Hedrum the Creeper, one of the potential bosses in the Ring of Law in Blackrock Depths)
ShirtStylish Black Shirt (BoP purchase from Lisbeth Schneider in Stormwind, at the cost of 60 silver)
HandsSteelgrip Gauntlets (Crafted by Blacksmiths of 365+ skill with Plans: Steelgrip Gauntlets)
LegsOutrider’s Plate Legguards (Horde only! BoP purchase from Helm Hargunth in Northern Barrens, at the cost of 105 Honor Points)
LegsSentinel’s Plate Legguards (Alliance only! BoP purchase from Illiyana Moonbreeze in Ashenvale, at the cost of 105 Honor Points)

Two-Handed SwordSul’thraze the Lasher (Forged by combining two BoP one-handed swords, see below for more details)

Matching Items Now Unobtainable:

HandsDeathbone Gauntlets (BoP drop from the bosses in the final wing of Scholomance)
WaistDeathbone Girdle (BoP drop from the bosses in the final wing of Scholomance)
FeetDeathbone Sabatons (BoP drop from the bosses in the final wing of Scholomance)

Completing Sul’thraze the Lasher:

The sword is a combination of Jang’thraze the Protector, a BoP drop from Chief Ukorz Sandscalp in Zul’Farrak, and Sang’thraze the Deflector, a BoP drop from Antu’sul in Zul’Farrak.

Once you have both swords, you can right-click on Jang’thraze to combine the two swords into Sul’thraze, but it’s worth noting that the process is irreversible!

Alternatives (Blood Elf female):

The following alternative items can be seen in the image to the right.

ChestGlory of the Defender (BoP drop from Azgalor in Hyjal Summit, at a 17% drop rate)
Dual-Wield One-Handed SwordsBlackened Blade (BoE world drop from Northrend)


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70 Responses to “Black Deathbone”

  1. TG says:

    I farmed this set for my DK and for my BE pally. For the whole evil pally look. 1h I use and for a 2H I use

    I prefer the “simpler” look for the weapons.

  2. gaja urunashi says:

    this set stil is som nice look for the barov sowrd ther is stil the modle sword of gravetouch its the barov skin but i like to mix it with t14 head and shoulders and try the amani blue as boots to look like a skeleton :D

  3. Endersblade says:

    I randomly decided to pull this set out of my DK’s bank and use it, was tired of what I was wearing. I happened upon an absolutely amazing match for 2h weapons:

    The colors are just too perfect a match. I love it.

  4. jeb says:

    Does anyone think the 2H sword would go well with this?

  5. Afx says:

    Hi, need some help find a helmet, for this set.. Dont like the one on pic.. Have the whole set.. And its for my dk if that make any diff.

  6. Wingzero says:

    As of patch 5.1, the shoulders are no longer available for plate wearers, either…just an FYI

  7. Jake says:

    I found a few items that Made this set work again in 5.0 and it looks great:
    Enchanted Adamantite Boots

    Enchanted Adamantite Belt

    Saltstone Shoulder Pads

  8. Goraidh says:

    For my transmog set I use few alternatives:

    1). For head slot item I crafted Furious Gizmatic Goggles ( ), good to be an engineer. :)
    2). For two-handed sword I have Barovian Family Sword which, sadly, is no longer available within the game due to changes in Scholomance.
    3). As two-handed mace I was using Hatebringer (, great weapon, and it adds a little red accent to this set.
    4). For tanking shield my choice was Crest of Retribution ( ) but now I’m swiching to Shield of Impenetrable Darkness ( ). And still trying to get Bulwark of Azzinoth ( ).
    5). For one-handed mace I will love to have Face Smasher ( ), but the droprate and chance to get this is really small. But! the Sand Polished Hammer ( ) is nice alternative, Vengeful Gladiator’s Gavel ( ) also matches this set perfectly.

  9. Thumper says:

    A few suggestions for belt/shoulders/feet no longer available in game. The Heroic Greaves — — random drop from lvl 40-50 mobs is a good match. For shoulders I like the Surwich Pauldrons — — a quest reward from The Downfall of Marl Wormthorn in Blasted Lands or the identical Pauldrons of Tribute — — reward from King of the Gordok in Dire Maul. While not pure black/silver, they have a complementary bronze cast. For a belt, the Tenacious Defender — — is pretty good. It does have some brown accents that don’t really match, but it works fairly well. It’s dropped by Omor the Unscarred in Hellfire Ramparts in normal mode only. Easy to solo if your lvl 80 or 85.

    • Dissonance says:

      The Heroic Greaves share a model with the various plate boots available from the League of Arathor in Arathi Highlands. They can be purchased for as little as 55 honor. They are just a tad brighter than the pants.

  10. BlackieG says:

    Is this set still fully obtainable? only just discovered this site

    • Noelani says:

      No, I’m afraid that the three black Deathbone pieces are gone, and both the boots and belt have no identical alternatives in-game. There is a BoE blacksmith crafted lookalike of the gloves, but the recipe is rare.

  11. Koravayne says:

    I just completed this set earlier tonight, and I’ll tell you this: if you’re going after this set, you’d best have some time on your hands, and you’d best have that time between now and this coming Tuesday when they change Scholomance permanently. Every piece of this set has a low chance of appearing either because you need 1 in 5 possible bosses in BRD for the chest (which itself drops 20% of the time from that boss) or because the rest of the pieces just have a low drop chance (3% or less from Scholo bosses.)

    All in all, it took about 85 instance runs (25 in BRD and 60 total in Scholo) to get everything. The gauntlets have the worst drop chance of all the pieces at 2%, and once I had everything else, it took an additional 30 Scholo runs to get them to drop.

    It’s a truly awesome looking set, but it does require a fair amount of dedication to get it, and it can be frustrating. Good luck and happy hunting.

    • Marques says:

      Wasn’t kidding 17 runs through Scholomance an finally got the gloves. everything else i got on my first run. Off to BRD

  12. pngxp says:

    the undercity doublet has sleeves that match this awesomely

    there is just a little bit of blueish/purple around the waist area, but otherwise matches very well imo.

    just wish they wouldnt make the male chest pieces so skimpy and short in the back :/

  13. KG says:

    Be aware that with the release of Mists of Pandaria there will be major changes to Scholomance, including elimination of the minibosses who drop some of the pieces of this set.

  14. Wubsie says:

    I’m having trouble getting the cloak to drop. So here are some alternatives/place holders I found:

    Dreadshredder Cloak – Looks exactly the same, BUT is shorter. Works well for some races. Also a quest reward so easier to get.

    Formidable Cape / Impenetrable Cloak. Same model, but it is a bit brighter. Still, in my opinion it fits the whole black&white color scheme, so a good place holder while you get the real deal. Random world drop, so just check AH.

  15. T.Conners says:

    If you are looking for more armored version of the chest piece use:

  16. Mandrill says:

    Is there a mace that would go well with this set or just swords? Just curious.

  17. Edward Potts says:

    what would you recommend for a shield as i want this for my pally tank. I am looking at the one that drops from nightbane in Kara but it does not quite match and can’t seem to find a resouce for silver and black shields.

  18. Kokoro says:

    I’m a lil confused- the stuff that drops in sholo is blueish, not this black and silver stuffs (atlas loot shows nothing but the blue set) can this still drop from scholo??? Tryin to farm this.

    • Noelani says:

      Yes, the black Deathbone pieces still drop, I farmed the items as recently as a month ago. The drop chance is very low, however. It took me a good 18 runs to get the Gauntlets, Girdle and Sabatons.
      Remember that the deathbone chest and legs are blue, but the rest of the outfit is black.

  19. Tiri says:

    Burnished Helm of Might is a nice alternative

    As well as
    Obidium Executioner

  20. Hasorko says:

    I prefer
    Barovian Family Sword
    Dark Phantom Cape

    to it, but this is a nice combination too :)

  21. jt says:

    So where do the skulls on the chest piece come from? It looks like they would be fro m the cloak but i have every piece but the helm on and it doesn’t seem like that would be it.

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