Grey Darkruned Recolour


Grey Darkruned Recolour
Tier 8 Death Knight Lookalike

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 80
Source: BoP/BoE drops from Ulduar
Availability: Time consuming to farm and requires assistance

How to get the set:
This outfit is a recolour of the death knight Tier 8 Darkruned sets and is specifically obtained from within Ulduar25. The set, designed initially for plate dps, is a mixture of normal and hard-mode boss drops, although the headpiece is a BoE drop and thusly may be found on the Auction House occasionally.

Notably, there are several examples in this set where two items for the same slot share the same colouration (normal and heroic-mode versions), providing a greater array of options for someone attempting to complete this appearance. Those extra recolours are listed below, in the ‘Alternatives’ section.

It is advisable to pursue this set as part of a raid, as Ulduar 25 can still present challenges, even at level 85.

HeadIron Riveted War Helm (BoE from normal-mode Flame Leviathan in Ulduar 25, at an 11% drop rate)
ShouldersShoulderplates of the Eternal (BoP from normal-mode Auriaya in Ulduar 25, at a 17% drop rate)
ChestSteelbreaker’s Embrace (BoP from normal-mode Assembly of Iron in Ulduar 25, at a 14% drop rate)
WristsDecimator’s Armguards (BoP from Cache of Living Stone after defeating normal-mode Kologarn in Ulduar 25, at a 16% drop rate)
GlovesGauntlets of Ruthless Reprisal (BoP from Freya’s Gift after defeating normal-mode Freya in Ulduar 25, at a 14% drop rate)
WaistGirdle of Embers (BoP from normal-mode Ignis the Furnace Master in Ulduar 25, at a 20% drop rate)
LegsClockwork Legplates (BoP from normal-mode XT-002 Deconstructor in Ulduar 25, at a 16% drop rate)
FeetSabatons of Lifeless Night (BoP from Gift of the Observer after defeating Algalon in Ulduar 25, at a 19% drop rate)

HeadWarhelm of the Champion (BoP from Cache of Storms after defeating hard-mode Thorim in Ulduar 25, at a 12% drop rate)
WristsArmbands of Bedlam (BoP from Cache of Innovation after defeating hard-mode Mimiron in Ulduar 25, at a 11% drop rate)
WaistBelt of Colossal Rage (BoP from hard-mode Assembly of Iron in Ulduar 25, at a 15% drop rate)
LegsPlated Leggings of Ruination (BoP from hard-mode Flame Leviathan in Ulduar 25, at a 12% drop rate)

Recolours (Death Knight only):



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