The Hyperion Set


The Hyperion Set

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 60 for the Hyperion items, 85 with with extras
Source: BoE World Drops
Availability: Browsing the Auction House regularly is the best option

About the set:

Hyperion items drop from random creatures between level 58 and 63, but mostly elites inside lvl 60 instances.

In addition to the Hyperion pieces, there are a few complimentary extras below, although take note that the mantle is particularly challenging to obtain, but hey, it’d certainly make you stand out!

ChestHyperion Armor
WristsHyperion Vambraces
GlovesHyperion Gauntlets
WaistHyperion Girdle
LegsHyperion Legguards
FeetHyperion Greaves


ShouldersPauldrons of Roaring Flame (BoP drop from Ragnaros in Firelands)
BackCloak of the Gushing Wound (BoP drop from Erekem in heroic Violet Hold)
Two-Handed SwordBlade of the Titans (BoE world drop)

If you happen to be a Blacksmith, you might also wish to pair the following weapon with the Hyperion set, which can be seen to the right:

One-Handed SwordFireguard (BoP crafted by Blacksmiths of 360+ skill)


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40 Responses to “The Hyperion Set”

  1. Trovlak says:

    This set on a male deathknight looks rather rubbish. I keep getting called IronMan when I put it on though.

  2. Vyssalith says:

    What tabard go well with this set? Any recommendations?

  3. Grifter says:

    Master Cannoneer Boots also work well with this. Had the Templar Boots working with it prior to finding these.

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