The Darkcrest Set


The Darkcrest Set

Armor Type: Plate
Level Req.: 59
Source: BoE World Drops
Availability: The Auction House is your best source

How to get the set:

Items of the Darkcrest set drop in Outland, both in and out of instances from mobs level 58-71, but checking the Auction House is the first and also best place to search.

This set has a mail version with the exact same look, see below.

ShouldersDarkcrest Pauldrons
ChestDarkcrest Breastplate
WristsDarkcrest Bracers
GlovesDarkcrest Gauntlets
WaistDarkcrest Belt
LegsDarkcrest Legguards
FeetDarkcrest Sabatons


Two-Handed AxeColossal Great Axe (BoE world drop from Azeroth)


Note: There are a couple of extra items in the Darkcrest set that were left out. You can find them here.

The Darkcrest Set » Darkcrest Player Gallery

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21 Responses to “The Darkcrest Set”

  1. Kristivas says:

    Any ideas for a matching sword + shield combo for this?

  2. Nightfyre says:

    What would be a good helmet for this set?

  3. Anima says:

    Bludstone Hammer is a great 1h mace for this set!

  4. Mehen says:

    Hatebringer (Ghaz’an – The Underbog normal) or Gleaming Ravager (Armsmaster Harlan – Scarlet Halls Heroic)

  5. koka says:

    any good 1h weapons for this set?

  6. Xly says:

    Any nice 2H swords?

  7. Purdyleet says:

    a good cloak that goes with this set is

  8. fr4me says:

    Good axe for this set – Drake Talon Cleaver

  9. Ghanksta says:

    For a slightly different look, the chest/gloves/pants/boots can be replaced with the Inferno Tempered pieces, which is the Fire Resist set buyable in Shattrath for ~200 JP each. They share the same item models as their respective Dark Iron pieces.

  10. Harrington says:

    Weapon I’m using with this set is a 2h Sword world drop from Azeroth – colours match it perfectly!

  11. Dominnae says:

    “redsteel shoulders” look very nice with this set.

  12. Secret says:

    Has anyone found any shoulders that also match this set? I don’t like the set ones but have had no luck finding any others that fit.

  13. Kaëma says:

    The Boulderfist set seems to have the same skin :;sl=5:8:10:1:7:3:6;na=Boulderfist

    Same source (BOE world drop), but it can be an extra option for the Auction House.

    I needed a mace, I’ll try this one :

  14. Goonygoon says:

    I have farmed this entire set (except the gloves) through endless grinding of Hellfire Ramparts. As I am doing this for transmog of my paladin’s tanking set, I have found suitable sword and board to go with the set (in my eyes anyhow). First off is the Sword, I have found that Blackguard is a near perfect fit, and subtle as to not take away from the set itself. The shield I have found is the Bloodforged Guard, from a quest in Shadowmoon Valley. This shield also is the same model and color of the Blood Knight Defender, which drops off the first boss in Heroic Hellfire Ramparts. As for other items to complete the look. These is a cloak from the justice point vendor in Shattrath that fits nicely (Blood Knight War Cloak), but some people tend to think cloaks are the bane of any set.

    If you can’t seem to get a hold of some of the pieces in the Darkcrest set, although expensive, see if you can craft the Dark Iron fire resist set. The mats are expensive, but some of the pieces match well (namely the gloves which I can’t find, haha) The Chest and Legs are different.

    Sword (
    Shield (
    Cloak (
    Dark Iron (;17014;19164;19148;17013;11604;11605)

    Hoped this helped,
    Goonygoon – Happy Farming

    • Secret says:

      I have started grinding for this set also as I found shoulders that match this set a lot nicer than Bloodfist. I have done about 15 runs of hellfire so far and only have the helm drop. How much did you need to grind before you got most?

  15. Neil says:

    I’ve “farmed” most of this set off the AH, other than the shoulders (which I don’t like and will be trying Spaulders of Dementia instead) and the pants (which have not been posted in over a month of AH searching)

    I like the “platekini” look and my female orc arms warrior will be tearing it up in this with High Warlord’s Battle Axe. (Gotta represent for Saurfang, yo.)

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