Data logged by educational data miners
(Notes from a discussion at the EDM workshop at ITS2006)

Absolute time; start, stop (both student and system actions)
Action label
Selection/Action targets
Student ID
Session ID
Problem ID
Curriculum/Lesson ID
Type of help requested
Skill/ knowledge component
Raw vocal info
Assessment by embedded detectors
Overall assessment of action (help request, correct answer, misconception, etc.)
Structure of domain related to cur action
Student model assessment
Context: other people involved
Physical location
Noise (auditory)
Level of challenge
Student demographics
Emotional measures (self-report or instrumented)
Other self-report measures (self-efficacy, interest in material, etc)
Subjunctive logging (what the system's other options were)
All potential student inputs
Biometric signals
everything that is possibly relevant but appropriate

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