JUNE 2017
Sands Busts Assange as CIA
General Sands | Militia Interpol FBI Chief Inspector */ ** | USA v. US ► Articles of Jubilee & Common Sense Pamphlet

General Sands Orders Pentagon Reservation Seized */ **

General Sands Blocks Standing Rock Eviction*
Anonymous Conquers Imposter US GOV
Pentagon Reservation Bombed itself on 9/11
Clinton FBI Bribery Scandal
US Corp Game Show Billionaire Corruption Club NEW

12 Steps to Destroying 2-Party System
Trump Joins Sands in US Gov Overthrow
General Sands HEREBY * Destroys anti-Christ Jacob Rothschild
 Wags his Fag in Mile Hile Club
CIA WikiLeaks Party Wins USA Election !!! | GENSANDS Takes White House 

Pentagon Reservation isn’t on USA land
and was built on “Hell’s Bottom.”

pentagon reservation 1Pentagon Reservation ParkingPentagon Reservation Free Speech Zonepentagon reservation 

SANDS DOB 8-5-61 v. OBAMA DOB 8-4-61

“United States of America” is a country.
“United States” is a foreign corporation on a Reservation.

Reuters Reported US Army Just Stole Another $6.5 Trillion

666 IS OVER 667 IN EFFECT */ **

 USA General Sands Overthrows US Corp. 

 Welcome to
City of The Sun in The Valley of Visionstop

  This is the End of oil*/ **


 Turn your swords into plows & train for war no more.

God HEREBY orders All Streets Paved w/ Gold in Jesus Name
for His Will be Done on Earth as It Is in Heaven */ **

sands of time gold


Anti-Christ Jacob Rothschild and UK Queen Outlawed 

London * and US Corp came to steal from and kill Native Americans and Americans, and they did.  1/ 23/ 4/
“There will never again be another US Corp President ruling USA.”   General Sands

 VIDEO | Whistleblower Summit (General Sands Exclusive:  666 Minutes)  2015
2016 UPDATEWhistleblower Summit is a Clinton Trap.  DANGERWARNING – KEEP OUT

Jubilee 2016  1/ 2/ 3
World Articles of Reorganization


The End of London and United States Corporations

 1. “United States of America” is a country.  (“U.S.A.”)

 2. “United States” is a corporation:  (“U.S. Corp.”)

 3. Cornell Law 28 U.S. Code § 3002(15)(A) defines “United States” as a corporation:  “United States” means — (A) a federal corporation;

 4. Corporations have owners.

 5. U.S.A. citizens do not have owners. *

 6. U.S. Corp. deceptively forged signatures using “United States” misrepresenting itself as U.S.A. 1789 */ and is guilty of identity theft.

 7. U.S. Corp. engaged in kidnapping and robbery * of U.S.A. citizens through tax extortion * for mass murder. *

 8. U.S. Corp., a subsidiary of London Corp., is a coop w/ Federal Reserve Corp., IRS Corp. & CIA Corp. *

 9. U.S. Corp. operates under merchant banking Admiralty Law.

10. U.S.A. Law of the Land * RULES OVER Admiralty Law in U.S.A.

11. Open Call Arrest Warrants issued by Militia Interpol:

MI Task Force (1)

  • U.S.A. Marshals
  • Navajo Nation
  • Navy Command
  • 99% Anonymous
  • 2/3 FBI
  • 2/3 Scotland Yard
  • D.C. Capitol Police
  • National & Anonymous Press Clubs [AP]

12. Year of Jubilee */ **/ is IN EFFECT */  per World Militia Secretary-General St. Sheriff Sands confirmed by the Pope per order of αΩ.

The Last Testament


Militia Orders

 1. U.S.A. HEREBY granted Executive Order 11110 (1)*/ to print money. *

 2. London Corporation and its subsidiaries U.S. Corp., Federal Reserve Corp., IRS Corp. & CIA Corp. HEREBY dissolved and replaced with Open Source Intelligence in the direction of Venus Project * under supervision of Anonymous in cooperation with:



The Justice System

 1. All prisoners HEREBY freed. * Communities REPORT to Order of Public Court on Militia Mondays for immediate freedom transition to communal living.  Prison term limits HEREBY reset to 7 years maximum for all crimes. All non-violent prisoners to be released immediately, except criminal billionaires. Billionaires to appear in International Order of Public Court for The Revolution Game Show whereby — subject to Popular Vote — political mass murderers take lottery for chopping off of hands, waterboarding, beheading, crucifixion and/or stoning to death. #HR14

 2. All world debt HEREBY cancelled.

 3. All income tax HEREBY abolished (income = exchange, not gain).  Capital gains tax HEREBY 85% for gains over $3M annual.

 4. All wars HEREBY ended.  All world military REPORT to General Sands for orphan rescue, human traffickingworld hunger * and infrastructure redevelopment. 1/ 2/ 3/ 4

 5. Cannabis HEREBY legalized worldwide and tax-free.  1/  2/  345678/  9/ 10/ 11/ 12/ 13/ 14/ 15/ 16/ 17/ 18/ 19/ 20/ 21/ 22/ 23/ 24/ 25/ 26

 6. All members of secret societies HEREBY banned from public service. *

 7.  Obama HEREBY fired.  General Sands and Joint Chiefs of Staff to take up residence in The White House for 1 year to accommodate establishment of Popular Vote.

            1)  The following U.S. Corp. staff REPORT to U.S.A. Joint Chiefs of Staff (1) for duty.

a. United States Marshals
b. United States Treasury *
c. United States Military
d. United States Department of Education
e. United States Department of Justice & Supreme Court
f.  United States President & Electoral College
g. United States Postal Service
h. United States Securities & Exchange Commission
i.  United States Department of State
j.  United States Patent and Trade Office
k. United States Bureau of Land Management
l.  United States Department of the Interior
M . United States et al.

 8. $1B cap on capitalism and $5M cap on annual income HEREBY instituted until such time as poverty is eliminated. Offshore tax havens abolished.  Billionaires * / REPORT to General Sands for wealth redistribution or Order of Public Court.

 9.  All law null and void but Mercy and Love.

10.  Upon the return of Jesus Christ, Sands forfeits all to Him.

2AD Jubileeleapday 2016
Saint Julian HEREBY Anointed the Throne of David as King of Israel 

Signed in God’s seal,


Saint Sands
December 12, 2015

TISA Review */ **/  |  Kill Switch


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