Make It Right believes design has the power to improve the quality of affordable housing and bring dignity to people’s lives. Design also plays a key role in creating vibrant, sustainable communities.

We work with renowned architects from around the world to create beautiful, healthy homes. Our architects volunteer their time and their designs and collaborate with local communities to design homes and buildings that meet their specific needs. Before we begin building, we spend, on average, a year working with architects and communities in “design charrettes” – meetings geared toward understanding what local families need and how the architect’s design will meet those needs.

In Depth

Selection of Architects - New Orleans

Architects for our New Orleans' projects were selected by GRAFT Architects, William McDonough, John Williams, Brad Pitt and Reed Kroloff, former Dean of Architecture at Tulane University in New Orleans.

Architects from New Orleans and around the world were selected based on their exceptional reputations and the following criteria:

  • Prior interest or involvement in New Orleans
  • Familiarity and interest in sustainability
  • Experience with residential and multi-family housing
  • Proven to be skilled innovators on low-budget projects
  • Experience dealing with structures that have to successfully address water-based or low-lying environments

Designs and completed houses for single family homes in New Orleans:


Designs and completed houses for multi-family, duplex homes in New Orleans: