Training and Education

Current world activities have demanded the need for an increased level of skilled and trained professional security personnel. Kane Consulting offers a broad array of training programs and educational courses. These educational courses are designed to teach security professionals to be knowledgeable and informed, visible and proactive, courteous and professional all while maintaining a high tactical awareness. Course curriculum is always updated and kept current with the industry’s best practices as well as strategies are taught to apply new and creative solutions to challenges.

Kane Consulting offers the following Security Training programs:

  • ASP – Baton Training
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Basic Terrorism Awareness
  • CCW Certifications
  • CPR First Aid AED Certification
  • Close Quarter Combat Training
  • Crowd Management training
  • Handcuffing Techniques
  • Pepper Spray Training
  • Self-Defense Tactics Training
  • TASER Training
  • Tactical Mindset Training
  • Unarmed – Armed Security Training
  • Verbal Judo training


  • First Aid CPR/AED
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • OSHA Training
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Specialized Classes for Industry, Healthcare Facilities, General Public, EMS/Public Safety

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