Get to Know the Farms

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It's comforting to know where your food comes from, and whether it's sustainably grown and free of harmful residues. It's also nice getting to know the farmers - at our local farmers' markets and other farm events.

Farm Profiles & Spotlights

Farmers each have their own story of how they got into sustainable agriculture. Some have been farming their whole lives, some started farming to escape the corporate world, some fell into it completely by accident. Get the lowdown on our local growers.  

Farmer Newbies

Farming is a tough business as it is, farmland prices keep going up, and there are too few young folks getting into the biz. Something has to change if we want to keep food in our bellies. See a day in the life of our future food heroes, the new generation of sustainable farmers.  

Hands-On Programs

In the Bay Area, we have several hands-on programs for people curious about organic agriculture – for both "tourists" and potential farmers in the future. Farm for fun or farm for credit.  

Find Farms

Becoming familiar with farms makes it easier to choose local and organic farms when shopping at farmers' markets and grocery stores. Many farms welcome visitors!  


Find out what's happening with sustainable farms, farmers and food.  
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