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There are already a few interactive stories… but I wanted to try writing one too. This story will be called "Impregnator Kings," in which you play as a medieval (ish) era aristocrat.

You wake up underneath the sheets of your soft bed with a reluctant yawn. You pull back the canopy of your bed and get a look at your surroundings. You definitely remember going to bed with one of the maids in the castle last night, but can see no trace of her, the clothing you remember ripping off of her before your copulation, or the wine you both shared. Instead you see merely a fresh tunic, leggings, and undergarments set out for you. Someone must have tided things up while you were asleep. Perhaps your guest herself?

Your name is Sir Edward, you're the eldest son of your father, the independent Duke of Virilia. His territory is relatively small. Its out-of-the-way location and easily defended terrain have kept rulers of neighboring kingdoms from showing up to demand your father bend the knee and accept anyone else as his feudal liege. As the eldest, you stand to inherit his title, his counties, its holdings, and all the prestige that comes with them. …Assuming he dies before you do, at least.

But you're still young while your father has lived his life, and your goals and ambitions are a little higher than a mere dukedom. You want an entire kingdom of your own.

Independence, however, is a double-edged sword. While your family has no masters, it means you similarly have no rightful claim to any throne, anywhere. Without a claim, even if you raised an army and invaded another land by force, no one would respect your hold as legitimate. The church would surely excommunicate you as a barbarian, and then all rulers of nearby lands would unite to dispose you.

That leaves one valid option… marriage. United in holy matrimony, you would gain a foothold into your potential wife's stake to the land and titles of her family. Peacefully. Comfortably.

The only question is who would want to marry a son-of-a-duke such as yourself?

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File: 1449919832470.jpeg (223.24 KB, 800x600, maid1.jpeg)

You don your clothes and proceed to the sitting room to take your morning breakfast. Waiting for you is one of your loyal maids, with steaming food, tea, and a body that marks her as heavy with child. Her engorged breasts and gravid belly straining her servant-clothes and apron. It's almost at the point she looks like she should be expecting delivery of her child very soon.

Your handiwork, of course. As an adolescent, you became fascinated with the changes the female body underwent after mating. The expanding form, the aches and pains of a woman now encumbered with a growing child, and even the changes to their behavior and personality itself. Once you came of age, you couldn't hold yourself back. You began a process of finding every woman of child-bearing stature and sowing your seed. First, it was your personal maids. To your young unworldly eye, they were most cute, and you were able to watch first-hand day to day as they started becoming taken by morning sickness, followed by their abdomens gaining a hard, drum skin-taut bump, before swelling to that pleasant form you loved so.

Then, the serving wenches of the kitchen, to the point others in the castle began to complain they had to serve themselves if they expected a meal because you were so busy impregnating them. Then, the cooks themselves. This was easier, as they didn't have to move far from watching the stones and cauldrons where food was boiling. Soon you moved on to the peasant farmers, loving the appropriateness of sowing your seed in the fertile womb of these farmer's daughters among the fertile fields and crops soon to grow. The widowed laborers who were still of birthing age also sated your lusts. Even a few of the nuns found their way into your bedroom, before your father finally stepped in and told you if ever there was a line you couldn't cross, that was it. Still, you relished the purity of those girls while you had the chance, and the tacit approval your father had given your fruitful actions. At first, any servants you impregnated were sent home and replaced, but as your influence spread throughout the castle, at some point your father gave up and let the pregnant girls continue their work. You didn't mind. All the better to satisfy your desire.

"Sir Edward… your father has scheduled an appointment with a matchmaker for you today," your maid tells you.

…Oh yes, that's right. Your father, old coot that he is, doesn't plan on letting you inherit your land and titles unwed. He 'informed' you that soon he would be pursue the advice of a noble matchmaker to find a suitable wife for you.

Of course, you would have a free hand to select what sort of wife you would take from the choices presented to you. He would give you that small courtesy.

You couldn't help but wonder what sort of women this matchmaker would offer you. Powerful women? Noble women? Pure-of-heart, unspoiled women? Lewd, experienced women? It did interest you to find out.

In the meantime, you wondered what sort of impression this matchmaker had of you. No doubt the matchmaker would have done their research and learned all they could about your habits and personality from your father and the castlefolk…

Choice time: What sort of reputation befits you?

>You're outgoing and gregarious. You spend your days active, partaking in hunts, rides, and other sport. You're known for being just and fair to others. All the girls you've left your mark on were active, willing participants. And you have a special place in your heart, and your bed, for every girl you've Known.

>You're charming and manipulative. You have a way with words, a handsom face, and you can be quite persuasive when you know what you want. You spend your days flirting with poetry, song, and tender young ladies, of course. The girls who have served under you may have needed cajoling and romancing here and there, but you always leave them with a smile on their face. And your sperm in the crevasse betwixt their legs.
>You're ruthless and power-hungry. You care nothing of peoples' wants, save your own. You spend your days managing whatever authority your father lets you, and sometimes develop a streak of paranoia that frightens everyone. You outright forced yourself on many of the girls, but who cares? The growing number of notches on your belt and expanding bellies of your cowed servants is all the tribute you need.

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As with the other interactive stories, please make one vote on the provided choices. I will try to update every few days/a week or so, whenever I think there's a consensus.

The story will proceed with a meeting with a matchmaker, who will present a variety of different women as potential suitors for Sir Edward. Hopefully the audience will decide on one, and the story will move on to meeting, interactions, and living with their new wife. Depending on where people want to go, this can continue until the wife's death, divorce/annulment, then a new choice… or quietly proceed to a "they lived happily ever after" ending. (Of course, the wife will not strictly be the only impregnation option.) The choices will all be established characters from popular works, with their established personality, but not necessarily in their same country or circumstances. I also reserve the right to make anachronisms or introduce fantasy elements (like magic) if I must.

This first choice establishes the tone of the story. Do we want a story with lots of happy-sex and everything the Main Character does is consensual? Do we want a story with a little more ambiguity in the relationships, where the MC has to charm and sweet talk girls? Or do we want to descend into outright non-consensual territory? Democracy will decide.

Not that the first choice here will prevent choosing to be nice/not-nice to characters later, but this will at least affect how others see the MC.

e271d No.12255

Interesting idea. Most of the other "quests" are all of the Rule 34 variety, so an original setting could turn out pretty unique.

Option 1 if we absolutely have to pick one or another, but my preferred vote would be for a bit of a mix between 1 and 2, if possible. Every girl loves us and we love every girl, but on occasion, a few of them make it a challenge to woo them into bed.

0c445 No.12256


I agree with this post.

Also, I'm looking forward to this new concept and quest..a lot. XP

6ef87 No.12260

My favorite type of setting, yesss.
I vote for option 2. Earning the privilege feels more realistic.

eb49d No.12263

+1 for charming and manipulative. Looking forward to the continuation of this.

a7a06 No.12264

Outgoing and gregarious. Good guy all the way!

4035b No.12265

I think this is a neat idea. Let's see how it plays out.

I'll put my vote in for option 1: outgoing and gregarious.

17b95 No.12266

Option 1, all the way.

28e57 No.12273

>3 votes for option one.
>2 votes for option two.
>2 votes for an amalgamation of option one and two.

What I'm getting out of this is pregchan is thoroughly uninterested in non-con scenes, and/or playing as an unsavory character.

The character will be known as a good guy and most girls are happy to go to bed with him, but some girls will make it a challenge.

28e57 No.12274

You thank your maid for your breakfast. She smiles, a light blush dancing across her rose-tinted cheeks, flush with the glow of her pregnancy.

"Your child will be born soon, Sir…"

You smile happily, even though it was obvious from the sheer size of her. You place your hand on her belly, drawing a contented sigh from the maid, and you swear you can feel a kick from the unborn baby underneath that fabric. You tell her to take care of herself, as she'll need all her strength for the birth.

"Yes. I'll give you a lively, healthy child, Sir."

You share a tender moment.

"Excuse me now, Sir, I must return to my duties. When you're finished, please proceed to the study to meet the matchmaker."

She bows, and leaves you alone to enjoy your breakfast in peace. You also deduce she was likely instructed to leave immediately in case you were tempted to spend time exploring her pregnant body a little more. Oh well.

You decide it's probably better not to fool around. You spend time eating before going directly to the study. Surely the matchmaker has heard only good things about you. No reason to alter that perception with tardiness.

28e57 No.12275

File: 1449969402105.jpg (425.02 KB, 1830x2277, matchmaker.jpg)

'The study,' in this case, referred to your own personal study. Compact, with some books you selected for light reading on days of bad weather and little responsibility, you don't use it much. It contains a shelf with books, a desk, a few chairs, and nothing else.

Today, however, it also contained an unfamiliar woman of… unique attire. Her pink pastel robes with frilly trim and bonnet are like none you've seen before nor even imagined. She carries what looks to be a heavy tome in one arm.

"Sir Edward… I presume?" she asks. It then occurs to you that this could only be the matchmaker. Somehow, you weren't expecting a woman to fill the role, even though it makes perfect logical sense. Why shouldn't a woman arrange another woman's marriage?

She gives you an appraising look, as if trying to surmise what sort of man you are. This gives you a brief moment to do the same to her. Despite her… voluptuous figure, she looks rather frail and bookish. You get the impression she's likely spent much of her life cloistered in a library, somewhere.

You smile warmly and introduce yourself as that very Sir Edward, and wait for her to offer her hand to kiss. When it doesn't come, you give her a bow instead.

"Very well. Please take a seat and we'll begin finding you a bride. I've collected a number of profiles of different prospects for you to choose from. You only have to pick one that you believe fills your needs."

She talks so detached and clinically. You begin telling her, really, if at all possible you'd prefer to meet your suitors personally to see if you can connect emotionally.

She shakes her head.

"That is impossible. Sit with me, and I'll explain why."

Choice time:
>Well, picking your wife is what you're there to do. Be a good boy and sit to hear her explanation.
>Wait a moment! The matchmaker is a woman, and she certainly doesn't look to be with child. Perhaps you should change that. See if she responds to flirting and might be open to a little fun. There's surely time to look over paperwork later.

f5de6 No.12276


Option 1.

6ef87 No.12277


No. 2!

a7a06 No.12278

Since we're being good, I'd usually play it straight, but I'm in a mood, and this might be our last chance for wild oats. Might as well flirt a little and see if she'll go for it. If not, then on with the matchmaking.

4b83a No.12279

I say we have a bit of fun, if she's receptive to it.

4b83a No.12280

I say we have a bit of fun, if she's receptive to it.

f3b4b No.12281

Option 1

By the looks of thinks she's someone who does business over pleasure so I say we listen first then get frisky

e271d No.12283

Oh gods, this is our matchmaker? This is going to be interesting right from the start if we're doing this with HER.

I'm going 55/45 in Option 2's favor. Ask for her name, flirt once or twice and test the waters, but be ready to get back to business if she shoots us down.

2ba63 No.12284


247d3 No.12285

I was actually gonna vote us playing a forceful character to even the playing field. But I'll bow to popular vote, of course.

I vote 2. We have to of course show her how well we'll treat our new wife.

Also it says my post looks automated for some reason and I'm having trouble sending it through.

4035b No.12286

Option 2 for sure.

28e57 No.12290

File: 1449990286569.jpg (111.95 KB, 850x921, matchmaker3.jpg)

(image keeps refusing to post, trying again.)

>3 votes for option one.

>6 votes for option two.

Pursue a little flirting with our matchmaker. Apologies if it seems I'm rushing, but I thought the vote reached a good enough number for a majority, and also I'm eager to keep writing this before the weekend slips away.

Well, now, you think to yourself. What's the harm in a little flirting? You put on your best suave voice and confidently ask the matchmaker if she wouldn't mind introducing herself a little more, just so you could get to know each other better and she could find a suitable bride, of course. Surely, a lovely creature, as beautiful as she, is worth knowing? You can't help but let your eyes linger on the womanly curves of her hips and breasts, tipping your hand as to just what parts of her you find alluring.

The matchmaker pauses, her expression blank and unreadable. She takes out a pair of glasses from one of her pockets and puts them on, looking you over once again. You go ahead and let her.

"Your reputation precedes you, Sir," she says. "You're aware of the number of children you've sired, are you not? By my estimates, it numbers in the dozens. –Three? Four? More?"

You can't help but grin. Not even you were sure the exact number, but you were sure it was much higher.

"That's part of why I'm here," she explains. "Your… exploits, are becoming legendary. Every traveling merchant, caravan, and monk who travels through Virilia knows of the sheer number of bastards you've helped produce. Their tales have spread throughout all of the neighboring Kingdoms. Do you have any idea how far?"

You pause, and admit you don't. You never stopped to think about it, really. Surely, the occasional woman would arrive with a group of travelers and leave with your seed, and the few nuns your sperm had reached were quietly moved by the Church to another monastery far beyond your father's domain. But, were you really that… famous?

"Or infamous. Whichever you prefer," she says. "You're the heir to a mere Dukedom… normally, you would be far below the considerations of any sort of marriage that would grant you access to a family with claims to any considerable realm. Normally, I'd pair you off with a lowly courtier from some local nobility and be done with you."

She lowers her glasses, looking out over the edge of the upper-lens.

"Normally," she says again, for emphasis.

28e57 No.12291

File: 1449990519247.png (292.87 KB, 600x900, matchmaker4.png)

She puts her glasses away.

"But… there are a number of royal families that are truly desperate for an heir. They know you have the capacity to deliver, and they're willing to take you even if it means marrying below their station."

You let out a small exclamation as realization dawns on you. So, that was it! In other words, it was hunting season, and you were the only cur to be found for miles.

"…I'm not sure of that metaphor, but yes. Something like that."

You give her a wry grin, and say you certainly hope she doesn't feel sorry for those women, reduced to marrying a man like yourself.

She pauses, again.

28e57 No.12292

File: 1449990697506.jpg (249.61 KB, 820x1280, matchmaker2.jpg)

It takes a moment, but finally her face softens.

"You are… handsome," she says. "I do not object to… doing that with you."

You think you can see a small trace of a smile on her face.

"Would you rather do it here… on the desk? Or, to your bedroom…?"

You can't help but blink a little in surprise, as you consider her question.

Choice time:
>It would be bad if you were seen taking the matchmaker to bed. Right here, on the desk.
>The bed is more comfortable, risk being seen by someone to take her to your room.
>Wait a minute! She's agreeing to sex, just like that? Is this some secret test of your character, or something? Ask her about that, first.

If your choice is "desk," and you have a position preference between "bend her over the desk," or "place her on top of the desk," feel free to note that as well. If not, no need.

f5de6 No.12293


Let's yolo, but with care.

Option 2.

f3b4b No.12294

Option 2

if we gonna bang someone some privacy may be nice?

7bbe6 No.12295

Whoa whoa whoa, option 3 for sure.

121c5 No.12296

Option 2.

If this was a test of character, the flirting would have already been it. Besides, such a test would only confirm what was already known throughout the land.

247d3 No.12298

I vote option 1, bender her over the desk.

89c61 No.12300

Ooh, a new impregnation quest. I like the feel of it so far; I could almost see this being the setting for a Fire Emblem game.
That said, yes. From what I've seen, most people in Pregchan aren't too keen on noncon, and I am part of that. I would've also gone with "option 1 mixed with option 2" on that first choice.
I hope your writing momentum carries you through to the end. I'd almost be willing to try an idea, but I don't have a complete one that isn't thoroughly covered (at least in genre) already, and I don't want to get hit by whatever seems to afflict Pregchan CYOA writers.

But on to the current meat and potatoes:
This set of choices is setting off all kinds of red flags. I know that we got the tone of the story set up with that first choice, but I also know that said tone was supposed to be something along the lines of "happy, but not too easy". This is far too easy, and I personally think we need more information. However, option 3 is too obvious of a way to obtain that information. Edward didn't get as far as he did with women by being paranoid, or else we would've picked the noncon option earlier. So this is a classic case of long-term and short-term, in-character and out-of-character, you-get-the-idea reactions being completely different! In those cases, as we've already demonstrated, the best option lies somewhere in between.
Therefore, I propose that we say or do something that would keep her sudden interest from vanishing just as suddenly (if it's not a test and she's just overcome with our gallant charms while trying to fight it, well, that's just too cute for words and I don't want to lose that chance), while also gently and casually trying to get more information out of her. There's no need to panic like option 3 would suggest (outwardly at least), since we're in a pretty good position in both life and this meeting. But option 2 just seems like something that would affect how she does her job, and that would likely not be in our best interests.

Side notes: Patchy is best matchmaker.
>Duke of VIRILia

I see what you did there.

I disagree that flirting would be an entire test of character. Also, shouldn't nobility be expected to comport themselves a certain way? Even if the test isn't malicious, I'd think the matchmaker wasn't doing her job if she didn't try to gauge just how severe Edward's desires were.

6ef87 No.12302


If somebody sees us on the way to bed they might interfere. Option 1, bent over the desk as well.

4035b No.12303

Option 2, take her to bed. She deserves the full lover's treatment and we aren't living up to our are sterling reputation if we don't try. As for getting caught, I think after at least four dozen bastard children we've developed a knack for talking our way out we do.

4b83a No.12304

2… but be sneaky about it. However, even if we are caught, I see no cause for alarm. Our reputation is legendary after all.

28e57 No.12316

Going to leave this open a few more hours even though we've got a nice tally already. As long as the thread doesn't have a post by me saying "Choice made," feel free to vote.

I encourage everyone who wishes to participate to please vote (once). Even if you're "late" and it looks like the majority is already headed in a certain direction opposite of the way you'd wish to vote. You might not get the result you want on that choice, but I'm trying to take all votes into consideration for where people want the story to go and what kind of situations and characters people want. You may get a chance for a similar choice later that I might not have considered writing into the story otherwise.

e271d No.12326

I find myself agreeing with basically all of this. She knew our rep walking in and still decides she wants to have a go? Something about this feels really off in an odd sort of way. Part of me wonders if it's possible that she herself is one of the potential matches we could end up with, and she's taking it upon herself to close the deal.

Seconding Option 4, continue talking without freaking out. The matchmaker being as easy to bed as a maid or a serving girl sets off all kinds of alarms.

28e57 No.12327

>2 for option one, sex right in the study, with preference for bending her over the desk.
>5 for option two, taking her to our bedroom for a session of sex.
>1 for option three, questioning her if this is some sort of trick.
>2 for questioning her, but playing it cool. (Which I count as option three.)

Take the matchmaker back to our bedroom for the purposes of sex and impregnating her.

Poll closed. Update to come soon.

28e57 No.12331

File: 1450061586412.png (666.69 KB, 700x800, matchmaker5.png)

A moment of hesitation hits you. You were no stranger to women throwing themselves at you, even, on occasion, women you had just met. But, this was the first time a woman had put her invitation so bluntly, so plainly. And a woman of higher standing than a mere maid, at that.

Was this is some sort of test?

Your eyes settled on her ample bust and generous, child-bearing hips. If this was some sort of test, you were going to fail it. You were going to fail it, hard.

You take her free hand in yours, and you can feel the soft, silky, feminine feeling of her skin that marks her as a woman who has never done any sort of hard labor. You tell her that a woman as gentle as she deserves a soft place on your bed. Her cheeks cloud with a pink blush, and you know you've said the right thing.

Come this way, you tell her. She nods, and you lead her to the door.

You don't know every servant's schedule by heart, but you know your father's castle well enough to devise a route where you're reasonably sure they won't be active at this time of the day. You push open the door out of your study with a small creak, and glance around. No one to be seen. So far, so good.

You lead your matchmaker by the hand, her other arm still carrying that heavy-looking tome she had with her from the beginning. You tell her when to stop, when you need to creep slowly, and when you need to step quicker, and soon you've made it halfway there… before you feel the matchmaker droop behind you.

You look back at her, and see her panting and huffing. It seems your plan didn't take into account that although the exercise in stealth has been no challenge to you, your unathletic partner seems to be feeling strained.

"Hah… may we please… walk…?"

You apologize to her for the strenuous pace. No sense making her exhaust herself now when you're so close to starting an even heavier physical activity soon. You tell her you're far enough along that you can both stand to walk, slowly, and it should be fine. She nods again, clearly relieved.

You wait for her to regain her breath, and proceed at a snail's pace, now letting her take small steps beside you. Holding hands and walking down the hall to your room, you may as well be carrying her in your arms for how intimate you look together. Her blushing expression and shy body language would also surely give away your shared intentions.

You take a turn down the last corridor, your room's door firmly in sight, when you notice the maid who served you breakfast this morning come through an opposite passage. She turns her head, and before you can react, lets out a startled gasp at seeing you both. She mutters an apology before turning back and waddling in the opposite direction, pausing only to make sure her distended belly doesn't get caught on the wall in her haste to turn herself around.

So much for being stealthy. You're sure if the matchmaker had been able to keep up with you, you could've pulled it off, but it's too late now. Oh well. The castle is used to you taking all manner of girls to bed, anyway. What was one more?

You give another wry smile to your guest and advise her not to worry about it. You open the door to your room and tell her ladies first. She nods, and walks inside, with you following close behind.

28e57 No.12332

File: 1450061847219.jpg (180.58 KB, 850x1062, matchmaker6.jpg)

You shut the door firmly, and guide her to the bed. Your bed has been the altar of many, but not all, of your love-making sessions. If your betrothal and marriage requires you to leave the court, it may not see any more soon. The matchmaker may take the honor of being the last woman you impregnate before your married life begins.

The matchmaker has a seat on your mattress and looks down, her expression blushing and shy, but still with a trace of that detached feeling to it. The way her robes frame her breasts and thighs, so clearly highlighting the valley leading to her feminine center, is borderline indecent, and she makes no attempt to shift to a more modest position.

You take this as the invitation that it is, and take a seat next to her.

"Um… how do you want to start…?" she asks.

Perhaps, with a kiss? You take her hand in yours, and bring her other hand up to her soft, blushing face. You gently turn her face towards yours and lean in, pressing your lips to hers.


You can hear her make deliciously soft moans under you as you kiss her. Gently at first, before becoming more insistent, probing her lips with your tongue. She gets the idea and opens her mouth to yours, and you slowly engulf her with a deeper french kiss. Your tongue curling around hers briefly before you pull back to let her get some air. You repeat this with her, going slowly so as not to overwhelm her, but it's obvious from her reactions that she's never done this sort of thing before.

"Mm… undress… me," she says.

You grin, and murmur something gentlemanly that if that's her wish, that's what you'll do. You carefully untie her frock from around her neck, and let that fall behind you both. Next are the strings behind her bustier, which you carefully let out.

It's then you realize she's still holding that book she's been carrying. You move to take it for her, but she clutches it tight to herself.

"No… it's all right… I'll just… put it here."

She jumps up to set it on a table you have over in the corner, and you wonder why she wouldn't let you do that for her. She must be really protective of that book… well, that was understandable. You assumed from the beginning it had those profiles of your prospective wives inside, her entire livelihood may depend on it.

While she's up, you offer to pull her dress off of her, and she nods, lifting her arms for you to do so.

28e57 No.12333

File: 1450061999745.png (474.62 KB, 530x661, matchmaker6.png)

She's now fully naked before you, except for her bonnet and footwear. You note to yourself that she wasn't wearing any lower undergarments. Was she planning on offering herself to you from the beginning? Possibly, but not necessarily. Many women, especially in long dresses, frequently went without, in your experience.

You direct her to wait on the bed as you yourself disrobe, inviting her to watch as you try to make it interesting for her. You watch her gaze follow your strong upper arms and torso as you undo your tunic, and when you reach your lower-body, you watch her avert her eyes… before coyly glancing at your manhood, proudly erect and ready to give her your seed.

You step closer, telling her she's free to explore, if she'd like. She, with some hesitation, puts her hands on… your chest. Gently tracing the ridges of your muscles.

"So hard…"

Eventually, her hand droops lower… her fingertips just slightly brushing the tip of your cock. You laugh, and tell her that's hard, too.

She lets out a "meep," and stops. You tell her it's all right… and ask if she'd like to be touched.

She hesitates a bit before nodding. "You may touch me," she says.

As you've done before, you start out slow. Tracing edges around her hips, and thighs. You're hard enough now you wouldn't mind just turning her around, bending her over, and fucking her for all she's worth, but you want this to be pleasurable for her. Your hands linger over her stomach, where her belly will soon be swelling with your future child with her. Your fingers trace her skin, and you can tell by comparison to some of the widows you've known and the girls you've impregnated more than once that your matchmaker has never been pregnant before.

She seems to appreciate the attention, her face a mix of restrained passion and emotion. She knows full well what you're known for, and the anticipation must be hitting her. You take a glance at her lower regions and see her opening slick and wet with her arousal. It must have been building up since you started flirting in the study.

With a husky command in your voice, you tell her to lay back against the bed. She looks up, and nods.

28e57 No.12334

File: 1450062212601.jpg (248.79 KB, 1000x706, matchmaker9.jpg)

She lays back and you eagerly begin to get into position to mount her. You pull her legs up closer behind you, leaning your body forward as you plan to enter her, face-to-face. A hand of yours sneaks up to massage her ample breasts. Her tits are large and pleasantly supple, her nipples beginning to poke outward. Your ministrations provoke another short, restrained moan from her.

Your position on top of her reveals to you that your impression was absolutely spot on. The woman is very voluptuous and curvy, but her body is tremendously soft. She's all skin, bone, and fleshy boobfat, with little to no muscle on her at all. You realize even carrying that book around must be a strain for such a woman, and you shift your position a little so as not to put much weight on her. You whisper sweet things to her, telling her it's okay and that you'll be very slow, and please say something if she's uncomfortable.

She makes another cute moan in response.

"Mukyu… I never thought you'd be this gentle… this isn't at all what I thought the Mad Rutting Beast would be like…"

You're a bit busy adjusting your erection to penetrate her, but you look up and mutter a short question about what she said.

"It's… your… nickname…"

You're not sure how you feel about that. Though given the circumstances, you can't say it's unearned.

28e57 No.12335

File: 1450062306194.jpg (440.75 KB, 947x1000, matchmaker7.jpg)

You trace your erection across the warm, fat, ready folds of her pussy. The sensation against your glans feeling exquisite. You tell her to relax, and advise her not to let herself tense up. She nods, vigorously.

You press your hips forward, sinking into her slowly, deliberately. It takes all your willpower to not just give in and start desperately thrusting, but you hold back and press on at a torturing slow speed. Your patience is rewarded, however by the cute moans of the matchmaker, her labia lips slowly drawing you further in.

Finally, you've sunk to the hilt inside of her. Your chest pressed up against her large breasts and her erect nipples brushing hard against your skin. She's thrown her head back, and you can hear her shuddering in the ecstasy of being filled. Her pussy is very, very tight. Easily one of the tightest girls you've ever experienced, and all doubt that this is anything less than her first time leaves you.

You ask her if she feels all right, and she moans again.

"Yes… you may move…"

That's all the encouragement you need. You start thrusting your hips in and out, enjoying the feeling of sex with a woman, of being her first, and knowing your seed would soon take root inside her, a lovely visual consequence of your shared passion. You feel her shift with you, encouraging you, welcoming you. Her legs, still shod with her unique pink shoes, slowly move up to attempt to wrap around you. You smile at the gesture. You plunge into her again and again, watching the force of your thrusts ripple through the flesh of her body.

Her tightness is getting to you. Her thick folds flexing and squeezing you for all you're worth. Even with your sexual stamina, gained from tremendous experience, you can feel your orgasm creeping up on you. It won't be long, now.

BY the look on your partner's face, it won't be long for her either. He breaths coming out in ragged moans. You whisper to her that you'll be coming soon, and is she ready?

"Ah… yes… inside me… please!"


You don't actually laugh, but you're almost… charmed by her request to come inside her. Has she forgotten who you are?

You thrust inside her, deeply, sharply managing to drive into her three more times before you climax. Your balls tightening with your groin as your cock pulsates inside her, spewing your fresh cargo inside her warm, fertile pussy. You can feel her orgasm with you, her pussy reflexively tightening around your cock like a vise. Milking you and drawing your sperm deeper and deeper inside her body. You both let out grunts of deep satisfaction.

"Ah… it's so… warm…" she says.

You press another kiss to her lips, and she opens her mouth to yours again. Well, for better or worse… there it was. You'd decided to knock up your matchmaker.

You break your kiss and hold her for a while, the exhaustion of your orgasm eventually softening your cock enough to pull out of her, and with it, an amount of your semen which pools on your sheets in tribute to your newest conquest.

28e57 No.12336

File: 1450062652751.jpg (55.57 KB, 850x656, matchmaker8.jpg)

You both relax for a time, not thinking about the world around you. Awash in blissful shared afterglow, for the moment. That is, until finally, she speaks up.

"Um… we should probably… start finding you a bride…"

Oh. That's right. You tell her she's right, and start to move over to the edge to find your clothes. She doesn't move from her spot on the bed.

"–I don't think I'm going to have the strength to walk back to your study," she says.

You smile, and are about to make a joke about how you don't think you'll be able to walk either, but then you realize she's serious. She must be sore from all that activity. After becoming so intimately acquainted with her body, you really can't blame her. She's definitely fragile.

Forcing her to walk is probably too much, for now. So, then…

Choice time:
>Dress her and just carry her back to the study. Who cares who sees, at this point? One maid already saw you both.
>Tell her to wait, you'll find one of the maid's serving carts. If you dress her and hide her under that, with a sheet covering her, you can push her back to the study and no one will be the wiser.
>That's fine. She brought her book with her. Let's just select your future bride here on your bed. Clothes optional.

f3b4b No.12337

Option 3 all the way

c5a01 No.12338


Seriously commending the op for the pictures. They're so relevant lol. Makes the experience better.

Option 3 though, because Bruno Mars sings Lazy Song.

5acb9 No.12339

OK yeah. Glad my Admiral Ackbar senses were wrong.

Hmm…yeah, who cares about going back to the study if it's too much for she whom I shall now unofficially dub Matchy. As long as she has what she needs to do her job, we're good to go. Option 3, without a doubt, unless she objects. Then we'll need to get creative.

Also, what's with the nickname, among other things? I feel like there could be some deeper plot hooks that we've left unexplored in our relative haste to show Matchy a good time.

4035b No.12340

Option 3.

e271d No.12341

I feel strangely at peace with the universe knowing that we just nailed Matchy. I'm also stealing Limits' nickname for her since she hasn't provided one of her own.

Gonna do a write-in choice once again, with Option 4: Summon that maid who saw us first and make sure she knows NOT to spread word of this, for Matchy's sake. Once that's settled, go back to Option 3, do the matchmaking here. And while we're at it, see if she wants to go for round two.

5acb9 No.12344

You can't steal a nickname that way. You can only spread it around. And I am A-OK with that. However, justice must still be demanded.

Therefore, I steal Midnight Blue's vote because this isn't just our own reputation we're dealing with, but also Matchy's. It should probably be kept hidden as long as possible, just to be on the safe side for her sake.

cf60b No.12348

To be fair, her reputation isn't going to be intact for too much longer; when a single woman gets pregnant after spending time with a guy notorious for getting women in that state, well, it ain't exactly rocket surgery.

But regardless, I vote for option 2; a modicum of tact is in order.

f507c No.12356

80586 No.12368

Ain't nothing wrong with living up to our reputation, but agreed on making sure that maid keeps quiet. We can find a match on the bed, then when Matchy's ready to walk we can leave the room at different times so we're not seen together.

One question for you aristocrat: does our protag have a 100% impregnation rate? The text thus far seems to suggest he does.

I don't really mind either way (though given how every other quest has it guaranteed it might be neat to make it 50/50 or something, decide it behind the scenes and have only find out later who we succeeded with), just wanted to clarify.

31940 No.12369

Go for 3

a7a06 No.12370

Geez, I'm gone for a day and it goes on like a freight train. Well, at least means a lot of sexy stuff to read. My thanks to you good sir! Thou art a gentleman and a scholar.

Thanks for asking this sir!

Option 3. Let's talk to the maid later. For now, let's take care of business and let our matchmaker leave with some dignity.

13428 No.12375

The protagonist does not have an absolute 100% success rate… but he might as well. Since he's already impregnated a good population of the castle, his modus operandi is to have sex with whoever isn't currently pregnant until they start showing signs that they are. (Factors like menstruation, age, the woman's fertility, etc, do matter in this story, just for the record.)

In this case, it's not 100% guaranteed the matchmaker is pregnant (and biologically speaking, it'd take 12-24 hours after sex for that to happen too), but this is medieval-ish times, and only so much is known about how reproduction actually works scientifically>>12338
. The line "You just knocked up your matchmaker" is what the MC considers he's just done, not an omniscient fact. Realistically it might not happen… but he thinks so. The actual reality, of course, is known only by me until the story reveals it.

This is why I'm using established characters and tailoring them to the setting. Makes providing images much easier. (Though with respect to the artists, I will never edit any art used in any way, so that means sometimes the pictures don't match up exactly. Like in >>12334 where she's depicted lying on her face and wearing underwear which contradicts what I wrote, but the picture just so much conveys her physique that I had to use it.)

Poll is still open for now. Will revisit this later.

191d2 No.12377

Hooray for more quests! I vote for option 3. We have our matchmaking 2hu with us. No need to go back to the study. And if a maid barges in, we get to see her embarrassed.

13428 No.12379

File: 1450153659127.jpg (738.94 KB, 1000x1250, matchmaker10.jpg)

>0 votes for option one, just carry her back openly.
>1 vote for option two, use a servant's cart to hide her and wheel her back to the study.
>8 votes for option three, just select your bride with on our your bed.
>2 votes for leaving her to find the maid who saw you and plug any leak before rumors start, then pick your bride together on your bed, then propose another round of sex.

Select your bride with the matchmaker right on the bed.

You scratch your chin in consideration. You know, you start to explain, you can do more in a bedroom besides sleep. Let's just start looking at brides for you here, together.

Her nose wrinkles in a distasteful expression.

"You would select your bride-to-be here, on your bed, as your essence drips fresh from my crotch? …I take it back, you are a beast."

Despite yourself, you can't help but let out a short laugh, before attempting to backpedal with assurances that you just want her to be comfortable and not advertise your lovemaking. Would she rather clean up, or rest first? She slowly shakes her head.

"No… you are right. There's no harm in choosing here, now. –Let me get my book."

So she says, but her weakness is such she can't even make herself sit up in the bed. You start to move to get the book for her, but she lets out a gasp, and you stop. Finally, you ask her if she's all right with you pulling the table over so she can pick it up? She considers this, and then nods. You slowly drag the table over, it making a sharp scraping sound as it drags along the wood, and finally get it close enough for her to retrieve her book. A weird, peculiar sort of actions, but the book seems to be the one thing she's come close to genuinely panicking about so far.

She still can't sit herself up, so you use your sheets and pillow to roll into a rest for her and take a seat next to you. Both of you have made no effort to re-dress, and you ask her once more if she's all right with showing you your choices like this.

"It's all right… you don't need to do more than just choose the girl you like. The formal documentation comes later."

She spreads the book open across her thigh, and turns it to a certain page… You can see clearly now in your peripheral vision that the book is indeed a set of profiles on women of all different sorts, though there's no way you can process the information from the brief glance you get.

"I'll show you the profiles now. Remember, all of these girls are part of a royal family that needs an heir. Some more desperate than others, but it's a concern for all. Your marriage with any of them is based on the preposition that you will provide, and impregnate them as soon as possible… hopefully, with a son."

You ask if that's different than a usual marriage? All noble marriages are expected to produce children.

"That's true… but here, it's written into your marriage vows itself. If you don't impregnate your wife, it will be valid grounds for an annulment. The Church will declare your union was never valid. If that happens, you won't have any claim to the girl's land or titles, and you'll have to choose a different bride. …So you'd best choose a bride you can imagine having sex with, at least."

You wryly tell her you don't think that will be a problem. You're curious if it works the other way, though. Won't your wife have her own conditions she'll have to meet?

"Yes, of course. It's always written into the woman's vows that she will be faithful to you and not have any other romantic or sexual relations. If she isn't being faithful, you could also request an annulment. …As a man, however, you won't necessarily be required to be faithful to her. Some families have requested it, but not all."

Hold on now, you say. Isn't marriage all about being faithful? Monogamy, and all that.

"…It is. But, adultery isn't grounds for an annulment unless it's written into your vows. So, if you were to cheat on your wife, and she caught you, she couldn't do anything about it." Again, the blunt language from the matchmaker.

It wouldn't exactly endear you to her either, you say.

"Not unless she likes that, no," she says, simply. "Or just doesn't care."

You nod. You're not sure exactly how married life will sit with you in that area. You've never made an attempt to steal someone else's wife or leave a man a cuckold, but you're not entirely sure you can commit to a completely monogamist relationship.

13428 No.12380

File: 1450153839132.jpg (946.8 KB, 754x1655, alena.jpg)

She turns the page open and you see an artistic rendering of young girl in what look to be women's traveler clothes, with black tights and boots. You note the distinct blue conical hat the girl wears, with matching cape, and your impression immediately is of someone sheltered who really very much wants to pretend to be an outdoorsman.

"This is Princess Alena, of the Kingdom of Saintheim," says the matchmaker.

"She recently came of age. She's the only daughter of the current King of Saintheim. The King himself is widowed, and without any close relatives."

You follow along with her. That means this Princess Alena is the heir to the throne, yes?

"…no, actually. The succession laws of Saintheim are focused only on men. Only a man can inherit the throne of Saintheim, and he must be a direct descendant of the royal line. If the King of Saintheim were to die tomorrow, it would leave the country in an unprecedented crisis, because the law would prevent anyone from being eligible. That's why there's considerable pressure on Princess Alena to marry, now that she's of child-bearing age."

You point out if this girl is a princess, why is she wearing such an outfit?

"It's the girl's personality," explains the matchmaker. "She hates being in the castle and wearing feminine gowns and dresses. She's escaped from there many times because she wanted to get out. Sometimes, to the point guards would need to physically apprehend her."

That was a feisty woman if ever you heard of one. You point out though, that… this doesn't sound like the sort of woman who would be interested in marriage, let alone pregnancy and motherhood.

"Probably not. But, she doesn't have much of a choice. Her country needs the heir. –That's why you're the top recommendation for her."

You mull it over. Couldn't her father just re-marry and try for a son? That would leave Alena, and you, out of the line of succession.

The matchmaker shakes her head.

"The King of Saintheim has been a widow since Alena's birth. If he were going to do that, he would have done it long ago when he was younger, and more… active."

It's hard for you to comprehend the idea of a man not sowing his oats while he has the chance. Your eye drifts from the matchmaker's book to take another glance at her groin, and with that sight, the salty smell of semen still oozing from her orifice becomes more apparent.

"At any rate, before you make your decision, here's something else you should see."

She turns the page.

13428 No.12381

File: 1450154163179.jpg (133.72 KB, 573x306, Saintheim.jpg)

What sprawls before you on the next page is a large detailed map. You're no cartographer, but you can see immediately that it's a very vast area being depicted. You see sprawling plains, vast hills, mountains, valleys, desert, swamp… every terrain type under the sun.

"This is a map of the current holdings that fall under the Kingdom of Saintheim. As you can see, it's a huge country. Furthermore, the neighboring Kingdoms are comparatively small, and peaceful. If you're looking for a nice stable existence free of neighbors after your land, this is it."

Hm. That did have a certain appeal…

But, wait. If the King must be connected to their royal bloodline, then that means you'd never really be King.

"Well, no. Your eldest son with Princess Alena would become King when the current King dies. You and her would only ever be 'Prince' and 'Princess'."

Her eyes shift downward to focus on a page.

"Although… once your son is born, nothing would stop you from declaring yourself his regent until he comes of age. Princess Alena isn't the type to be concerned with actual governing. Once her father dies, and with you as regent of the true legitimate King, you could proceed to do as you like. If you were inclined to that."

That does have a certain logic to it, but one last thing bothers you. Alena has actually snuck out of her castle? Multiple times? How is there any guarantee she is not already involved with some man, or even has her purity? That sounds like a tragic bard's song waiting to happen.

"Oh, you don't have to worry about that. The Saintheim succession laws are very strict with regards to the Princess' innocence. She must absolutely be a virgin. And she will be. They take the law about heirs being a legitimate male relation to the royal bloodline very seriously to prevent political in-fighting."

–So the matchmaker says, anyway, but there's no guarantee that's the reality until it's already too late.

"Actually, there is. A Priest from the Church will be present at your copulation with her. He will record she's a virgin, record you have penetrated her for the first time, and record that you gave your seed to her."

You mean… by watching us both?


The matchmaker says this with her usual no-nonsense expression. That's quite a bit to think about. Certainly, you had been 'caught in the act' with a woman before… even more flagrantly than your current tryst. But by no means was it ever intentional, nor in front of someone who would be taking notes, like they were keeping track of tallies in a game.

"Maybe not… but, she isn't ugly, is she?" The matchmaker suggests, flipping the page back to Princess Alena's picture. If the portrait was accurate, she wasn't ugly by any means… she did have certain feminine traits to her.

"One final consideration… the Saintheim royal family hasn't asked for you to take a vow of faithfulness as a requirement to marry her. Their only concern is you provide an heir. You could continue to father as many bastards as you like."


Choice time:
>Princess Alena is the one. You don't need to see anyone else. You're marrying Princess Alena. That's your decision.
>You're certain you don't want to marry Princess Alena. Cross her off the considerations list permanently and move on to the next potential bride.
>Let's call Princess Alena a 'maybe' for now and look at some of the other brides.

191d2 No.12382

Let's keep her as a maybe and take a look over the other choices. She might be interesting to take on the side or if we convince the local religious authorities about polygamy as a junior wife.

4035b No.12383

Going with option 3. We shouldn't simply jump on the first girl presented to us with out at least a cursory glance at the alternatives. Especially since this nation seems to be heading full tilt towards a War of Spanish Succession level crisis (a lack of close male relatives doesn't mean the distant ones won't make a power play, especially for a prosperous kingdom)and I'm not sure we want to involved in that.

Then again I just spent five minuets justifying my choice in an erotic CHYOA, so what do I know?

5acb9 No.12384

Fun fact: I looked up "Alena Saintheim" on Google search, to try to find this princess. I did, along with a character from FF XIV. Funny how that works, Square ENIX.

But anyway, I vote a resounding…!
Maybe. She's got moxy, and I like the cut of her jib, but I think Moe has the best plan here.

e271d No.12385

Moe's got the right idea. Put her as a maybe and let's check through the rest of our options.

f3b4b No.12386

Option 3

Keep her as a maybe, choosing a woman right of the bat? what about the other fair ladies?

dcd56 No.12388

Option 3

There could be more cuter fish in the sea you missed.

4b83a No.12389

I vote maybe. Let's see what our options are, shall we?

c5a01 No.12393

Option 3.>>12381

13428 No.12394

Normally I'd leave this up for at least 12 more hours, but the results are both unanimous, and don't really invite any interesting write-ins, so I'll proceed to one more update for the night.

>8 votes for option three.

Mark Princess Alena as a 'maybe', and ask to see the next potential bride.

13428 No.12395

File: 1450173385253.jpg (780.57 KB, 850x1201, matchmaker9.jpg)

You nod to the matchmaker, and tell her you'll consider Princess Alena, but you'd like to see the next bride.

She watches your face with an appraising expression.

"Um… what part of Princess Alena do you not like, specifically?"

You blink, and tell the matchmaker that there's nothing you "don't like" about the prospect of marrying Princess Alena, she looks lovely and you understand her situation, just that you would like to see the other options before giving a definite yes or no.


You're not sure, but you get the feeling the matchmaker wants you to make a decision sooner rather than later. Well, if that's what she wants, then tough. This is your bride you're picking, after all. You can't commit yourself too fully just yet.

13428 No.12396

File: 1450173720522.jpg (178.65 KB, 1280x503, stark_family.jpg)

The matchmaker flips a page to a new set of pictures and information, this one has an entire family lined up together.

"This is the Stark family," she says. "…you don't need to know about them all individually, you're interested in the second one from the left. That's Sansa Stark."

You peer over and take a look.

"Waifish thing, isn't she?" says your matchmaker.

You give a vague sort of grunt. You're curious what the story is about the rest of the people in the portrait.

"The Stark family held domain over a considerable amount of territory in the north… but they turned traitor. Lord Stark attempted to rebel against his liege, provoking a violent civil war. The details of which are rather long and boring, but the result was the entire family is now dead…"

She taps her finger over Sansa's image.

"Except, that is, for Sansa Stark. She was taken as a hostage when the hostilities started, and she's been held by the true King in the south ever since."

This sounds… rather bloody.

"It is, but it presents you with an interesting situation. The civil war is almost over. The last retainers loyal to the traitorous Starks are on the verge of losing the war. When that happens, the Stark lands will be without a legitimate lord. The King could pass those lands off to other nobles in his court… but he thinks it will be much more peaceful if Sansa was instead married off."

And bred as quickly as possible, you say, flippantly.

"Yes. The succession laws there are not as strict as Saintheim's. Once you've provided an heir, you will be awarded the title of King over the Stark's former lands, and they will now carry your name instead."

Hold on… the Starks were executed for being traitors? That means they had a lord, and more to the point, if you take their land and titles, you'll have a lord. You won't be King in your own right.

"Yes, that's true. You'll have to bend the knee and swear fealty to the King in the south as your liege… you'll have to pay taxes to him, fight his wars for him, and anything else he may ask."

You let out a hot sigh, considering that for a moment.

"…I'd highly recommend you do it. If you tried to resist, you'd end up playing a very dangerous game you have no experience with and no chance of winning."

Right… wouldn't want to start another civil war. What was Sansa Stark's opinion on all of this, herself?

"I wouldn't worry much about her. She's been a hostage for quite some time. She'll be so happy you're giving her a way out that I imagine you'll have her endless gratitude before you even meet. She'll likely jump in your bed immediately, and very willingly."

All women do, you say teasingly. The matchmaker actually has the awareness (and dignity) to blush and look away.

"W-well… Sansa Stark is in no position to ask any exceptional vows from you. The royal family sponsoring her will require at least one male heir from her and you, but that's all. You won't be required to be faithful. Actually… since the war isn't entirely over, if you marry her, Sansa Stark will be sent to live with you, here, immediately. You won't have to worry about traveling until then."

Because they'll still be fighting over the land you're supposed to inherit. What if they lose?

"They won't," she says.

It seemed a rather desperate situation. You stared at the picture of Sansa again. So, she was still a hostage?

"Yes. …Actually, that's something else you'll have to consider. I can't guarantee she'll have her innocence. –She will arrive unfertilized, though."


Choice time:
>Sansa Stark is the one. You don't need to see anyone else. You're marrying Sansa Stark. That's your decision.
>You're certain you don't want to marry Sansa Stark. Cross her off the considerations list permanently and move on to the next potential bride.
>Let's call Sansa Stark a 'maybe' for now and look at some of the other brides.

80586 No.12398

Hmm, I'm sceptical of Alena being as good an option as she sounds - a huge kingdom to be had, sure, but seems like she doesn't want to be a royal at all, let alone bear a child. For all we know she's slipping out to meet her girlfriend!

But is Sansa really a better choice? We'll take Matchy's word that she'll be truly grateful, so the marriage part will work out, and we'll be at home initially to help warm her up to our ways and vice versa. Plus we'd peacefully resolve a civil war, go us.

On the other hand, we'd eventually be leaving our independent dukedom for a vassal kingship. When we get to the Stark lands why wouldn't the locals all view us as just a foreign puppet foisted by the southerners on their poor Sansa to save the trouble of wiping out the Stark family entirely? That's… actually completely true.

I'm not saying we'd be deposed, but the commoner women wouldn't want to bear our children, and that'd be just as bad. And didn't we want to be a king in our own right, not some other man's servant?

My posts are getting flagged as automated, so I'll say to
>take the third option of the ones provided, discover more potential brides

Oh and aristocrat, is Matchy presenting the girls in any kind of order? Most to least powerful, most to least likely to meet our approval, etc?

4c28e No.12400


Option 3. Though I'm seriously considering Sansa Stark over Alena. (Maybe it was because of the Game Of Thrones reference lel).

4035b No.12402

Also throwing my vote in for option three, let's see at least one more option.

She's presenting them in the order she'll get paid the highest commission for, obviously. At least that's my guess why she wants you to pick ASAP.

b1be7 No.12403

…given some of the language used concerning marriage to these girls, picking one doesn't necessarily write off the others. Still, good to see what our options are before we actually begin.

91af4 No.12404

>Let's call Sansa Stark a 'maybe' for now and look at some of the other brides.

04dba No.12407


Definitely a maybe here. If the story gets further involved with the Starks, perhaps just saving Sansa from this mess would be a better solution than trying to integrate Edward. Move her in, fake a death or two, then bam, you got a nice waifu stew going.

191d2 No.12410

Don't know if I want to get too involved in a Game of Thrones world. Doesn't sound too conducive for our long-term well-being.I'd put her as a no without writing her off completely.

a7a06 No.12414

Crying out loud, this thread moves! I'll actually have to come here more than once a day. I'm just glad that the vote I missed went the way I wanted anyway. Thanks gents!

As much as I would like to help Sansa out of her situation, bending the knee and getting involved in that hotbed of political and military activity sounds too dangerous for us. We're a lover, not a fighter, as the old saying goes. Scratch her off the list.

5c89f No.12415

Maybe sansa i like the thought of keeping our own little harem here while were at it

e271d No.12418

Part of me appreciates that we're still getting to look at Matchy completely naked in bed during the middle of this, just saying.

Gonna vote a pretty solid maybe/leaning no for Sansa. Speaking from a meta standpoint, I know exactly enough about Game of Thrones to know that we really probably don't want to open up that can of worms. In character, the point is to become king of our own lands, not a vassal lord of someone else's, and that note about Sansa not necessarily being innocent but at least being unfertilized means she won't be with child "when she arrives here", but not necessarily "never had a child at all". THAT would be an unfortunate trick to stumble into, having a bastard child turn up at an inopportune moment and set off some sort of conflict that could cost us our heads. Which would perfectly fit into GoT's style of plot twists.

I like this line of thinking, though. We should consider looking into what sort of secret intelligence resources Edward has to throw around. Arranging for Sansa to be wed to us and then having an "accident" happen while en route that leaves just enough behind to prove a death but otherwise safely ferries her to our door would be a pretty neat trick to pull.

I know, right? This thread's hauling ass.

b79b0 No.12420

I also like the idea in >>12407

However, going with Sansa would definitely turn the difficulty up to Lunatic, if not Extra Stage. Let's just keep that death-faking plot as a plan B.

Tl;dr: Maybe we need to explain to Matchy that one does not simply walk into the process of finding a wife.

I think that what I'm wondering most right now is: how many potential brides does Matchy have info on for us? (Also, yeeeees my nickname for her caught on I'm awesome bwahahaha) If she doesn't have many options to choose from, that could explain her discomfort; she may have thought that Edward would just horn-dog on the first girl he saw, and that would be that. She clearly hasn't counted on Edward being a fantastic combination of passionate, virile, caring lover and shrewd, calculating, ambitious nobleman.
Maybe if we go through a few more options, we'll frustrate her *just* enough to get some meatier plot stuff as she vents said frustrations. Let's try not to make it seem like we're doing it on purpose though, or she might just conclude the session, which would probably mess things up. (I don't know; I just feel like we're missing some information, like a world map or other similar things.)

Another possibility is that she was exaggerating the number of potential brides out there, and is embarrassed at the thought of us finding that out by going through all of her options.

e271d No.12421

I'm expecting Phantasm Stage. This is the Starks we're talking about, nothing is ever easy when it comes to them.

And I agree, we may need a better assessment of what Matchy's got to work with here, and how invested she actually is in us picking someone within the next ten minutes. She's borderline paranoid about that book, despite all signs being made that it's an incredible physical burden on her. I wonder if there's anything in there on Edward that she wouldn't want him seeing?

…Odd thought for consideration, maybe she's trying to get us to pick one because we're not her first stop? It's possible she's been to one or several of these other kingdoms already and shown our face and picture off to people, and they said "Sure, go get him!"? That'd leave her in a pretty big lurch if we declined someone who was under the impression we were already on our way.

13428 No.12422

That's something you'll have to figure out on your own.

>0 vote for option one, marry Sansa.

>1 vote for option two, don't marry Sansa, cross her off the list.
>9 votes for option three, mark Sansa as another 'maybe' and see the next girl.
>1 vote for say no to Sansa, but doesn't completely cross her off. (Which counts as 'maybe'.)

Choice made. Mark Sansa Stark as a 'maybe', and ask to see the next potential bride.

13428 No.12424

File: 1450229175893.jpg (251.94 KB, 850x408, matchmaker11.jpg)

You let out a small huff of air and then tell the matchmaker you'll consider Sansa Stark, but you'd like to see more girls before making a choice.


The matchmaker makes no objection, but pauses before turning the pages of her book again. Maybe she's got the hint you won't be jumping after the first or second girl dangled in front of you.

"Very well… I present to you your next option, then."

She turns the book toward you.

13428 No.12425

File: 1450229428499.png (379.59 KB, 369x588, elodie.png)

You see a picture of a young girl with pink hair done up in elaborate fashion and wearing regal robes, complete with a crown. Finally, this girl really looks like royalty. No question about it.

"This is Queen Elodie, of Nova. She's been Queen for several years, and she's yet to marry. She's given up on finding a husband among the nobles within her own territory and wants to marry a man who will bring political stability. –That's you. She thinks your status as an independent Duke, with no allegiance to another sovereign, will appease the rest of the court. You won't have expectations of them, and your eventual titles will remain your own and out of their reach."

And, you'll be King. Of course.

The matchmaker… hesitates.

"Well… no. The succession laws of Nova give great consideration to women. The title of Queen belongs to Elodie and her bloodline. If you marry her, you'll only ever be considered 'King-consort'. If Queen Elodie were to die, and you had not yet produced an heir, the title of Queen would pass to her cousin, not to you."

That sounded positively unheard of.

"More reason to produce an heir, isn't it? On the other hand, since women and men inherit equally, even if you first child was a girl, that wouldn't raise problems."

You weren't sure that was much of a benefit. Were there any other considerations?

"Yes. Queen Elodie is looking for a match on her own behalf. As such, she's added the preposition to your marriage vows that you will be faithful to her. If you were caught pursuing a romantic or sexual relationship with anyone else, that would be grounds for an annulment. Your marriage would be dissolved, any children you had with her would be declared illegitimate heirs, and you'd have to come home."

Oh. Then the entire thing would just be a waste of time. Fool around with even one other girl, everything ends?

"…unless she decided she didn't care. 'Grounds for annulment' isn't the same as asking for one."

How likely was that, though?

At this question, the matchmaker… purses her lips.

"There is a certain rumor, about Queen Elodie."


"It's said there are many beautiful women in Queen Elodie's court."

–Isn't that more reason to be worried about cheating on her? You were but a man, after all.

"No, I mean… Queen Elodie keeps beautiful women… in her court… and around her…"

…Oh. You get the idea. And she takes them to bed?

"I did not say that," says the matchmaker. Firmly.

Right, and you didn't hear it. You take another long look at Elodie's picture. Was she even of child-rearing age? She looked like she could stand to ripen a little more.

"It's an old portrait. It was drawn before her coronation. Several years have passed, and she is definitely of child-bearing age. –Her virginity is also in tact."

And the confirmation of that?

"Her word."

And her territory?

The matchmaker turns another page.

13428 No.12426

File: 1450229631404.jpg (54 KB, 500x377, MapOfNova.jpg)

"This is a map of Nova, and the various duchies that fall under it. Lampsi Island… you can see it in the middle, that's where her castle is. Of course, you would be expected to live there with her."

It looked like a modest bit of territory, but all those divisions suggested a crowded court. Not to mention the neighbors and that bit that said "contested territory".


Choice time:
>Queen Elodie of Nova is the one. You don't need to see anyone else. You're marrying Queen Elodie. That's your decision.
>You're certain you don't want to marry Queen Elodie. Cross her off the considerations list permanently and move on to the next potential bride.
>Let's call Queen Elodie a 'maybe' for now and look at some of the other brides.

80586 No.12427

Man, this is the first one I'm considering rejecting outright.

Honestly, her portfolio reads like Alena but worse on every aspect. She's not just a tomboy, she's playing for the other team. We won't get to be the power behind our scion's throne, more likely we'll just be Queenie's trophy husband. Rather than a bigass kingdom without rival, we get a mid-size, divided land jostling with its many neighbours.

Plus if the similarity to the video game is more than superficial, then Elodie's court won't be just crowded and fractious but positively murderous. Remember, if she meets with an unfortunate accident before we can finish our job then we get nothing, zip, nada.

But worst of all? WORST OF ALL? Our mighty D would be restrained by the mere whim of this pink-haired waif. Nay, I say, Sir Edward of Virilia will not be reduced to pleading to sow his oats. Dominion over all the world is not worth such a price.

… What was I talking about? Oh yeah, let's just say >maybe and see the next candidate.

4b83a No.12428

I say nay. Option two it is.

0c445 No.12429

Option 2. Screw limits.

e271d No.12430

I stand corrected, THIS would be Phantasm. This is exactly the game I was thinking of when I said getting involved in GoT would be a baaaaad idea. The amount of plotting and shenanigans going on in this game would require Edward to secretly be a ninja, control the CIA, and be able to single-handedly lead a campaign to conquer Russia in the dead of winter armed only with a single shot musket with no ammo and a ragtag army of six deserters and a cat behind him in order to successfully survive long enough to see an heir born, let alone actually get anything out of it. And that's not even counting dealing with Elodie herself, or any of her "restrictions".

That said, at no point should we ever outright say no here, and thus I shall not. Option 3, a very firm yet pessimistic Maybe.

4035b No.12431

You know, first thing I realized when I saw candidate #3 was that I've had this in my steam account for a over year and haven't played it yet. Should probably get on that.

Back on topic, given what we've been presented, unless she's letting us have her sloppy seconds (seems unlikely) we're basically getting tied to one woman to secure her power. Elodie certainly has a lot to gain from us, but we really don't stand to gain much from her.

That being said, there is a silver lining here: Elodie is the one with a target on her back, not us. If things go south (and we survive it), we just get shipped back to our dukedom and could potential try again, which makes her a safer choice than Alena or especially Sansa in terms of politics.

After much consideration, I think I'm going to vote option 2. She's not the one to take as a wife…but, if/when she get's desperate, we may be able to work out a deal for her on the side if we're discreet.

191d2 No.12433

Interesting. I wanted to rate this one a high maybe until I read the comments. That fidelity clause is giving me some concern, but if the rumors are true, we could be in for a long succession of threesome. I'd rate this one investigate more, keeping an eye out for the murderous intent of the court.

4035b No.12434

And this whole time, all Matchy can think is "Who would have pegged the Mad Rutting Beast as so hard to please?"

e271d No.12435

I think I see the pattern, by the way. These are basically going in ascending order of "difficulty" in regards to the possibility of us either screwing up or somehow getting ourselves killed. Alena's more or less Easy Mode, we just somehow turn a tomboy into a willing mother and everything's smooth sailing. Sansa herself is relatively okay, but there's a decent chance of some sort of plot or what have you popping up to make our lives harder, and Elodie's bio makes it every clear that if we pick this one, we better know what we're getting into.

efd09 No.12436

I choose option 1, im up for a challenge, and we can manipulate her, especially if we catch her with a woman (and get us a whole court of wives

b1be7 No.12438

Elodie might be Hard Mode, but there might be a way to get her to come to see things our way. That being said, put her as a maybe, but definitely NOT first choice.

I'd hate to see Very Hard mode at this point, but we have had one girl where there were potentially nobler goals in play than merely crowning ourselves King and spreading our seed. That sort of thing might endear us to the likes of Elodie.

a7a06 No.12439

Something more difficult than GoT where everyone dies? That makes me nervous for what's to come.

We might be getting on Matchy's nerves by now, but let's put her for a Maybe.

b79b0 No.12442


Sweet Moses Malone. I have heard some TERRIFYING rumors about dealing with Elodie, mainly in the sense that her game is the "I Wanna Be The Guy" of its genre. Lots of bad choices, lots of sudden B.S., lots of resetting, and lots of tears.
So many tears ;-;

What makes you think that Elodie would be the only one with a target on her back? Granted, I don't think the other nobles would see Edward as anything more than a trophy husband, but his risk grows with every day that he manages to survive in that place. Skeletons get pulled out of closets, blood is seen on others' hands, and the sexual tension would mount as well!

Ultimately, I don't want to say "no" outright. There's always a chance that there are some extra rewards that we just don't know about by picking Queen "Red Flag Mode" Elodie, but I would personally need to see some serious incentives aside from "You guys voted for a challenge".
I mean, thinking about it, I realize that aristocrat's goal is going to be having us more-or-less manage a kingdom, so the whole difficulty is centered around that. In other words, this kinda *is* what we signed up for.
What this decision comes down to is:
1. How many more options are there? (I'd guess 0-1, considering it does look like they're being arranged by increasing difficulty.)
2. Is a greater difficulty worth it in any other way than the fact that it is a greater difficulty, a.k.a. bragging rights? (Doesn't look like it to me; little progress towards Edward's ambitions, unenjoyable sex life, and high stress, but anything is possible.)
3. How much do we trust our combined ability to keep from getting screwed over, since any bride we choose is going to result in some amount of political intrigue? (I can't contribute to that as much as I'd like, since I've never played her game, and therefore don't fully understand her setting.)

Once we answer these questions, I think we'll be able to make our choice, though I'll say that Alena or heck, even Sansa are looking far better by comparison. This is part of why I was asking for a world map before. If Nova-the-country happens to be substantially bigger than the others, that counts toward making choosing Elodie worth it.

Final vote: somewhere between "maaaaaaybe, if I agree to do so while under the influence of many drugs" and "NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE."

13428 No.12444

File: 1450248559314.jpg (73.21 KB, 850x531, matchmaker12.jpg)

>1 vote for option one, marry Queen Elodie.
>3 votes for option two, don't marry Queen Elodie, remove Queen Elodie from consideration.
>4 votes for option three, mark Queen Elodie as a 'maybe' and see the next bride.
>1 vote for "investigate more." (Which I guess means 'grill the matchmaker for more info'.)
>1 vote for "between maybe and no." (Which I count as 'maybe'.)

Mark Queen Elodie as a 'maybe', and ask to see the next potential bride.

There's a lot of things to consider here, but you tell the matchmaker you'd like to keep Queen Elodie under consideration and see the next profile.

At this, the matchmaker lifts an eyebrow.

"All right… but if possible, can you at least pick one of these three girls to eliminate completely from your consideration?"

What for? Does she not have any potential brides left for you?

She shakes her head.

"There are quite a few left, but if you're not ready to make a decision, I'd at least like you to pick one you definitely don't want of these three already."

What difference does that make?

"…it might take us the entire day to get through the choices, and then you might like to think about it some more. That's your right, but in the meantime, your potential brides are just sitting there, waiting. If you can at least tell me: 'I definitely won't want her as my bride,' I can report back to my guild that you've rejected her and they can start presenting her to other suitors."

Oh, so that was it. There's an entire guild for matchmakers? That made sense. The brides had come from all over the place. It wasn't as if the matchmaker could visit each country by herself.

Still, is that really a problem? You've known women, noblewomen even, who've spent their entire lives waiting to be married.

"Yes, but these aren't ordinary noblewomen. They're princesses and queens, and other important heirs. They need a match now, and they don't have a lifetime to wait."

You try to hold back your frustration. Surely, one day won't make much of a difference?

"No, but it won't be just a day. It takes time for messengers to be sent out. One day thinking can easily become a lot longer before their work is done."

That seemed unreasonable. What about using birds for your messages?

"No, marriage documents are much too vast for that." she says.

You're starting to get the idea. She's so protective of that book because it's likely she has to share it with whatever other matchmakers are out there.

Your curiosity was piqued. What other men were being shown these brides? Or going to be shown, anyway, if you turned them down.

Her nose wrinkles in displeasure again. It's almost looking cute on her, now. Especially with her stripped naked.

"…even if I knew, that's not something that really concerns you, is it?"

–Well, probably not.

She looks at you expectantly. She really wants you to at least give a definite 'no' to someone. If you had to do that…

Choice time:
>Cross Princess Alena off the potential bride list permanently.
>Cross Sansa Stark off the potential bride list permanently.
>Cross Queen Elodie off the potential bride list permanently.
>You're just not ready to say a definite 'no'. Maybe if we flirt with her a little more she'll let the matter drop until you see a few more girls.

191d2 No.12446

Definite no to Sansa Stark.

e271d No.12447

Aristocrat, real talk with us for a minute. Are we making you have to come up with more ideas than you expected to, or do you actually have a backlog ready to go?

Cause I'm going with Option 4. I'm still vaguely entertaining the idea of somehow turning all three of these to our advantage somehow.

13428 No.12448

Real talk! You guys are not making me come up with more than I planned. I have a list I'm going through, and it's about 8-10 girls, depending on how it's counted. Some of them are more definite "I have an idea of where to take the story if she is chosen" vs. "I have vague ideas and will improvise as it goes," but the matchmaker's frustration does not equal my frustration. She has her own agenda.

(Although I won't be making a world map, because that's just too much work and it'd limit what I could say exists.)

53e94 No.12449

Option 4.

f507c No.12452

Cross off Elodie I reckon.

1cda5 No.12453

>Cross Princess Alena off the potential bride list permanently.

80586 No.12455

Oh yeah, excuse us for taking a little time in picking our life partner, Matchy. If she insists, then remove Elodie.

I think we've mostly agreed there are so many red flags there it ain't funny.

31940 No.12457

Option 2, bye Sansa

8650f No.12458

option 3 for sure

5c89f No.12459

option 3
to much sudden death in that game

efd09 No.12460

My vote is to nix sansa

4035b No.12462

Cross Elodie of the list.

b1be7 No.12463

I think Sansa is worth saving, at least, even if all it does is get her away from her captors and into our bed and nothing else. Alena's adventurous spirit might be useful for something later on.

I'd say option 4, but if actually pressed then poor Elodie winds up off the list (for now, anyway). Maybe if we had some gifts for her…

5a30d No.12465

Option 3, but see if we can mix it with the benefits of option 4.

191d2 No.12467

If we don't mind triggering a war of unification, our goal could always be to position ourselves as the high king ruling over all the lands with the queen of each kingdom being wed to Edward.

e271d No.12468

This is why I like you, Moe. You have the best ideas.

a7a06 No.12469

If only man, but I don't know if we have the combined skill to pull that off. If I were better at chess and politics, I might have more confidence in myself on that matter.

Sorry Elodie, for I say option 3.

4b83a No.12470

I vote option two. Sure, Sansa may have my sympathy, but we all know how THAT game is played. No thanks, Samuel!

191d2 No.12471

Thanks. That's actually one of several ideas for a story I want to write. But that's for when I finish or give up on my current novel. And even then it's unfortunately lower on the list of things to write.

6ef87 No.12473

I have the same outlook as Moe. I'd really like to see this whole adventure wrap up with Eddie as king of everything with all possible brides. But the brides, as well very insistent Matchy, are making that reality very hard to see for the moment.

My vote is for option 4. We've flirted for full-on sex, we can flirt more info out of her.

13428 No.12474

>1 vote for option one, cross off Princess Alena.
>4 votes for option two, cross off Sansa Stark.
>6 votes for option three, cross off Queen Elodie.
>4 votes for option four, flirt with the matchmaker until she doesn't care anymore.
>1 vote for both cross off Queen Elodie and flirt with the matchmaker.

Cross off Queen Elodie from the list of potential suitors.

Update soon.

13428 No.12477

File: 1450308616054.png (212.08 KB, 600x600, matchmaker13.png)

You think of all you've learned so far about the various brides. Your mind sticks on Queen Elodie. That vow of 'faithfulness' she's asking for is rather confining. And you're not exactly thrilled with the idea of being 'King-consort' either. She was rather cute, though, and it always pained you to think a girl may go through life not knowing the joy of taking your seed. But, still, a decision had to be made.

Queen Elodie can be removed from consideration, you tell the matchmaker.

The matchmaker lets out a small, but audible, sigh of relief.

"Very well, I'll make a note of that."

But, you follow up, you have to wonder something… is she on the list of potential brides?


The matchmaker herself, of course. Was that the point? Getting you to eliminate suitors, then reveal she was the one left, all along?

Her eyes go wide as saucers and her cheeks puff out indignantly.

"N-not at all! I'm just your matchmaker… nothing more," she says.

Your words take a playful tone. Surely, she was more, now? She was a future mother to your child… and you couldn't be happier for that. After all, she has all the desirable traits…

Your hands move to her legs to trace her feminine curves and whisper some words to her about her impressive, child-bearing hips.

The matchmaker's cheeks glow a light crimson.

Your hands then find her breasts. You tell her how soon they will grow even bigger and fill up with milk to make a nice, healthy meal for your kin.

She positively shakes with arousal, but still holds her blank expression.

"I… have… the profile for your next potential bride prepared…"

You keep your hands exactly where they are and tell her to turn the page and show you then. You really should put a second batch of seed inside her… just to help ensure she does become pregnant. But, that can wait for a little longer.

The matchmaker turns the page.

13428 No.12478

File: 1450308906972.jpg (489.17 KB, 700x990, King Arturia.jpg)

"Have you heard the story of King Arthur Pendragon?" she asks.

You have heard it, actually. King Arthur brought the island of Brittania under his rule, ending a decade long war several years ago and turning it into his Kingdom. There were quite a few songs about it that traveling minstrels were fond of singing at carnival.

"Yes. King Arthur, savior of Brittania. There's been a slightly shocking development though…"

She points to the portrait of a regal, stern looking woman wearing a crown, peculiarly feminine armor, and carrying a rather impressive sword.

–Wait, wasn't the fact that King Arthur had a legendary sword part of his story?

"King Arthur… is actually a woman."

You eyes shift to stare at the matchmaker's face, as if waiting for her to say 'just kidding,' but… the matchmaker hasn't shown herself as a woman inclined to joking around. You let your hands finally drop from her breasts as that piece of information sinks in.

"As you can see, this complicates things for her, and Brittania."

To say the least. Surely this was a huge scandal.

"Indeed. Technically, it'd invalidate her claims she fought and won… but none of the lesser noblemen in her court have made a move, yet. No one wants to, for fear of disturbing the peace, re-igniting the war, and possibly losing their own claims if the new Queen Arturia was to win again. She's already done so once, and the coalition she fought back then was even stronger."

So, it was a mixture of fear and pragmatism that was holding the country together and righting the inheritance laws.

"Yes. Now that her secret's out, she wants to find a husband who will provide her with a legitimate heir, before anyone gathers up the nerve to say she has no right to the throne of Britannia in the first place."

…And that someone was you, for the usual reasons of your independence and potent seed.

The matchmaker nods.

"She wants to avoid marriage within her court for fear of offending someone and drawing clear sides between nobles who support her and nobles who don't.

Prudent, perhaps, but then how would you fit in to all of this? Wouldn't the law naturally benefit you to take her claim outright?

"Strictly speaking, once an heir was produced, you'd become King… but Queen Arturia is acting as if the laws still apply as if she were a man. If you go along with that, your children will have her name and she'll continue to be treated as the true authority. If you don't…"

…you might just start a civil war.

"Not necessarily. If you were able to gain the confidence of the majority of the court, Queen Arturia would likely have no choice but to allow her power to slip to you. You'd be King in your own right, then."

Britannia was an impressive island… its isolation would protect you from external threats, if not internal ones.

Wait a minute. King Arthur had a wife, and a child, you're sure. What about them?

"The marriage was declared illegitimate, as well as the child. No one knows who the real father is, but the child was born from 'King Arthur's' wife, not herself."

You muse that would be a convincing deception if she could feign fathering a child. But then… how old was Queen Arturia? That war lasted a decade. Was she beyond child-bearing age?

The matchmaker takes a close look at a line on another page.

"She's just shy of thirty years."

…That was still fresh enough for child-rearing purposes, yes, but…

"She's also kept her purity throughout her false-marriage and time spent as a man."

Right, so says her word, you're sure.

The matchmaker shakes her head.

"She consented to a body inspection. Her maidenhead is whole."

Your eyes went back to her portrait. She was depicted with many feminine traits… especially that "dress" of armor. But was it accurate?

"From what I understand, she was never fond of acting 'mannish'. She's seeking to recover her femininity now that the truth is known."

Without giving up her power, that is. Well? Had she asked for a "faithfulness" vow?

"…She has not."


>Marry Queen Arturia Pendragon.

>Put her down as a 'maybe' and move on to the next bride.

191d2 No.12482

I may have ulterior motives for wanting to go with Arturia. Should we decide to go for a war of unification, she'll be a great ally. Hell, should we decide on marriages of unification, she might be willing.

And, if we decide to hide on our new island and turn it into a gravid paradise, that would also work.

I'm reluctant to cross off the rest of the girls without knowing anything about them, but Arturia is the only one on my short-list right now.

e5c89 No.12484

Vote: >Marry Queen Arturia Pendragon.

I know I should want to wait to see all the candidates but I just have to vote this way

80586 No.12485

Interesting. A lot of benefits here, all balanced against one giant drawback: we'll have to basically pull off a bloodless palace coup to win the real kingship. Brittania would be quite a prize, but Arturia's no sheltered princess. She'll be cunning and savvy and I doubt she'd take being sidelined well. Do we really want to have to side, effectively, against our own wife? Even if we pull it off, that marriage is gonna get real awkward.

Might be a cool adventure though, I personally enjoy Arthurian legends, and she's surely better than Sansa or Elodie.

>Put her down as a maybe

6ef87 No.12486


Really digging Arturia! But there's still more candidates to see!

Option 2, please~

c80aa No.12487

Marry queen arturia, straight gold in all parts, temprament, gains, terms, awesome

a7a06 No.12488

*chuckles* Apparently there are a lot of Saber fans in here. I really need to play that VN.

Thanks for the sum up, and basically my feelings as well.

Have to put her as a maybe.

a9ef4 No.12489

Option 1, I guess we can start with our first.

e271d No.12491

Oh jeez, I saw this coming a mile away. Very solid maybe, but if we have to go for any of them on this list she's at least someone I'm positive about.

I see your point, but it's worth noting that Arturia won through brute strength, not political maneuvering. Edward could potentially outmatch her at court even if he could never beat her on the field. Alternatively, we could also end up covering her ass pretty well against any other sort of machinations being put together against her, especially regarding the other Knights of the Round and eventually Mordred as well. And make no mistake, if we go down this route we WILL be dealing with those particular issues at some point.

Long Live The Queen was basically Princess Maker with Fate/Stay Night's number of potential bad ends. Well, here's Fate/Stay Night. I heavily recommend it if you've never checked it out, but remember going in that there are a grand FORTY Bad Ends across the game. Have fun!

e271d No.12492

Pregchan decided to wipe my sn on the last post for some reason.

Oh jeez, I saw this coming a mile away. Very solid maybe, but if we have to go for any of them on this list she's at least someone I'm positive about.

I see your point, but it's worth noting that Arturia won through brute strength, not political maneuvering. Edward could potentially outmatch her at court even if he could never beat her on the field. Alternatively, we could also end up covering her ass pretty well against any other sort of machinations being put together against her, especially regarding the other Knights of the Round and eventually Mordred as well. And make no mistake, if we go down this route we WILL be dealing with those particular issues at some point.

Long Live The Queen was basically Princess Maker with Fate/Stay Night's number of potential bad ends. Well, here's Fate/Stay Night. I heavily recommend it if you've never checked it out, but remember going in that there are a grand FORTY Bad Ends across the game. Have fun!

4035b No.12493

Also put me down as option 2, maybe.

One of these days I need to get around to playing the original game, I got in through the franchise through the spin-offs that actually made it over here. If Red Saber from Fate/Extra was being offered, I'd say go for it.

b1be7 No.12494

Now this is a tricky one. There's no doubt Arturia would be invaluable to have on our side, and we don't necessarily have to take the crown from her unless we're trying for the unification/harem end (in which case she'd probably prove useful in getting ANY of the other girls, perhaps even Elodie if we were to revisit that mess at a later time).

Still, we have options to weigh. Arturia is a maybe right now, but DEFINITELY on the short list.

247d3 No.12496

I vote 2. None of the girls have been my type. I've decided that's how I'm going to be casting my vote. I'll save my political scheming for when there's time to scheme.

13428 No.12498

File: 1450337207459.png (419.56 KB, 520x780, matchmaker14.png)

>3 votes for option one, marry Queen Arturia Pendragon.
>8 votes for option two, mark Queen Arturia as a 'maybe' and see the next girl.

Mark Queen Arturia Pendragon as a 'maybe' and see the next girl.

You tell the matchmaker it's an honor to be considered a match for the legendary "Queen Arturia," which is why you'd like to keep her as a potential 'maybe' and see the next girl.

"All right. This next potential match is a little different from the rest… but you may be interested."

She turns the page.

5d7d6 No.12499

I forward a strong "maybe" on Queen Pendragon.

13428 No.12500

File: 1450337615640.jpg (920.96 KB, 819x1024, Flora.jpg)

The portrait facing back is of a young girl, and you're struck by the vibrancy of her outfit. It may be the artist's hand, but the portrait has given her such a combination of complex construction and color, and immediately you get the impression that her family must be very well-off. It's a style even some better noble houses wouldn't have access to. Hell, you didn't have access to it.

"This is Flora Briscoletti, daughter of Ludman Briscoletti, head of the Briscoletti family. They're the family that owns and operates the Briscoletti Trading Company, and they're searching for a match to suit their daughter's needs."

… merchants.


… In other words, not nobility. They're commoners with no titles or claims.

"Technically… yes. They operate independently under trading guidelines from the free territory of Veneta, and don't have a liege. But, they do have their massive trade business and all the money that comes with it."

That was something to consider… but would you inherit it?

"Eventually. Ludman Briscoletti is offering his daughter with a substantial dowry. Three large caravels, each full of the best fabrics, exotic spices, and gold."

How much gold?

"Tons… for reference, I've discussed it with your father, and the gold alone is the equivalent of four times the amount of goods your future holdings would produce in a year."

Is that so? So this family could buy and sell your dukedom twice on her dowry alone. …But, what about the rest of it?

"Once Ludman died? To Flora, or her male heir… but that's as good as it passing to you directly. You could use the money to purchase a controlling stake in their Trading Company, and then you'd have access to whatever wealth you wanted."

If you could accept actually operating the thing. You weren't a tradesman by any means, you'd have to learn the craft and a whole set of new politics if you wanted to do that. Not to mention it'd distract from managing your dukedom.

You take a deep breath and tilt your head, scrutinizing the portrait. You ask the matchmaker, what about this girl, Flora, herself?

"Her hobbies are knitting, cooking, flower arranging, and other homemaking. She very much wants to be a good wife. And she very much wants children. She's said specifically she's hoping to have at least six."

–Well, that was good news. Even someone as virile as yourself had yet to gift a single woman with six children… you could almost feel the seed in your testicles stirring in anticipation of it as a challenge.

"She's known for her kindness, and she's the very model of purity. She's never known a man's touch, never kissed, never flirted… she's an extreme virgin in every way."

That could once have been said of the matchmaker as well, you'd wager. You keep that thought to yourself, though.

You ask if there's a faithfulness vow required from you in the offer.


Very interesting… you ask if you'd actually have to move to live with the Briscoletti family, or if Flora would be sent to you?

"That, you can have your own preference. Flora can come to you, with her dowry, or you are free to move to the Veneta and move into their mansion. In that case, your dowry would be retained and reserved for your use until you inherited your Dukedom and returned to Virilia with Flora. You'd be given your own section of the house and your own personal set of maids."

Nice to know your father wouldn't get bright ideas of using your gifts. Still… you're not sure you'd want to leave Virilia behind to live in lands you wouldn't have a claim to.

"But," the matchmaker continues, "before you make a decision, you may want to see what the Briscoletti mansion looks like."

She turns another page.

13428 No.12501

File: 1450337770817.jpg (72.72 KB, 474x600, deborah.jpg)

You see a huge sprawling palace, or at least what looks close enough to being a palace without being a palace. You see huge oak doors with ornate markings, polished cut-stone bricks, tremendous glass windows, awnings, strong columns, and even armed guards at the sides, which only increased the scale of the house. You could definitely see the allure of living in such an opulent place.

Outside the door were three figures. One you recognized as Flora. The older man must be Ludman Briscoletti…


Who's the other girl?

"Her?" The matchmaker leaned closer to look, then read from another line of text.

"That's Flora's twin sister, Deborah."

…Was she a potential bride?

"I don't have her profile, but this does mention that she is unmarried. If you'd like, I could possibly contact the Briscoletti family about her, and see if you could arrange to be wed to her instead. –But I don't have any notes about her personality."

That worried you… a twin sister? What if she became married and had her own family? That might cut into your inheritance with Flora.

"I'm sorry, I don't have any information regarding Deborah, other than that she exists, is unmarried, lives at the Briscoletti mansion, and that's her portrait. …That's Flora's only sibling, though. No brothers to speak of."

That was a surprising twist. Although… if the portrait was even the slightest bit accurate, Deborah clearly had her own assets. Large ones.


Choice time:
>Marry Flora Briscoletti.
>You simply have to know more about Deborah. Ask the matchmaker if she can get a profile sometime in the future if you end up not making a decision today, and go on to the next girl.
>Consider Flora as a 'maybe' and ask to see the next girl.

c5a01 No.12507


Option 2. The older one looks hot.

1cda5 No.12508

I vote for Option 2:
>You simply have to know more about Deborah. Ask the matchmaker if she can get a profile sometime in the future if you end up not making a decision today, and go on to the next girl.

191d2 No.12509

Flora is prime wife material. Deborah far less so. I'd add Flora to the shortlist and move on, but my mind is plotting. If we could break Deborah, she might be the one best suited to run the merchant empire. That would free us to take Flora with us to Brittania, come to a modified agreement with Arturia. When/if we decide to conquer the continent, we will have the brute force of Arturia and the financial and trading might of the Briscoletti clan.

I vote to put Flora on the shortlist, don't worry about Deborah, and look at the rest of our choices.

80586 No.12510

File: 1450341293122.gif (1.63 MB, 352x288, Ludman Briscoletti.gif)

Neat, a 'Merchant Prince' route.

To my eyes this is basically a reverse of the royal options: damn near perfect girl but modest assets.

Ok, we'd be scaling back our ambitions hugely to marry Flora - we'd not be a king, just a really rich Duke. True we MIGHT be able to scheme our way into extra royal brides or something (sup Sansa?), but that's true for most of our options.

The basic offer is to literally stay the Duke we are but get a pile of money now and an even bigger pile of money when dearest father-in-law dies. That's all real nice, but aren't we a bit early in history for carving out territories by commercial might alone? And even if it were possible, wouldn't we be a bit arrogant to assume WE can pull it off? We're a charmer and manipulator, sure, but I doubt we know the price of bread. Eh, maybe we'd have time to learn while waiting for our inheritance.

Then again, the selling point's obvious. Flora's going to be 100% on board with our family agenda and the D is free to sample the sights of Veneta or wherever else we end up, if we wish. Pimpin' pad in a nice part of the world, free to travel rather than being tied down to a kingdom, be Edward the globetrotting playboy with hot pseudo-Italian wife. Yeah, it's hardly a bleak outlook.

Her sister's such an unknown quantity it's not really worth worrying about it. At worst she marries and cuts the inheritance in half, big deal? She's not worth delaying the whole matchmaking process to investigate, that's for sure.

>Option 3, maestro. Wonder if Matchy will make us eliminate another one soon.

4b83a No.12513

I vote option one. She seems like a fine gal; and she wants babbies, which suits us just fine.

Although… I would like to know a bit more about her sister, but not for marriage purposes; I am getting major red flags on that front. Something don't seem quite right

80586 No.12515

Wait, shit, you're right. Matchy's got a book full of lengthy professional portfolios on the personal, family and political situations of these girls, and the best intel she has on this bride's TWIN SISTER is that 'she exists'.

Dammit, Deborah's the big family secret isn't she? Insane, or a vampire, or secretly has a penis and wants to challenge us as Impregnator King.

…Let's send her to Elodie as an apology for the rejection.

13428 No.12516

I love to watch you all speculate, but I will say upfront that there is no 'mpreg option' in the game. None of the women you can get married to will turn out to be guys.

f507c No.12517

Option 1, bring her to our castle setup prego heaven.

Also i'm pretty sure as long as you offer more options people are going to choose to keep looking.

e5c89 No.12518

Option three
She sounds nice and all but at this point we might as well see the rest.

8650f No.12523

option 1

daacc No.12524

Option 3 Lets see the other candidates before we make a decision.

4035b No.12525

Tough choice, on the one hand I would like to more about Deborah and she's certainly looks more my type than her sister. On the other hand, she probably wasn't put on the list for us in the first place for a reason, plus we'd have to wait for a response to our inquiry about her, which may take awhile. Who knows what could happen in that time?

I'm going to go with Option 3, though I'm very tempted. The way I see it, we can move out to the Briscoletti estate to marry Flora and find out first hand what Deborah's deal is and, if all looks good, get to work on sowing our seeds in both sisters (hurrah for a lack of faithfulness clause). Plus, the fresh entourage of maids is an added bonus and if we're living in trade hub that ups the chance of meeting other lovely and potential exotic partners for business and pleasure.

On the political front, one must also consider that merchants can, with a little skill and luck, buy and negotiate their way to higher power, especially if this setting is any thing at all like the real world late Medieval/early Renaissance period.

Let's at least see one more girl, but with the addition of Flora, I think my personal short list is full now.

b1be7 No.12527

Yeah, I think we've just seen THE two major game-breakers on the list (of course, we haven't seen the whole list). Between Arturia and Flora, we may just be able to get damn near anything we want.

It would be nice to know more about her sister, but for now we'll just settle for checking our options further and having her join Arturia on the short list.

e271d No.12532

I love how we're basically scheming to figure out how to get all of these girls somehow. It makes a harem-loving pervert like me proud.

Gonna agree with the general opinion that between Fiora and Arturia we're completely set, but Deborah is WAY too much of an unknown factor to not at least ask about her first, and I admit I always went for Bianca in my DQ5 playthroughs. I know OF Deborah, but I don't know ABOUT her. Option 2.

6ef87 No.12533


Whaaaaaa, why not both?? Twin wives and at least six pregnancies!
Option 2, Deborah's single so she's just as eligible to mingle as the other brides. Royal harem all the way!

010c5 No.12534

option 3

a7a06 No.12537

Ho boy. Things are getting really split with this one. But we have to pick a bride to start with sometime, and I say now is as good a time as any. We may not have experience with trading, but who better to learn from than the best? It will also give us leverage and something to offer other brides (Arturia*cough*). And marrying Flora (who is very nice in her own right) will let us find out more about Deborah.

Option 1. It's not everything we want right off the bat, but we can play the long game.

e271d No.12539

I definitely agree with Flora being a good choice, but I'm still curious to see what other options Matchy's got hidden in that book of hers first.

13428 No.12546

>4 votes for option one, marry Flora Briscoletti.
>4 votes for option two, ask for a profile for Deborah.
>7 votes for option three, mark her as a 'maybe' and see the next girl.
>1 vote for send her to Elodie. (Did you vote already?)

Mark Flora Briscoletti as a 'maybe' and see the next girl.

Poll closed.
Update coming soon.

13428 No.12548

File: 1450402650671.jpg (575.19 KB, 850x1214, matchmaker16.jpg)

You tap your finger to your chin. Flora certainly had been talked up as having an appropriate personality, and you were a bit charmed by the allure of the unknown Deborah…

Despite that, you want to see the next profile. You tell the matchmaker you'll keep Flora under consideration, and to please show you the next bride.

"Very well."

She doesn't say anything more. Maybe she's given up pressuring you?

"This next bride is a bit unique… but you may be interested."

You can't help but shrug, vaguely. More unique than a King-turned-Queen and everyone else you've seen so far?

She turns the page.

13428 No.12549

File: 1450402966590.jpg (347.7 KB, 850x1281, Menace.jpg)

The portrait of the next girl sprawls before you, and you're awed by the sheer amount of naked flesh before you. Her chest and crotch coverings only spare her the slightest bit of modesty, but this is no skimpy dancer costume. The gold jewelry and ornate circlet suggest a social status much higher than that.

Her bronze skin, painted lips and fingernails were an exotic quality you'd never before seen. Who was this woman?

"This is Menace… her full name is a bit longer, but 'Menace' is fine to refer to her. She's the Pharaoh from the desert country of Amara, but it equates to her being a Queen, so you can call her 'Queen Menace'."

Amara… you hadn't heard of such a country, but if she was Queen of a desert country… that could only mean she was a pagan. Or infidel, whatever the Church called her.

"Yes, you're right. She follows a religion outside the Church."

Then she was surely outside of being an option for a marriage with you. You weren't the most pious of men, but marriage was a union made by the Church. If she wasn't a follower, there'd be no marriage.

"This is a special situation. Amara is primarily composed of their own pagan religion, but it has a small minority of people who worship the Church. Descendants of pilgrims traveling through the country, or traders who were allowed to do business. The Church has been wanting to afford them protection and build a monastery to allow them to worship, but Amara's own clergy have resisted all attempts. It's created a tense situation with no easy solution."

Which… somehow, would involve you?

The matchmaker nods.

"The Church has negotiated a deal with Amara. Queen Menace will wed with you, and your marriage will be recognized by both religions. The Church will be allowed to build a monastery, and their followers will be guaranteed protection by the nobility."

–The Church would certainly be grateful to you for that.

"Very. …Although, as a symbol of the Church's side of the deal, you would be expected to make appearances at the monastery to properly show your faith. You'd have to distinguish yourself as maintaining a distance from Amara's religion."

That wasn't necessarily bad… maybe a little less time and money for you, but it would likely mean access to that most forbidden of fruit… nuns.

You keep that idea to yourself, but you can't help smiling at the thought.

The matchmaker looks at you suspiciously, so you turn it into a question… does that explain Queen Menace's outfit?

"Yes, they have different standards of attire. …And it's a hot country."

Indeed… and the ugly staff?

"Her royal scepter. …It's supposed to be a cat. Cats are lucky."

You make a mental note not to call it 'ugly' in front of her.

If you were playing 'Church poster boy,' would you be expected to be faithful to Queen Menace, on pain of annulment?

"No… you wouldn't."

That was good news. The Church didn't condone your behavior, but they had never confronted you about it. Just follow along, don't step on the Priest's toes, and…

"And neither would she," says the matchmaker, interrupting your thoughts.

–Neither would she, what?

"She wouldn't be expected to be faithful to you, either."

You blink a little bit. That was a new development. Why not? The matchmaker said all women would be expected to maintain that vow.

"…The Amara religion doesn't have that standard. She refused to agree to it. So, she would be free to take whoever she wanted to bed."

That… that was tremendously short-sighted. What then, if she made you a cuckold?

"The arrangement is that you're expected to both produce many children, and you will both personally select and agree to which child will become heir, and both religions will confirm the choice."

–To make sure I'd pick one that's mine.

The matchmaker says nothing, but you're sure that was the logic behind it.

"…if you keep her satisfied, she might not need anyone else."

You wince at the idea of possibly giving your inheritance to the wrong child. What if you couldn't decide?

"Then your claims and land would pass independently. Your dukedom would pass to your brother, her Kingdom to someone in her own family."

He'd like that, you muse, silently.

Although… if she was under no term to remain faithful to you, and neither you to her, then there was no way your marriage would ever be annulled.

"She could ask for an annulment if you don't provide an heir, but otherwise, yes."

Would that include repeatedly saying 'no' to choosing someone from the children you produce with her?

"…Possibly. Though, I'd think the Church would pressure you into doing it."

You sigh. You ask, does she claim to have her purity?

"…She's made no statement either way."

That's a no, then.

All right, does the matchmaker have a map of her territory to show you?

She nods, and turns the page a map of Amara. You turn your attention to it.

You see a rather large stretch of territory. Larger than Nova, or Brittania, but… other than what followed along a river connected to the ocean, it was all inhospitable desert, right?

"More or less."

You see the outlines of other holdings at the borders. These were all held by more pagans?

"…from what I understand, yes."

Well… At least there was all that desert in between you all.

You ask the matchmaker to turn back to the page with Queen Menace's picture on it and she does so. You go over her features. She was no doubt, beautiful.

What's her personality, you ask?

"She's said to be gregarious, and very focused on entertainment. Her palace often hosts many celebrations, every season. …Including ones dedicated to fertility."


>Marry Queen Menace.

>Put Queen Menace down as a 'maybe' and see the next bride.

8650f No.12550

option 2 or better yet 3: Remove her from consideration >_>

daacc No.12551

Damn, so close to being a winner to. While marrying her allows us to get in the Churches graces( and its always a good idea to get in the churches graces), she not obligated to do the same. One hand she has too much power over us that she can decide who gets be her heir. Plus there is no is no guarantee if we can convert her or her people to our religion.

Vote 3 to move on and cross her out. We have to time for be cucked by a heathen.

e271d No.12552

I hate to say it, but Menace is probably gonna end up getting declined pretty hard as even a passing thought. There are enough ins and outs to give us some fun material to work with, but the fact she doesn't have to be faithful, something no one else so far, even Elodie, have noted as a possibility they would do, along with all of the other potential losses that this route has waiting along it makes me very wary of going this way. Option 2, and if Matchy asks us to cross someone else off the list pretty soon, she's definitely my first pick.

191d2 No.12553

I think we can safely cross her off.

a7a06 No.12554

One idea I want to plant in the heads of my fellow players (and the GM if he hasn't planned it already) is to have the Matchmaker on retainer. Whoever we pick, we'll eventually be hunting for a little more, and we'll need her services again. Also keep this in mind for now, because we don't have to know or remember all the girls right now.

I agree with the rest. I dig her appearance and her personality, but the lack of faithfulness on her part will make us question too much, and besides the Church, there doesn't seem to be a lot to gain. We might have enough skill to keep her satisfied, but we'll still be looking over our shoulder and doubting.

Scratch her off the marriage list, but let's invite her to a party in the future.

80586 No.12555

I agree with this. Being a pawn in religious tension is clearly a bad idea, we risk clashing with her or her people over cultural/religious/philosophical differences, we can never be certain of the parentage of our successor, and we don't know if we'd get to actually rule anything.

Even if we did, presiding over featureless desert with a single ribbon of civilisation filled with people we have little in common with, doesn't sound like my idea of a fun life. There's exotic, and then there's plain ridiculous.

We'll put her as a maybe. But if Matchy wants another sacrifice Menace is surely first in line.

6ef87 No.12560


Option 2. The brides are getting progressively worse lol Hopefully there's a 'best for last' thing going on here.

5acb9 No.12561

Goodness! I'm late, I'm late, for a very important bit of matchmaking!

…Dangit, that doesn't rhyme.

Anyway, I'm going to confirm the majority opinion thus far: Arturia and Flora are the keys to ULTIMATE HAREM ENDO, and are therefore pretty much gold.
I still think that we need to keep Sansa in mind, even if just for the death-faking plot to sever her from all the GoT nonsense until such time as we can decide to drop a metaphorical bomb on all those crazy nobles.
Deborah stands a better-than-slight chance of wrecking things by being an unknown quality. Although if she *was* a futa, then yeah, we might be able to do some interesting things by getting her and Elodie together.
Menace *would* be great for parties, but unless being on the Church's good side gives FAR better benefits than we currently know about, she's not worth it for anything long-term.

…Goodness, I just had a terrible thought. Nicknaming Edward's dick "The Negotiator" (what is it with me and nicknames in this quest?), especially if we manage to pull off nearly-complete unification. I know that some princesses/queens will not take kindly to the lack of fidelity clause, though, so I don't think we'll be able to finish ruling the world, at least in this generation.

Oh, right! My vote! Maybe, but first on the metaphorical chopping block.

e271d No.12563

Thank you, Limits. You have finally put words to what we've basically realized we've been planning since Sansa.

Operation Ultimate Harem Endo is now a go. It may take a long time, but hell, Edward's got like, the better side of a hundred bastards already. We can make this work.

Also, seconding the write-in idea to keep Matchy on retainer. We can use the fact we're trying to knock her up/succeeded at such as an excuse if she asks.

…Oh, real talk for a second, Aristocrat. Any chance you can provide a bit more personal information at some point about Edward? Age, siblings, whether or not said siblings are assholes, how much real power Edward has around the castle, that sort of thing. Having an idea of what sort of resources/hazards exist on the home front can make a couple of these choices a lot easier to figure out later.

5acb9 No.12564

No prob. I like to think I'm pretty good at summing things up.

1ff8b No.12567


Option 2.

13428 No.12568

File: 1450420826663.jpg (444.4 KB, 1000x708, matchmaker17.jpg)

>0 votes for option 1, marry Queen Menace.
>8 votes for some combination of 'maybe' and 'cross her off'.

You take one long last stare at Menace's portrait, then tell the matchmaker that while you do want to do anything possible to help the Church, you'd need to consider this. Please, show you the next bride.

She stares, but nods. You guess she probably understood the hollowness behind those words of pithy praise for the Church.

"We're almost through my entire portfolio. I have two more brides for you."

You nod, and then you'd have to make a decision.

"Yes. Not immediately… I'll report back to my guild and return tomorrow after midday. If you don't have a decision by then, your father will make it for you."

Oh, so that's it. You'd almost forgotten he had the final word and was only choosing to give it to you. The wheels turned in your head. The old man would likely only care about expanding your family's territory with little confidence in your own abilities beyond fornicating, so leaving it to him would likely mean he'd pair you with Princess Alena… not the worst choice, but…

The matchmaker turns the page.

13428 No.12570

File: 1450421194211.jpg (197.75 KB, 707x1000, Tharja.jpg)

You see the portrait of… a downright peculiar girl. Dark hair, contrasted with pale skin, and even darker eyes that almost demand your attention. Her dress was provocative to the point it almost reminded you of Queen Menace, but she was clearly no pagan…

"This is Crown Princess Tharja, of Ruhemania. You and she might have a bit in common. Her father started his life as an independent duke."

You take note of the book she's carrying and her bountiful bosom atop it and note it looks like she has some similarities to the matchmaker as well, but you keep that thought to yourself.

"Her father waged a war to unify the various independent counties around him and styled himself as King. However… fate has played a cruel trick on him. His only son recently died, leaving his daughter to inherit. Moreover, he suffered an accident that has left him bedridden. …He's not certain to live for much longer."

An accident? What kind of accident?

"I'm not sure. I do know, however, that he's beyond eight decades old already."

You considered that. 'Accidents' sometimes meant foul play among nobility, but… with a man as old as that, he could very well have just tripped trying to get out of bed. Even your father was many years away from being in that condition.

"If he dies, Tharja will become Queen, and she'll be able to choose whoever she wants to marry. Before that happens, he wants to be sure she's arranged to be married to someone… prolific."

Of course. And the inheritance laws? Would you be King, in your own right, if you married her and he died?

"Assuming you provide an heir, yes."

No liege lord to demand your fealty?


…there simply had to be a catch. There had been so many already. What was it?

Oh, of course. The usual one. The court would be full of nobles who wouldn't be open to trusting an outsider. Right?

"Actually… no. When Tharja's father declared himself King, he had to fight a war against all of the counts who fell under his rule, because no one wanted to swear fealty and give up their independence. In response, he crushed them, mercilessly. The dungeons of Ruhemania were full of rebellious vassals, their families, and their distant kin. He simply kept executing them… until all relevant titles eventually defaulted to the crown."

…well, that was one way of doing it.

"Indeed. Which is why the King of Ruhemania is also several times a duke, count, and baron. His full title is Vlad, King of Ruhemania, Duke of Transylvia, Duke of Chrisania, Duke of…"

You interrupt the matchmaker and tell her you'd much rather just see the map of his territory.

"…apologies," she says, and turns the page.

You look it over. It does bear a superficial likeness to your own future dukedom's isolation. You see rolling hills and large mountains in the west, along with large rivers in the south and north. But to the east… What was east of this territory? Who owned it?

"More hills, then sprawling grassland with very little trees that stretches further out to the point it hasn't been mapped. Some nomadic tribes travel there, but nothing like you would call a civilization."

That didn't sound too bad… certainly nothing that interrupted the King's impressive campaign, at least.

Were there any special notes about Tharja herself? What was she like?

She flips back to the page with her picture, allowing you to take another look.

"She's quiet, but serious. She prefers to study and especially enjoys reading."

Surely, if it was included in her portrait. What about her purity?

"According to reports from her father and a body inspection, she's both a virgin and she has her maidenhead."

Would marriage to her depend on a vow of faithfulness from you?

"It would not," she says, in her blunt manner.

You look into her eyes. You can't deny her femininity. With so many titles passing from her father, you would have to do quite a bit of siring to hand them all out.


Choice time:
>Marry Crown Princess Tharja.
>Mark her as 'maybe'. Let's see the last girl.

42e7b No.12571


Let's see the last one and consider our options. Option 2.

191d2 No.12572

Put her on the short list and lets see the last one.

5acb9 No.12573

Aside from the potential catch of her being a vampire or something, yeah. Shortlist her.

Because really, there's nothing wrong with donating blood to a good cause, amirite?

e271d No.12574


Oh god, and here I thought I couldn't give a faster no after Menace. Not just Tharja, who's already hilariously dangerous territory in her original context, but she's our ticket straight into Castlevania? Option 2 and I am not looking back unless someone can convince me otherwise. There is fun, there is funny, and there is asking for trouble. Tharja's all three, and she is definitely not a first choice if Aristocrat's keeping even halfway to character.

4035b No.12575

Option 2. Let's see our final option and then we can decide with certainty. As much as I loved Tharja in Awakening, if she's anything like her normal self here, on top of apparently having become daughter of Vlad Tepes of Transylvania, going for head long is just asking for trouble.

8650f No.12576

option 2!

191d2 No.12578

File: 1450427184271.jpg (21.98 KB, 200x200, Gt implying i haven t watc….jpg)

>Implying he's not the hero we need
>Implying we don't need his grandchildren to help remove kebab
>Implying he's some undead creature
>Implying implied implications

Sorry I had to.

d06d5 No.12579

Nothing wrong with donating blood, but if you want her to be a breeder then she'd be useless if she is a vampire. They cannot breed, due to them being dead and all.

e271d No.12580

A decent amount of media these days go with the idea that vampires aren't necessarily undead, but they're certainly not human anymore, assuming they ever were. We could totally get a bunch of dhampir kids out of it, were we going that way.

This is assuming she's actually a vampire, of course. Which I wouldn't be surprised about, but hey, you never know.

e3ba6 No.12581

option 2!

4b83a No.12582

Option 2. We've come this far, might as well finish it, yeah?

13428 No.12588

"…Oh, real talk for a second, Aristocrat. Any chance you can provide a bit more personal information at some point about Edward?"

I missed this the first time. Basically, this is the kind of information I'd like for you guys to puzzle out through the narrative. There are definite answers to these questions, but I'd rather not spell them out yet. There are hints, though.

The main reason I'm hesitant to answer this (besides it might spoil some suspense), is there might be a difference between what Sir Edward personally thinks (especially about 'how much power' he has) versus reality.

The exception I'll make is about age. I'm trying to be vague about exact ages because obviously the standards have changed since medieval times of when someone is "of-age" or not, and every bride is definitely an adult.

In this case, here's what's already been revealed regarding that:
1. Sir Edward is an adult.
2. Once he became an adult, he started impregnating women.
3. He's been at it long enough to have gotten through most child-rearing-capable women in the castle and acquired his reputation. His amount of kids numbers in the dozens, and that might be lower than how many pregnancies he inspired and how many times he's had sex. (That probably took a while, even if you imagine he went without wearing pants for months.)
4. He's been going at it long enough he's impregnated at least a few women more than once. (Referenced in the sex scene with the matchmaker.)
5. He has not been going at it long enough to get any single one woman pregnant six times. (Referenced in Flora's intro.)

Therefore, he's probably in his early-twenties somewhere. If he was older, he would be closer to the "six times" mark.

1. Queen Arturia is just shy of turning thirty.
2. She fought a decade-long war that ended 'several years ago'.

Therefore, Queen Arturia (as King Arthur) announced her claim and started her war for the throne of Britannia when she was a teenager. This is why King Arthur is legendary and Sir Edward has heard the story, compared to King Vlad, who has done something similar, but he's really really old.

2fd26 No.12590

Blue, could you perhaps explain at least some of what that means, for those of us who (to their immense shame and sadness) have not yet played Castlevania, but intend to do so at some point in the future?

Don't be sorry. I thought it was kinda funny, actually, and I'm probably the guy you were ribbing there, since I was the first to assume that "Vlad automatically == vampires".

b1be7 No.12595

….I'm on that list (those who have never played Castlevania). Still, being the daughter of Vlad Tepes (who I'm sure Edward may have heard of under a different name… *cough*) raises a pretty serious red flag, vampire or not.

That being said, I'm not going straight to no on this one. Let's see our last option, we may revisit Tharja later.

80586 No.12596

Put me in the 'never played Castlevania' camp, but there's got to be a razor blade in this ice-cream somewhere, or this is arguably a better offer in power terms than Alena. We'd be king of a decent-size land in our own right in a very short time.

Waifu assessment: not a lot in real info. Quiet and studious? When she's not turning into a bat and feeding off the peasantry? Is it even a problem what dark secret or weird practices she inevitably has as long as she's up for marriage and kids? If she has vampire powers or is some kind of dark sorceress I see that as an asset, not a liability.

Political assessment: we should be wary about assuming Ruhemania is as secure as it looks. See, it's normally the nobility's job to keep local order, police the borders, etc. With the nobility decimated and power centralised Ruhemania's now dependent on never encountering more threats than the king can personally handle. I'm a little concerned that Vlad's 'kill everyone' solution may have left an enormous recently annexed peasantry under no effective control.

And okay, the land's isolated, but so was Romania until the unimportant nomadic tribes in the vast empty East formed a horde and rolled right over them. To keep the peace we'd be well advised to rebuild at least some of the nobility with loyal and competent people.

Definitely on the 'maybe' list.

80586 No.12597

Quick comment on the ULTIMATE HAREM ENDO: I'm all up for trying, but we should make our first move a strong one, not pick a low-power wife now and hope to bargain our way up to a bigger fish. If Arturia and Flora are indeed the keys, for instance, I'd advocate Arturia first, then after that inviting Flora for tea in Camelot to see how she feels about threesomes.

e271d No.12598

In a nutshell, Vlad Tepes = Count Dracula, generally considered an evil vampire lord in media, and in regards to the Castlevania series, the ever-undying lord of the castle who generally got it handed to him every century or so during the dark ages by a vampire hunting family using a magic whip. While I sincerely doubt we'd have to deal with something like that, it brings me to my next point…

Tharja, in her original context of Fire Emblem Awakening, is a Dark Mage class, with a personal penchant for hexes and curses, and humorously makes a point of obsessively stalking your player character, regardless of gender. It's played up for laughs, but in any other context it'd be creepy. Though admittedly, if you end up marrying her, it's hilarious when she goes "Wait, all those charms WORKED? Uh, I mean, uh, of course you love me!"

So yeah, dark mage type girl plus father with a rep for bloodthirsty conquest and unification? Probably a lot more trouble than Matchy's letting on.

daacc No.12599

Sounds like a winner, but lets put her on 2 and see the last girl.

a7a06 No.12600

Of all the times to go on a weekend trip.

Option 2

Don't blow up the world without me!

80586 No.12601

Well I just had an interesting time watching Fire Emblem videos, and Tharja seems pretty great to me. She's sorcerous, amoral and cunning, but when she falls for someone she falls hard, she has a good heart underneath it all and though she can be picky and bossy she'll do anything for people she loves. Awesome dark sorceress powers are a selling point, not a drawback.

If we can charm her (which we totally can, she's needy and lonely) I don't think we'll have much of a problem. She might get more than a little possessive and clingy, so it'll take juggling to get to spend a lot of time with other women - but I think someone as ambitious as her would appreciate the benefits that could come from the U.H.E. (with her as Best Wife, of course). Bit of a temper as well, but that lets us be the 'good cop' at court.

13428 No.12603

>0 votes for option one, marry Crown Princess Tharja.
>12 votes for option two, see the last girl.

See the last bride from the matchmaker.

Poll closed. Update coming soon.

4035b No.12604

I think the HAREM ENDO people have put the cart before the horse, personally.

80586 No.12606

You're probably right, it's kind of copping out of the important decision we need to make here. Just going 'all of them' defeats the point, we have to accept some choices won't happen. Remember, for most of the girls adultery isn't grounds for annulment, but that doesn't mean they'd be happy with polygamy!

I can sorta see a 'harem-lite', or menage-a-trois route where we very carefully build up to having a couple of the girls on the list, but we won't ever get them all. And in the end it's up to aristocrat if they even want to tell such a story.

13428 No.12607

File: 1450480433822.jpg (648.89 KB, 775x1340, matchmaker20.jpg)

You're getting used to this now. Crown Princess Tharja has many good points, but you've come so far, you wanted to see the last bride.

"…All right. Though…"

The matchmaker hesitates. Is something wrong, you ask?

"Sorry, I can still feel your seed running down my thighs… it's distracting."

You chuckle a bit. Was that all?

"This last bride… She's last for a reason," she says.

–That didn't fill you with confidence. Was there something wrong with the last bride? Or, maybe the matchmaker had the least to gain if you chose whoever it was…

She turns the page for you.

13428 No.12608

File: 1450480504229.png (477.26 KB, 941x1312, Tomoko.png)

You look out at the portrait facing you and can hardly believe your eyes.

You weren't entire sure you should completely trust some of the portraits as accurate representations of the various brides. There was no way to know for sure until you met the girl face-to-face what she really looked like after all…

…but what did that say when the portrait was of such an incredibly gloomy, homely looking girl?

"This is Citizen Tomoko, she's the daughter of the President of Zipangu."

You'd never heard of such a place. Zi-pan-gu?

"It was until recently a small island Empire… but they underwent a revolution and became a republic."

In other words, jumped up peasants took over and killed off the Emperor?

"No, the Emperor still lives, but he's confined to his palace and has no real power. All power is in the hands of the council, lead by their President."

Madness. Why hadn't someone marched over and stopped that?

"…no one wants to do that. The island is small enough and isolated enough that they've decided to let them be. Also, since the emperor is still alive, anyone who would theoretically take up arms and fight to restore the Empire would have to relinquish control of the country to him once they won. No one wants to spend money to raise an army and fight a long war just to hand over the land to a man who's done nothing to help."

Shrewd. Very shrewd of that council to let the Emperor live. You're almost impressed.

But then, why was his daughter being shown to you? Did this President need an heir? Or was he planning to expand his territory through marriage?

"No, the new laws of Zipangu don't work that way. With the exception of the emperor and his family, they've abolished all titles of nobility. Inheritance of your title wouldn't be allowed, and the president is selected by the council on the basis of merit, not family and standing."

–Then why was this Tomoko being offered at all?

"… She thinks it'd be fun to marry an aristocrat."

That was… an incredibly strange reason.

The matchmaker says nothing.

You look over the picture. Might as well get on with asking the rest of the usual questions. Would you have to make a vow of faithfulness?


You breathe a sigh of audible relief.

"…but, the marriage between you and Tomoko would be a little different. Zipangu doesn't recognize religious marriage. You would have to get a civil marriage, recognized by the state."

What on Earth did that mean? Would it change how you could get an annulment?

"Zipangu civil marriage doesn't have annulments. Instead, you would be allowed to divorce. At any time, for any reason, you could end your marriage to her. You'd then be free to re-marry as you like."

That was… interesting, but what benefit would the entire enterprise be, then? She was basically a commoner; there'd be no claims to gain.

"No. But the way civil marriage and divorce works, you would be entitled to half of everything she and her family owns."

–Was it a lot? Was it close to Briscoletti Family levels?

"No… they're politicians, not merchants. It would be a fair amount of money and property, but nothing as substantial as that. But, Zipangu has advanced technology, unlike that found anywhere else in the world. See her clothes?"

The matchmaker taps the portrait, drawing your eyes reluctantly back. Come to think about it, you were so concerned with her face you missed the craftsmanship of her clothes. It did seem rather well-made, if not as ostentatious as the Briscoletti's.

"They have machines that make clothes like Tomoko is wearing. That's why it looks so precise."

…if sloppily worn, because the girl wearing it was sloppy.

You pinch the side of your face in thought. A citizen's marriage in a republic to a homely girl… one which didn't recognize nobility…


Would you be required to become a citizen of this Zipangu to marry her?

"…Yes. You would need to swear an oath of loyalty to the council and their constitution. In doing so, you'd forfeit all your rights to any claims of nobility. Your claims would then pass to your brother, Albert."

Oh, that's terrific! He'd really be happy with that. Your brother never did have any balls, but you knew if you did such a thing, you'd never, ever, get them back from him.

You start to ask if she still has her purity, but then chide yourself for wondering the answer to such an obvious question. No need to ask if the ocean was wet.

Instead, you ask about her personality. What's the girl like day-to-day?

"She's a quiet, shy girl. She's fond of poems, songs, and tales of chivalry and romance."

…that was all?


There had to be something else about her.

The matchmaker traced her finger along several lines of text before stopping again.

"…Oh, yes. You should be aware that she doesn't speak our language."

That could… present a problem.

The matchmaker shakes her head.

"The president has promised to provide a translator to aid you both who will be fluent in our language and the native Zipangu-ish."


Choice time:
>Marry Citizen Tomoko.
>Hell no.

80586 No.12609

My sides. Oh Tomoko, you poor thing. I guess no matter how you look at it, it’s Edward's fault she's not pregnant.

As cute as I personally find Moko - giving up literally everything and moving to Glorious Zipangu where we'll be a total nobody and not even speak the damn language?


4035b No.12610

I hope Matchy get's a nice commission for whoever she manages to get this girl on to, because it's a hard sell. I'm sure there's an aristocrat out there with a strong enough culture fetish to want her, but it's not us.

No. Thanks but just…No.

On a side/Out of Character note, our younger brother is named Albert? That's swell, everyone knows you can't trust Alberts in fiction (or Nigels). Maybe we should try hoist him on Elodie or Tomoko and get him out of the way.

daacc No.12611

As much as I like her, simply Fuck that. Tomako is simply not worth us losing all of our nobility over. Scratch her off but let's invite her to our palace when we get the chance and knight her so she can fulfill her wish to be a noble.

191d2 No.12612

Scratch her off the list. Go with Flora or Arturia.

5acb9 No.12613

Suddenly, the Pope of NOPE warps into the room and stamps Tomoko's picture! Before leaving just as suddenly as he arrived.

But seriously, despite not getting that reference, I'm very hesitant to deal with someone who's all take, and leaves our give up to chance (fickle voters, whatever.)

…Waitaminnit. Tharja's from Fire Emblem?! Hahahahaha wow.
I think my very first comment in this thread was how well this place would fit an FE game! That settles that, then.

You may have a point. As much as I think total continental unification via Edward's "little negotiator" would be pretty great, it's still a long road to hoe there. If we end up getting restricted, I call Tharja, Arturia, and Flora as best combo, but throw Sansa a bone because nobody deserves to be stuck in her situation.
And yeah, give Albert to Queen Death Flags–I mean, Elodie. Who knows? We might be able to try something on him next generation, if that becomes a thing.

53e94 No.12615

Option 2.

Going for Arturia.

6ef87 No.12638

An older brother named Ed…a younger brother who could go by Al…
I did want to ask what Edward's outer appearance looked like but now I'll have fun imagining FMA despite what ends up canon lol

Get Tomoko outta here. I don't know all the references the brides have here, and while she does have an edge of modernism and a slim chance of having her pops stage war and bum-rush the other countries with technological weaponry, she has no immediate reason to be married.

Can't wait for the rabid wife picking that's coming next~

daacc No.12639

To add to my previous statement I believe Tharja should be our pick. All those lands can be quite a boon for us and those titles can help give us some political leverage over our bastards should we decide to give them a title.

80586 No.12640

I'm not sure we CAN throw Sansa a bone other than by marrying her. She's a hostage, and the king holding her isn't going to let her go if we're already married to someone else.

In fact, since the Church almost certainly opposes polygamy, we can only get the marriage benefits of one girl, period.

13428 No.12641

Oh, right. I completely forgot about FMA. It wasn't a reference to that. The names Edward and Albert were an attempt at a historical in-joke.

Similarly, don't forget the matchmaker's speech at the beginning of the meeting. Sir Edward is only being considered for these marriages because he's known as such a reliable source of sperm. Otherwise, he's much too below their station, with the possible exception of the Briscoletti family.

Factor in Albert does not have that reputation, is not the designated heir (unless Sir Edward dies or forfeits everything), and you have a brother who isn't going to be married off easily. At least not to anyone important.

b1be7 No.12645

…Okay, no to poor Tomoko. Maybe we can help her later, but….not right now.

It's difficult to decide who IS a good choice to go after first. Tharja has land (but there's still something unnerving about her having someone named Vlad for a father), Flora has money and influence, and Arturia's got power. Just a matter of what we think will get us to the other two better.

Also I'm sure it's not outside the realm of possibility to fake a few documents to try and be married to more than one girl (and possibly rescuing Sansa in the process).

e271d No.12646

Poor Tomoko. Option 2's too strong, so I'm gonna go with Option 3: Polite Refusal. I could see that being an interesting take if there wasn't so much to lose from it, but there's no way it'd be worth throwing everything else out the window just to go all Glorious Zipangu here. She doesn't fall on the No Way list the same as Menace and Elodie do for me, but there's literally just no benefit to this route whatsoever.

As for the rest, I'm going to go ahead and say right now, as fun as the whole Ultimate Harem Endo thing has been to joke about, the only possible chance we really have of being able to pull off any sort of glorious harem coup across the globe is to start by taking control of the information given out about us as early as possible. Meaning we need to bring Matchy over to our side and have her start cooking the books.

As it's been mentioned, culturally, we're probably looking at a monogamous society, and it's not like we're first pick material for a lot of these ladies either, no matter what Edward might think about himself. Not to mention, he DOES have a rep, and for good reason. Matchy has a guild she reports to and she's definitely taking orders from Duke Elric (I admit, FMA was my first thought after hearing Albert too, so I'm running with it) to keep us on a fairly tight schedule here, and he's still got the final say in our choice. He doesn't seem to be particularly fond of Edward's hobby, even if he does nothing to curb it, but that doesn't mean he won't cause us any sort of trouble if we're clumsy about this.

So in addition to Option 3: Polite Refusal To Tomoko, I'm also writing in a vote for Option 4: We've Looked Through The Choices So Let's Nail Matchy Again Before She Asks Us To Choose.

13428 No.12651

Hey guys. Don't worry about making the final choice for the bride yet. That choice will be up for a few days to let everyone have the chance to vote and there may be (depending on what you guys do) be a few more choices in-between.

Furthermore, let's do a quick poll. How should voting for the bride progress?

1. One person, one vote. Bride with most votes wins. That is, how we've been doing it. Simple, but might be a little unfair for people who are split between two or three brides.

2. Tournament style voting. Match up each bride and eliminate them by vote progressively until two remain. Might be unfair for people who can't follow the thread over a period of days.

3. Instant run-off voting. Each person selects up to three brides and it counts as one vote for each one. If one bride wins with a majority (over 50% of all votes), she's picked. If there's no majority, the lowest-voted bride is eliminated, and the vote is calculated again until someone has a majority. (If there's a tie, one more vote with those choices will be made.)

4. Tier voting. Each person selects up to three brides. #1 bride gets three votes. #2 bride gets two votes. #3 bride gets one vote. Bride with most votes wins.

I'd rather not use a polling site because I like to keep this chan-focused.

e271d No.12652

Probably the third or fourth option, for me. Making us choose from the entire list will end badly, and doing it tournament style means anyone who misses a day or two runs the risk of not being able to vote for the bride they actually want.

6ef87 No.12653


Tier voting for me.

d4dff No.12654

Tier vote.

191d2 No.12656

I'm fine with 3 or 4. It helps that I have exactly three girls in mind.

daacc No.12657

Tier voting.

13428 No.12658

File: 1450520082304.jpg (185.62 KB, 850x850, matchmaker-feet.jpg)

All right. Short of ten+ people suddenly objecting, the wife vote will be tier voting.


>0 votes for option one, marry Citizen Tomoko.

>8 votes for option two, hell no.
>1 vote for polite no.

Give up your claims and right to nobility, move to a place run by barbarians, and not even know the language? No, it wouldn't be worth it for the most beautiful woman in the world, and it certainly wasn't worth it for this plain, unfeminine wretch. Even if she somehow ended up birthing you twenty children.

You remember the matchmaker is a lady, however, so you merely wish the matchmaker the best of luck in foisting that miserable woman on someone. You won't be it, and that's final.

She nods, expression the same.

"That brings the list of potential brides for you to an end."

She slowly shuts her book shut, tucking it in to her arm.

"I'll be back at midday tomorrow. Your father and I will have your choice at that time."

Tomorrow. One day, to make the biggest decision of your life.

You watch the matchmaker spin her legs in a circle, as if testing her muscles to see if she were fine enough to walk yet.

"Can you… help me dress again, please, Sir?"

Choice time:
>What's the hurry? Try to talk her into a second round of sex. Giving her another shot of your seed can't hurt.
>Your testicles need time to refill their potency. Dress her, and invite her to visit your bedroom tomorrow morning.
>The matchmaker needs her strength. Help her dress and escort her to where she needs to go. No more sex.
>Dress her? That's something servants can do. Summon that maid to do it.

daacc No.12659

Option 3. No since in having another go at this time. Help her dress so w can prepare for tomorrow.

31940 No.12660

Option 3, be polite

f107c No.12661

Option 3.

80586 No.12662

I'm pretty sure 'extra shots' in the same session don't actually help (though Edward has no way of knowing that).

Inviting her back tomorrow could piss Dad off when Matchy can barely stand for the midday meeting and he works it out.

>Option 3: Help her dress

Might want to leave the room before she does though, make sure nobody sees us sneaking out of the bedchamber together. One maid to be silenced is quite enough.

5acb9 No.12663

I'm very glad that so far, this has been a quest where we agree with each other on most things. Makes me feel better about accidentally missing votes due to sleep. That being said, I also agree with tier voting and helping Matchy dress politely.

Also, I just thought of something potentially troubling. If we *were* to somehow try and get even two or three kingdoms, we have to take into account difficulties created by distance from each other and Virilia. For example, I'd assume that my top 3 are: in the northwest on an island, in the east, and in the south-ish, in no particular order of preference (Arturia, Tharja, and Flora.) Even without some of the other difficulties mentioned (like the Church, or each girl's individual issues), travel time is still gonna hurt, and it would make any potential kingdom of ours vulnerable if/when other people figured out what we're doing, because we would have so many different fronts to look after!
All we can hope for is that having this on mid-level Normal difficulty means we won't have to deal with too much of that kind of nonsense. Or that we'll pick a first wife who can enable us to handle that kind of situation, were we to try it.

4035b No.12664

Option 3.

e271d No.12666

Combination of Options 3 and 4 There'll be time for other things with Matchy later so we really should be a gentleman about this, but we still need to go find that maid before she starts spreading gossip around the castle.

a7a06 No.12668

In my haste, I wrote 'weekend' instead of 'overnight'.

Option 3. Let's give our little soldiers time to go to work. We can always try again later. And let's show her that our nickname is an exaggeration.

13428 No.12670

>7 votes for option 3, help her dress and escort her, no more sex.
>1 vote for a combination of 3 and 4, help her dress, then get a maid.

Option 3, help the matchmaker dress and escort her to where she needs to go. No more sex.

Your heart goes out to your adorable matchmaker. You tell her you don't mind at all, and begin retrieving her discard clothes for her.

She seems surprised you're going to personally help her.

"Ah, I didn't mean…" she starts to stammer.

You tell her not to worry. You have much experience with handling ladies garments, and you're happy to be of assistance.

"T-thank you… Sir." she says, blushing, and you know you've impressed her.

You help her re-fit into and tie her bodice, as well as put her dress back on, followed by her frock. You step back and ask if if she's comfortable.

"Mm… I can still feel your seed on my legs, but it's not a… bad… feeling."

You smile tenderly and begin to shrug on your own clothing. It will indeed be a waste that you won't be able to watch this woman's belly begin to swell when your seed began to blossom. But, then, that was always the case with those who visited the realm.

You finish setting your clothes in their proper place and tell her to stay put, you'll go check and make sure the coast is clear before attempting to leave your room. She nods.

You creep closer to your door, and begin to pull it open…

…only to see three of your maids waiting outside there. Including the one who saw you come in.

They have a tray of cheese and bread and what looks to be a bowl of warm water and linen.

"…oh! Sir, may we come in? We thought we could… help… your guest," says the maid who woke you up this morning and saw you all together, tittering a little.

You take a deep breath. Terrific. She hadn't just seen you, she had already told at least two other maids. And if she had told them, it was possible they had already told others, or someone had overheard them.

You glance at their bellies. The full-term maid is as gravid as ever. Another maid seems to be around five or six months along. The final maid has a small bulge that you recognize as the sign of three months or so. All the basic spectrum of pregnancy, short, medium, and long, right before you. Early too, if you counted the matchmaker. At least all of these maids are ones you've had your seed in. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to allow them in…

>Allow them to come in and tend to the matchmaker. You can instruct them to keep quiet and tell no one else when they're done.

>You've helped the matchmaker look presentable enough. Send them away and tell them they had better not spread any rumors.

6ef87 No.12672

I knew someone seeing us would be an issue later. I get the feeling that they know better than to start trouble considering they've all been in Matchy's shoes at one point, but Option 2 will reinforce that.

b1b3a No.12674

Option 2.

31940 No.12676

go for option one

4035b No.12677

Let's go with option 1

daacc No.12678

Option 1

4b83a No.12679

Option 1, because fuck it, if they haven't already told the others, we should probably convince them not to. Plus, if Matchy is going to be making the rounds, perhaps she shouldn't do it with our, ah, affection dribbling down her leg.

a7a06 No.12680

Option 1, and if need be, excuse ourselves to do some serious thinking.

80586 No.12682

Oh this is just cute all round. For all our ambitious prospects, it's a shame to have to leave this behind to get married.

Option 1, they want to help and if we indulge them we might just be able to stop the spread here. We can probably guilt them into not ruining things for a girl in the same boat as them.

e271d No.12686

Definitely Option 1, get them in here. There are probably a few minor details that we missed that ladies in the same position would not.

191d2 No.12687

Option 1, but stop then if they try to clean our seed off her leg.

5acb9 No.12689

I'm with Blue and Moe on this. Option 1.

13428 No.12691

File: 1450595667525.jpg (56.5 KB, 850x1201, matchmaker21.jpg)

>8 votes for option one, allow the three pregnant maids in to tend to the matchmaker, and take the opportunity to instruct them to keep quiet.
>2 votes for option two, send the maids away with a warning not to spread anymore rumors.
>1 vote for option one, with the added order to the maids to leave your seed as it is on the matchmaker's leg.

You quietly step aside and allow the maids entry. They shuffle in as fast as their pregnant forms can allow them, setting the items they're carrying on your table and gathering around the matchmaker.

"Thank you, sir. Oh! Look how cute she is!" exclaims the maid heaviest with child.

The matchmaker flinches a bit as the maids approach her and start talking excitedly.

"Welcome to the club!"
"The Sir got you too, huh?"
"Your baby is going to look so cute!"
"Yes, she'll be adorable!"
"How do you know what sex her baby will be?"
"Oh, a woman just knows."

Overwhelmed with the sudden attention, the matchmaker stammers out a "T-thank you." You take the opportunity to help yourself to some bread and cheese.

"It's all right, my lady. We've all been in your position."
"Some of us more than others."

They all start tittering, at that. Oh dear. Better assert your authority before they turn your room into a hen-house.

You make a show of clearing your throat and tell the maids that for the sake of the dear matchmaker's reputation, perhaps they'd best not tell anyone else in the castle about this.

They bow in unison to you.

"Understood, Sir."
"We won't say a word, Sir."
"We'll just help refresh her and change the sheets for you, Sir."
"Oh, look, the flooring will have to be polished too."
"Ack, that too."

The maid with the smallest belly moves to attend to the scratch marks you left on the floor from moving the table with a wet bit of linen. The other two maids focus on the matchmaker.

"Is there any bit of seed left on you, my lady?"

There's a short pause before the matchmaker does, eventually, mumble something in reply.

"Oh, we understand, my lady."
"Trust us, we've been there."
"May we ask you to spread your legs a bit, my lady?"

Your ears perk up. For the briefest of moments, you consider barking at them to leave your seed where it remains… but, you turn it into a cough instead, and say nothing.

You watch the heaviest-set maid take another wet linen and bend before the matchmaker's crotch while the middle-set maid offers the matchmaker bread and cheese, which she takes with her free hand.

"You are beautiful, my lady. Your child will surely be blessed if she inherits even half of your beauty."

The matchmaker is too busy eating to reply, you get the idea she's just keeping her occupied with chatter as the other maid wipes her genitals clean.

As satisfying as it is to your ego to watch your maids, each gestating your child at various stages, welcome a new woman to the 'fold', it would likely look better if you made yourself scarce. No need to risk others seeing you and the matchmaker leaving your room together.

You give a final instruction for the maids to assist the matchmaker to wherever she wants to go when they're done, and leave the room.

You walk down empty corridor for a time. Judging by the light outside, it should be midday or so. That's enough daylight to spend time pursuing one more activity for the day. –Perhaps two if you commit to sleeping late tomorrow.

You consider your options…

You could spend time 'patrolling'. Patrolling was what you called wandering around the castle in search of a woman to fertilize. You were rather sexually satisfied from your session with the matchmaker, but there was the possibility you would find another girl in need of your seed.

On the other hand, you were rather tired mentally from looking over your prospective brides. There was a lot to consider. You could instead spend time on some outdoor sport to use your muscles and turn off your head. It was too late for a good hunt, but you could sit in on the castle guards' training sessions and mayhaps make use of their equipment.

Although, rather than turning off your mind, you could engage it even more. If you went to the castle library, you could further research the backgrounds of your prospective brides, and their countries. Perhaps one of your father's scholars would have something worthwhile to tell you.

Then again, it might help to have spiritual clarity in this time. You could make a visit to the chapel, to show your piety and see if prayer will inspire you. You have a 'silent' agreement with the chaplain not to attend in the morning or evening to prevent you from 'desecrating' more nuns, so this would be a good time.


Choice time:
>You are the 'Mad Rutting Beast,' go patrolling for another woman to inseminate.
>You seek physical excitement. Go exercise with the castle guards.
>You should study. Research more for your decision tomorrow at the library.
>You feel the need for religious fulfillment. Go to the chapel.

Note: these next scenes before the important bride's choice scene will not be that intricate. They'll be short and sweet "you spend time doing x, here's what happens" summations.

191d2 No.12693

Those last two options sound nice.

8d13b No.12694

Option 2, let's get those abs.

f3b4b No.12695

Option 3
I say research the brides. Lets see what kind of trouble we're getting ourselves into

daacc No.12696

Option one sounds nice, however option 3 sounds like a good choice for us to continue researching more about our potential brides.

80586 No.12697

Anything that'll help us make our decision tomorrow is surely priority, and I suspect Edward is the sort of man to rely more on books than prayers.

I trust Matchy, but it's possible she missed out some important information somewhere.


e5c89 No.12698

Option 3

a126b No.12699

It's an important decision, spending some time researching seems like a good idea.

31940 No.12700

option 3 seems like the thing to do

13428 No.12701

Closing the poll now after seven votes might be rushing it a bit, but it is the weekend, and this isn't a game-changing vote, and it's nearly unanimous, so…

>1 vote for option two, go exercise.

>5 votes for option three, research the brides further in the library.
>1 vote for option three or four, research the brides, or go to the chapel.

Research the brides and their countries.

You decide to go to the castle library. It's much, much larger than your personal one, and has several scholars tending to it. Good thing too, because you'd be at a loss to try to find anything in it by yourself.

No sooner have you entered then you discover an interesting scene.

Your brother Albert talking quietly with one of the scholars.

He nods as you approach and says "Hullo, brother." You give him a dignified greeting.

"I suddenly remember, I have something to do," he says.

He nods to the scholar, turns and says "Goodbye," to you, and you wish him a good day. He then steps quietly from the room.

You follow up by asking if the scholar has time to help you with a project. He has a distasteful expression, until he realizes you're talking about research and not asking him for help chasing after a servant girl.

"Oh… yes. I was scheduled to help Sir Albert with something, but since he's gone, I do have some free time," says the scholar.

Interesting… You consider asking him what exactly your brother wanted help with, but it's unlikely he'll tell you, and you'd rather he not repeat to someone that you were asking about what your brother was doing, so you don't ask. Instead, you make a witty comment about how fortunate you are that your brother was gracious enough to defer to you.

Knowing time is short, you have the scholar help collect books, maps, proclamations, and any other documents he has about the countries of the various brides you were introduced to by the matchmaker and their families.

You discover some interesting things.

You find a whole book of history on the Kingdom of Saintheim. Long ago, the land was broken up into a loose confederation of princes, all theoretically equal, and Saintheim itself was a small territory within that confederation. Suddenly, the Prince of Saintheim announced he had received a vision where he was to be declared King of all princes, and that he expected everyone to bend the knee to him. This inspired several other princes to announce they experienced the exact same vision, and a massive civil war erupted. The prince (now King) of Saintheim won the war, declared all lands to be under his rule, and the Church acknowledged his vision of unification was genuine. His last words were: "As long as my scion sits on the throne, Saintheim will be secure." Strict inheritance laws concerning the Crown were passed, and Saintheim has experienced more than two centuries of relative calm and tranquility since. You also find a genealogy of Saintheim's monarchs with nicknames after each of them. King William the Stout, King Stefan the Romantic, and… Princess Alena has already earned the nickname 'the Tomboy'.

You find a map of the Stark territory and the liege-lord they followed. It's an incredibly complicated document. You skim materials related to the Stark family, and you find their vassals universally describe them as lords who were loyal to a fault. It certainly doesn't match the image of them as traitors and usurpers… Then again, you also find a document that details that the now-dead traitor Lord Stark would take to personally executing subjects who had earned his wrath, which seems to you as a bit ghoulish. Otherwise, the information matches what the matchmaker told you, with the exception that apparently one of the Stark children in the portrait you saw is a bastard of unknown origin, sired by Lord Stark and an unknown mother. It strikes you as frightfully odd that they included him.

You rejected her, but you browse documents of Nova and Queen Elodie anyway. What you find matches what the matchmaker told you, except you find she neglected to mention Nova was invaded by a hostile power several years ago, just before Queen Elodie's coronation. The nation survived because they managed to kill their lead general, somehow, and the army dispersed. The country is still in a state of rebuilding. That's one hell of a thing to leave out! If you hadn't already rejected her, you'd be upset. You also discover, interestingly, that Queen Elodie's father, the former King-consort, is still alive and lives as a duke under her rule.

You search documents related to King Arthur, and what you discover is nothing new. It matches the tales you remember and the information from the matchmaker, with the exception that it hasn't been updated to reflect 'King Arthur' was now Queen Arturia. You do find birth records for King Arthur's 'son', now an illegitimate bastard, that indicate he would be about eight years of age now.

You search for information related to the Briscoletti family, and you find they are one of several top merchant families who compete for power in Veneta, and the Briscoletti family is especially known for their shrewdness when it comes to deals, and they frequently hire armed mercenaries to protect their interests. There's a wealth of information about them regarding trade routes and types of wares they control, but you simply don't have the background to understand any of it. You find no mention of Flora Briscoletti herself, or indeed, Deborah Briscoletti.

You almost rejected her outright, but you do a cursory check of Queen Menace and her country of Amara. Most of what you find is Church documents that detail the ways the minority Church followers suffer in the pagan country. You do find a document that describes the "infidel" practice of the fertility celebrations they have. A day once every two seasons (planting and harvest) in which all the population that is of-age participates in a orgy of sex, with the exception of loyal Church followers and eunuchs. It reads like pornography and obviously embellishes many details to sound scandalous. You find no notes about Queen Menace herself.

You search for notes about Ruhemania, and find the selection surprisingly sparse. More detailed maps indicate the kingdom is rather remote. You'd have to spend weeks at sea, dock at a port in a neighboring country, then travel by caravan for another week to reach their castle. It's easily the longest travel time of all the prospective brides' territories because of that. Because it's so remote, you don't find any recent documents about the state of the country. You do however, eventually, find a note that describes the temperament of "Independent Duke Vlad," which was written when he was much younger. You find that in contrast to the bloody nature of his future unification war described by the matchmaker, he was regarded by the peasantry as a just and fair ruler at that time.

Citizen Tomoko is a joke to you, but you check for documents for information about Zipangu anyway. Other than an old map of the island, which shows it's more like a collection of small islands than one island by itself, you find nothing. The scholar confides he himself hadn't heard of the country before you asked about it.

You excuse yourself to take dinner. Roasted mutton and bread.

Darkness is coming. You could sleep now and ensure you're in no rush for tomorrow's decision, or you could push yourself to do one more activity tonight.

It's too late to visit the chapel, so that's out. You've done enough studying, so that's out. The guards would be done practicing, but you could borrow a sword and spar with a wooden practice dummy by torch-light. And, of course, you could 'patrol' a bit…

Choice time:
>Go to sleep, be rested for tomorrow.
>Go battle a wooden dummy.
>Patrol for a woman to inseminate.

facc5 No.12702


I say option 2, we need practice.

897c8 No.12703

>Go to sleep, be rested for tomorrow.

I think it is time to move on in the story.

4035b No.12704

Go to sleep, be rested for tomorrow.

As a great man once said "Early to bed, early to rise, blah blah blah, shut the fuck up."

e271d No.12705

Sounds like Dear Little Brother isn't any more fond of us than Dear Old Dad is.

Sleep. Much as I'd like to just randomly go around and find a maid to knock up or whatever, something tells me we're going to need to be as ready as we can get for tomorrow.

80586 No.12706

Ok, this was a good choice. A few very useful bits of information:

*Saintheim isn't just a big and prosperous kingdom, it's ruled by essentially divine right, formally recognised by the Church. I feel like most people here aren't that interested in Alena because she's 'easy-mode' and this isn't exactly dispelling that impression.

Real talk aristo, is there a challenge there besides her personality and the fact we'd have to be Prince Regent not (officially) King?

*Arturia's 'son' is only eight, so we would have a while before he starts actively scheming against us in court - though his mother must already be figuring out how to get him back into a good position after being disinherited. Why am I so sure they'll be antagonists? Arthurian legend AND Fate/stay night.

*Ruhemania's truly at the ass-end of nowhere, so despite its size we shouldn't expect to be involved in the wider world much at all, or return to Virilia except in dire emergencies.

*Something big happened to Vlad partway through his rule. Looks like a dark backstory we would need to understand ASAP if we went the Tharja route.

As for our actions now, just go to bed already. There's no benefit to either a little combat training or a little sex that would outweigh being well-rested for tomorrow.

a7a06 No.12708

Let's get some sleep. We need a rested and clear head for the heavy decision we have to make.

13428 No.12710

"Real talk aristo, is there a challenge there besides her personality and the fact we'd have to be Prince Regent not (officially) King?"

You say that like it wouldn't be enough.

(Every girl has some sort of hidden challenge only hinted at or not fully articulated yet. Some of which you guys have picked up already.)

5acb9 No.12717

Very perceptive. Though I personally think that Edward is actually in *better* standing with his father than with Albert. I can see him being cranky about Edward's…reputation, and allowing that to turn antagonistic eventually. That…might take Tharja off my personal short-list, as much as I'd hate to admit it. Who knows what he'd do if Edward wasn't nearby.

Alena's "hidden challenge" likely relates back to Dragon Quest in some way. And speaking of which, I think we got some really good info there, including some stuff about said hidden challenges.

Finally, my vote is to be rested for destiny.

7f261 No.12719

Option 2. Why not make us a little better a knocking heads?

13428 No.12720

File: 1450661890250.jpg (251.89 KB, 850x1192, matchmaker22.jpg)

>6 votes for option one, go to sleep and be rested for tomorrow's decision.
>2 vote for option two, go exercise by practicing swordplay with a wooden dummy.
>0 votes for option three, go patrolling for a woman to inseminate.

You decide it's for the best if you just let yourself be rested. You did satisfy your urges to procreate on the matchmaker, and while her pregnancy wasn't guaranteed, the sex act had sated you and made you feel accomplished.

You down a cup full of wine to help drowsy you up a bit, and head off to bed.

You find your room immaculate. The sheets changed on the bed, the table moved back, any evidence of your session with the matchmaker has been cleaned up.

You fall into the folds of your mattress, pull the canopy shut, and lie in darkness waiting for sleep to come.

You'd learned a lot today. About your potential brides.

You had wished there could potentially be one that had all the perfect traits. Someone attractive, who could provide you with your own Kingdom, lots of sessions of blissful babymaking, and the freedom to pursue any other leisure you wanted.

Unfortunately, you couldn't conjure a perfect bride from nothing. You had to choose from what existed. And every potential bride had some sort of quirk to her that you would need to accept.

Princess Alena of Saintheim. A large, stable Kingdom. But you would only ever be Prince. Furthermore, Alena herself was clearly a tomboy. Not that you hadn't made a few tomboys into mothers in your time, but she was royalty. Would you be able to keep up with her? Or conversely, would you be able to tame her and show her the joy of femininity?

Sansa Stark, last surviving heir of the Stark family. It very much sounded like she was awaiting a suitor to rescue her. The prize would be her family's ancestral land… but you'd have a liege. You'd be a King who must kneel before another King. Unless you were bold enough to rebel…

Queen Arturia. The 'King Arthur' legend was changing, and this was your chance to be a part of it. It could be dangerous, but Britannia was certainly a worthy prize. But Arturia herself, though cute, was approaching three decades. What if her womb became barren before you could produce a male heir of your own with her…?

Flora Briscoletti. It was technically marrying below your station, but there was something to be said for the sheer power material wealth would bring, too. Flora herself was very attractive (as was her sister), and her hobbies suggested a life of domestic tranquility awaited you… but then, if all you wanted from a wife was domesticity, you most likely could've found that from marrying a local courtier.

Queen Menace. A pagan, in a desert land, and she was under no terms to be faithful to you. You'd soured to the prospect because of that, but her picture had been very alluring indeed. And those fertility rituals… not to mention the Church would be inclined to be grateful to you, and a monastery meant nuns, the one fruit that had been expressly forbidden to you at home.

Crown Princess Tharja. Her land was remote, but wide and well-protected. And unlike the Kingdom of Saintheim, you could be King in your own right immediately. Or almost-immediately, until King Vlad finally kicked it. You recall her picture, and besides her feminine body, you find yourself remembering those beautiful eyes of hers. Maybe it'd be worth the trip to Ruhemania…

You had to consider your father too. This was his decision to allow you to choose, and he had probably seen the list before you had. If he had outright disapproved of a girl, he wouldn't have allowed her to be shown to you. That probably meant he would give his blessing to whoever you chose as your bride.

Still, this was a decision that would affect his legacy, and he wouldn't let you make it frivolously. If you announced your decision to him with anything less than full conviction, he might override you. You couldn't be sure who he'd pair you with in that case. Princess Alena? He wouldn't care about you being King in your own right, only about what power you brought to the family line. It was all an old man like him had to think of these days.

Then again… maybe he secretly wanted to be rid of you. You were his legitimate eldest son. He couldn't deny you your birthright and make Albert his heir instead, even if he wanted to do so. The only way he'd be able to keep his titles and land from passing to you was if you were dead before him… dead, or renounced your claims by becoming a citizen of Zipangu, perhaps? Maybe he'd marry you to that Tomoko out of spite…

You shake your head in an attempt to clear it from the effects of the wine. No, that was too far descended into paranoia. Your father didn't outright loathe you by any means, and he couldn't force you to swear a ridiculous oath to a barbarian council.

At any rate, by the time you stood before him tomorrow, you'd better be sure of your choice…

You drift to sleep.

You see a crowd of women. Women of all shapes, sizes, and degrees of pregnancy. You know these women. You have Known these women. You can't make out specific faces or understand what they're saying, but you know this. You walk, and walk, and walk… did the line never end?

Finally, you see the last girl waiting for you. It's the matchmaker, sitting naked before you, and very obviously pregnant. She smiles at you, her book still sitting closed on her thighs. She opens her book to a certain profile of a bride, you turn to look at it…

And then you're awake.

You leisurely dress, and take your breakfast in the sitting room. Your breakfast is today served by one of the three maids you saw yesterday, the smallest one at a mere three months of pregnancy or so. She was a feisty servant, and it had taken some work before she consented to you knocking her up, and then that took weeks before she finally started becoming flushed with the telltale signs of pregnancy. You banter back and forth for a bit, playfully. You don't allow servants to disrespect you, but you did enjoy the occasional witty repartee with a woman. The fact her seed had taken root inside her was your ultimate trump card for any complaint she could make about you.

Finally you finish eating and the maid cleans up after you. You freshen up a bit. The time for the appointment with your father and the matchmaker is nearly here.

Choice time:
>Go meet with your father.

[this is to allow some suspense before the next scene where the bride marriage vote will be made]

d4dff No.12721


Option 1, let's do this.

3504c No.12723

So as I am aware of such knowledge and postulating a guess…
Edward/Albert are referencing the European monarchs of the same names; namely Albert, Prince Consort of Queen Victoria, and their son Edward, later King of the United Kingdom. Conversely, I believe Edward was actually Albert Edward in issue and title, so either way..
Otherwise there's always Edward (Eddie) Albert, a famous American character actor, and his son of the same name and similar fame.
Interestingly enough, if memory serves, all were of German descent.
Just my two cents.

6ef87 No.12724


Does each member of the clan get individual votes, or are you guys playing as one? /s

daacc No.12725

Option one: let's get this show on the run.

3504c No.12726

We pass the keyboard between ourselves; whomever holds the blunt gets to type.

4035b No.12727

This is the most difficult choice we've had to make so far, but I think I'm gonna go with option 1.

e271d No.12731

Sounds like the highest form of democracy to me.

Option 1, let's go meet the old man.

Also voting for Option 2: Personal Note To Self to get a look at that tome of Matchy's. The idea that Dad crossed a couple names off this list for us makes me want to at least look, even if we're never gonna consider them.

04dba No.12732

i'm going to abstain, this is a tough choice. I think we should discuss things before any of us vote. we don't want to end up impregnating our own dad

a6db5 No.12736

This has been great so far, and I would like to put in my vote for the girl we choose now in case I miss it later.
Tier 1: Flora. She wants a big family, has lots of money, and seems very nice. So what if we don't get land? Money is money, and we both want to see her pregnant often.
Tier 2: Tharja: a well protected, large kingdom we get to be king of very early in is helpful. All I'm worried about is Tharja's tsundere qualities from fire emblem.
Tier 3: Alena. Good, large, stable kingdom. We may not get to be king, but we only need to provide one heir before the lack of a vow of faithfulness kicks in.

13428 No.12737

File: 1450673661349.jpg (676.29 KB, 850x1201, matchmaker23.jpg)

>Meet your father, decide your destiny.

You proceed to one of the rooms set aside for personal use by your father. You have to pass by several armed guards on the way, but they all recognize you as his son Sir Edward and let you pass without comment. He's expecting you.

Your father meets diplomats, important officials, burghers, priests, and surely others in this room. Today however, it's reserved for your meeting.

You step inside the room, shutting the door behind you. Your father is there, sitting behind an important and impressive looking oak desk. The room has no windows, candles instead provide the light, including one dripping red wax candle that you recognize as what your father uses to mark important documents with his seal.

The matchmaker is there too. She has a seat to the side in a chair so large that it makes her frame look small. You see she has with her that impressive tome closed in her lap. Rather than her neutral expression, you notice her cheeks tinged with rose.

"Edward… my son," you hear your father greet you.

You give your father a respectful bow and bid him good day.

"I hope you found your matchmaker satisfactory, Edward. –Although, when I sought her services, it was for the purpose of selecting your bride, not for you both to enjoy a session of unhurried fornication."

The matchmaker's blush goes a deep crimson and she looks away in shame.

God damn it all, he'd found out about that.

Well, of course he had. This was his castle. You could never be sure who he had working as a spy. You couldn't even be sure if it was one of the three maids who had let that detail slip. Someone else could have seen you, noticed you both weren't in your study, or at least heard the maids gossiping.

You start to speak a protest on behalf of yourself and the poor matchmaker, but your father waves his hand and you go silent.

"I tire of rehashing this with you, Edward. You're selecting your bride now and will soon have legitimate children for me. –What's one more bastard, am I right?"

…Basically. Although you have the tact not to agree with him out loud.

Your father takes another breath.

"Still, my scholars tell me you spent yesterday searching for yet more information about your brides' backgrounds. I must say… I'm grateful you're at least taking some of your responsibilities seriously."

You give him a wry smile and tell him you always take all of your responsibilities seriously. Otherwise, no one would take you seriously.

That actually gets a small chortle out of him. You hear him mutter 'smart ass,' under his breath, but you can see the smile he's hiding on his face. You know you've impressed him, on some small level.

Then, his face goes somber, and you can hear the strength behind his words.

"A man gets one wife, Edward. Not two, not five, not ten."

He leans forward in his chair.

"One. 'Til death do you part."

Your lips tighten. You were aware your marriage could be annulled by various means as well… but your father was right. You couldn't count on your bride dying, and an annulment of any sort would mean a small loss of prestige for you, at best. It'd mean your wife was unfaithful, or barren, or possibly YOU had gone infertile, as frightening as that idea was. You were better off assuming you and your bride would be together for the rest of your lives.

"Tell me, my boy. Have you made your decision?"

You do your best to put your own steel in your voice, meeting his eyes firmly.

I have, father, you say. You take a deep breath and make your decision…

>Wife Voting Time. Read everything after this.

The bride will be selected by tier voting. Please select three wives, by rank.

Wife #1 will get three votes. Wife #2 will get two votes. Wife #3 will get one vote. Highest voted wife gets picked.

Write your vote like this:

1. Wife's name #1.
2. Wife's name #2.
3. Wife's name #3.

Please write it like this so it's easy to organize. Don't write it out long-winded like "I think I'll pick flora for number one wife and then maybe a toss between tharja and menace for the next two in whatever order." No, please don't. Pick three, and rank them, solidly.

"Do I have to pick three? Can I just pick one?"

Pick three wives. I thought of making it "up to three," but this isn't totally fair because it penalizes people who are more on the fence. You must pick exactly three wives and rank them. Not one or two.

"Can I change my vote?"

If you're going to delete your vote and resubmit, there's nothing to stop you. But please do this only if you've honestly changed your mind. Don't do it because you're watching vote tallies come in and you want to be "kingmaker" and push one bride over the top. Vote your honest pick.

"I absolutely have to have some world backstory or other character/game knowledge before I vote."

That's fine. The time for narrative is over for now, so ask something and I'll reply best I can, even if it's to say 'that's something Edward wouldn't be sure of.'

"How long will you leave this vote up?"

I want everyone to have a chance to vote, and it'll be a good time for me to brainstorm where the plot will go, so probably at least until christmas, which is December 25th. I'll put up a warning around that time that says: "Hey, I'm gonna close the vote within a day, so get them in pronto." As long as you don't see an announcement that says "Poll Closed! Wife Chosen!" you're good to vote.

"I want to vote ten times."

Please vote once.

"I want to talk about the best wife or otherwise speculate on where the story will go with x wife."

Please talk about whatever you like, just make sure your voting comment is a recognizable:
format so I can easily differentiate between votes and other commentary.

>Okay, that's enough, time to vote for who Sir Edward announces as his choice for bride.

Choice time:
>Princess Alena.
>Sansa Stark.
>Queen Arturia Pendragon.
>Flora Briscoletti.
>Deborah Briscoletti.
>Queen Menace.
>Crown Princess Tharja.


5acb9 No.12739

1. Queen Arturia Pendragon
2. Flora Briscoletti
3. Crown Princess Tharja

Yeah, any more-than-one-wife end would be very complicated, and would most likely jack up the difficulty for everyone (including aristocrat) too much.

6ef87 No.12740


1. Tharja
2. Flora
3. Arturia

If only Ed had Matchy on the desk earlier, lol. Dad's speak of One True Wife is disheartening too. If marrying them all is out of the question, then is there possibility of having concubines?

13428 No.12741

Oh I see someone jumped the gun and voted early. Okay, that's fine. That'll count as the first vote since it follows the format I made anyway.

I don't want to say definitively "there won't be a harem ending or a chance to get more than one girl," because that's being a bit of a killjoy. This has the potential to go a lot of ways. That's all I'll say.

a6db5 No.12742

>>12741 I was just about to re-enter my vote to make it easier for you. I'm never sure how regularly I'm able to check this board, so I was trying to play it safe. Thanks for accepting it!

e271d No.12744

1. Queen Arturia Pendragon
2. Crown Princess Tharja
3. Flora Briscoletti

I honestly can't think of anything else to ask that we haven't already thought of, by this point. Any thoughts towards a harem ending or concubines of any sort can wait until we've finally gotten out from under Dad's roof and gotten that sweet apartment of our own.

04dba No.12745

1. Flora Briscoletti.
2. Queen Arturia Pendragon.
3. Queen Menace

voting flora just to get to deborah tbqh

daacc No.12749

1. Tharja
2. Flora
3. Arturia

3504c No.12750

As the ODB would say at a time like this;
1. Crown Princess Tharja
2. Deborah Briscoletti
3. Queen Arturia Pendragon

13428 No.12753

I'd like to say, it's an honor and a privilege to write this adventure for you all and see the interest it's gotten and watch people take time out of their day to vote and help it grow and develop. Thank you all.

(On a side note… is someone logging all this? You know, in case the site went down or something.)

04dba No.12754

would it be possible to invite all of them to our kingdom and have them fight in a tournament for our hand

while behind the scenes we just impregnate all of them

daacc No.12756

Unfortunately any children born out of wedlock will be considered bastards and not able to inherit our kingdom should we die. So impregnating them willy-nilly will be bad.

4035b No.12757

1)Crown Princess Tharja
2)Flora Briscoletti
3)Queen Arturia Pendragon

Really interested to see how the voting goes since, after re-reading the thread, it seems most if not all of us have a shortlist at this point.

And thank you sir for making it in the first place. You're doing something right since you've managed to keep us all interested.

4b83a No.12758

1: Flora, 2: Flora, 3: Flora. Nah, I'm just fucking around my votes:

1: Still Flora
2: Tharja
3: Menace

d3bf6 No.12760

1. Arturia
2. Sansa
3. Tharja

191d2 No.12761

1. Flora
2. Arturia
3. Tharja

The biggest downside to Arturia is her age. Well, there's also Mordred and dozens of potential Mordreds from our current and future horde of bastards, but that's a thread we can deal with.

Arturia gives us the opportunity to pull a King Henry VIII and Joseph Smith in our own person, but overall I'd give top billing to Flora.

897c8 No.12763

1. Arturia
2. Tharja
3. Menace

3504c No.12765

>Highest form of Democracy
My nigga, you officially get One Toke. Holla.

3504c No.12766

Also in regards to the author/OP/Mr. Aristocrat, you're doing Allah's work. As an on and off again (sometimes for profit/to make ends meet) Ghost Writer and Freelance-Writer-For-Hire, I(we) respect and admire your commitment to such literary pursuits and achievements. May the Supreme Mathematics reveal KNOWLEDGE in your ongoing endeavors.

80586 No.12767

1. Crown Princess Tharja
2. Princess Alena
3. Sansa Stark

Oh I just can't wait, to be kiiiiiing

658dd No.12768

1. Arturia
2. Alena
3. Sansa

31940 No.12769

1. Princess Tharja
2. Queen Menace
3. Flora

53843 No.12770

1. Tharja
2. Flora
3. Alena

244c5 No.12771

1. Alena
2. Alena
3. Alena

oh right rules

1. alena
2. deborah
3. tharja

8650f No.12772

#1 Alena
#2 Flora
#3 Sansa

2e475 No.12774

1. Tharja
3. Menace

5c89f No.12775

1. Flora Briscoletti
2. Crown Princess Tharja
3. Queen Menace

7f261 No.12776

Cool. Deleted my old vote in favor of the tier system.

1. Crown Princess Tharja
2. Flora Briscoletti
3. Queen Arturia Pendragon

b1be7 No.12777

Well I certainly see some patterns emerging… I know who my three are, but the order is the tricky part. I think I'll go…

1: Queen Arturia
2: Flora
3: Princess Tharja

a7a06 No.12791

Lucky for you mister GM aristocrat, I am enjoying this wild ride enough that I am archiving the quest. Not the talk or votes between, but just the story posts. I actually did the same thing with Ty's quest, and I'm keeping track of a couple others on this site. Maybe I guess that makes me the Archivist.

Time to vote! Too bad Menace doesn't have more to offer, the fertility orgies sounded fun.

1. Flora
2. Arturia
3. Alena

01b5e No.12793

1. Crown Princess Tharja
2. Flora Briscoletti
3. Queen Arturia Pendragon

13428 No.12794

Wow, there's a ton of votes already! I could close this now and feel good that it's a decent poll of what the audience wants, but it's still very close and I said in my before that the deadline would be "around christmas" so I will leave it up longer.

Voting will remain open a few more days. I will probably put the "last chance to vote! I'm closing it soon!" notice up on christmas eve, and close it christmas day (I doubt anyone will vote after that starts). I'm not giving an exact time because I don't want to risk not keeping the deadline because of some catastrophe. If you see this and haven't voted yet, my advice is vote sooner rather than later.

I'm looking forward to tallying the final results!

91af4 No.12801

[X] Arturia
[X] Deborah
[X] Flora

2d365 No.12802

1. Queen Arturia Pendragon
2. Flora Briscoletti
3. Crown Princess Tharja

e5c89 No.12803

1. Arturia
2. Tharja
3. Alena

4f446 No.12804

1. Queen Arturia Pendragon.
2. Crown Princess Tharja.
3. Sansa Stark.

22352 No.12805

1. Tharja
2. Arturia
3. Flora

a126b No.12807

1. Menace
2. Briscoletti
3. Princess Alena.

13428 No.12808

I can't count this vote. You gotta specify Flora or Deborah.

a126b No.12809

Sorry meant flora.

13428 No.12810

Okay, counted.

5a30d No.12813

1. Crown Princess Tharja
2. Queen Arturia Pendragon
3. Deborah Briscoletti.

5a30d No.12814

Side question: since Arturia is here, will the Fate Spell System be in existence? The Fire Emblem Magic System since Tharja? (Or would that be replaced with Castlevania since lol Vlad?)

13428 No.12815

That's something Edward would have no way of knowing.

9b35f No.12817

1. Flora
2. Deborah
3. Arturia

01b5e No.12819


I legitimately changed my mind once I thought more about how remote Ruhemania is…

1. Flora Briscoletti
2. Crown Princess Tharja
3. Queen Arturia Pendragon

13428 No.12820

Not a problem. Noted!

13428 No.12826

Guess what, folks?

It's past midnight in Samoa, which means it's Christmas Eve (december 24th) somewhere in the world.

Therefore, following my promise, I will be closing this poll sometime within the next 12-48 hours.

This poll has received a tremendous amount of responses. Much more than any other choice in the story so far. I've seen most of the users who choose to use names have voted, as well as a large amount of pregnonymous. I'm confident the results will represent the collective will. There's no sense waiting for votes that don't exist, and I can't think that suddenly others will appear to vote once the busiest holiday of the year actually starts. (For most of the world, anyway.)

It's still a very close vote. The result is not 100% guaranteed. If I believe more votes will come I will leave the poll up for the long end of that spectrum. However, if you have not yet voted, but wish to do so, I encourage you to vote immediately on seeing this.

As long as I have not made another post that says "Poll closed! Wife chosen!" votes will still be taken. After that I will begin tabulating and announce the winner.

Please continue to vote only once.

Thank you.

a7a06 No.12833

Samoa? Dude… We're spread out. And I'm having a hard time not thinking of the Girl Scout cookie.

13428 No.12834

Poll closed! Wife chosen!

No more votes will be accepted.

This isn't the official result, because I want to get everything organized, but from a quick glance at the tallies, it looks like Tharja will be Edward's wife.

4035b No.12836

Hopefully the official results are the same. Just have to wait and see.


7f261 No.12837

Yeah, I kept a tally. It was close!

Alena: 15
Sansa: 6
Arturia: 50
Flora: 45
Deborah: 11
Menace: 10
Tharja: 55

13428 No.12838

File: 1450915940242.jpg (135.1 KB, 716x1000, Tharja-wins.jpg)

The winner is Crown Princess Tharja of Ruhemania. Thank you everyone for participating.

Here's a breakdown of the votes:

Crown Princess Tharja: 55
She was 11 persons' top pick, 8 persons' second pick, and 6 persons' third pick.

Flora Briscoletti: 48
She was 8 persons' top pick, 10 persons' second pick, and 4 persons' third pick.

Queen Arturia Pendragon: 47
She was 10 persons' top pick, 5 persons' second pick, and 7 persons' third pick.

Princess Alena: 15
She was 2 persons' top pick, 2 persons' second pick, and 5 persons' third pick.

Deborah Briscoletti: 11
She was no one's top pick, 5 persons' second pick, and 1 person's third pick.

Queen Menace: 10
She was 1 person's top pick, 1 person's second pick, and 5 persons' third pick.

Sansa Stark: 6
She was no one's top pick, 1 person's second pick, and 4 persons' third pick.

Tharja was the clear favorite. She got the most rankings as #1 girl, second most as #2, and second most as #3. That's enough to give her a decisive 7 vote lead over the runner up. It was still close enough that perhaps as little as three more votes could have given Flora or Arturia the win, but it became obvious those votes weren't coming and Tharja was consistently popular enough to maintain her lead.

Flora just edged out Arturia as runner-up. She took an early lead, but wasn't enough people's first pick to maintain it, and that steadily ate at her votes until Tharja surged ahead. She had the most #2 votes of all the choices.

Arturia's vote was slow to develop, and she was only edged out for most rankings as #1 girl by one. Unfortunately for those people, she didn't have enough #2 votes to make up the deficit, despite getting the most #3 votes.

Alena's tally of 15 votes is 32 votes behind the next highest rank girl, showing that the vote was really a contest between Tharja, Flora, and Arturia. She got the most #1 votes of the "losers" with two.

Deborah Briscoletti got a surprising 11 votes. She was no one's top pick, but her total of five choices for #2 pick matched the same number who chose Arturia for #2.

Menace avoided getting written out of the competition completely when girls were being presented by the matchmaker and scraped together 10 votes. She was one person's #1 though.

Sansa Stark was the clear unfavorite and came in last place with only 6 votes. She was no one's #1 pick, and only one person's #2.

13428 No.12840

File: 1450917150683.jpeg (124.45 KB, 600x800, Tomoe.jpeg)

And as a little bit of behind-the-scenes knowledge before the plot starts up again, let's discuss girls I at first considered as possible bride choices, but ended up writing out. These are choices who I will definitely never use, so I don't feel I'm revealing plot information by revealing them.

Tomoe, from Queen's Blade.

Originally I was going to make 'Zipangu' an analogue for the Sengoku (warring-states) era of Japan. Tomoe was going to be a Church-converted Zipangu noblewoman who Edward could marry and then use as a stepping-stone to try to become Shogun. In the end, she was scrapped because I thought not enough people would want to go for such a choice that would obviously shift focus from the vaguely-european medieval aristocracy premise, and it didn't really fit with the timeline of that period anyway.

13428 No.12841

File: 1450917499803.jpeg (555.17 KB, 700x1000, Haruhi.jpeg)

Suzumiya Haruhi, from the Melancholy of… etc.

Originally, she was going to have Tomoko's position as "President's daughter" who wanted to marry an aristocrat because it'd be fun. The 'republic' country was going to be a little more analogous to the United States, and Haruhi's personality was going to be ultra-antagonistic.

In the end, I decided this was kinda dumb and no one would pick it, even in jest. So I used Tomoko instead and combined the idea with 'Zipangu' which I had already decided not to use.

13428 No.12842

File: 1450917947174.jpg (53.86 KB, 736x1126, Anna.jpg)

Anna, from Frozen.

She was almost included, but then I thought any plot twists I could make up for her story if she was actually picked would be much, much too obvious. That, and I realized her personality would probably overlap with Alena's too much.

This concludes the talk of rejected bride choices.

The story will resume soon.

Hope you all enjoy.

4035b No.12843

Eh, might have been interesting. Though when I think fictional Sengoku period I'm more likely to think of someone from Sengoku Basara and/or Samurai Warriors.

These though? All I can say is that nothing of value was lost cutting them.

80586 No.12844

Think you made a wise choice cutting those three - I don't think any of them would have won and the concepts of the ones you kept are much stronger.

I for one welcome our new Tharja overl- I mean wife. I'm looking forward to spooky stalker waifu and whatever intrigues and perils await in distant Ruhemania.

Merry Christmas, aristo!

3504c No.12846

A great man once said…

01b5e No.12848


Well I have always been a huge fan of the Dracula Legend, among other Romanian legends, so I am extremely excited about what awaits us!

e271d No.12849

Le sigh. I considered it cheating to try and start arguing points on this girl over that girl and whatnot so I just made my vote and let things go as they would, but I still feel like I didn't do enough to help.

My king, I have failed you. -_-

13428 No.12850

Tharja being chosen as the bride doesn't necessarily mean we will only see Tharja's story.

Actually, I've been putting together options of what to do when the story reaches a conclusion.

1. "New Game+" Revert the story back to the bride choice and let people choose again. (Most likely option for if Edward dies or otherwise reaches a sad ending.)
2. "Next bride." Edward chooses another bride to marry, without resetting the story. (Only would happen if Tharja's marriage ends somehow with death/annulment.)
3. "Legacy." Play as Edward's eldest male legitimate child when he's of-age years later. (For if Edward really gets a Happy End to the point playing a New Game+ with a different bride seems sad.)

Assuming I don't burn-out, die, or people don't lose interest, of course.

e271d No.12851

I was actually thinking about asking if we would have a checkpoint system or some such option going on, so that answers that. I just had to vent my "We didn't pick Saber noooooooooo" first.

016bb No.12853

I've been a longtime lurker here and I've written some CYOA stuff in the past (People might recognize me from other chans) Just wanted to drop a line saying I'm a big fan of both what you've done,how you've done it and let you know I'd help you if you'd like it. Hate to see writers get burnt out (happened to me once, it's terrible.)

Anyway, if you'd like to put your head together with me, I'd be glad to help. Reach me at ogreshill@hushmail.com. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

5acb9 No.12854

The hallmark of an OP who cares, everyone: replay value.

Good on you, aristocrat!

4b83a No.12855

Italian Bulma lost, noooooo

Ah well, let's see what comes next. Merry Christmas, you beautiful bastards.

5a30d No.12857

Hooray, Yan-yan won!

13428 No.12860

File: 1450945484766.jpg (293.34 KB, 850x1133, matchmaker-document.jpg)

Crown Princess Tharja of Ruhemania.

That's your decision, you say. You've made up your mind, solidly.

Your father hesitates… but it's a mere moment before he nods.

"Very well. You have my blessing."

He raps his hand on the table, earning a jump from the matchmaker.

"Matchmaker, hand me the documents for Crown Princess Tharja," he says.

"Yes, my Lord."

You watch the matchmaker pull a set of parchment from inside the folds of her book and place it in front of your father. He gives them a quick glance, and then picks up the red candle.

"I hope you find Ruhemania accommodating, Edward."

He drips a smattering of wax on the document, then makes his hand into a fist. Quickly, he sets his ring to the wax, leaving an imprint of your family's seal on the parchment.

"There you are, my boy, you're now a married man."

You blink. Surely… surely you had to actually arrive at Ruhemania in order to marry Crown Princess Tharja?

The matchmaker speaks up to answer your question.

"Your ceremony with Princess Tharja will be a formality. In the eyes of the Church and the Heavens above, that document is enough to deem you have wed," she says.

But, what if King Vlad backed out?

"…Short of a complication due to consanguinity, that isn't possible."

–What did that mean?

Your question gets a laugh from your father.

"It means unless you and Princess Tharja turn out to be brother and sister, you're married. And I can tell you: that's not the case."

Right… even if your father had ever been inclined to have sown his seed outside of your mother, no way would it have reached a distant land like Ruhemania.

Wait, why 'Princess Tharja' all of a sudden? Wasn't she 'Crown Princess'?

Your father gives an impatient sigh.

"Matchmaker, explain to my son how his new title works. He seems dreadfully ignorant of it."

Your lips purse in tight anger at your father's remarks, especially that he made them in front of a woman you've implanted with your seed, but you say nothing.

The matchmaker begins to speak.

"Princess Tharja was King Vlad's designated heir. This made her 'Crown Princess Tharja'. Her marriage would not change this. She would remain 'Crown Princess' and you would be 'Prince Edward,' with her becoming Queen."

Your eyes widen in horror. Were you mistaken? Were you not to be King…?

"…however, your marriage is based on the condition that Crown Princess Tharja would abdicate. On becoming married, Crown Princess Tharja has ceased to be King Vlad's heir. In her place, you, her husband, have become King Vlad's designated heir. Therefore, she is now styled 'Princess Tharja of Ruhemania' and you are styled 'Crown Prince Edward of Ruhemania.'"

Your anxiety dissipates to awe at the matchmaker's words. Crown Prince Edward. –Not yet a King, but soon to be one. Just a few words, a wax blot on a paper, and you were one death away from your own throne…

Your father takes notice of your elated state and raps his hand on the desk again, snapping you out of your excitement.

"Don't get too big a head about it. You'll still be introduced as 'Sir Edward' at your going-away feast tonight."

You find yourself grinning, despite his gruff words.

Although, why weren't you told about this title-switchery that would happen with her when you were choosing your bride, you ask the matchmaker?

"It's a minute detail. All of your potential marriages had intricacies such as that. If we had gone over all of them, the process would have been extended. You had merely to choose the bride you preferred," she responds.

Perhaps. –It still feels a little unfair, however. You're sure your father had been told every detail inside and out for each bride.

"Of course, if your marriage is annulled or Princess Tharja dies before you produce an heir, the abdication will be reversed along with your marriage and the designation of King Vlad's heir will revert to her," she adds.

Even if she's dead…?

Your father waves a hand.

"You can read all the exact details of your marriage document later, Edward."

You watch as he hands the parchment he stamped with his seal to the matchmaker.

13428 No.12861

File: 1450945613150.jpg (952.36 KB, 850x850, matchmaker-farewell.jpg)

"I believe with this, your services are at an end with us, matchmaker. You're dismissed," your father says to her.

She nods.

"I'll have copies ready for your records, my Lord."

She places the parchment on top of her book, tucking it back to her arm, and begins to stand up.

Before she leaves, you ask if the matchmaker would care to meet you later?

Or, so you start to say, but your father interrupts.

"Oh no you don't. You're both too busy. You're preparing to leave tomorrow, and the matchmaker has her own duties to attend to."

With a sad sigh, you give a respectful bow to your matchmaker, thank her for her help, and wish her a pleasant journey.

She looks at you with sad eyes, behind her blank expression.

"…Farewell, Sir."

And with that, she very quietly leaves the room, the door swinging softly behind her.

13428 No.12862

You can't keep yourself from glaring angrily at your father, especially when you knew he knew you had gone to bed with her.

"–Don't give me that look."

He takes out a pouch from his pocket and sets it in front of you on the desk.

"Take this. You're going to the chapel. You're going to take confession. Then, you are going to pray and make an offering. Because that is what good followers of the Church do when they embark on long voyages to meet their new wife and start a family."

…You pick up the pouch, finding it heavy with coin. There's nothing you can say to him, really.

"We'll see each other at your celebration feast. Your ship leaves early tomorrow morning. You may go, son."

You give your father a very quick bow, a few words of courtesy, and then make your exit.

Unfortunately, the matchmaker is gone. You could ask the guards which way she went, but… no. It would get back to your father, immediately.

You try to put a clamp on any emotions you're experiencing and head off to the chapel.

You arrive there in no time at all. This isn't a day when normal services are held, but the chaplain has been expecting you and has already prepared a private room to hear your confession.

You're still feeling bitter about your father preventing you from having a final word with the matchmaker, so your confession with the chaplain is more ritual than personal. You make vague references to falling prey to the sins of lust and ill-temperance. The chaplain is as aware of your reputation as everyone else, so he gives you a lecture on how those are normal temptations for a man your age, and the Church does teach that children are a blessing… but, you don't need that many blessings, and there a number of other types of blessings you may want to experience, too. It's all things you've heard before.

You step out from your confession, then kneel at the altar and pray. As you do, it begins to hit you that this is the last time you'll likely ever do this here, and that makes you pause. By the time you're nearing conclusion, you have calmed down from your anger over the matchmaker. You convince yourself meeting with her again would just have been prolonging the inevitable.

You finish praying and drop the coins from the pouch your father gave you into the offering box. You know better than to try to keep them. If your father gives you coin and tells you to make an offering to the Church, you're making that offering.

By the time you're done, it's late enough you're hungry and you remember father talked about a feast in your honor.

You step into the banquet hall and find a modest feast for you prepared. One of the butlers announces 'Sir Edward, arriving,' as you enter the room, and you recognize a few of your fellow aristocrat friends your age are already there. You get a cup of wine and step over to mingle. They all congratulate you on your marriage and make a few jokes that you'll be moving on to hunt in greener fields. Maybe one that hasn't been so completely fertilized already.

You laugh along with their gentle ribbing, your spirit eased further from being able to relax with the company of your peers.

More aristocrats from your father's court arrive, and soon later your father himself arrives and the feast proper begins. Your father makes a brief toast and announces you're marrying Princess Tharja of Ruhemania. Everyone acts impressed, but you get the idea they don't have the first clue about Ruhemania or what it's like either.

Before he finishes, your brother speaks up and says he'd like to speak a few words too.

"Well, I think it's safe to say the castle won't be the same without you, brother," he starts.

He says it without sarcasm or wit, but the implied joke is obvious enough and a few of the more inebriated nobles chuckle. Very cute, Albert. You take solace in the fact you're now a Crown Prince and he won't even ever be a Duke.

By the end, you're so full of food and drink that you're too exhausted to do anything else. You go back to your room and fall asleep in your bed. You're too overcome with the emotions of the celebration that you are spared the frustration that you were prevented from spreading your seed today.

13428 No.12863

You wake at dawn. Your ship to take you to Ruhemania will be prepared, you remember hearing.

You find a fancier set of clothes waiting for you today. Your tunic is fancier, includes a large cape, new strong boots, and a sash with your family crest woven into it. It surely will mark you as the nobility you are.

You go to the sitting room to take your breakfast and are surprised to see the gravid maid who is full-term with your future child serving you. You know enough about servant schedules to know that job is supposed to be rotated between the maids more. Did she make some sort of deal to be assigned the duty again?

You eat quickly. Your servant standing demurely, silently. You've already deduced what this was about.

She was working up the courage to say goodbye.


You set your tea back down and ask her, what is it?

"The news is you're leaving today. To meet your wife."

You nod and tell her that's true, you are. You don't need to add that you'll likely never be back.

The maid twists the edge of her skirt in her hands… then finally lifts it to show you her distended belly, hanging low. If anyone else saw her, they would view it as obscene.

"The older ladies tell me I'll be giving birth soon… to your baby…"

…Your heart aches.

You knew that. You knew that already. She had told you a mere two mornings ago.

It'd be impossible to take her with you, or do anything to even contact her again in the future. She was but a mere servant, and one of dozens who had the distinction of becoming a mother for your child, at that.

You can see tears in her eyes.

"Please, Sir. I'm scared… scared of life without you in it…"

You can't stay. They'll come looking for you if you don't hurry up and go to the gates soon. This is your only chance to leave her with something to satisfy her. Some kind gesture you can give her, one that she can hold on to forever.

Choice time:
>Kiss her lips.
>Kiss her belly.

04dba No.12864

Kiss her on the lips, then the belly, then smack her butt

04dba No.12865

Can I just point out that if Deborah hadn't leeched votes from Flora, Flora would have won? People who put Deborah in second should have just voted Flora because they live together anyway and we probably would have been able to get to both of them.

I demand cameos from them. It's an injustice! Aaaaaayyyyyyy

f3b4b No.12866

Lips then belly. Same as guy above said

cc024 No.12867


Dammit Aristo, you sure know how to make us get the "feels". ;_;

I say do friggin both, then give her an item of value. So she can start a new life somewhere else.. She'll probably be discarded soon, might as well give her a hopeful future.

13428 No.12868

merry christmas.

Also, I understand the urge to say "both," but it'd help if you guys picked one over the other. You're not just kissing her, you're saying some parting words to her, and the kiss choice will reflect that.

f3b4b No.12869

Ok, Lips it is then. Lets be sweet

9df84 No.12870


Merry Xmas too bruh.

Errrr..Belly wins for me lol. Option 2.

daacc No.12871

Option 2

80586 No.12872

This is why they keep Deborah behind closed doors, she keeps screwing things up for her sister.

I'm going for belly here. We really don't want to be signalling too much affection to this girl who'll probably never see us again, it's not fair to her. Encourage her to think of the child, she'll have his/her companionship for years to come.

31940 No.12873

Go for lips

4035b No.12874

Option 2, kiss her belly.

7f261 No.12875

Option 1. Go for the lips.

897c8 No.12878

>Kiss her lips.

You know, I would really like to vote for both.
But sadly it seems it has to be either or.

04dba No.12881

ok changing my vote to "hitting the jukebox to turn it on"

or option 2, w/e

4b83a No.12882

Option 2.

e271d No.12884

Option 1. Kissing her lips means we care about her. Kissing her belly implies we care more about her kid.

191d2 No.12885

Belly. She's a maid, not an equal.

2a354 No.12887

Kiss her belly, its not fair to send her the idea of us loving her when we are leaving.

6ef87 No.12888

Option 2. Ed doesn't even distinguish his maids by name, only by how pregnant they are. Feels a bit OOC for him to be this distraught.

Also, Hail Tharja, very happy we're off to Ruhemania!

a7a06 No.12896

Tharja? Why do I have a bad feeling about this? Well, roll with what we got.

As a hopeless romantic, we kiss her lips.

13428 No.12899

>6 votes for option one, kiss her lips.
>9 votes for option two, kiss her belly.

You gently move your face to her belly, gently tracing a finger around the linea nigra and her extruded belly-button.


You have no choice but to leave, you say. Fate decided this without any of your input.

You hear her exhale a breath. What you say is true. No matter what bride you picked, you would've left home eventually. Even if you'd decided on that Stark girl, or one of the Briscoletti sisters.

But, you continue, this doesn't mean you're leaving a hole in her life. She'll be giving birth soon, and your child, her precious child, will provide her with all the joy she could ever wish for. A mother's joy.

You press a soft kiss to her belly, as if giving your blessing to the future life inside.

To your astonishment, her belly shakes and distorts with the rumbling movement of the child inside her.

"Ah…" she moans, softly. "He knows his father… he does."

You smile, enraptured by the energetic display.

…And then you hear a sounding horn in the distance. That must be a sign that the ship is ready.

You stand up, carefully brushing your cape behind you. You tell your maid you must go.

She nods quietly, setting her skirt back down and smoothing it out over her bump. She still looks quite emotional, but it seems like her mood has improved at least a little.

"I'll do my best to raise your child, Sir. Thank you… I… thank you…"

You give her one last parting look from the door. The sight of one of your maids, fully pregnant, thanking you for giving her the gift of your seed is one you'll cherish for a long time.

Then you quietly leave the room.

13428 No.12900

By the time you reach the gate, you see an entourage waiting to escort you to the ship.

One of the men greets you and identifies himself as your father's quartermaster for the sailing part of your journey.

He explains the trip will be long, but not dangerous. However, there is not room in the ship for all of your personal possessions. They have, however, packed a modest amount which you could feasibly need on your journey.

Your short hunting sword is packed. You use it to finish off wounded prey during hunts so as not to waste an arrow. It's only two-feet long or so, but it's sharp and could be used to defend yourself in dire emergencies. It also has your family crest on the hilt, which you could use to identify yourself as nobility if you somehow lost your sash and fancy clothes.

A copy of your marriage document. The original has been sent to the Holy Archives at the seat of the Church. Your father has a copy, King Vlad will receive his own copy, and you have been provided with one too. Maybe you'll finally have a chance to read it during your voyage… just in case there's some final loophole that could cheat you out of your Kingdom that you aren't aware of.

A small hand-razor, so you could shave your face without resorting to using your sword. You're used to appointments with your castle's barber, but you won't have that option on the boat.

A pouch filled with coin. Not a large amount, and your caravan will be provided for at the expense of King Vlad, but you might need it. It could come in handy if you needed to bribe your way out of a bad situation.

A set of prayer beads with a holy symbol of the Church attached. A gift from the chaplain, you're supposed to hold them when you pray. You can't fathom a practical need for this, but you can't very well turn it down without looking like a heathen.

A gold ring. This is intended to be your wife's wedding ring.

That was it. Of course, this wasn't counting extra sets of clothes and other necessities. It's not much, but hopefully it'll be enough.

13428 No.12901

File: 1451023253102.jpg (235.83 KB, 850x531, ship.jpg)

You arrive at the port. The ship is waiting. It flies the flag of your family's land. You can see sailors making preparations for departure.

Your father is there to give you a send-off, as is your brother.

"I hope you know what you're doing, Edward. Ruhemania is a distant land where you'll get no protection from me," says your father.

It's not exactly the most inspiring set of parting words for you, but you appease him with a few grateful platitudes and assurances that your pre-marital days of recklessness are over.

He doesn't look convinced, but gives you a firm nod and wishes you well.

Your brother is even more brief, offering you a simple: "Safe trip, brother." It's enough to remind you that if you were to die on this journey, your brother would have the most to gain.

You clamber aboard the ship. This is your first time at sea, and the unsteady movement of the boat bobbing with the water unsteadies you.

Before long, a sailor has yelled "Anchors aweigh!" and the boat is pushed away with oars.

You watch from the deck as your father, brother, and all the lands you've called home, along with all of the scores of women you've had sex with and impregnated, fade slowly from view. Soon you watch the sailors begin to raise the sail.

It's then you begin to realize that all of the sailors are men.

–This is going to be a long voyage indeed.

13428 No.12902

You're escorted down to your private cabin by the captain of the vessel. You're informed that it'll be at least a week before you dock at the first stop to refresh the ship's supplies. It'll then be two more weeks of sailing, at least, before you arrive at Elbania, the closest country to Ruhemania with a port. From there, you'll meet a hired caravan that will escort you to King Vlad's castle. That was if the weather was smooth. Bad weather could add any amount of time to the trip.

You offer to assist some way with the care of the ship. The captain suppresses a laugh and tells you that with all due respect, you're more likely to just get in the way of the experienced sailors who've been doing this all their lives. You're annoyed, but let the comment slide. You then ask what you're expected to do to pass the time.

He tells you that's not really his concern, but, he does give you some ideas.

If you're really intent on trying to 'earn your keep,' the galley cook could probably make use of you for chopping ingredients. It might earn you more chow in the process.

One of the sailors had a lute. If you had any skill at dancing or singing you could probably join in when the sailors were amusing themselves. If they warmed up to you, they might have gossip to tell about neighboring lands.

Other than that, you could also bother the navigator. Sailing was likely to be smooth for a while and the ship was staying close to the coast, so he'd likely have free time to humor you with how the ship's logs were kept and how navigation instruments work if you were curious.

You hesitantly ask if there are any women aboard the ship. He gives you a hard stare and then tells you flatly that there aren't. Well, of course there weren't, but you had to know.

He excuses himself to see to the ship.

You, Sir Edward, now have a fair amount of time on your hands.

Whatever you did, it was probably better to pick just one of the captain's ideas and commit to it until your first stop at a port. The cook and navigator would likely be annoyed if you persuaded them to let you help for a day, and then ignored them the rest of the trip. And who knew how long it would take the sailors to warm up to the idea of talking familiarly with an aristocrat? Right, this would keep you occupied for a week…

Choice time:
>Volunteer to help in the galley. Extra food always sounded worthwhile.
>Mingle with and hear scuttlebutt from the sailors. Hopefully they'd have something interesting to say.
>Bother the navigator. It might pay off to have some navigation skills someday.
>You're a Crown Prince! You are above interacting with the common sailors. Keep to yourself and amuse yourself with your personal possessions.

6ef87 No.12905


Option 3, hit up the navigator. Navigational skills will be very handy for exploring Ruhemania.

73b48 No.12906


Well job with the goodbye part, our heart aches for the gravid maid.

Option 3, we might even know how long we'll staying in this ship.

daacc No.12907

Option 2: let's makes some friends. Maybe they can tell something interesting about lands we are about to explore.

04dba No.12908

I don't want to commit to becoming friends with a chef or a navigator yet, let's hear the gossip to make sure neither of them are bad news.

Option 2

2a354 No.12910

Id say navigational skills could be useful, lets go with 3

897c8 No.12912


I vote for:
>Mingle with and hear scuttlebutt from the sailors. Hopefully they'd have something interesting to say.

e271d No.12913

Option 2. Navigation can help us get to a destination, but gossip will let us know if there's trouble waiting when we get there.

Also, our family members are both assholes. I hope terrible things happen to Albert in our absence, like an angry pack of horny silverback gorillas finds him somewhere.

Real talk for a sec, Aristo. Am I wrong in assuming at least one of the potential issues of a stay at home route would've been having to deal with him trying to have us assassinated or otherwise being an NTRing son of a fuckwit? Because he really kinda gives off low level vibes of that, truth be told.

22352 No.12914

Option 3 sounds good.

13428 No.12915

That's really a plot question I don't want to give away. Sir Albert may or may not have some further role in the plot, either now or in a 'new game+' route.

80586 No.12918

I'd say navigation is a worthwhile skill to have.

We might also want to do a little exercise in the cabin, keep us from getting out of shape during our long journey. Or is it assumed we're doing enough to stay in condition?

Dad's not so bad, it's actually good advice. We'll have to win new friends in Ruhemania, there's no cavalry coming over the hilltop if we screw it up.

Albert, meanwhile, is so obviously waiting to make a grab for the Dukedom. Oh well, it'll be fun to return with an army of Ruhemanians later to take back what's ours. Have our by-then pregnant wife curse the shit out of him, it'll be a family bonding experience.

4035b No.12919

Well, no turning back now. I think we should try and mingle with the sailors and find out what they know. A good king should be able to walk among his subjects, after all, so we can consider this practice.

Also, since we apparently decided King Vlad is Dracula I'm just going to assume the ship we're on is the Demeter.

7f261 No.12920

Option 2! Could need some sailor friends if we want/have to escape later on.

Friends are a valuable thing to have. :)

2d365 No.12921

Option 3, navigational skills would be the most useful in the long run should something happen.

e271d No.12922

I figured as much, just wanted to ask for curiosity's sake.

I'm really okay with this idea, honestly.

13428 No.12923

"Exercise" specific choice would fall under 'mingle with sailors' due to assumed physical activity with them above deck.

But it is just a week and won't too adversely affect Edward's physique.

a7a06 No.12928

Let's make friends with the sailors. They might teach us some other skills, and we'll probably hear things that perhaps the nobles don't hear. (Not to mention, since we don't have to be faithful, they might help us hook up like sailors do.)

a3340 No.12929

THERE IS A NEW GAME+ MODE!! dammit. does that mean death is awaiting you at every corner……wait this is a medieval fantasy so it is entirely possible but I guess it will be like. you die and you take control of the brothers with different play styles or personalities.

13428 No.12930

>0 votes for option one, work for the cook.
>7 votes for option two, befriend the sailors.
>6 votes for option three, learn from the navigator.
>0 votes for option four, keep to yourself.

Choice made. Befriend the sailors and attempt to hear gossip.

01b5e No.12933


I smiled at Edward's indifference to the prayer beads. Little does he know that they may be more useful than he'd first thought :)

13428 No.12934

You go to the ship's deck to watch the sailors work. You're not sure what each sailor's individual job is, but it seems everyone has a defined role. Some of them watch you, apparently surprised that the aristocrat is hanging around on deck.

Soon there's a pause in their activity and they gather around and break open a barrel with fresh water to take a break. One of the sailors has a mandolin (not a lute, as you'd been told), and he plays a tune with a vague resemblance to a song as everyone mills around.

You ask the sailor if he'll play a tune for you and name one of the livelier songs you know. He's a little taken aback, but nods and says he will.

It's with that you announce to the sailors that you've got something special to show them, the amazing dancing aristocrat!

You start up a fast jig, to the sailors' bemused faces, as the sailor with the mandolin plays on. Just as you're starting to find a good rhythm though, the boat gives a deep lurch. The ground shifting beneath you is something you're not used to as a land-lubber, and your dance comes to an awkward end as you stumble around the deck, barely managing to keep yourself upright.

The sailors laugh, but you think you've broken the ice a bit. They talk among themselves and then go back to working the ship's rigging to take into account the change in wind.

The next day, you wait for the same opportunity. You ask the sailor with the mandolin to play a humorous song you know the words to. He seems eager to see you embarrass yourself again, so he agrees.

Your pride is wounded too much to try dancing again, so instead you try your voice at singing. You're not exactly a practiced singer, but you develop a recitative to hide this.

There once was a Lord named Reginald the Blue,
A just lord he was, fair tempered and true,
One vice had he, which caused his wife vex,
He took drink each night, leaving no time for sex.
What's a horny young woman to do?

She called for the advice, times three,
Of the chaplain, noble and pious was he,
He promised her he would cure her frustration,
with an extra long session of fornication.
Wouldn't you the same, in his position?

And so his wife cried out in delight,
Her screams of pleasure piercing the night,
Sir Reginald the Cuckold, as he came to be known,
Took another man's child and raised him as his own.

And what of the chaplain? He received great praise.
He lost his head– to coin a phrase!

You manage to get a few genuine laughs from the sailors, to the point a few of them open up enough to talk with you. They say they wouldn't have expected an aristocrat to sing such a bawdy song. You tell them some of the rumors you hear in court are much, much bawdier than that.

The third day, the sailors are beginning to get used to your presence and you don't have to bother the mandolin-player with more requests before they start talking with you. You ask them general questions about ship-life and sailing. They seem reluctant to say much until they realize you're just curious and not spying on behalf of the ship's captain. You learn that the ship was chartered by your father and isn't actually owned by him. After they drop you off in Elbania, they plan to sail back to port in Moneta and take on another job. You learn that uniformly, this is the first time any of them have traveled so far east, so this is a new destination for them.

Where's Moneta, you ask?

It's a free-country between the two destinations, and it's where they plan to stop to re-supply, so you'll see it up close soon.

The fourth day, they greet you amiably as 'Sir', but the tone is more friendly than respectful. You mingle with them and eventually you manage to change the subject of conversation to other countries they've sailed to.

You learn Saintheim is a large country, but it really only has one port, and it's right next to castle Saintheim. That keeps would-be invaders away, but it also doesn't make it the best trade destination. They do know that castle Saintheim regularly buys glass, crafted furniture, and masonry stone. Very expensive goods to transport. Scuttlebutt says it's all as replacements for things their Terrible Tomboy Princess has broken.

They have lots of words to say about Veneta. They tell you the country is located on a sort of convergence of all the relevant sea-wind currents, so all trade routes end up there. That makes it the most powerful economic force of all the free-countries and all the important merchant families have their base there. Unfortunately, none of them have worked for the Briscolettis.

The fifth day, you hear a bit more about other countries. Britannia was the destination of much trade during their war, as mercenaries were hired and weapons were bought. This favored King Arthur, because his holdings were in the south where geography made it much easier to do business. Now that it's over, not as many ships head through there. They don't seem aware King Arthur is a woman.

The sixth day, the sailors now openly talk about you a little more. They tell you they've heard stories that you've sired a fair number of bastards in your time. One sailor brags that he's got at least three children in three different ports, and asks if you're impressed. You don't have the heart to tell him just how many women you've had.

They laugh and tell you that they'll probably arrive in port tomorrow, why don't you come with them when they go visit the brothels? You nod and play along, but inwardly you're disgusted. You've loved all manners of women, from debutantes to peasant girls, but prostitutes are something you can't abide. They start to tease you and say that if you hang out with them any more, they'll have to properly 'initiate' you as a man of the sea. You're not sure what this means, but you get the idea it's probably unpleasant. One of the sailors notices you're still wearing your sash with your family crest on it and starts a chant demanding you take it off if you're going to mix with the 'common' sailors. You eventual dispel the notion by pleading with the men to please allow you your sash, it's all you've got, and if they make you take it off, you'll have nothing left. This gets a rowdy cheer from the sailors.

The seventh day, you've learned most everyone's names by now. You've participated in their leisure activities, developed a tan from bleaching in the sun, and learned most of their names. You even understand the common vernacular of some of them and have picked up some nautical terms.

Some of the sailors announce they plan to visit the brothel, while other sailors tell you they plan to visit the taverns… and then, the brothels. They encourage you to come along. You get the feeling your 'friends' are really hoping they'll be able to con you into spending your coin for the sake of their lust and drunkenness.

The ship is almost at port in Moneta. You reflect on your options. Whatever you do, you cross out going to a brothel. You've never once paid for sex, and you don't intend to start. Neither would you have sex with a woman who'd do everything to stop your seed from being implanted inside of her.

But, that doesn't mean you couldn't go along to the taverns and find a cute serving girl to flirt with and possibly satisfy your lust…

On the other hand, you can stay at the harbor, save your coin, and perhaps finally have a chance to look over your marriage document.

Choice time:
>To the taverns, for revelry and debauchery.
>It's too expensive. Spend the time alone instead.

b1be7 No.12935


Not to play killjoy here, but this might prove a nice time to actually sit down and take a good look at that document before we head on to eventually meet Tharja. There might be some details or loopholes or something in place that we've been left in the dark about (it's happened already, at least it wound up in our favor)

Also it sounds like some of our other bridal options actually aren't that hard to get to via sea (distance may still be a thing, but no apparent difficulty in getting there). Perhaps becoming friendly with those countries as a whole would be beneficial (even if we get blocked from the harem end)

a6397 No.12936

Option 2.

01b5e No.12937


I fully agree with this.

Option 2, read that marriage document!

04688 No.12939

That Sabrina has an interesting idea. I don't think it'll happen immediately, but it would definitely be good to keep it in mind for later.

04688 No.12940

Oops. I also meant to vote on Option 2.

a7a06 No.12941

Option 2. Let's plan for what's to come, and make sure we're not getting in over our head.

daacc No.12942

Option 2. We can do the tavern stuff later.

7f261 No.12944

I say we go to the tavern and wench it up. Half the reason we're playing this game is to liberally sow our seed, and Moneta is the halfway point to our destination, so we'll have plenty of time to read the document. Let's live a little. Option 1!

e271d No.12945

Option 2. Every little detail we learn ahead of time is something Edward (and more importantly, we) have in our arsenal should something come up later on. Besides, there's no point spending our cash before we actually have to, and I don't necessarily trust our new "mates" here not to just bash us over the head and "forget" to get us back onto the ship before they shove off again.

80586 No.12946

Going out is a bad idea - at best we'll blow our cash, at worst we're pushed into visiting a brothel (come on, we know it won't end at just the tavern) or mugged in town.

Being friendly while on the ship is one thing, but carousing with questionably-loyal sailors in a seedy port is too risky for a technically-already-King.

Option 2 all the way, and read that document carefully. Hell, why not use that as our excuse for staying?

6ef87 No.12947


Dead on. Option 1, It's been a week since the Matchmaker and another whole week until Tharja, maybe more if bad weather happens. We don't have to buy any liquor. Ed's got a sword for christ's sake, nothing's going to happen.

13428 No.12948

>2 votes for option one, go to the taverns for debauchery.
>8 votes for option two, spend the time alone studying the marriage document instead.

Your ship arrives at port. Your new sailor friends try to encourage you to join them in their day of drunken revelry while the ship loads more food and other provisions. You decline, to which they keep trying to insist you would enjoy it. You eventually make up an excuse that you don't think going out and laying with whores is the best way to start married life. The sailors sneer at you.

"What are you, the Pope?!" one of them asks.

You decide against pointing out the Pope would never marry and merely wish them well. They continue to sling insults and jeers at you as they go. It looks like you've lost the good-will of your new "friends".

You don't have to sleep in your cabin on the ship tonight. The quartermaster has arranged a room at an Inn for you. You decide that's a perfect place to study your marriage document, which you take with you to your room. Although you do take a moment to meet the innkeeper, just to see if he doesn't have a cute daughter who is of-age. You find to your disappointment the only woman tending to the place is his wife, and she's quite old.

You look over the document. It states that you, Sir Edward of Virilia, son of Lord Tigon, Duke of Virilia, shall take Crown Princess Tharja of Ruhemania, daughter of Vlad, King of Ruhemania, as his wedded wife. You will love her, and honor her, through sickness and in poor health… etc. etc. etc., until death do you part.

You take a deep breath as you read the next line, that you will forsake all others in favor of her. Were you misinformed? Were you bound to a vow of faithfulness?

It's then you get to the next paragraph which states that your marriage is based on certain precepts that must be upheld or the Church will find it as grounds for annulment. You breathe a sigh of relief. Apparently there was a difference between the 'enforceable' vows and the standard vows everyone made. You find it says what the matchmaker first told you when you met. Your marriage can be annulled if you are found to be infertile, Princess Tharja is unable to bear a child, or if either of you refuse to consummate the marriage. It can also be annulled on your request if Princess Tharja is unfaithful to you and becomes "romantically or sexually" involved with another. Convincing evidence must be present for this. You're not sure exactly what is "convincing evidence," but you reason that if you find her in bed with someone else or if your offspring doesn't resemble you, then that will probably be enough.

You read further, and find it then details the "title-switchery" as you called it. Upon marriage, Crown Princess Tharja abdicates her position as King Vlad's heir, and Sir Edward becomes his designated heir and is styled Crown Prince Edward of Ruhemania, excepting a condition that would displace Sir Edward as eligible from consideration as heir.

What did that mean? Death? Excommunication? King Vlad siring a legitimate son?

You remember King Vlad is supposed to be over eight decades old and bedridden. You conclude that last possibility wasn't very likely, even if King Vlad married a young nubile woman.

You read on to find that inheriting the throne of Ruhemania is also to take place on condition of you siring a legitimate heir with Princess Tharja. Ruhemania's inheritance laws allow the eldest females to inherit only on condition that there are no male heirs available, so your legitimate heir with Princess Tharja could be a girl, technically, but a male would be vastly preferred. If Tharja dies without you having provided an heir, the throne of Ruhemania defaults to the previous heir. This also applies in the situation that King Vlad has already passed on and his Kingdom had passed to you.

This part just confuses you. "defaults to the previous heir"? That would be Tharja herself. But if she was dead, then what? You remember the matchmaker said King Vlad's son had died, leaving Tharja as heir. Perhaps Tharja herself had a younger sister… at any rate, it'd be robbed of you in that case, even if King Vlad died already. You'd best expedite her pregnancy when you arrive at Ruhemania.

You see the bottom part of the document. It's a copy and lacks the seal of your father, but it states that both King Vlad and Lord Tigon have sealed the marriage. It then lists the matchmaker officiating it. You think this is a good opportunity to learn the matchmaker's name… but then you realize she's identified by a matchmaker's guild member number, and her actual name is nowhere on the document. Serves you right for not asking her directly, you suppose.

You pore over the document again as daylight slips away. You can't seem to find any other loopholes. You and Tharja, united as followers of the Holy Church and with the authority of the Heavens, shall become wedded in holy matrimony…

…love her and honor her…

…through sickness and in poor health…

…until death do you part…

…forsaking all others in favor of each other…

–You sigh. A lifetime of guilt from being raised with the Church weighs on your conscience. Maybe… maybe you should commit to monogamy, even if you technically weren't obligated to and it wouldn't end your marriage if you didn't. Your being the "Mad Rutting Beast" had brought you here, but… what were you doing now? You'd gone for more than a week without taking a woman to bed and giving her your seed, and here you were forsaking an opportunity to do so in order to look over your marriage document.

You shake your head.

Two more weeks on that boat, then you would be back on dry land again. And then further time still before you reached King Vlad's castle and had your wedding ceremony. Plenty of time to think and reflect on how to conduct yourself… and possibly meet a cute wench on the way.

You get ready for bed. The quality is less than you're used to, but it'll do. It certainly beats swaying on the water.

As you drift off to sleep, your final thought is:

Choice time:
>Maybe monogamy will be agreeable…
>No… that idea is fantasy… you shall not deny your seed to any woman…

e271d No.12950

Aw haaaaaaeeeeeellllll naw. Option 2, harem 4 life. We skipped getting boozed up and checking out the whores because it's SMART, not because we wanted to skip out on getting laid. And given how quick those sailors turned on us cause we didn't wanna be "cool" with them, it was the right call.

Regardless of how ridiculous our nickname is, we got it for a good reason. But there's a very real difference between pursuing conquests without repercussions and chasing every tail that walks by even if it leads us off a cliff, and I like to think Edward isn't stupid enough to fall for that sort of trap.

4331f No.12952


Option 2, we can always hide..

6ef87 No.12953


I'm gonna get an aneurysm with choices like this.
Option 2, no excuses.

04dba No.12954

Option 2, I don't come to this pregnancy fetish image board and read pregnancy fetish CYOAs just to not see people get pregnant

That would be jumping the shark

7f261 No.12955

Option 2. Because of the exact reasons Fonzie mentioned.

daacc No.12956

Option 2: Let's not break character shall we? Plus we can easily hide it if we wanted to.

13428 No.12957

Super early, but I can see a pattern when I see it.

>0 votes for thinking maybe monogamy is agreeable.

>6 votes for thinking you shall never deny a woman your seed.

Don't have aneurysms, guys. This is my fetish too. The purpose of this choice will become clear with the next update, and it wasn't to lock Edward into no sex outside of Tharja ever again.

Update coming soon.

5acb9 No.12958

Goodness, *that's* not an ominous statement if I've ever heard one. Granted, it may just be my general paranoia towards most GM-types, but it has very rarely steered me wrong when I've been able to use that intuition to my advantage before. Unfortunately, all I have currently are wild theories without a shred of evidence to back them up, only a bad feeling that stems from the fact that Edward read the marriage vows twice.
While I don't think Matchy lied to us, nor do I think that anyone in Ruhemania is trying to trip us up (otherwise they'd lose their chance to use the specialties of the Mad Rutting Beast to their advantage), it may be possible for us to mess this up for ourselves. Constant Vigilance and all that.

13428 No.12959

File: 1451115783839.jpg (114.77 KB, 600x485, female sailor.jpg)

You're back on the boat. The sea is calm and the sailing continues at pace, but you're still getting antsy. Your frustration with your lack of sex and being able to sow your seed has been allayed by being trapped on a boat with no women… but you're beginning to get desperate. You're starting to wonder something.

Is it really true that there were no women on board the ship?

The captain hesitated before he told you 'no', and since you started spending time with the sailors, you couldn't help notice that one of them was particularly curvy… curvier than a man was supposed to be, or could ever be.

You watched 'him', waiting for your chance, and then caught him below deck when no one was around.

"Oh, if it ain't the Sir! What can I do fer ya? Ferget how to take a shit, and need a commoner to show you?"

You tell him you've figured out his secret.

You watch his eyes widen and his face turn pale with shock.

"W-what secret? There's no secrets here on the open seas! None at all."

You tell 'him' that she doesn't need to pretend.

You figured out she's actually a woman.

She gasps, a gloved hand flying up to cover her mouth.

"No… how did you find out?!"

Heh. She just told you, of course, but she doesn't need to know that.

You tell her it wasn't hard to find out… you've noticed she was hiding a pair of very fleshy telltale signs.

Your hands move to her shirt buttons, and before she can protest, you pull her shirt free, exposing her generous breasts to you.

You take in the beautiful sight. You place a gentle hand to her cheek and tell her that her breasts would be better used feeding her children.

"B-but I have none, Sir."

Yet, that is.

You invite her for a personal seat in your private quarters. A place where you can more in-depth show her the purpose of being female.

You offer your hand, and after a moment's hesitation… she takes it.

13428 No.12960

File: 1451115862011.jpg (215.24 KB, 1200x900, female sailor2.jpg)

You lead her to your bed. She still looks quite embarrassed… but also relieved. You get the sense you've finally freed her from some terrible curse.

You press a kiss to her lips. Despite her days in the sun you find them soft, and yielding. You plunge your tongue into her warm mouth, eager for the taste of a woman.


She makes a little gasp as you separate. You place a finger to her lips and tell her she must quiet herself… unless she wants the entire ship to know her secret? She shakes her head.

Your bed on board the ship is small and crude, but it's more than enough to suit your needs. You lead your female guest to the edge and guide her to take a seat. You remove her gloves, finding her hands small, soft, and feminine. Your hands find her belt… so unlike what a young woman should be wearing. You slowly pull it loose, freeing her trousers too.

Does she know your reputation, you ask?

She slowly nods.

"You're…. the Mad Rutting Beast."

It was still strange to hear your 'nickname'. You tell her that while some have called you that, you're also a very gentle lover… and you intend to impregnate her in the sweetest way possible.

"Oh, Sir…"

You can see her subconsciously parting her legs for you, all ready to surrender her maidenhead to your cock.

You tell her to hold on to your shoulders, and you begin to position your hard, turgid erection at her entrance. The lack of stimulation for the past week has made you exceptionally hard already, and pre-cum leaks freely from your spout.

She grasps her soft hands to your shoulders, her gaze transfixed on your length.

"W-will it fit inside me…?"

You murmur softly that it definitely will. Her face betrays her nervousness, the poor girl. She's made the transition from salty sailor to future mother in a passage of minutes.

13428 No.12961

File: 1451115937724.jpg (256.89 KB, 1200x900, female sailor3.jpg)

You begin to shrug your hips forward… your staff finding it way to pierce through her folds. You feel the fleshy barrier of her maidenhead, and stop, letting her get accommodated to the feeling of being penetrated. She moans and shakes her hips at the intrusion, and you ask if you've hurt her.

"N-no, this sort of thing is nothing for a sailor… please… go on…"

You run your fingers over her head and take in the silky feeling of her hair. Then, you continue driving into her, taking her virginity and marking her as yours forever.

"Ah… ah!!"

She tenses, arching her whole body against you. You can feel her breasts against your chest, and your hands move to her supple ass to steady yourself. She really was much too attractive a woman to spend life as a sailor… you tell her her hips are perfect for birthing children.

"I… y-you're just… saying that…" she gasps, as you begin to thrust inside her.

No, you insist. It's true. And as proof… well, she'll only have to wait a few months before it reveals itself.


Your words must be getting to her. She's thrusting her hips back against you, meeting you buck for buck. You watch her lift her legs straight out behind you, surrounding you as you drive deeper and deeper into her body. She starts to moan loudly, apparently having forgotten your words about possibly the whole ship hearing you both.

Let them hear, you think. What better way to announce her newfound femininity and passage into true womanhood?

You can feel your passion building. It's quickly reaching a point of no-return. Everything in your mind focuses on that point, until you surpass it, thrashing your hips wildly as you come, spurting your seed into the girl's warm depths with a very satisfied sigh… oh merciful Heavens… you needed that.

And so did she, because you can watch her face twist in pleasure. Her lips forming an 'o' as she positively shakes with the intensity of her orgasm.

You lie together, panting, and you share another deep kiss.


You pull back slowly. Your eyes move from her panting, blushing face to her bare tummy, and you begin to trace your hand in a circle as your seed finds root there…

"Thank you, Sir… I'll give you an energetic child… he'll be the best sailor…"

You swear, you can feel her belly swelling under your hand already.

13428 No.12962

You awake with a start. You can hear the waves crashing in the harbor, and realize with some reluctance… that you're the victim of a very erotic dream.

You let out an annoyed sound and throw your undergarments to the other side of the room. Someone will be doing your laundry, and it won't be you.

The breakfast afforded to you by the innkeeper's wife is unremarkable, but satisfying. Surely much better than the stew you've been eating on the ship for the past week.

You arrive at the harbor with the quartermaster, who tells you he will re-store your marriage document and other items with your personal belongings. You give him a nod.

You look out at your ship… and then notice that the two ships beside it are also flying the flag of your family. You ask the quartermaster why your vessel has suddenly multiplied.

He informs you that you're passing by Veneta territory soon. These waters are known for being plagued by pirates, and the other ships are there as an escort to deter any would-be boardings. He tells you not to worry. None of the ships are carrying cargo, so you probably won't have to worry about a pirate attack.

You're a little unnerved at this news. You tell the quartermaster you consider yourself precious cargo, and he clarifies that he meant you no disrespect.

Unfortunately, some of the sailors you jilted last night are milling about, and they overhear your conversation. They begin yelling at each other that maybe they'll just surrender the cargo to the pirates if they meet any, and they can decide what to do with the Sir. You silently endure their taunting, letting the quartermaster yell at them on your behalf. Looks like bad weather extending the length of your trip is the least of your worries.

You climb back on board the ship, taking a spot in your cabin. You have no desire to interact with the sailors at the moment.

13428 No.12963

Unfortunately for you, the weather is now being less than cooperative for the purpose of your trip. The navigator is much too busy plotting instruments to humor any attempts at learning, and the cook is relying on feeding the crew with salted herring because it's too rough to reliably tend the stove. You can't even bring yourself to look over your marriage document or anything else because sooner or later the ship lurches, breaking your concentration and making you seasick.

You've been told to stick to your quarters, there's nothing you can do to help and if you go overboard they can't guarantee you'll come out of the sea alive. That suits you fine, and a week passes.

However, one day, you hear a voice shout outside your door.

"Hey!! Any able-bodied men loafing down here, report to the deck! Now!"

You recognize that voice. It's definitely one of the sailors you befriended. What was going on?

Had the bad weather turned into a storm? The ship was riding rough enough for it, but you couldn't be sure.

Were there pirates coming after the ship, as feared?

Should you go help, as an 'able-bodied man', or would you just get in the way as the sailors scrambled to deal with whatever it was?

You have only a moment to decide.

Choice time:
>Be a hero, go up to the deck.
>Be safe, stay put in your cabin.

e271d No.12964


Hmm. I've got a bad feeling about this. Option 3, grab your sword and peek out first, then go investigate ONLY if the coast is clear. Between the sudden escorts and the increasingly antagonistic attitudes of the sailors, I'm not at all okay with the idea of us opening the door to go out only to find six motherfuckers waiting to rob us and throw us overboard.

191d2 No.12965

Our father-in-law is clearly Vlad III Drăculea (Patronymic: son of Dracul) aka. Vlad the Impaler. He's the historical person that Dracula was based off of.

I like that idea. Going with option 3 as well.

1bf21 No.12966


Agreed, I say peek.

897c8 No.12971

>Be safe, stay put in your cabin.

5acb9 No.12972

I'm not as good with the ad-libbing as some, but I can recognize a good idea when I see it. Grab weapon, peek slowly (what Moe and Blue said.)

4035b No.12973

Let's go with option 1.

7f261 No.12975

Option 1.

Aristo has already asked us nicely to stick to the set choices when we vote. Let's not make things harder for him.

daacc No.12976

Option 2

04dba No.12977

Option 1

I don't think aristo would write us into a situation where we die before we even meet Tharja, so let's just get on deck for a while. Do you guys *really* want to read an update that's just "and then I sat there and there were noises from above and idk really haha bitches right?"

4035b No.12978

Oh hey, Faris! Well this is a pleasant turn of events
>All just a dream
….Grab your torch and pitchfork!

On a serious note, let's go up and help. Option one.

6ef87 No.12980

Option 1. I welcome hypothetical pirates, especially if they are of the sexy variety.

13428 No.12988

Felt you guys deserved a sex scene for putting up with so much plot.

If you'd picked "monogamy might be okay," the dream would've been with Tharja.

(I avoid saying what the "other choice" outcome would've been, but since this wasn't a plot-direction choice, I make an exception.)

>5 votes for option one, try to be a hero and go up and help.

>2 votes for option two, be safe and stay put in your cabin.
>4 votes for option three, get your sword and proceed cautiously in case of an ambush.

Option 1, try to be a hero.

Poll closed. Update soon.

4035b No.12990

On the one hand, a "preview" scene with Tharja would have been nice. On the other, getting something with second best Final Fantasy girl ever is pretty great too, even if it was just a dream.

01b5e No.12998


You guys really don't realize the power of GMs, do you? A good GM gives his/her players multiple chances to use their heads and be smart. What we have ended up choosing seems like an incredibly dumb decision. Just think about it: the seas are rough, there's a higher risk of being boarded by pirates, AND the crew has soured towards us. The deck seems stacked against us, in my honest opinion, and I worry that we are on the fast-track to a bad end…

13428 No.12999

You're sure you recognized the voice, that's not a matter of doubt.

However, that doesn't mean it's a genuine emergency by any means.

This could be the start of that 'initiation' they talked about, or some other punishment for backing out of paying for their night of debauchery at port.

You grab your sword and loop it through your belt. If this was some sort of trick, you'd show them you didn't take kindly to it.

You step out into the passage that leads to the top of the ship. It's dark down below, but you can see there's a very muted stream of light coming through the hatch to the top deck.

Just barely, you can see the outline of water at the bottom rungs of the ladder. Presumably from that sailor who you heard shout.

…You remember your talk with the sailors. Sailors don't swim in, bathe in, or do anything else with the sea water. It was a superstition. "Once the ocean gets a taste of you, it'll do anything it can to drag you into its dark, watery embrace."

In other words, the only way there could be water dripping from the sailor…would be if there was a genuine storm that put water on the decks.

You clamber up the ladder to the deck above as fast as you can.

13428 No.13000

What you discover is pandemonium.

You watch the bow of the ship crest and fall with mighty waves. The mass throng of sailors are struggling with some rigging. It looks like one of the sails has come loose.

Compounding the desperateness of the scene, you can make out another ship in the distance…

…a ship that definitely isn't one of the other two you left the harbor with.


You can hear the captain yelling, pulling a rope with a handful of other sailors. You realize that if the captain of the ship is throwing his strength in with the men, it truly must be a live-or-die situation.

You scramble over to help, adding your strength to the other men's. Fortunately, you've been exercising with the sailors for the past week, so your muscles are as strong as ever.

It's not easy work, and you really have to put your back into it, but eventually your group starts to win the tug of war. The sail rises, and the boat begins to pick up speed.

This gives the job an added degree of difficulty, because suddenly the ship is bobbing at an even fast pace, and you have to continue to hold it until another group of sailors can secure the rope.

Eventually they do, and you're allowed a breather. But there's still one problem…

That other ship is still behind you.

You watch it in numb horror. The sail has given your vessel much needed speed, but the other ship is still gaining on you, albeit it at a dreadfully slow pace. You're not sure of distances, but it could be upon you soon. You look up at the mast, you see a black flag with a white skull and cross-bones.

…and then, as panic begins to really take hold of you, you watch the pirate ship pull away.

You hear the jubilant cries of the sailors from their positions around the mast. What just happened?

The captain turns to you.

"Pirates, Sir. Nothing to worry about," he answers, between coughs. You're not sure if that's bravado or not.

Why did they suddenly break off like that, you ask?

"They realized we weren't transporting anything. This is a light ship, Sir. If we were filled with gold or something else valuable the pirates could reasonably expect to plunder, we wouldn't have been able to pick up nearly as much speed as we did."

He lets out a gruff laugh.

"That's why we were in a bit of a panic when the sail slipped free like that. Good thing you were there to help us get it raised again, aye?"

R-right. Of course.

One of the sailors notices you're carrying your sword.

"Hey, look! The Sir was already to defend the ship for us!"

"Oh, he was spoiling for a fight!"

"Hats off to the brave Sir!"

You're set to give them a good glower… but you realize they're serious now, not mocking you. They must've realized your strength tipped the balance just enough to get the sails raised.

You look over the sides of the ship. Where are your escorts, anyway?

The captain speaks up again.

"They broke off earlier, Sir. They were always meant to be decoys. They were packed with armed mercenaries, paid for by the merchant families of Veneta. They pose as trading ships, the pirates board them, and… well, there'll be a few less pirates at the end of the day."

Come to think of it, it did seem a little strange that father would pay for more ships to escort you… now you know that he didn't pay for them.

13428 No.13001

Despite the quartermaster and captain's assurances that your ship "isn't transporting cargo," you do feel fortunate those pirates broke off their attack. It's possible they would've realized you're an aristocrat and held you for ransom. You are a Crown Prince, after all.

Meanwhile, the sailors and you are now 'buds' again after your little display of heroism. At the very least, only one of them still insists on referring to you as "His Holiness."

The seas eventually calm again, and sailing becomes a little easier. According to the navigator, about five days were added to your journey owing to the rough seas and maneuvering to escape the pirates.

Now that you've "proved" yourself to the sailors, they genuinely appreciate your company, and offer you small jobs helping them run the ship. They're light work, but not degrading, so you agree. You learn how to tie a variety of strong knots as a consequence.

Scuttlebutt also teaches you a few more interesting things about other countries.

You learn that Nova, the country of that Queen Elodie, was once the center of an important trade empire owing to generous subsidies from the Crown. Its importance diminished when the previous Queen died, before finally reaching a nadir when they were invaded a few years ago. Now that they're rebuilding and Queen Elodie has consolidated her power, trade is beginning to pick up again.

You learn that the Southern Country that was fighting a war with the Northern Country traitorous Stark family is led by a truly heinous and deplorable King. Everyone outside of his personal cronies hates him and he rules the land like a tyrant. You're a bit shocked the sailors speak so openly negative about a King, but they laugh and tell you even the peasants know it. You suddenly feel very fortunate you won't have him as a liege.

Your learn that Amara, despite being pagan, allows some trade ships to dock, even ones from a country that supports the Church. It's a place of much hedonism and the sailors unanimously agree their whores are the best. Except for one sailor, who insists Veneta whores are better. The rest of the sailors yell at him that they cost too much, and Amara whores are much sexier. It's an argument you're not interested in following.

None of the sailors have heard of Zipangu, and some of them accuse you of making up the name in an attempt to stump them.

13428 No.13002

Your ship finally reaches Elbania, or what you assume is Elbania. There's a dark fog and the approach is difficult, so the harbor has to send out a rowboat.

You say goodbye to all the sailors and the captain, who wish you a safe rest-of-a-journey. The quartermaster accompanies you in the rowboat with all of your possessions and steadily rows you to shore.

Once you arrive, you meet a huge man with a shaved-bald head and a pale complexion. He's covered in muscle, carries a long sword, and stands at least a few inches if not a head higher than you. He has with him a group of men armed with machetes. He informs you that he is here on behalf of King Vlad, and he is to escort you, Crown Prince Edward, to his castle. His accent is strange.

The quartermaster and him exchange sealed documents, and he identifies him as, indeed, the leader of the caravan to receive you. Well… what a relief. He bids you the best of luck, and returns to the rowboat.

Your new guide has one of the men take your belongings, with the exception of the clothes on your back, the coin pouch in your pocket, and your sword tied at your belt. You start to say that maybe you can carry them yourself.

"No. You will need all your strength for the journey. It is a long walk to the castle."


It occurs to you, you haven't seen a wagon or horse yet. Surely you weren't meant to walk all the way to Ruhemania?

He tells you matter-of-factly that you are.

Does Elbania, or Ruhemania for that matter, completely lack horses, you ask?

"No, but we are traveling through dense forests and hills. Horses will be a nuisance, and not an asset."

You can't hide the shock from your face. When you looked at that map back in your father's castle, you never imagined you'd be walking to Ruhemania. This journey could easily take much longer than the week you estimated.

"Oh… also, if you would please, give me your sash."

–Your sash? Why?

"We will do everything to guide and protect you, Prince, but you are clearly a foreigner. If you had some mark of an unfamiliar nobility, you may become target. Give me the sash."

Choice time:
>Give him the sash.
>Refuse to give him your sash.

80586 No.13003

Damn, this really is the back of beyond, isn't it? Oh well, it's these same hills and forests that keep our kingdom safe after all.

I say we give Heavy Weapons Guy the sash. I don't think anyone will be trying to impersonate us with it, and it's not our only proof of identity (the sword). But it's definitely a giant target on our back during the long journey through country that's perfect for an ambush.

Can we also ask him who he thinks could attack us on our journey? Bandits? Rebels? Wild beasts?

f5533 No.13004


Option 1, we have very little information regarding the enemies here,ihht as well play it safe.

4035b No.13005

I say we go with option 2. Seems to be a safer choice at the moment.

a7a06 No.13007

I say we hang onto the sash. But yes, ask about what kinds of problems we'll come across. Something is going on around here, and I don't trust the guy.

01b5e No.13008

Hang on to the Sash, but take it off and see if we can discreetly store it on our person.

daacc No.13009

Option 2 hang on to it. If anybody gives us problems we'll deal with it.

2d365 No.13012

It does make sense not to openly display our nobility so we should put it away, but… like Shadow said I don't really trust this guy and we shouldn't let go of one of our few ways of proving our status. So we should keep it but put it in a pocket I'm assuming we have.

13428 No.13014

The sash is a big wide shoulder-to-hip thing, just to be sure.

Edward could probably rip it off and tuck it in under his belt or something to hide it, but a pocket specifically (especially a medieval-ish pocket) is probably too small.

6ef87 No.13015


Everything you listed was fixed within one post because of not choosing the coward answer. Befriending the sailors then blowing off the sailors because -surprise!- they acted like sailors was even fixed. Yes, there's possibility to die, but it's a story with an advertised new game+ and tons of other goodies and a very generous, patient writer. It's not going anywhere even if we get a bad end.

With that said, Option 1. Of course the dude is creepy, the country we're going to is creepy! Everyone's armed, he was sent by the Vlad himself, yada yada. Let's not have a majority vote to get on the bad side of people who are here to help twice in row.

4035b No.13016

Option One.

5acb9 No.13017

Yeah, I was kinda going back and forth on this one…but think about it this way:
If he was sent by Vlad, he's going to make sure that Edward stays alive. If he *wasn't*, Vlad's going to practically move mountains to find Edward and get what he paid for. Also, as was mentioned before, we *do* still have the sword. Reshii brings up a good point (that we can trust our GM more than most), and aristocrat has taken away any middle-ground ad-libbing for this choice, but this is one time where I don't think we *need* middle-ground ad-libbing. This is a smart group, but let's not outsmart ourselves.

I vote Option 1 (though I would like to state for the record that Edward should be at least mildly wary. One thing that we never figured out about Ruhemania was the likelihood of people working against Vlad for one reason or another. If he's not a popular ruler, then maybe us voters have a right to be paranoid, though it seems the concept of armed revolt against nobility and royalty is somewhat rare in this story.)

13428 No.13018

You will know if a choice leads you to a bad end. Because I will put a big sign on it that says (GAME OVER), indicating it will lock you into a conclusion that cuts off further parts of the story I had planned.

I want this to be your guys' story too, and to take it where you want to go. If that's an early end because democracy decides it to be so, that's fine. But I will make it clear that's what's happening.

a7a06 No.13019

I shall say it again, you are a gentleman, sir! Thanks for the heads up.

5acb9 No.13021

Good policy! It's good that you're invested in this story ending well, instead of simply making life difficult for everyone else involved (some GMs are like that, and it's gotten to the point that it's the knee-jerk reaction from most of us, but I think we've made that readily apparent.)
So, hooray for plot and fetish fuel with a challenge on the side!

4db54 No.13022

Question though, is there by any chance we will be privileged to witness a few birth scenes as the story progresses?

13428 No.13023

Yes. Although it will take a while for the story to get that far for a non-dream sequence birth, potentially.

e271d No.13024

Just wanna point out for the folks that were all "Hey quit ad-libbing!" with the ship choice, I've been doing write-ins since this quest started whenever it's in our favor to at least consider doing so, and they usually work out for us. Case in point.

As for this one, I'm gonna agree with the halfway, but not quite the way it's been stated. Ask if it'd be okay to stash it first, and if Dimitri here insists, hand it over as per Option 1. We've still got the sword if necessary to prove ourselves, and frankly that's a little more trustworthy to have at one's side in a strange land anyway, as long as we aren't foolish about waving it around.

13428 No.13025

Gotta say, I'm a little surprised to hear there are so many kill-joy GMs running whatever-chan CYOAs out there. Maybe not 'shocked', because I've faced some like that myself playing tabletop or whatever, but that's not my philosophy. This is fun. This is entertainment. Hopefully people are following this because they like it. I really hope you guys find it interesting and enjoy where this goes. (And hopefully find it sexy enough to get off, to put it crudely.)

Obviously the game is going to have challenges, otherwise I wouldn't be delivering on all the intrigue I've set up. And bad things may happen to Edward along the way. He could get robbed, or lose a limb or something to make his life difficult. But… no. I don't intend to yank the rug out from under you and give you guys a cheap death as the result of a vague choice. The challenges will be surmountable. I did say something earlier like: "the game could end with Edward dying," but to be sure, I always planned to make this obvious with some sort of note so you guys knew that would be the result. Unfortunate choices may be made, but if it reaches the point the next choice ends the story/game outright… you will know. From the note that says: (GAME OVER)

Also, to clarify: I'm fine with ad-libbing. I like some ad-libbing, because even if the choice doesn't catch on enough to win, it gives me some idea of people's expectations and what they want Edward to be able to do.

That said, there are times where I'll have to say "please make one choice" if the ad-libbing boils down to "do both presented choices." The kiss belly vs. kiss lips choice was a good example. I might also have to do this if someone tries to ad-lib something that would derail the story, like "Edward tires of marriage, stab the wife." –But I trust you guys not to do that to me.

Anyway, checking the date of my first post, it's been about two weeks since we started here and it's been a great ride so far. Hopefully this will continue.

The poll is still open. By my count, we've got:
5 votes for option one, hand over the sash.
3 votes for option two, don't hand over the sash.
2 votes for try to compromise by taking it off but still holding on to it yourself.
And some requests to question the guide further.

That's close enough to a tie for me to leave it open longer, I think.

58f1f No.13026

I could go for the "tie-breaker" here, but I'd rather go for the compromise. It just makes the most sense, imo.

2a354 No.13027

Id go with compromise

04dba No.13030

Just give the guy the sash, he isn't going to stab us for not doing it.

Option 1

e271d No.13032

Changing my vote to "Edward tires of marriage, stab the wife" >_>

Joking aside, I'm glad you're such a chill GM overall, Aristo. I've been on both sides of the tough GM issue in the past, both playing under assholes who don't believe in fairness for the players as long as THEY'RE having fun, and also running games where the players have tried to lie, cheat, and steal their way through every single basic guideline I try to set to the point where they walk if I lay down the law to any degree. Compared to that sort of crap, a game like this is a cakewalk.

b1be7 No.13034

At least I've been fairly consistent in my ad-libbing of mentioning actions that should be taken, or observations to be made, without resorting to Taking an Nth Option and sticking to what's been given to us.

This particular vote was a tough one, though, I'll say that much. I'm not sure what I would have gone for, but it would have been with a level of caution.

7f261 No.13045

Option 1. Removing the sash seems to be a move of relative safety.

13428 No.13046

>7 votes for remove the sash.
>3 votes for don't remove the sash.
>4 votes for try to compromise by taking the sash off, but holding on to it.
>A few side votes to ask for more questions.

Tie achieved. Will resolve asking for more information first.

You place your hand protectively over your sash. You ask what kind of dangers might you meet that would target you over your sash?

"Is hard to say… could be bandit… could be kidnapper… could be crazy peasant who never see foreigner before in his life."

Are the peasants unruly?

"I don't know. Peasants are peasants. Who knows what they think?"

You get the feeling the guide has no interest in telling you about Ruhemania's political situation.

You say, in that case, why don't you just tuck your sash under your tunic? That way no one will see it and you'll be able to hold on to it.

"Oh really? And what if you decide you need to take a shit and go off by yourself for privacy? What if you meet bandit who makes you empty your pockets? He sees your sash, decides it is worthwhile to turn from 'bandit' to 'kidnapper,' and everyone here gets major headache."

…Crude, but that was something you hadn't thought of.

You ask if this is the standard procedure for when they escort nobility.

The guide laughs uproariously.

"You think it is every week a foreign prince comes to marry the princess?"

His laugh falls to an insincere smile.

"Listen, you want to keep your sash, we won't take it from you, but don't come crying if it causes you problems."

You ask… you'll get it back, right?

"Of course you get it back. We are not robbers. –You take us for robbers?"

He looks almost on the brink of being insulted, so you decide to halt your questioning.


Choice time:
>Hand over the sash.
>Promise you will stay with them the entire trip, so you will just hide the sash on your person. (You can always break the promise later.)
>Be firm, tell them you're keeping your sash, and that's it.

7f261 No.13047

Option 1. I trust this man with a sash.

4035b No.13048

Option 1, give him the sash.

6ef87 No.13049

Option 1.

b1be7 No.13050

I think Option 1 might be for the best here. First off, we still have our weapon. Secondly, if our guide is the one with the sash, anyone who sees him with it probably isn't going to want to mess with him. Not an ideal situation in any case, but the alternatives are risky and we already had some hit-or-miss moments with the sailors, might as well at least try to make a good impression on the peasants.

897c8 No.13051

Option 1 please, just give it to him.

01b5e No.13052


Not to be a kill-joy here, but knowing which choice will lead us to a bad ending kinda takes some of the fun out of it. Personally, a lot of the fun is trying to figure out what the best course of action would be whilst trying to be intelligent. Question, if we knew what choice led to a bad end (because of the big GAME OVER next to it), isn't it feasible that we would never get to see any of the new game+ options since people would naturally tend to navigate away from the bad ends if they knew what they were? Just seems like it takes some of the excitement out of it all, to be honest. But maybe I am just overly-paranoid, haha.

d1594 No.13053

Option 1

13428 No.13054

It will be a while before you get to a choice that could outright end the game.

Also keep in mind I'm talking about choices that cut off the planned story I have. Not natural endings that will occur as a result of the story.

My advice is don't worry about it, and just continue to vote with what you think is the best choice.

a02bc No.13056


Option 1, guy's mad.

e271d No.13057

Yeah, we've gotten about as far as one could expect to get by being reasonably curious, and he doesn't know about our ace. Option 1, give him the sash.

13428 No.13064

>8 votes for give him the sash.
>0 votes for promise to hide it and not wander off.
>0 votes for refuse to hand it over.

Give him the sash.

You have one more moment of hesitation before you take the sash out from around your waist, over your shoulder, and hand it to the guide.

"Very good," he says.

You half expect him to put it on himself, but he throws it in a sack and hands it to another man who's carrying the rest of your belongings. You almost pipe up that it's going to be wrinkled, but decide to let it slide.

"It's for your safety, Prince. If you're not safe, you might get hurt. You get hurt… we don't get paid!"

He laughs again, some of the men joining in. In the midst of the laughter, you have the sudden realization…

The man thinks you are a foreign Prince. He doesn't know you are heir to a Dukedom who has gained the title of Crown Prince by marriage.

The man apparently hasn't realized your sword has a crest that could also be used to identify yourself as nobility.

And finally, the man talks about needing to be 'paid'…

…you're not dealing with loyal retainers to King Vlad. You're being escorted by a set of hired mercenaries.

You spare a glance back at the water. The rowboat has long disappeared into the morning fog.

They eventually stop laughing.

"…let's go."

The men start to move, and go with them. Looks like this is how the second part of your journey is going to start, with two brief words from a hired guide whose only motivation for your safety comes from his money-pouch.

You learn very quickly that when the guide said you would be traveling through dense forests, he meant it. No sooner do you leave the harbor and the surrounding burg than you're hiking through a very thin trail winding through large trees. The plants aren't radically different from what you're used to, but it's enough of a change to really hit home that you are far from your native lands.

You discover very quickly that if the guide was on the terse side with his information, the rest of the men are stone-cold silent. Despite your success the past few weeks with winning over the rowdy sailors, you don't have much luck engaging the men in your entourage when they just plain don't respond.

The only one who replies to your questions is the big guide who introduced himself at the start, and then only reluctantly.

How long until you're out of Elbania and into Ruhemania proper, you ask?

"Hard to say. Could be many days, could be a little less."

You walk for hours…

Will it be long before you stop to eat, you ask?

"We stop when we stop."

You walk for hours…

Is there any dangerous wildlife to look out for?

"Yes. –Maybe you don't talk, they won't hear us."

You give up and just walk.

13428 No.13065

Eventually the guide does signal to stop and the men spend time foraging. They come back with lunch: mushrooms and some edible roots.

You hope they'll at least build a fire to cook it, but no, one man just starts eating, then others join in. You're given your own ration, which is at least enough as everyone else's.

You chew through your food, finding it… well, it might be better than that salted herring.

"We start preparing our camp soon."

…Camp? Isn't there a village with an inn you can stop at, you ask?


The guides give you a sort of sleeping 'pouch' made of straw and animal fur. Sleeping under the stars is something you haven't ever needed to do. On the one hand, the ground doesn't rock and shake. On the other hand, the 'camp' doesn't even include a fire. At least it's spring, and the weather is somewhat bearable. You can just make out in the moonlight that one of the guides is awake and keeping watch throughout the night.

The next day, you're ready for more of the same. You've met absolutely no other travelers or seen any other sign of civilization. You'd almost think you were going in circles if the guides didn't keep up their pace and look so sure of where they were going.

A week pasts this way, with your guides gathering meals from roots, mushrooms, and the occasional grubs, all served raw. Your drink is from rivers and the guide's waterskins. Your latrine is a hole dug out of the ground by one of the guides, then covered up by him. You learn several things:

At least one of the guides is so silent because he lacks a tongue, as you realize from watching them eat.

You recognize a pattern at eating times. One guide always eats first, and the others watch him, before they even give you your ration. You deduce that he's testing the foraged food for poison and they're watching him to see if he gets sick. Fortunately, that has yet to happen.

The guides take shifts for their watch at night. You eventually recognize there's one guide that has a tendency to nod off and doze during his shift.

After one week, you're beginning to get weary. At least on the ship, you had vestiges of civilization. You almost would welcome a bandit or animal attack now, to break up the monotony.

It's morning, and your guides are packing up your camp. You ask the guide 'leader' if it's likely you're in Ruhemania yet.

"Hm…" He gives an appraising sniff of the air.

"It is likely. Can't be sure without finding a village."

Well, that was a good way of broaching the subject. How about wandering from the trail to find one, you suggest?

He fixes you with a hard stare. Some of the other men are watching your conversation.

"What do you need from a village?"

–If your experience over the past week has taught you anything, it's that 'simple comfort' is not an answer that's going to convince him. There must be something that can, though… or at least maybe convince some of the other men to get them on your side…

Choice time:
>Wine. Surely the guide will appreciate the value of drink.
>Real cooked food. Any kind of meat would be divine.
>Feminine companionship. No substitute for that.
>…never mind. Breaking from the trail will just add more time to the journey.

58f1f No.13067

Option Four. As much as I want to hopefully get to a brothel, I'd rather get to our wife as soon as possible.

998a9 No.13068


Option 4, haste is of the essence.

6ef87 No.13069


Had a laugh at the food tester. They're in it for the money, but at least they're kind enough to save us from indigestion.

I gotta go with option 4 despite the misery. Get to the guaranteed woman asap.

4035b No.13070

Option 4.

e271d No.13072

Option 4.5: "For navigation's sake, really. If we're headed in the right direction, then there's no need."

These men are "professionals", as in the kind who are looking to get this job done and get paid and THEN go spend it all on hookers and blow. The less we do to piss them off in the next thirty seconds, the better our day will be over the next six hours. They aren't interested in stopping, but if we just go "nm dude" it'll annoy them, which we don't want. Play it off cool.

897c8 No.13074

>…never mind. Breaking from the trail will just add more time to the journey.

04dba No.13075

option 4

13428 No.13076

It's early, but when the vote's unanimous I tend to lean toward closing it early.

>7 votes for option four, don't bring up any arguments to break off for a village.

You pause, considering your next words with care, and then tell the guide leader that you only meant it as a suggestion if it would help for navigating.

Looks like it worked, because you can watch his face soften as he realizes you weren't challenging his authority.

"Oh, no need for that. This is our… backyard, as they say. We know the trail, Prince."

The matter quietly drops. You try to focus your thoughts on happy matters, such as your new wife's fertile body, your Kingdom, and your decrepit father-in-law who would soon die.

Another week passes. You have had to spend it slogging through marsh and hills, eating raw wild onion and garlic. One particularly uncomfortable night, you are forced to sleep on a bed of rocks and wake with your muscles sore. In the morning, the men shave with their machetes. The guide leader uses a fearsome looking knife on his bald head. You almost feel inadequate using the razor that was packed with you, but you prefer it over trying to use your sword. You have no way of safely carrying it though, so it goes back with the man carrying your belongings when you finish.

The guides haven't put you specifically in any danger, but you're growing increasingly concerned. Things just seem… off. You haven't spied any wildlife bigger than a frog or bird, and absolutely no other humans besides yourself and the guides.

It might be simple paranoia, but you're also suspecting the guides aren't standing guard during the night to protect against a threat.

They're watching you. To keep you from escaping.

Despite the misery of the travel, the guides don't complain. They seem rather stoic about it, or perhaps they're too afraid of showing insubordination toward the leader.

One night when you're doing your best to find sleep, again, you notice something over the tall trees, curling in the sky and the stars.


–It's too faint to be a wildfire. It looks man-made… the first trace of human civilization you've seen yet outside the harbor of Elbania.

It's definitely not enough for a major settlement, though.

You turn your head to the guide who is on watch. You note it's the guide you've observed who has a tendency to doze.

…It might be possible to sneak off and try to find some civilization.

You've had it in the back of your mind for some time. That the guides were intentionally taking you through denser forest and harsher terrain as an alternative to a place with actual people.

Surely you hadn't agreed to become King of the Backwater Swamp and Forests. Where were the burgs and villages? Or some peasant's farm, at least.

You look back up at the stars again. You try to remember your education. There was… some way to use stars to find your way with directions, wasn't there? You couldn't remember. If only you had some background with navigation, you could feel more confident about leaving and coming back to the same spot within a reasonable amount of time. As it was, you'd have to guess and possibly risk getting lost.

Thinking again, there could be perfectly valid reasons the guides kept you from populated areas. You did stand out as a foreigner compared to the likes of them, and there could very well be bandits. Damned if you'd seen any yet, though.

You lie awake with indecision. You'd put up with so much already. What was another week of slogging through slop if it meant a warm castle, eventually?

…you wonder if you'll be asking yourself that after next week.

Choice time:
>Sneak off in the direction of civilization.
>Go to sleep.

4ca08 No.13077


Option 2, no point in slipping away and get ourselves mugged or ambushed by bandits. Let's just see this through the end.

80586 No.13078

Didn't we spend some time pestering the ship's navigator so we would know something about it beyond our basic education?

Well, it's a moot point. It's tempting, but we should stay put. I'm a lot more sympathetic towards Heavy and the crew now that it's clear they're mercenaries. They've most likely been given strict instructions and are following them to the letter without question - like 'keep a constant watch on the foreign prince or he'll wander off in search of women'.

We'll be able to figure more things out from a position of strength when we reach the castle. Just got to get this journey over with.

4035b No.13080

Option 2, turn in.

58f1f No.13081

Option 2. Just because there's smoke doesn't mean it's friendly smoke.

7f261 No.13082

Option 2. Go back to sleep.

I don't trust these guys completely, but I have even less faith in our ability to not get lost right now.

e271d No.13083

This, basically.

897c8 No.13086

>Go to sleep.

I enjoy this quest immensely.

6ef87 No.13087

Option 2. If only we paid the ship's navigator some of our time!

04dba No.13088

option 2 because again, I don't think aristo is going to just kill us

this is bat country, stay with the group

4b83a No.13089

File: 1451328873869.jpg (89.39 KB, 600x455, gothefucktosleep.jpg)

I choose option two.

a7a06 No.13093

I'm suspicious enough to say, let's sneak off. Something with these guys isn't sitting right with me.

However, I can see that the vote is not going my way, so I would like to add that we confront the leader in the morning and ask why we're avoiding civilization. Going without a nice bed I can understand, but not giving a prince basic bread and the like? That's highly suspect to me.

5a30d No.13095

Yeah, this is definitely a hazing, proving we're up to it to be king of this place.
>2 Go to sleep
Also, you've made mention NUMEROUS times that Vlad is believed to be old and decrepit. I don't think any of us actually think he's not a vampire at this point because of that.
We need a Whip, and blood-replenishing potions, STAT.

58f1f No.13096


Oh, shit. I never actually thought of that. Damn.

13428 No.13100

File: 1451362794866.png (552.44 KB, 743x1000, tharja-wedding.png)

>1 vote for option one, sneak off in the night.
>11 votes for option two, go to sleep.

Go to sleep.

You arrive at the castle. There's a huge welcoming party waiting for you, with many festive decorations of fruit, gourds, and other symbols of fertility.

Soon you're standing outside the castle's chapel, your beautiful bride Princess Tharja with you. The bride you traveled so far to see…

She's as beautiful as her picture was. Indeed, in the warm sunlight and her beautiful dress, she is even more beautiful.

You proceed inside, where the chaplain is saying the proper words. You read them before, in your marriage document.

They're followed by the five sweetest words you've heard in many weeks.

"You may kiss the bride."

Oh, you'll do much more than that, you think, with a wicked grin on your face.

You press your lips together as one.

You can't hold yourself back.

You grab your wife and start ravaging her, right in front of the entire congregation.

Your hands free her breasts from her dress, then start working on hiking her skirt up, as you both slide gently to the floor. Your wife's excited moans and the cheers of the spectators cheering you on…

…God, this floor is hard and uncomfortable though. It reminds you of…


You're lying in your sleeping 'pouch'. You must've given up the idea of sneaking away and fallen asleep. Dawn is breaking, and there's a few guides milling about and eating grubs.

The leader of the guide sees you're awake and stands over you.

"Good news, Prince. Pyort discovered a mother-lode of food. Everyone gets a full handful of grub today."

–Good news, indeed, you think, as you roll a rock out from underneath your shoulders.

"Oh, also, we are reaching King Vlad's castle soon."

That gives you a shock of energy and you sit up in excitement. How soon, you ask?

"Few more days, weather permitting."

'Few more days' he says. Just a few more miserable days.

"Hey, but for now, we eat!"

The grubs are fat and actually taste rather juicy after eating all that raw onion and garlic.

You walk onward for hours, stifling your complaints at the news that the trip was within measurable distance of its end.

A few more days pass.

Thankfully, the weather has been agreeable. It's a clear day, free of fog, and the sun is even out and shining.

You haven't asked the guides how much longer it will be again yet, you fear disappointment.

Until one moment, you suddenly are at the edge of the forest, stepping out into a large clearing.

13428 No.13101

File: 1451362867762.jpg (479.17 KB, 653x1000, lets-pretend-those-are-sta….jpg)

You can see it in the distance. The castle. The architecture is different from your father's, but you can see stone walls, a large moat and…

…what on Earth are those?

"Hm?" replies the guide leader. "I don't know."

It's a large number of stakes, each larger than a man is tall, and they stretch out to form a ring around the castle. You can't be sure, but they may even stretch behind it in a complete perimeter.

As you walk closer on the trail to the castle gates proper, you're sure you can see some sort of material hanging from the stakes. Rope? Leather? Something for tying, at least.

You don't particularly care about speculating. Asking about the castle can come later. You are here! Finally, your journey was at an end!

It takes a roundabout way of winding through some sharp inclines, but eventually you reach the castle gates. You can see the moat up close. It's wider than any river you've seen, and the water looks truly disgusting. You know all the sewage from the castle must drain there.

There's an armed guard with a pole-axe on the castle walls. A large draw-bridge was full closed beneath him.

The guard demands your caravan identify itself.

"It is Varillo's gang, with the Prince who is marrying the Princess!"

The guard remarks you don't look like a Prince.

The guide leader mutters that he knew he forgot something, and instructs another guide to hand you back your sash.

You put it on and announce you're Crown Prince Edward of Ruhemania. Might as well use the fancier title.

The guard seems convinced enough to move now, because he tells you all to wait.

You wait in the hot sun for what feels like twenty minutes. Then you hear a shout from behind the walls to open the bridge.

You can hear the clanging of chains and grinding of metal and wood as the bridge falls before you. You see a man with a dark mustache who must be at least as old as your father flanked by a handful of armed guards beside him walk toward you.

Suddenly, you feel as though you are less being escorted and more a part of a hostage negotiation.

"Your Highness?" the man says.

You're embarrassed it actually takes you a second before he realizes he's speaking to you, and you step forward, identifying yourself again as Crown Prince Edward.

He looks over your sash, and you can see he's comparing it to something on a piece of parchment in his hand.

"…It is him. Were you harmed at any point, Your Highness?"

You say you weren't. It doesn't occur to you that you could lie at this point until the words have already left your mouth.

You feel a large presence overshadowing you as the guide leader, 'Varillo', you suppose, suddenly takes a step in front of you.

"It was a very pleasant trip for the Prince… now, how about our payment?"

You watch the man throw a bag of coin in front of Varillo.

"Here, your gold, as promised."

Varillo gives an annoyed grunt and picks up the bag, looking inside it.

"–This is only half. Where is the other half?"

Oh no…

"You were paid the first half upfront," you hear the man from the castle say.

"To who? Who took it?! We share everything equally! Who'd you give it to?"

You can see Varillo start to reach for his knife, several of the guides put their hands on their machetes.

The castle guards bring out their pole-axes, but there are less of them. This… could become ugly…

You could try offering your personal coinpouch to the guides in an attempt to appease them. That might be enough at least, to convince them to fight among themselves somewhere else.

You could just run across the drawbridge… there wasn't anything stopping you. Except that the one guide still had the rest of your belongings. Including your wedding ring for Princess Tharja.

You could draw your sword, and… well, at least then you'd be armed.

Or you could do nothing… maybe mustache'd-man would defuse the situation?

You see a sneer cross his face

"You expect an aristocrat to know the difference between every lowlife mercenary…?" you hear the man ask.

Choice time:
>Intervene, offer your coinpouch.
>Run across the drawbridge into the castle.
>Draw your sword.
>Do nothing.

04dba No.13113

So here is my analysis: We don't really need money anymore. We're at the castle. We didn't stop at any towns and had no chance to spend it. When would we need it now? It feels like inventory filler. Who would we bribe in the castle? Everyone is probably too loyal to mother fuckin' DRACULA to take a bribe anyway.

We don't need money, but we DO need that ring.

Let's just get this over with and move on.

Option 1.

6ef87 No.13115

If I had an 'Option 1' button on my keyboard, I'd be smashing it.

ec22d No.13124


Option 1 before this gets out of hand.

a7a06 No.13126

*takes one look at that pic* Nope. All of my Nope. So hard. This was why Tharja was not on my list. But, c'est la vie.

Anyway, Option 1, but after we give them the money, be ready to draw our sword. There's no guarantee handing our money over will resolve the situation.

b1be7 No.13127

This is why I'd rather have taken Arturia or Flora… Still, Tharja probably will be far more pleasant to be around than her father…

Let's try and peacefully settle this: Option 1. What's losing a little bit of money when we'll soon have access to the royal bank account?

287f2 No.13128

Option 1: Give him the fucking coinpouch. If things get ugly, THEN do Option 3, and get out your sword.

And dat pic… Oh man, this is gonna be FUN. Sometimes, words and swords aren't enough. Sometimes, you just have to impale a motherfucker to get your point across.

e271d No.13129


I mean

God, I wish we'd gone with Saber. FSN jokes are easier when they're relevant to the scenario. -_-;;

Anyway, so yeah, time to step in, here. Option 1.3, with the added note that we should SERIOUSLY take how Shaft here is acting towards our otherwise fairly chill merc who just wants to get paid into account. Vari-boy might not've been nice, but he was a pro about getting us from one side of the route to the other in one piece, and it might be in our favor to let him know that we… appreciate people who can do that like they did, should we require their services in the future.

It's a little bit of pandering, but we want that fucking ring back first and foremost, and buttering him up with a little promise of future work without otherwise demanding that Chamberlain Mustachio here pay them the other half of the money or directly blaming him for it should get him to back off without pissing off the castle man in the process.

And if it turns out he's a lying sack of shit who's trying to squeeze a little extra coin out of the scenario? Best to get clear of him for now, and then have someone else murder the shit out of him and his crew later, once we've assessed which parts of our military and which mercenary bands can and cannot be trusted.

———Skip this if you don't want to read strategy text———-

Gonna go on a bit of an analytical tick for a bit, but I can already see a serious issue with what we just walked into that I'm surprised I missed before. As previously noted, King Vlad united this nation through sheer force and murdering the hell out of literally everyone that opposed him along the way. Dracula jokes aside, this means that a lot of the problems on the national level will come from a lack of stability at the regional level due to a lack of nobles and governors who would otherwise police their own lands, as well as what is likely a large and artificially military force that relies on mercenaries or conscripts for a lot of tasks otherwise handled by regulars, like escorting the new Crown Prince from the port to the castle.

Following Fire Emblem standards, this means a LOT of the countryside will be rife with folks like Varillo and his crew here, who are perfectly content to do whatever necessary to have enough cash, booze, and sex to keep him happy, whether legally or not. I'm more surprised we didn't run into any bandits like he was expecting, and he wouldn't be wrong about the kidnapper thing, either. We should probably expect to have to deal with a lot of brigands and thugs terrorizing the country.

That's outside the castle walls. Inside, we should also be on the lookout for a serious amount of corruption, likely from higher up positions like Chancellor LeDouche over here, but more importantly from whatever military command is in place. King Vlad's a pretty old dude, and he isn't exactly keeping tabs on things like he might've used to. Anyone with even the slightest lack of moral fiber could see an opportunity to line their own pockets with a few side "businesses", leaning on the citizenry or otherwise conducting in other shady dealings, and if they know no one'll touch them for it because they've got rank, well…

So, there's my prediction for the FE side of what we'll have to deal with. Brigands and corruption. Makes the whole "Our father-in-law might be Dracula" thing look like a cinch, right?

5acb9 No.13130

Option 1 + be ready for negotiations to break down anyway. I'm going to say that Blue and Fonzie have the right idea here.

Also, I think Blue is trying to challenge me for the unofficial title of "Best Nicknamer". Because seriously, Chancellor LeDouche? I'm not sure why, but I don't think I'll stop laughing at that one for a LONG while. Well played, Blue. The nicknames got funnier with each new one you used.

5acb9 No.13131

Oh, and brigands + corruption in an FE-styled campaign is a sucker bet.

e271d No.13132

I try. Which reminds me, we should consider calling Matchy out here at some point later on, since we have her guild number. We can probably make up some sort of excuse for it.

Only when you play as many RPGs as we clearly have. Like I said, I'm actually surprised I hadn't thought about it sooner.

51b6a No.13133

I agree with the consensus of Option 1, and general strategy talk. We need that ring, and the rest of our belongings, as noted above, and it doesn't seem like LeDouche is making any friends.

Drawing our own sword out may cause things to turn ugly fairly fast, I worry. We may be reasonably fit, but we are not a storied soldier, and I don't think that taking physical action in our own defense would end well, if the mercs aren't mostly wanting to work with us. We're a charmer, not a fighter, and we're surrounded by these guys, with backup not close enough to protect us directly.

I think it may be better to try to focus on this being a goodwill gesture, and de-escalate. Treat the gift as personal thanks from the Prince for the pleasant journey, and ask that they allow it to finish pleasantly. They aren't the nicest chaps, but they seem professional, at least, and probably wouldn't want to sour the possibility of further work by angering the most powerful kingdom in these parts. So, odds are decent that they are getting screwed here, or there's a misunderstanding.

And if they really were pumping us for cash, note it, and hire someone else with the larger sums in the palace treasury to carry on our father-in-law's legacy, and, as Midnight Blue noted, get said someone else to murder the shit out of them.

The one thing that does give me pause with this advice is a concern that this may be a chance for Vlad, and the rest of the court, to see how we handle testy people with weapons, and this nation is accustomed to a rather direct approach. They may not appreciate caution, even when caught dead to rights. Doesn't outweigh the importance of actually getting to the seat of our power safely, but it's something I think is worth consideration.

Incidentally, absolutely loving this, aristocrat! Only just discovered the thread, and hoping that I can contribute reasonably well.

4035b No.13134

I'm also going for option 1, and most of the posts above me list out the reasons. It may not have been the comfortable route, but they got us here expediently and unharmed, that counts for something.

And all this likely upcoming intrigue is making me want to reread The Prince. Should probably fish out my copy.

13428 No.13135

>10 votes for option one, give him the coinpouch in an attempt to de-escalate tensions.

Poll closed. Update will come soon.

You're all beginning to enter the main meat of the story.

I hope it reaches your expectations.

3be4b No.13136


So hyped, and thanks for aristocrat for coming up with this awesome quest.

04dba No.13137


Thank you for taking time to give us free entertainment on this pregnancy fetish based chan site

I don't know why you do what you do but you are as cool as the Fonz himself

13428 No.13140

Thinking quickly, your hand goes to your coinpouch in your pocket, which you pull out and get everyone's attention by shaking the change together.

That works. Varillo and his men cease their movements at the sound of jingling gold coins.

You step forward and tell Varillo it was as pleasant journey as could have possibly been, surely. That is why you want to take it upon yourself to present your own personal thanks to him, and his men.

You make a big show of pressing the coinpouch directly to his hand, instead of throwing it before him.

Varillo's face looks as shocked as you've seen him yet.

"Look at that. Here I thought you had taken an advanced cut of the gold without telling us again, Toma."

You watch Varillo give a long stare at the guide who you noticed was missing a tongue.

Varillo turns his attention back to you.

"But now I see it was a greedy Prince who helped himself to our gold all this time…!"

Your bowels turn to ice as his big bald head glares furiously at you.

–then he bursts into laughter.

"Is only joke, Prince!"

Varillo nods to one of the other men, who hands over the rest of your things to you. A satchel with your marriage document, your ring to Princess Tharja, your razor, and your prayer beads. As well as your extra clothes.

"You will make a good Prince. Maybe even a good King. Yeah?"

You're still reeling from his 'joke', but you manage to give him a firm nod.

He leans closer and whispers one final goodbye.

"Enjoy your royal Ruhemanian pussy, Prince."

He pulls back, and with that, Varillo turns to his men and they all begin to head off… the knife of Varillo pointed against poor Toma's back.

You look at the guards and the mustache'd-man. The guards at least look relieved it didn't turn into a bloody fight.

The mustache'd-man addresses you again as 'Your Highness' and invites you to enter the castle.

The guards detach themselves from you both to work on re-raising the bridge with a large crank. It's not until you're out of earshot that he begins speaking.

"I bid you welcome to Castle Valachia, Your Highness. I am Ricardo, I am King Vlad's master of coin."

This gives you some pause. Why was the master of coin, of all things, greeting you at the gate?

"Isn't it obvious? To be sure no trouble arose with paying those mercenaries."

It still seems strange that wasn't delegated to some lackey, but you keep that idea to yourself.

"I can't blame you for handling them as you did, Your Highness. Apologies if it seemed I was unwilling to help, but King Vlad does not alter deals that King Vlad has already agreed to. Mercenaries always try to squeeze more coin for themselves, and that was no exception."

–You agree at least that following through on promises is just and right.

"Indeed. Yes, I think King Vlad will be happy with you as his heir."

And you'll be happy with his Kingdom, you think to yourself.

"At any rate, King Vlad will want to see you. He's in his tower. The guards will be expecting you and give you no trouble."

Ricardo points out one part of the castle tower, which spirals into the sky. So, that was where King Vlad was convalescing.

"However," Ricardo continues, pointing to a completely different section. "That, is Princess Tharja's part of the castle. I know she also is wanting to see you."

Certainly the feeling was mutual. But… wasn't it against tradition to see the bride before the ceremony? Or does Ruhemania not share that superstition?

At this question, Ricardo… pauses.

"–Mm. The ceremony. I think you had best talk to King Vlad about that."

You ask what for, but he doesn't give you a better answer.

"…Ah, but Prince, perhaps you should go to that part of the castle first." He points at another section connected to the two.

What's there, you ask?

"The kitchen and washing room, where you can get refreshed. You look like you've spent weeks in a swamp. And if you'll excuse my saying so, Your Highness, you smell like you've spent weeks in a swamp."

–Right, your nose had long since gone numb to that. You apologize for the offensive odor, but Ricardo repeats he meant no insult.

He escorts you there. You pass in front of the empty pillory where punished servants, peasants, and other lowborn are placed for public ridicule. It's currently vacant.

You enter the castle proper and Ricardo calls a maid to service you, a fat woman who is at least in her late 50s. He informs her you're the new Crown Prince and you'll be needing a bath, food, and refreshment. He then excuses himself saying he must return to his work in the treasury.

You would have vastly preferred a more attractive maid to handle you, but at least she's quick about it. Soon you're soaking in a tub of warm water, with a plate of bread slices and a bowl of flavored soup to dip it in beside you. You'd prefer cheese or meat, but it's immensely satisfying after the survivalist food you'd been eating during your hike with Varillo. You take the opportunity to shave your face as well.

You dress into your clean set of clothes, keeping your sash, though it's wrinkled after being wadded up for a few weeks. The others you leave for the laundry.

Your choice was either to visit Princess Tharja, your blushing bride, or King Vlad himself.

Certainly greeting your wife would be satisfying. You've been without feminine companionship of any sort since the matchmaker, which now feels like ages ago.

Then again, what about the ceremony? Ricardo said King Vlad would talk to you about that. What for?

Was this some last test before he consented to the marriage? –No, you read the document. You and Tharja were considered already married.

Still, it could be good manners to visit him first.

As you're considering it, you see something else.

13428 No.13141

File: 1451384073778.png (276.67 KB, 900x675, daniella.png)

A maid, of child-rearing age, walks past you.

She looks rather pale… perhaps rivaling Tharja as you remember from her portrait, but that adds a bit to her mystique. Her hair is done like you have never before seen, and her clothes look a class higher than the older maid, or even any maid you've known from home.

You watch her enter the kitchen.

–Perhaps you should introduce yourself to her, first. Use it as an excuse to help yourself to more food, as well.

Choice time:
>Pursue the maid.
>Go to greet King Vlad.
>Go to meet Princess Tharja.

63fdc No.13143


Option 3, Tharja is the closest.

4b83a No.13144

Otion three. I feel like we can at least wait until we've met our wife to cheat on her, yes?

daacc No.13145

Option 2. First lets get on our father in laws good graces before we go ass hunter mode on anybody.

f81b8 No.13146

I vote for 3, time to meet the wife.

80586 No.13147

Bye, Varillo! You were credit to team, big guy.

Well, we should see dear papa-in-law first, it's only polite and he has important details about our no-doubt unorthodox ceremony.

Tharja can wait until we've seen her father, and the maid is such an enormously bad idea I think aristo just dangled it to see if we're getting antsy for a sex scene.

51b6a No.13150

I wonder a bit about the maid. If she's wearing slightly higher-class clothing than the maid that served us earlier, then why is she going into the kitchen? Isn't that sort of thing usually handled by the lower end of the servant spectrum? With the possibility of castle intrigue on the table, I'd be half worried that it'd be an assassin looking for an easy chance to poison someone.

That being said, our eyes for that approach do seem to be focused upon her physique, rather than her actions, and even if my paranoia is on-point, there are likely tasters for all the food around here. Ergo, I agree with Option 2. Who knows how long we'll have dear old dad-in-law still around? It'd be good to get in his good graces, and learn about the ceremony, and why it's okay for us to see Tharja prior to it.

Further, presuming that he's not planning on rising as an undead revenant, he might be willing to part with some advice about handling his court and lands. The fact that he's managed to hold it at all while bedridden probably tells us that he still has great insight into how his nation operates, at least big-picture.

51b6a No.13151

Also, if our focus *is* upon her physique, then it really would be a titanically bad idea, as noted above. We've seen already that the masters of castles tend to be familiar with the goings-on therein.

e271d No.13152

Option 2. Following Danielle here seems like a hilariously bad idea in one way or another right now, anywhere from "secret test of character" all the way up to "actually an assassin and will try to murder us", so let's just file her away for now and go meet our new father-in-law… up in his… tower at the top of the castle.

Real talk for a sec, Aristo. If he actually does turn out to be Dracula I am gonna laugh my fucking ass off so hard.

7f261 No.13153

Option 2. I hear Vlad is not a patient man.

Seriously. I feel like doing anything aside from farting before talking to the patriarch of the castle would only end poorly for us.

b1be7 No.13158

Yeah, let's not keep Dracula waiting. It's better we grace him with our presence before we help ourselves to his daughter (we can worry about the maids later).

…and it was mentioned before about summoning Matchy? Admittedly we may not need her advice about picking a bride anymore, but it did sound like there might have been things she wasn't able to tell us before (plus the things we've since learned about the countries and families given to us to choose from). Maybe once we're settled in, and away from Edward's annoying family, it might not be a bad idea to see if we can't get any more information from her (plus by the time she could get to us, she probably might be at least starting to show if we did knock her up). But that's all later, I'm sure

4035b No.13159

I agree with option 2. We've held out this long, we can hold out a bit longer to make sure all matters are settled. Then we make a beeline for Tharja.

d1436 No.13162

>>meet the king

Don't want to end this quest impaled on a stick.
Better sick it up to him.

395f4 No.13163

Well, I would've liked to have a magic vampire-killing whip on hand first, but the matter is all but settled now. Seriously, you guys took all the points I wanted to raise. Option 2: go see dear ol' Vlad.

Also, on a side note, I thought the maid's name was Amelia, because that was part of the jpeg's title.

6ef87 No.13164

Option 2, see Vlad aka gain vampiric powers maybe, sort of.

e5c89 No.13165

Option two seems he most logical.

a7a06 No.13166

So if you're right, we're going to have to clean house and find some good people to keep the peace. Hopefully the people will like us for it.

Option 2. Let's meet Vlad, then our wife, and keep that maid in mind for later. Let's observe niceties and show we're willing to be proper with an eccentricity, rather than a man that can't control himself.

e271d No.13170

Picture source is Daniella from Haunting Ground/Dementio, a Clock Tower-esque survival horror game by Capcom. She's the mansion's maid and second stalker, pretty crazy once she gets going, and a few other wonderful things that I can't talk too much about without having to actually explain the basic plot of the game, which this is not really the place for. She fits in this setting rather well as a result, but if we see her carrying around a fire poker or a fuckoff giant shard of glass, we RUN.

Semi-relevant to our interests note! One of Haunting Ground's endings is a Bad End where the main girl gets trapped by one of the main villains, raped offscreen, is visibly pregnant at the end, and has basically snapped and broken down into a cackling sobbing mess.

13428 No.13172

>0 votes for option one, pursue the maid.
>12 votes for option two, go to greet King Vlad.
>3 votes for option three, go to meet Princess Tharja.

Go to greet King Vlad.

Poll closed, update coming soon.

51b6a No.13173

A minor matter that I'd like to discuss regarding who we can trust- does not contain a vote suggestion, so feel free to skip past if that's what you wish to focus on at the moment.

We should aim to put as little responsibility in Ricardo's hands as possible, once we have responsibility to bestow (or the possibility of removing what he already has). His claim that he was just following castle policy in not allowing renegotiation is fair as far as that goes, but he still unnecessarily antagonized Varillo's gang, in being such an ass about who he paid the advance. In doing so, he could have endangered our life.

Either he's so acerbic that he's functionally useless as a negotiator, or he does not have our best interests at heart. Either way, he's not a good choice for our Master of Coin, especially since he was unable to acquire for himself a sufficiently trustworthy subordinate to handle this matter for him, perhaps with more diplomacy than he could manage.

Still, until we are in a position where we can deal with him decisively, we should avoid antagonizing him. Master of Coin is a powerful position, especially in a nation that apparently relies on a fair number of mercenaries for handling important matters. He could make our life very difficult.

e271d No.13174

Basically. Until we have a solid power base under us, we're pretty much just going to have to keep our heads down and scope out every important named person we find to see if they're trustworthy or not without doing anything to rock the boat too much in the process.

51b6a No.13175

Ah, right. Your brigands and corruption prediction did note Chancellor LeDouche's behavior as part of the evidence, and part of the corruption that'll have to be dealt with, didn't it? Sorry, must've forgotten that that was already covered over the course of the day. Still, a reminder to keep our head down until we have some real authority to stamp out some motherfuckers is hopefully helpful.

13428 No.13177

The maid can wait, you think. So too, can your wife, unfortunately. King Vlad however… he doesn't seem like a man willing to wait.

You don't know your way around by any means, but you walk in the direction of King Vlad's tower. Soon you meet a guard in front of another corridor, and you take that as a sign you're going the right way.

The guard asks you to state your purpose. You inform him you're Crown Prince Edward and you are reporting to personally greet King Vlad. He apologizes for stopping you, and directs you to proceed straight up to the staircase. Good.

You climb up the spiral staircase. The steps wind around for many stories, and you brace your hand against the wall for stability. This was definitely a death trap. You could see how an old man could become crippled or worse scaling these.

Another pair of guards wait at the top of the stairs, and give you similar treatment to the guard at the bottom. You pass by them to another corridor and meet another pair of guards who give you the same treatment yet again. You've definitely spotted a pattern.

Rather than let you pass, one guard asks you to wait while he alerts King Vlad of your presence. A process that takes ten seconds.

"King Vlad will see you now, Your Highness," he tells you when he returns.

You take a deep breath, and enter through the passageway.

The room is not ostentatious. In fact, if you hadn't known better, you never would have guessed the man in the bed was a King.

You see a truly old man sitting upright in his bed, adorned in simple white robes. Your eyes are drawn to the outlines of his legs under the covers, which look twisted and broken, stuck in truly disfigured shapes.

"So… you are Sir Edward," you hear the old man say.

It was time to make a first impression.

Choice time:
>Kneel to the ground. Address him as "Your Majesty."
>Bow. Address him as "King."
>Firm nod. Address him as "Father."

6ef87 No.13178


Option 3. We've been going along as Crown Prince this whole time. Show him we accept being his heir.

897c8 No.13179

>>Adress him as "My King"

Prostration would be too spineless of us, father inappropriate IMO.

80586 No.13180

Middle ground here. We're family, not a commoner, so prostrating ourselves is overly obsequious. He's had a lifetime of ass-kissing from people who weren't his son and heir, it won't impress him.

At the same time, gotta be respectful. Too early to be calling him father and dispensing with formality, it's presumptuous.

Option 2.

04dba No.13181


Option 3. He's not gonna cast us out of the castle if he think it's inappropriate. At worst he'll ignore the comment. Let's let him know we're taking this arrangement seriously.

4035b No.13182

Option 2. While we should try to set a good impression since everyone and their mid-wife knows our reputation, option one takes things a step too far I feel. Plus, Vlad started out as a duke like our self and considering what he did to get where he is today, he's probably not a huge fan of formalities.

04dba No.13183


isn't "king" a formality still

51b6a No.13184

I'm with Option 2. The man definitely does not seem to care for ceremony. His room is humble (and our entrance rather straightforward), our greeting at the gates was not exactly a red carpet affair, and he hired mercs rather than sending any forces of his own. Still, this is a man who commands respect, and treating ourselves as his near-equal immediately may be a bit much.

51b6a No.13185

That being said, his guards are permitted to refer to him as King, rather than His Highness, so perhaps we can go a step further.

7f261 No.13186

Option 2. He seems to be fairly low-key, so option one would look like groveling. Option 3 seems both presumptuous and familiar to a complete stranger (regardless of legal arrangement).

e271d No.13187

Option 2.

4b83a No.13188

Option 1; in-laws or not, it isn't a good idea to show the slightest hint of potential disrespect towards a guy who Hass dissenters put up on stakes.

d6f61 No.13190

Option 2.

13428 No.13191

>1 vote for option one, kneel and address him as "Your Majesty".
>6 votes for option two, bow and address him as "King". (With a one vote variation to address him as 'my king'.)
>2 votes for option three, nod and address him as "Father".

Option two, bow and address him as "King."

You throw your arm across your chest, making your cape move with a flourish as you bow and address him as King Vlad.

Your eyes see his face as you straighten.

He does not look impressed.

"You cannot kneel? Do you not wish to lower yourself before an old man?"

You backpedal immediately, telling him you absolutely meant no disrespect to him, Your Majesty.

"I see you are truly from an independent dynasty, not used to lowering yourself to a King."

You're not sure how to interpret that. You remembered King Vlad started his life as Independent Duke Vlad, and so he might be identifying with you. …But also he spent much of his unification war fighting against independent landed aristocrats who refused to swear their fealty to him.

Which was he seeing, at the moment?

"Come closer. Approach me, Sir Edward."

You step closer to him on his bed. You can now see the age spots on his face, and the large bald spot on his head, with long strands of white hair hanging tenaciously from the roots.


You step yourself even further to him, you legs flush against the mattress on which King Vlad lies.


–You can't very well get any closer without outright leaning over him, so that's what you do.

You see the wrinkles on his face and note that despite his age, his eyes look quite alert. He is definitely scrutinizing you.

He lifts a wrinkled hand up to touch your face.

Choice time:
>Recoil back.
>Remain still.

7f261 No.13192

Option 2. Maybe his vision is based on movement.

897c8 No.13193

Remain still

4035b No.13194

Remain still. Maybe he has cataracts?

51b6a No.13195

Remain still. If he intends to steal our youth/soul, his guards can arrange for it if we flee. And if not, it'd just be rude to recoil from the touch of our father-in-law.

01b5e No.13196

Oh damn, this is freaky. His eyes are quite alert despite his age? This has trance/soul-sucking written all over it. As much as I hate to remain still, recoiling would be rude, so option 2.

And it seems like this thread is no longer auto-updating, or if it is, I just missed it.

d6f61 No.13197

Option 2

04dba No.13198

Option 2

or Option 3, get in real close so he can bite our neck

3504c No.13199

Ya'll niggas ain't never seen Bram Stoker's Dracula? Homeboy has Gary Oldman written all over him. And that's badass, we made the right choice son.
>Option 2, embrace the darkness!

a7a06 No.13200

Option 2, be still, but tense. If he goes for the jugular, we should be backpedaling (in the physical sense this time) with all the NOPE!

80586 No.13201

Damn, seems he's a stickler for protocol. Well, we didn't anger him at least. I suppose having to fight hard and often for a crown will make a guy insistent on submission.

Choice now is obvious, >stay still. Wonder if this is the part where he grabs us by the throat and threatens us not to hurt his little girl - or try and reschedule his departure from the land of the living.

If he's going to drain the life out of us then we'll just have to take it like a man, because we're completely at his mercy at this point.

a7a06 No.13202

I'd also like to point out that if he turns us, and we're undead, our ability to impregnate living women will drop. Either in terms of our sperm, or our appearance and nature bothering them.

6ef87 No.13203


I have been missing the clan sooooo much omg
Also option 2, because I can't make an educated guess and there doesn't seem to be any deviation to change course.

80586 No.13204

Aren't vampires infertile? That'd surely be Ultimate Bad End, an immortal life without issue.

6ef87 No.13205


Well he's managed to have Tharja, so the virility can't be all gone :p

3504c No.13206

Nah homies, ya gotta think outside the limits of what typical fiction tells ya'll in regards to vampiric circumstances of being. I doubt King VlaDad is going to murder Ed-boy just for showing up. If anything and homeboy gets turned, well, peep Vampire Hunter D; ya know that way we get some kind of super hype Dhampir offspring (who will probably loathe us but whatever!) out of the deal.

04dba No.13207


haven't you read twilight? you get that one fresh load saved

but I'm pretty sure Aristo would have his own lore that wouldn't completely snuff out the entire theme of this story as well as the reason we're all here

13428 No.13209

File: 1451442917931.png (103.36 KB, 288x287, daniella2.png)

>11 votes for option two, remain still.

Remain still.

Your instinct is to recoil, but you force yourself to remain steadfast and unflinching in the face of the old crippled King.

He presses his thumb to your cheek. You can feel the strength there, despite his age. Still, he's not digging his finger into you, and you do not cry out. You also feel the cold metal of the ring on his hand as his ring finger brushes your chin.

"…Good," he says.

He lets go, letting his hand drop.

"I hope you will make my daughter happy… Prince Edward."

You reply that you plan to. When should you expect the ceremony?


He speaks the word as if it's something he forgotten about.

"There will be no ceremony."

–What? Why not?

"Celebrations invite spending, and we can't afford it. You and Tharja are already married in the eyes of God."

You're too shocked for words. No ceremony…? There had to be more of a reason.

"I have made other arrangements. A painter will come tomorrow. He will create a portrait of yourself and Tharja for posterity."

–Well at least that was something.

You hear the door open behind you. Your turn your head to look, and you see the maid you noticed before entering with a large pot of cooked soup in her arms. You can tell from the smell it's not the same soup you were served.

"Ah… enter, Daniella. Join my guest."

The maid stares at you coldly, before placing the pot of soup off to the side.

King Vlad instructs Daniella to introduce herself to you. She turns and gives you a short bow.

"…I am Daniella. I am His Majesty King Vlad's personal maid. I have no business with you. –And you, none with me."

You're shocked to hear a lowly maid speak so borderline disrespectful to you. But, with King Vlad himself right there and implicitly giving his approval to her words you can do nothing about it.

You hear King Vlad sigh.

"That was more frank than Prince Edward expected, Daniella. Still, she is not wrong. Daniella answers only to me."

You stifle your anger. It's not much of a rebuke from Vlad to her, but it does somewhat alleviate your wounded pride. Whatever hierarchy there was with the servants, Daniella was clearly outside it.

"If you have no other questions, Prince Edward, I will thank you to leave me to my meal."

There were quite a few, really…

Choice time:
>Ask him what those stakes outside the castle are for.
>Ask him why mercenaries were sent to guide you instead of loyal retainers.
>Ask him where you will be staying in the castle.
>Ask him the political situation in the country.
>Ask him something else. (Fill it in with your own question.)
>…No questions. Daniella is listening now and you can't be sure of her motives.

d6f61 No.13210


Option 6, I'd rather ask the latter questions with King Vlad later… in private. Prince to King talk. Besides, the maid looks shady, we can't verify if her motives are beneficial.

6ef87 No.13211


Yeah, Option 6 then. I guess any other maid can lead us to our living quarters.

04dba No.13212


She gives me the heebie jeebies. Let's just get to our room.

Option 6. Or ask him about the room then get out.

51b6a No.13213

I'd go with Option 5. Let's ask him if we can set an appointment, at a time of his choosing, to discuss affairs of state, so that we can attend to the duties of a prince beyond arranging for continuation of the line. This seems not to be the time for it, but it remains an important matter.

5a30d No.13214

Damn, he's not a Vampire (that we know)… Aaaaand oh shit it's someone from a horror series. Yaaaay.
>Ask, "So, how about them vampires, eh?"
We'll die in a blaze of glory. And by glory I mean tears and blood.

All joking aside, we should
>Ask him for his story
NPCs do it all the time, and we, as a foreigner with little know of the land, should be knowledgeable of who is passing the torch to us. If he raised his Kingdom to greatness with an Iron Fist, we shouldn't be sniffing the daisies and singing Kumbayah, nor should we spend all of our money on whores and the like. We need to be prepared to be the King… and we should do our damndest to embrace his vision for the future, not as a follower, but as a protégé. We owe him that much for allowing us to wed his daughter.

Also, we should think about embracing monogamy soon. In the face of a Yandere (the best dere of all), Tharja should be, "more than enough," and that, "we've changed our womanising ways because of her," and I'll be damned if that won't be true.

We've got NG+ to bed other women, after all, and I don't think Dracula will be that appreciative of us dine-and-dashing on his daughter either. That's a good way to become a Transylvanian Lawn Ornament.

a7a06 No.13215

I'm very hesitant to NG+ for the other girls, as the selection might change. I say we get to know her first before making that decision.

Option 1. Should be safe to ask this question, as it's probably common knowledge to the locals.

51b6a No.13216

I'd say that Option 1 could be answered by essentially anyone, 3 by a member of the staff, or our wife, and 2 probably by no one prudently, except mayyybe Tharja, if we're getting good vibes from her. An answer will probably follow from getting a good assessment of the kingdom's state, anyway. Unless we can get, and only can get, a real answer from Vlad himself, I feel like we should avoid bothering him about a given question.

The fact that apparently any sort of wedding ceremony is beyond the sum Vlad is willing to pay implies that either he doesn't have much to spend, or he doesn't think much of this arrangement. Either way, letting aggravation about his merc-based transport program show would not be advisable. And Roberto continues to be a dastard. As Master of Coin, if they're holding back because it costs too much, he really ought to have been able to tell us that.

e271d No.13217

Alright, so Daniella is officially off the table as someone to try and woo, at least for the foreseeable future. She's the King's "personal" maid. While this doesn't mean what it usually would given the nature of this game, it DOES mean that she is going to be 100% loyal to him and him alone as long as he draws breath. We disrespect him, she'll disrespect us. We conspire against him, she'll be the eyes and ears that inform him ahead of time. We try to kill him, she'll have a giant fuckoff shard of glass sticking through our ribs in two seconds flat. She's his most loyal servant in a castle of very potentially disloyal people, and she means business about it.

That said, that does NOT mean she's a liability to us, as long as we're not one to Vlad. She won't ever fall for Edward's charms, and sleeping with her's definitely out of the question unless Vlad himself loses all his marbles and orders her to, but we can still get on good terms with her, by proving ourselves to him. If she acknowledges that we're on the same side, she'll back us up whenever possible, which is honestly much better than just being able to sleep with her and move on about our day. And who knows? One day, we might find ourselves as the role of her sworn master, once the old man's gone off to that great big monster-infested hell castle in the lunar eclipse.

So we're 1-to-1 right now on trustworthy vs not. Ol' Ricardo LeDouche down there is definitely slime, but Dani can be an ally if we DON'T make her an enemy first.

====Actual voting!====

Having said all that, I'm gonna go with Option 5, and seconding Smith's suggestion. Let the old man know through our words and actions that we're NOT just here to bed his daughter and stroll away, and that we're serious about wanting to be an actual heir to his kingdom. We might've gotten this arrangement because they wanted a sperm donor, and they're gonna get that, but let's show this guy that he got the bonus of someone legitimately willing to keep his goal of a united kingdom alive even after he's gone.

7f261 No.13218

I'm going to back up Option 5 with the previous two posters as well (Same question). A little information never hurts when new to a strange land.

4b83a No.13220

Option 6. I know who she is, you do NOT want to fuck with her.

5a30d No.13221

Look up Clock Tower Daniella for the Clusterfudge we're in. That's Daniella, Ms. "I lick Glass" herself. The name's the same, too. So… Yeah, we're in a horror genre now, with only YanYan- I mean, Tharja, to help protect us. All we need to do is be as loyal as possible to her as we can. For help:

e271d No.13222

C'mon guys, relax. I JUST spent fifteen minutes writing a post about why we shouldn't be freaking out here. Yeah, she'll kill us if we do something to piss her off, but panicking and running for the hills doesn't help us either.

4035b No.13223

On the one hand, we've clearly been given a dismissal. On the other, Blue and Smith's suggestion makes a lot of sense to me.

You know what, put me down for Option 5, same question as already mentioned.

5a30d No.13226

I'm just gonna leave this here…:

6ef87 No.13227

Can we all agree to get to Tharja as soon as possible at least? Make some sort of progress to impregnate something? All this quasi-fear at fictional characters and their canonical identities is getting old.

51b6a No.13228

Oh, by all means. No reason to stick around here after we've gotten an appointment set up to get our questions answered, especially when Tharja's already waiting for us.

04dba No.13229

when we see tharja i am going to hit that like a broken jukebox

i have impregnated many broken jukeboxes

3504c No.13230

*passes the blunt and the 40oz*
Give this man a medal for keeping us focused what's truly important. Namely, the wifey.

e271d No.13231

Like I said, mate. We stay on Vlad's good side, we stay on hers.

Oh hell yes, she's our next stop. Unless we have to go through the Clock Tower to get to her, I'm not sure our stats are good enough to get through a boss fight with Death yet.

I'm just gonna let that one go, just this once.

04dba No.13237

hey wu tang do you guys have room for one more greaser in your gang

2a354 No.13238

Im going with 5 and ask his story

13428 No.13240

Vote is kinda split, so I'm going to go with the side of action.

>1 vote for option one, ask him what the stakes outside the castle are for.

>4 votes for option five, "Ask him when would be a good time to set up an appointment regarding your duties as Prince and heir."
>2 votes for option five, "Ask him for his life story."
>4 votes for option six, no questions.

Ask for an appointment regarding your duties and Prince and heir.

You've made as good an impression as you're capable of.

But you want to show your sincerity regarding Ruhemania. This is the land you're going to rule, after all. You must be ready to take the reins at any time.

To that manner, you tell King Vlad that you would like more than anything to, at a later date, go over the proper responsibilities you will have as Prince and his heir. Clearly that time is not now because he is eating, but hopefully sometime in the future.

King Vlad listens, then speaks.

"I hear your request. For now, I ask you to consummate your marriage with Tharja as soon as possible."

You must admit, you've never imagined someone would say what amounts to 'hurry up and fuck my daughter,' to you in quite so commanding a tone.

"We will see what other responsibilities you can handle after you've accomplished that one. Put a bun in her oven first," he goes on to say.

You're starting to get at a loss for words, so you back yourself toward the door, promising His Majesty you'll be gentle with her.

"Be however you must be. Just get it done."

You back out the door, bowing as you go to hide your bemused expression. Your last view of the room is Daniella's emotionless face staring after you, bowl of soup in her hand.

You shut the door. The guards very noticeably do not make eye contact with you.

–Well, maybe you would like King Vlad after all.


You start your descent back down the spiral staircase.

13428 No.13241

File: 1451462359573.jpg (138.92 KB, 620x349, tharja1.jpg)

You ask one of the guards for directions to Princess Tharja's quarters. The guard's face tenses… until he remembers you're the Crown Prince, her husband, and it's your right to take her to bed.

He directs you to follow one corridor until you reach a door with two torches outside it. He also advises you to be aware that no one is allowed in Tharja's section of the castle except for Tharja herself.

Why was that, you ask him?

"It's her request, and all servants respect it. –Except for Daniella, who is free to go wherever she pleases."

You mutter that you have the idea that Daniella would likely barge in on you both going at it in order to clean a table before leaving as if nothing happened. The guard tries very hard not to laugh at your joke.

His directions turn out to be accurate, you soon find yourself before a large wooden door with two torches in holders on both sides. The torches are lit, which seems a bit peculiar to you when it's still daylight.

You step through the door to find a darker corridor waiting for you. There are no torches here, and only small windows to the outside, perhaps so small you couldn't put your hand through them.

You're starting to wonder if you should borrow one of the torches, when you hear a door opening at the end.

Your breath catches in your throat and you become starkly aware of your own heartbeat as you strain to hear anything.

You hear a woman breathing. Your eyes still haven't adjusted to the dark, but you strain to see a feminine outline at the end of the hall.

You take a few steps toward her, and you hear what you can only describe as sultry giggling.

So, it's a chase she wants…

You advance forward, careful not to lose your footing in the dark. Before you get too far, you can see the door in front of you shut, hurried footsteps trailing away from you.

Something primordial is coming over you, and you pick up your pace with abandon. You'd traveled too far. Too long. You were going to close this last little bit of distance and make your new wife squeal mercilessly.

You enter the next hallway. This one lacks any windows, but it's framed by lit candles lighting the way at least. There's another small door at the end of the corridor, but there's also a branch that forks the passage off somewhere else.

You're not sure which way to go until you realize the way to the door at the end is lit, and the other passage is not. That was a clear invitation. You follow the lit path.

You're practically sprinting as you reach the doorway, slowing yourself enough to push it open with a loud cre - a - k.

13428 No.13242

File: 1451462546291.jpg (415.96 KB, 675x1035, tharja2.jpg)

You enter the room and find it's a bedroom. There are no windows here either. You spy an uncovered candle on a table, and what looks to be a girl's bed, if the canopy style indicated anything…

Before you can process anything else, you hear the door shut firmly behind you. You turn back toward it, and you see her.

Princess Tharja, your wife.

It may be the dim light, but she's every bit as beautiful as you remember her portrait being. Absolutely nothing was exaggerated from her true form. From her generous bust, to her thin waist, to her hips, and even her outfit… you even think you see a book tucked under her arm.

And those eyes…

Indeed, in the darkness, she looks even more beautiful.

"I've been waiting for you, my… husband," she says, breathily. As if trying out the word for the first time.

Even her voice is music to your ears.

"You've traveled a long way for me, haven't you?"

You nod, your breath suddenly heavy. It's been so long since you've been able to lie with a woman… the lust building inside you is palpable.

"Then, you'll have me… and it's too late to back out."

She brings her face closer to yours, closing her eyes expectantly for you to kiss her.

–You can't hold back.

You let the satchel with your things tumble from your hand and drop to the stone floor beneath. Your arms wrap around Tharja and pull her to your close embrace. Your lips find hers, and you can't hold back from rolling your tongue into her mouth, desperate for the taste of a woman. She's more than welcoming, and opens her mouth to you freely. You can feel her pulse underneath you, and this just increases the intensity as you press yourself more into her. She's not skilled by any means, but she lets you lead without fighting you at all.

You hands trail down the sides of her waist and settle on her ass. You find it pleasantly supple under your needy hands, and you caress her eagerly, earning a surprised moan from her, vibrating through your shared kiss.

Your erection is already tenting through your leggings, and with your hands on her ass, you end up desperately grinding against her torso. It's an exquisite feeling… but not the one you want.

You need her. You need to be inside her. You need to make her yours, and give her your seed to imbibe and incubate. Your standing depended on it.

She presses her hands to your face and your lips separate. You feel her palms, soft and feminine, grind against your cheeks, and you get the feeling that she's been wanting you as long as you've been traveling to see her.

"Mm… how will we have our first time, my husband? I can't wait to give you my innocence…"

You can feel her thigh deliberately grind against your manhood, and her hands are working on freeing her cloak and upper clothing.

Your eyes remember the bed in the corner. This was it.

Choice time:
>Missionary. Have her lie back and you will mount her.
>Like animals. Have her down on her hands and knees with you behind her.
>You will lie back with her on top. She can set the pace of losing her virginity.

f1fc9 No.13243


First of all, whoa. Just wow. Look's like we're all in for a wild ride, fellas.

Option 3, I'd like to see how Tharja has in mind for us, kinda curious with that mystique and bewitching attitude of hers

e271d No.13244

Option 1. I want to look her in the eyes as we fuck her brains out for the first in hopefully a very large number of times in this marriage. We can get creative with positions during the inevitable sex montage later.

3504c No.13245

The Wu Family is always open to new Disciples of the 36th Chamber. Unfortunately we cannot offer you a spot in the Clan Proper, as the vacant seat will be left vacant in Memorium of the ODB.
Speaking of the ODB, in regards to our interpreting of his wishes and wants during this certain…scenario… (and in order to create an early three way tie)
>We vote for Option 2
Allow us to DeeJay for you all in regards to the upcoming scene.
Please, follow the link and listen as you read along.


04dba No.13246

Option 2 because fuck everyone who made us wait this long

this better not be a dream sequence or some kind of trick


allow me to add on to the wild sex playlist


4035b No.13247

Going for option 2.

13428 No.13248


Can we please turn down the intensity of comments like these?

I understand that as a sex-story-with-plot, sometimes the plot ends up competing with the sex.

However, saying "fuck the other people reading for voting their honest choice of how they want the MC to act," is crossing a line.

This was always meant as a sex-story-with-plot. Hopefully the plot is entertaining. If it wasn't going to have plot, it would've just been Edward choosing which girl to bang, there'd be no urgency, and it'd probably have gotten really boring by now.

Also, if it's really bothering you if a sex scene is a 'dream' or not, I really think you should step back for a minute. This entire thing is fiction. There is pregnant art of Faris (the sailor girl) and Tharja out there if you just want to look it up. You don't have to wait for me to get the story around to it.

Let's all keep in mind this is everyone's story and everyone has a right to their one vote.

I'm looking forward to continuing this.

b8c17 No.13249



80586 No.13250

>implying we're only going for one round

But let's start with Option 1 and go from there.

I for one quite enjoy the plot (obsessing over potential threats is half the fun, really gets you into the aristocratic mindset). If all I was here for was the banging I'd just read one of the many more, uh, straightforward fics out there.

Being both an interesting quest and a sexventure makes this two kinds of fun at once. You're doing good at not dumping one for the other.

daacc No.13252

Option 3 let her take the lead. She has the personality for it.

f81b8 No.13256

I think 3 sounds fun

e5c89 No.13257

Option 3

One sounds fun as well but between them I think three will be more fun.

64ed4 No.13258

Option 3 please.

5acb9 No.13260

I'm thinking option 1 to start.

897c8 No.13261

Option one please

3504c No.13263

You know, this may just be my interpretation of events, but…
In regards to…
I think the poster's intent was to say 'fuck everyone who made us wait' in the context of the story itself; meaning regarding the shit that the MC/Edward had to go through in order to get to this point. I may be totally off base here, but I don't think he was calling anyone out, it was more a general statement in line with what said character had experienced on his journey etc.
Then again…as a mic-rippin' MC once said…

51b6a No.13264


I like this argument. It gets my vote. Another for Option 3!

3504c No.13265

File: 1451483188973.gif (776.97 KB, 500x250, zenigata turns jihadist.gif)

On an entirely separate (but equal) line of thought, can I (we) get a petition going/throw down the proverbial gauntlet for getting this thread stickied? NO NOT LIKE THAT DAMN IT!

7f261 No.13266

Option 1. Meet as equals to start, adjust for discrepancies and preferences later after we've learned more about her.

6ef87 No.13267

Option 1. Would have chosen 2 if it were leading. 3 is too passive after weeks of no sex. Ed's got way too much vigor to just lie back and make her do all the work.

e271d No.13268

I dunno about stickied, but something definitely happened in the last day or so where it's not bumping to the top of the board when someone posts anymore. We may wanna ask about that.

80586 No.13271

Most chans have a 'bump limit' - a number of posts above which bumping isn't triggered. I don't know what the exact number is, but we're at almost 600 posts. No threads other than stickies have reached that number.

04dba No.13272


no, Wu, I was specifically being an asshole

am I harsh?


am I playing this for different reasons than everyone else?

for sure

do I think that everyone else is playing this wrong?


do I really care if people judge me on this pregnancy-themed fetish board for playing a pregnancy-themed CYOA differently than them?


04dba No.13280

but to follow up with that i'll be a nicer guy because aristo is putting in so much effort to keep us happy and entertained, this is probably the best cyoa on this site

13428 No.13283

The votes stand currently at:

Option one, missionary: 6 votes.
Option two, like animals: 3 votes.
Option three, her on top: 6 votes.

Poll is still open.

80586 No.13284

I'll change my vote to Option 3, lest Fonzie's balls explode from too much anticipation :^)

13428 No.13285

I can't tell who you are to change your choice when you're anonymous, pregnonymous.

At any rate, you don't need to change your vote. I won't be able to update until later today anyway, so changing won't make this update faster. The current vote tally is just for reference to make it easier to organize.

01b5e No.13287


I say we go for option 3. First times are always intimidating, and she might be feeling nervous about losing her innocence. So I say we be the lover we are and show her our caring side by letting her set the pace.

a7a06 No.13288

That face. *shudders* I'm very curious why the Tharja fans voted for her. (Yes, I know it's an edit)

>>13248 I also agree with this.

I think she might not ever let us up if we let her on top. And I'm kind of afraid of what her eyes might look like, but I'll be brave and say Option 1, Missionary.

2d365 No.13289

Why would we give control to the one with no experience? Edward has all the experience he needs to ease a virgin into it, so I say option 1.

8650f No.13290

Option 1

51b6a No.13291


Have to admit, that's also a valid point. I do look forward to seeing Tharja's ideas, but for now, Edward can take charge. Changing my vote from Option 3 to Option 1.

b1be7 No.13292

We can be just as much of a gentleman going with Option 1 than 3. I think we're a little too amped up to play completely passive, and taking her virginity should still retain SOME level of decency (Option 2 would have been better suited for Menace). We may have the nickname Mad Rutting Beast, but we're not supposed to ACT that way…

13428 No.13293

File: 1451519779230.png (649.74 KB, 1375x1000, tharja3.png)

>10 votes for option one, missionary-style.
>3 votes for option two, hands and knees.
>5 votes for option three, her on top.

Option one, missionary-style.

You can't hold back your grin, you start to work at the the tie on your own cape and belt to get to your tunic, whispering to her that you'll take her as a man takes his wife: with her underneath you.

You can positively see the excitement on her face as you say that, and you share another passionate kiss, then another, then another.

You separate, and Princess Tharja strips out of that sheer covering she was wearing, leaving her clothed in nothing save her circlet. She pulls back to the bed, drawing you with her as you try to shrug yourself free of your leggings.

You finally get them off and around your feet, leaving you naked as the day you were born. Tharja raises her feet up to you, expectantly, and giving you a generous sight of her aroused pussy.

She's positively soaked with her own lubricant, and more than ready for you. You're not sure you've ever seen a woman so ready for sex in so little foreplay. You can't help but let a comment in awe of her indecently slick folds slip from your lips.

She giggles mischievously.

"I've been playing with myself since I heard you arrived at the gate. Readying myself for you…"

She wiggles her hips seductively, scissoring her legs together.

"Don't worry, my husband. I didn't allow myself orgasm. …That honor only belongs to you."

She still has her legs raised for you. Maybe you should place them on each of your shoulders and truly dominate her…

Choice time:
>Penetrate her with her legs raised. Have your first time with her in ultimate submission to you.
>Wrap her legs around your waist, encourage her to squeeze you close.

b8c17 No.13294


Option 2.

f81b8 No.13295

Go for option 2, we need to go deeper

4035b No.13296

Option 2

7f261 No.13297

Option 2.

8c68f No.13298

Option 2.

ed618 No.13299

Option 2.

a7a06 No.13300

Yay for romantics! Option 2!

e271d No.13312

Option 2, no question.

5a30d No.13315

Option 2, be as close and intimate with her as we can. Prove we're not just there to rut and run!

5a30d No.13316

Also, seconding this. This thread is past the Bump stage.

3504c No.13319

Option 2 does seem to be the most appropriate, given.
Also, hey cool skull! Nice snake in a jar! Is that a bottle of Purple Drank?!

3504c No.13320

I'm…glad…we…could…come to…an…understanding???
But Fonzie, what would Chachi think? Nevermind, he doesn't think…does he…

51b6a No.13321


On the vote, it seems that Option 2 has the matter locked up, and I cannot complain about that turn of events. Another vote for it here.


I would also go for this. What steps must be taken?

13428 No.13322

File: 1451542581452.jpg (127.92 KB, 1200x900, tharja5.jpg)

>0 votes for option one, sex with her legs raised.
>11 votes for option two, sex with her legs around you.

You smile and whisper small words of praise to her, telling her what a good wife she is to prepare herself for you after a long trip…

Your rough hands find her inner thighs, and you spread her legs apart, gently positioning yourself between them. She gets the idea, and slowly slides them up along your backside, hungry for your touch.

You've had women who were enthusiastic for your seed, but never have you met a virgin so eager to be fucked. By the time you're aligning yourself to penetrate her, she's arching her back and pulling you inward with her legs. It's a gesture you're not prepared for, and before you can tell her to slow down, you're already halfway to being inside her.

You watch her expression change from unrestrained lust to a sudden pained halt as your cock meets her barrier. You let out a burning hiss at the friction, and tell her she mustn't rush. She can only lose her innocence once, and you don't want the pain to overwhelm her.

She stares up at you, her eyes half-lidded. You let out a breath you didn't realize you were holding in, and tell her you'll enter her on the count of three. She nods, slowly.

You shift forward slightly, barely adding any pressure on her hymen. One…

You reel back, letting her have time to adjust. You tell her to relax and don't tense her muscles, before applying slightly more pressure on wedging your cock into her entrance. Two…

Her eyes are shut fast, and you repeat to her that she mustn't tense. You pull back again with some effort, already her leaking cunt is positively trying to suck you into it.

You flex your groin muscles a little bit, shifting for the final act of penetration. You lean forward to let gravity help you along, and slowly, ever so slowly, start to thrust in without pulling back out, planning to spear her as gently as possible.

13428 No.13323

File: 1451542687607.png (894.1 KB, 1280x960, tharja4.png)

'Planning to.'

Your wife has other ideas.

As you start to really commit to thrusting and pass the point you can't pull out, suddenly Tharja's legs tighten and she draws you in much faster than you planned. Her legs aren't particularly strong, but it takes you so off guard and out of position you have no choice but to go along for the ride.

You hear her let out a sharping wincing moan as your cock plows right through her barrier, ripping through her maidenhead. She's wet enough it's a smooth ride to hilting inside her, but her grip on you is beyond tight. Through the darkness you can see her gritted teeth and tense body, a stark match to the grip her wet pussy lips have on your cock.

…Why…? Why would she put herself through that…?

She lets out some labored breaths.




She says, a sharp intake of breath after each word punctuating her declaration to you.

13428 No.13324

File: 1451542797943.jpg (415.73 KB, 900x1200, tharja9.jpg)

You can't feel shocked.

Or rather, any shock you could feel is overcome by the incredible pleasure you're experiencing.

This is your first taste of woman in weeks. And for a man as used to sex as you are… that was an eternity.

Your capacity for rational thought breaks down.

Your hips start bucking without you telling them to.

Or rather, you couldn't stop yourself if you tried.

You really don't have much space to move.

Your wife is holding on with her legs too strongly for that.

She's wrapped around you desperately, like she never, ever, wants to let go.

But such a display means she's keeping her muscles tense, and that compounds her virginal tightness.

The result being you're barely moving at all with your thrusts, despite your length.

But moreover…

…it's intensely pleasurable.

Her pussy is more than wet enough to help you glide through her folds. Helped along you're sure by the virginal blood from her torn maidenhead.

Her flesh is like a jester's carnival finger trap, drawing you deeper inside but never letting you back out.

13428 No.13325

File: 1451542844117.jpg (434.16 KB, 850x1133, tharja11.jpg)

You take her hands in yours, laying on top of her fully, her generous breasts cushioning the impact of your chest meetings hers.

Your mouths find each other, and you share another breathtaking kiss.

The warm, fresh smell of her body meets your nostrils. You're not sure if it'd be possible to be anymore overwhelmed by sensation than you are right now.

As if your thoughts were hers, you become aware of a new sensation beneath you.

Your wife's orgasm.

First she starts moaning into your mouth, then you can feel the telltale flexing of her body beneath you. Her back arching against you. With your cock fully sheathed inside her, her ankles still locked around your backside, you can do nothing but moan in reply as she clamps around you, squeezing as if she may pull your soul out through your manhood.

You're amazed.

You really weren't expecting her to peak at all after her show of taking your cock as painfully as possible.

You come immediately.

You don't stand a chance of delaying it. Not with your first sex in weeks, not with a young, fertile, bewitching young woman like your new wife, be taken on her maiden voyage.

You continue to press yourself into Tharja, your dick pulsating wildly as you spurt, and spurt, and spurt.

Finally, you feel your wife's legs give out and slide out to your sides.

Your lips separate and your moans turn into mutual desperate panting as you both struggle to find your breath.

…neither of you can bring up the energy to say anything.

But, you don't need to.

In a scene that defies verbal expression, you stare mutually into each others' eyes.

The passion is thick enough that your manhood lets out one last stream of your seed inside her, and you can feel her womb contract to receive it.

All the sperm that's been backed up in your balls for the past week feels truly spent.

13428 No.13326

File: 1451542943919.jpg (270.51 KB, 850x1133, tharja6.jpg)

You both lie like that for a while, before you share another kiss and roll to the side next to her.

You're utterly exhausted, and you're sure the feeling is mutual.

Your cock doesn't like the feeling of being outside your wife's inviting crevasse, and you're sure you'll be feeling sore for hours, if not days.

You almost feel like dozing… when your wife puts a gentle hand to your face. It's warm.

"Thank you… my husband. I can't wait to give birth to our child."

–Your heart melts.

For the first time since you've arrived, you feel you've truly found a worthwhile home.

Your wife was beautiful, passionate, and eager to mate with you to the point of pain.

Ruhemania had a few quirks, but King Vlad seemed fairly reasonable after all was said and done. You were sure you could handle Ricardo, Daniella, and whoever else had a position of importance in the court. Even Varillo and his gang hadn't been all bad.

You have to show your wife you care.

Choice time:
>Present her with her wedding ring.
>Tell her she's the most beautiful woman who ever lived.

6ef87 No.13327

After a long day irl, I get to read this! Bless you aristocrat, I couldn't have asked for a better outcome, meta and story wise.

Option 1, please adorn her with the ring <3

bd369 No.13328


Once again, thanks Aristo for this moment. Really looking forward to start 2016 with a bang from your quest thread. ;)

Option 2 is unnecessary. Option 1 with a twist, tell her Edward's full name(so she can stop with generic 'husband' and give us an actual name) and reaffirm his vows right there on the spot.

e271d No.13331

Option 1. We just nailed our new hot wife. Time to put a ring on it.

daacc No.13333

Now let's put a ring on her. Option 2

daacc No.13334

I meant Option 1

e5c89 No.13335

I second this.

04dba No.13337


option 1 bro

it is the only way

can't we just say option 2 right after

2813c No.13338

Option 1 please.

3504c No.13342

Third-ing. This guy has a good idea, succinctly put homeboy.

13428 No.13343

File: 1451563105666.jpg (735.12 KB, 917x1179, tharja-ring.jpg)

>8 votes for option one, present her with her wedding ring, with a few extra votes to tell her your full name so she doesn't need to call you 'husband'. (I am not ignoring these votes, this issue will be addressed a little later.)

It's your turn to grin mischievously as you tell Tharja to wait for just one moment.

She watches you, confused, as you go to retrieve her ring from your satchel. Out of the corner of your eye, you can see Tharja eyeing your backside lasciviously as you bend over.

…You fumble around with your things for an extra few seconds than you strictly need, just to play along, before cupping your hand around her ring and hiding it behind your back.

You step closer and ask for her left hand. She switches her book from carrying it in her left arm to her right arm and then presents her left hand to you, as instructed.

You hold up your ring for her in your right hand, and watch her gasp as the light catches the gold. You gently take her hand in yours, and slide it on to her finger.

…Until death do we part.

The vows were a lot longer than just that, but that's the line you choose to recite for her.

You watch her face fill up with emotion, finally her eyes meet yours.

"Oh… my husband…"

You're about to tell her to call you 'Edward', when you realize she's about to burst into tears.

You hold her hand and brush away a strand of her hair, asking her what's wrong?

"I… I don't have a ring to give you…"


You chalk that up to another thing King Vlad must have 'forgotten' about.

Suddenly, she blinks back her emotions and stands up.

"This cannot be allowed! We must go to the treasury, immediately!"

You blink and try to placate her by telling her there's no rush.

She shakes her head.

"No, it's beyond shameful for your wife not to have a ring to exchange with you!"

Your eyes fall to between her legs, and you can start to see your seed dripping out and spilling on the floor.

"Ah… no, your seed…!"

She tries to catch it with her free hand and press it back inside her. You've seen this behavior before from women you've bedded, but never from someone of noble birth. She really was eager to receive you.

As satisfying as it was to watch her be flustered, you tell her not to worry. You'll always be ready to provide her with more.

You can tell that promise hit home, as she stops being flustered and lets out a very low moan, which she turns into a sultry smile.

"Mm… thank you for the reminder, my husband."

You're almost tempted to suggest starting a second round of lovemaking right there, but you still need time to recover. So does she, really.

13428 No.13344

Tharja soon stops acting flustered and uses a piece of parchment from her desk to mop up the seed between her legs. She also insists on using it to clean you up, which you gently oblige. She takes it from you, and then, in a manner you're sure she thought was inconspicuous, returns the parchment carefully to her desk.

Well, who are you to deny her a souvenir?

You both re-dress yourselves, and Tharja extinguishes her candle and leads you outside her door. After following you out, she shuts it and locks it with a key.

You're surprised you didn't notice the door had a lock before. Did she lock it while you two were committed to your intercourse?

"…I don't like certain persons going through my personal belongings while I'm away."

–Ah. It was for Daniella. You recognize that immediately.

You make your way back through the dark corridors. You look out the small windows to the sky. You see there's still daylight left, but sunset must be an hour or so away.

Tharja pushes open the door out of her section of the castle, and you shut it behind you as you follow.

"Oh. My husband, could you take one of those torches? We're going to need it."

You blink. Was the treasury someplace dark?

You pull down one of the torches. It's a sturdy solid piece of wood with an oil-soaked rag around it. It burned slowly, and the flame was not larger than a fist, but you hold it out in your free hand. In the light of the hall, you're pleased to see Tharja is just as beautiful as she was in the dark. At least, she wasn't using the darkness to hide any imperfections that were immediately obvious out of it.

Carrying the torch, you almost feel nostalgia for days when you were a youngster fancying play as an 'adventurer' with your friends as Tharja leads you through the corridors and down a set of stairs.

The treasury seems… rather open, from what you were expecting. There's no door between the staircase and the treasury itself.

You enter behind Tharja and see Ricardo looking over some documents on a desk. There were barrels in the corner and another door leading somewhere else. If this treasury was anything like your father's castle, you knew those barrels contained coin.

Tharja wastes no time approaching him.

"Ricardo. My husband is in need of a wedding ring. Draft up the necessary document immediately."


You watch Ricardo pause for the slightest fraction of a moment before he responds with "Yes, Your Highness," and pushes what he's looking over aside in favor of a new parchment, quill, and ink.

What were you witnessing, here?

You watch Ricardo write quickly. You hadn't decided what you'd thought about him, but you were a little angry he didn't tip you off about the lack of a ceremony before you saw King Vlad. Still, you avoid scowling at him.

Ricardo makes one last scribble and stands up. You watch him pull a red wax candle from a shelf above him.

"Here you are, Your Highness. –Best of luck."

Tharja passes the candle to you, which you awkwardly take. Your hands are already full with your satchel and the torch. Ricardo points out that if you want to leave your satchel with him, he will guarantee its safety.

You're not sure if you should tell him where to shove the candle you're holding, but then Tharja speaks up.

"Go ahead, we'll be back."

–You're reasonably sure Ricardo won't steal your razor or prayer beads, and he probably had an idea of the contents of your marriage document, so you shrug and drop the satchel near one of the barrels.

You re-climb the stairs, following behind Tharja, as she proceeds to the path you took to King Vlad's tower.

13428 No.13345

File: 1451563579569.jpg (12.54 KB, 210x240, tharja-embarrassed.jpg)

The guard on the path to the corridor to Vlad's tower stops you both, asking you to state your purpose. Tharja informs the guard that she is Princess Tharja and she has a document that requires King Vlad's approval. The guard looks unsure if he should let you both proceed. She then informs him that the document is regarding her marriage. He finally relents and allows you both to climb the stairs.

…It is a long walk back up those stairs, and you are not comfortable having your arms full as you do it. Furthermore, after your long march through scenic Ruhemania and your session of sex with Tharja, your legs are feeling close to jelly. You do gain a little satisfaction at watching Tharja walking in front of you, her ass at eye-level. You can't help but see her gait is a bit… bow-legged. Imagine that.

Thankfully, you soon reach the top.

The guards at the top of the stairs stop you both again, and you watch Tharja identify herself and give the same purpose, again. They similarly seem reluctant to let her pass until she adds the document is about her marriage.

The last pair of guards outside King Vlad's door give her the exact same treatment. This time the guards don't relent.

"We're sorry, Your Highness, but it is late in the day…"

You're behind her, so you can't see the look on her face, but you can see her back muscles tense.

She lifts her left hand, and you think she's going to show them the parchment, but then you realize she's showing off her wedding ring.

"My husband has provided me, his wife, with a wedding ring. I have not been able to provide him with one. Let me in to see His Majesty to rectify this."

You can see the shame on the face of the guard, before he sighs, and instructs Tharja to please wait.

He proceeds into the room. Time passes…

The guard reappears after about a minute. His expression has regained his stoicism.

"His Majesty will see you, Your Highness."

Tharja takes the candle from you and asks you to light it with the torch. You press the flame close to the wick to set it alight. She walks through the door.

Before you can entertain following her, the guards shut it behind her.

You stand there awkwardly for a few seconds, before shifting a bit closer to the door. Perhaps you can strain and overhear what they're saying.

Or so is your idea, but the guard steps in front of you, forcing you to step back.

"Apologies, Your Highness. But when King Vlad receives an audience, that audience is for King Vlad's ears only."

You're unnerved enough already by the whole experience you mutter an apology and say you'll just wait for your wife, then.

Minutes pass.

Finally, the door reopens and Tharja emerges with the candle, now unlit, and a freshly-stamped-wax-seal on her piece of parchment. The guard shuts the door behind her.

"…Father wishes you to know he's very happy we've consummated our marriage and he expects news that I'm pregnant soon," she says.

She says it without concern of the guards hearing, but the look on her face does hold some embarrassment.

Well, bully for us, you say, with some humor.

13428 No.13346

Walking down the stairs is easier than going up. At the very least, the guards don't ask why you're leaving your audience with King Vlad.

It does give you time to think.

Princess Tharja, King Vlad's daughter and his presumably only living offspring, when going to meet her father to request permission to take something from the treasury, is questioned no less than three times, and must explain her purpose for the visit to each of them.
Did the guards not recognize Tharja, and so had to be told who she was? Were the guards crazy? Were they fresh recruits? –No, fresh recruits would not be given the task of guarding the King. The only explanation was they were following orders.

The treasury visit requiring approval of King Vlad wasn't in itself that strange. When you lived at your father's castle, you weren't free to take coin whenever you pleased from the treasury either. But– if you requested it in relation to something that you were expected to want coin for, one of the attendants would give it to you without insisting on an order from your father. For example, if you told them you planned on making a coin offering at the chapel, you would always be provided with a pouch of coin, no questions asked. (Of course, you knew better than to try to use this as a source of pocket change.) Similarly, if there was a festival coming soon or if you planned to give alms when visiting a burg, you would be given coin.

Princess Tharja, on meeting her new husband, who is also of noble birth and will be expecting an exchange of rings, must ask and receive permission to be allowed to present him with a ring. That just seemed downright unusual.

Something else stuck in your mind.

Princess Tharja, when at her father King Vlad's door with her request, is told she must wait a minute for the guard to see if she will be granted an audience, and he only makes the request to King Vlad in the first place at great reluctance. Only then is she allowed to enter, and you, her husband, are turned away from even listening at the door, even though the conversation directly involves you and you have some idea of what is being said.

Daniella, on the other hand, enters King Vlad's chambers while King Vlad entertains an audience, and she does this with no announcement at all. No asking of permission from the guards, and presumably no detainment by them to ensure she doesn't hear something sensitive being discussed.

Moreover, she serves King Vlad his supper without the presence of any taster to test for poison.

It would seem Daniella isn't just outside of the hierarchy of servants, she's outside the hierarchy of the nobility as well, including his immediate family.

–Just what are King Vlad's priorities?

13428 No.13347

You reach the bottom, and make a stop to re-set the torch at the entrance to Tharja's quarters before proceeding back to the treasury.

Ricardo must've heard you both descending the stairs this time, as he's waiting for you both expectantly.

Tharja presents him with the parchment.

"My father's seal," she says, handing him the document.

He takes it and examines it thoroughly. Not a glance, but a real looking-over.

You were beginning to piece-together there was a very distinct power-structure at place here that you had barely scratched the surface of.

"Very well, I'll be right back with your request, Your Highness."

He starts to stand up, but then nods to you.

"If you like, Your Highness, your things are where you left them." He nods toward where you left your satchel.

Your eyes look it over. It hasn't been moved from how you placed it. At the very least, Ricardo wasn't stupid enough to rifle through your things when you left them with him. You pick it back up and take it with you.

He's barely gone for ten seconds before he returns with a box. It's a polished oak jewelry box with a latch. He opens it up and shows you the contents.

"As King Vlad has decreed, you may take one ring from this selection, Prince Edward. This will be your wedding ring."

You peer into the box. You see three different rings.

You're no specialist when it comes to precious metals, but you can recognize the worth right away.

One ring was gold, one was silver, one was copper.

Gold was obviously the most precious metal. Furthermore, it was the type of ring you presented to Tharja.

–However, what if in the future, even the distant future, you were required to travel Ruhemania again, and encountered real bandits? A gold ring would certainly be demanded from you. Brigands might even amputate your finger to get at it.

A copper ring might be overlooked, though. Indeed, it would probably tarnish and look undesirable to a common bandit's untrained eye.

In the middle, hedging your bet, was the silver ring.

…On the other hand, you could ask Tharja to choose for you. That might be more romantic.

Then again, it wasn't as if you had chosen Tharja's ring for her. It was just placed in your things.


Choice time:
>Take the gold ring.
>Take the silver ring.
>Take the copper ring.
>Let Tharja decide.

daacc No.13348

This looks like some sort of test by Vlad to see what kind of man we are. One that is arrogant or one that is humble and doesn't really care for the grandiose life style of a king and more about being a ruler.

With that being said, I pick silver as it is the best of both worlds and can have it's own unique uses in the form of dealing with undead threats and other supernatural phenomenons. Besides we don't need a gold ring to tell us how great we are.

Option 2.

2813c No.13349

I say option 4.

6abe0 No.13350


Option 2.

80586 No.13351

Damn, sounds like Tharja gets a seriously raw deal around here. Daniella, meanwhile, looks like less of a trusted retainer and more of a power in her own right. The Crown Princess of the kingdom keeps to her own wing of the castle, locked up specifically to keep a serving maid out. That's not normal.

I think we need to schedule a sympathetic talk with our wife about the power dynamics around here and what we can do to help. She can't be happy about being sidelined by her father and spied upon by a servant.

As for the ring, let Tharja decide. She ought to appreciate getting to call the shots on something that means a lot to her.

3504c No.13352

Way to keep a brother on the fence. There are benefits to each option here, as the author has indicated. I mean who doesn't want a little bling, cha? Well, hell..
>Option 4, let the wifey decide

897c8 No.13353

Option 4 please

7f261 No.13355

Also going to say Option 4.

6ef87 No.13356

The status quo here is concerning and a lot to juggle with only one ally in Tharja. I don't have any appeal for Daniella, but she is looking to be a bigger problem than even Vlad and we should extra diligent in dealing with her.

Option 4, though I hope Tharja chooses the gold one because the others sound cheap lol

e271d No.13357

Option 4, let the girl have a little romance.

—-Analyzer Mode—-

So, this… doesn't exactly bode well for where our position lies within the power balance of the castle. My previous assumptions had admittedly been that Tharja was at least considered an important person within the castle, but as it stands now, it looks more like she's both politically and socially isolated, and if you had to pick which one the old guy actually treated more like a daughter, I'd guess Dani.

Looking at it now, I'm reminded that King Vlad had a son who recently died, thus prompting the matchmaking to begin with. My guess at this point is, Tharja's pretty much just a broodmare as far as the king's concerned. His little Plan B for having an heir stashed away in case something bad happened, which it has. Otherwise, she's basically just an outcast with no power who lives in forced isolation. Daniella's the only one allowed in her wing of the castle besides us, which tells me she doesn't exactly have much in the way of friends or human contact unless she seeks it out, and from what it looked like, she'd BETTER have a reason if she's seeking it out.

That also brings me to another point. Has anyone else noticed how empty the castle is? So far, it's been Dani, Rico, that fat maid whom I will be referring to as Helga from here on if she ever shows back up again, and aside from that, no one else aside from the guards. Not even a lot of guards either, just a couple sets of them. This castle is fucking huge enough for entire wings' worth of real estate to be divided up amongst the royal family without care, but we've seen next to no one inside, and the only guards we've seen inside the castle have all been set specifically along the path that leads to the king, rather than patrolling the halls or guarding anywhere else. At this time of day, with night fast approaching, any other castle would at least have servants running around and lighting the hallways up so people aren't required to walk around carrying a bloody torch just to see their way around.

At the very least though, I'm starting to rethink my opinion on Rico a little. It might be that he's a dick towards anyone from outside the castle, but otherwise just tries to keep his head down so it doesn't get chopped off. Or worse.

04dba No.13358


I want to say Option 2 in case we need to smelt it into a silver bullet to kill a werewolf

but that prob won't happen so

Option 4

4035b No.13359

I also say option 4, let her pick.

b1be7 No.13360

I'm going to say Option 4, because it allows poor Tharja to have a say in something (sounds like she doesn't get asked for her opinion much), and we can at least say it wasn't our call if someone thinks poorly of us for whatever ring we get (though the silver one is at least modestly nice).

…..going to take a moment here to make a wild guess. Daniella is either a hell of a lot older than she looks and has been a close ally of King Vlad for a very long time, or Vlad's own bastard daughter (hence her unrestricted access to just about anywhere). I don't think she just randomly has such power within the castle, there's got to be a reason and those seem most reasonable to me. (The only other alternative is she's Vlad's lover, and the only reason he needs Tharja knocked up for an heir is he can't knock up Daniella).

a7a06 No.13362

Darn time zone difference. Stuff always happens when I go to sleep. *sigh*

She likes pain? This worries me.

I say option 4. Give her the choice. We want her to be happy.

But yes, there's something funny going on around here. Few people, and a maid that's treated more like a princess. Highly suspect! To me it would seem that more power likes with Dani than it will with us when Vlad eventually passes. I know I'm being Captain Obvious, but we need to keep our eye on that woman. And not the lustful sort of eye.

01b5e No.13363


> defaults to the previous heir

Just speculating here, but I think Midnight is onto something here about Tharja being plan B. I have been curious about who the "previous heir" is since reading that document, and all of this strangeness is leading me to think that the mysterious heir is Daniella…

Oh, and option 4, let poor Tharja decide.

5a30d No.13364

Wait… What if this is a test, and choosing to let her pick is seen as incredibly indecisive? Wouldn't that lower the opinion Vlad has of us?
>Option 2
Because Silver is a strong metal, symbolising both strength and nobility. Gold is too malleable a metal, and copper is for the poor.

51b6a No.13366


That is entirely possible. However, in that case, I'd say 'fuck it, made the wifey happy'. After what we've seen of how she's treated, I am wholly on-board with trying to do something nice for her. My vote joins those calling for Option 4.

13428 No.13367

>3 votes for option two, pick the silver ring.
>13 votes for option four, let Tharja decide.

Let Tharja pick your ring.

Poll closed, update soon.

01b5e No.13368


How could her isolation be forced when she is the one who requests to have her wing of the castle all to herself? Although, one could argue that she chose to make that request because of the icy reception given to her by dear old Vlad…

13428 No.13369

File: 1451605454945.jpeg (40.8 KB, 391x307, tharja-confession.jpeg)

You stroke your chin, considering, and then say you think it would be very appropriate if Tharja picked the ring.

Tharja's eyes light up with adoration and she lets out a little gasp. It looks like she's very impressed that you would give her that decision.

She steps forward, looks at her own ring, then at the ones in the box.

She immediately picks the gold ring.

"Our rings should match," she explains.

Holding your hand out for her to put it on you feels a trifle more feminine than you would like, so you hold out your left hand, take her hand with yours, and guide her to put the ring on your finger.

It fits perfectly.

"Until death do us part," she says, echoing your previous declaration.

You're vaguely aware of Ricardo shutting the box and taking it back into the other room, leaving you alone with Tharja, however briefly.

"With this, we are truly one."

She wraps her arms around you, and you draw her in for an embrace. She shuts her eyes, expectantly, and you oblige her with a kiss.

It may not be a full ceremony, but it will do.

The kiss goes on, and on. So long it's not until you hear Ricardo clearing his throat that you snap back to reality and reluctantly break your kiss.

"…pardon my interruption," he says.

You can only grin at him. Tharja responds with giggling.

You return the candle to Ricardo and continue on your way.

"Let's go someplace private," she whispers to you.

13428 No.13370

File: 1451605698481.jpg (54.66 KB, 550x307, tharja-husband.jpg)

Of course, 'someplace private' is back to Tharja's wing of the castle. She's practically sashaying as she leads you back through the small-windowed corridor. You note that sunset is approaching.

However, she lets out a gasp when you return to the windowless, candle-lighted passage. The first thing you see (or rather, don't see) is that all of the candles have gone out.

"Oh… she was here!"

Daniella, you ask?

"Yes… her."

–Was it possible the candles burned out by themselves? You could barely see from the low-light.

"No," she takes out one of the candles and shows it to you, letting you get a better look.

"See? There is still wax, and the wick has been cut. That means someone was here and deliberately extinguished it."

She lets out a loud sigh, and returns the candle to its holder.

Well, candles were a luxury. It did make perfect sense for a servant to extinguish and save a candle that wasn't being used. But… clearly Tharja isn't impressed with Daniella entering her sanctum.

In the end, you both return to get one of the torches and make your way back to Tharja's room.

She unlocks it. And you both step inside. You can still see traces of your seed that slipped from Tharja's love canal on the floor, and the bed is still in a state of disarray with it's own dried mixture of fluids.

It would seem that Daniella's powers do not include a copy of a key to Tharja's room.

You place the torch on a holder. Your wife invites you to sit with her on your bed.

"Mm… what would you like to do now, my husband?"

Actually, that was something you wanted to ask.

Why does she call you 'my husband'? Your name is Edward.

Her face goes… somewhat shy.

"Of course, I know that. But… I like saying 'my husband'. It emphasizes that you're mine… that you complete me… I'm nothing without you… but together, we are one…"

–You hadn't thought of it like that.

"Oh, but if you prefer, I will call you whatever you like. 'Darling' or 'my love' or anything else."

You had better speak up now or not at all. If you don't tell her something else now, you'll be 'my husband' forever.

Then again, if she felt so strongly about it, maybe you should let her continue?


Choice time:
>If she puts it like that, 'my husband' is fine.
>Something else. (Write in a preference.)

e5c89 No.13371

When put like that I rather like option one.

e271d No.13373

Option 4. Rather than tell her to call us one specific thing, tell her it's completely okay to call us a variety of things. If she wants to stick to "my husband" as her main preference, sure, but if she occasionally wants to throw out a "Dear" or a "Darling" or a "Honeybuns" (Though I seriously doubt she'll use THAT one), we'd be perfectly happy with it.


I had my suspicions about this after the talk we had with him about the ceremony, but either Vlad is so goddamn stingy that he doesn't even want to spend money on LIGHTS FOR HIS OWN GODDAMN CASTLE, or we're literally that bad off in regards to the treasury that we can't afford it. Neither option bodes well.

We may want to hold off from nailing Tharja again for a few minutes in order to ask her more about the situation here, or at least her take on things. I'm pretty sure at this point that we NEED to know how much animosity there is between her and Daniella if we're gonna survive for much longer.

6ef87 No.13374

She should know that Ed's true title is MAD RUTTING BEAST.

Option 1 for reals though. I like her thought process. I can't imagine a simple name being super important to the plot. But it would be hilarious if being called "snugglebunny" killed Vlad from sheer cutseyness.

df127 No.13375

I agree with this guy, let's not get stapled to just one name. Let's have all of them.

3504c No.13380

What about 'Nice Guy' Eddie? (There's a reference here)
>Option 4
Midnight makes a good, persuasive argument on this front.

5a30d No.13384

>Option 1
It's her choice to call us Her Husband, and it's better than anything demeaning that potential Psychosis could eventually come up with.
She might be crazy, but she's OUR crazy waifu. Call her My Wife and she'll go ecstatic, it sounds like.

897c8 No.13388

>If she puts it like that, 'my husband' is fine.

Anyone else wants to NTR Daniella in front of the old dying coot?

01b5e No.13393

> Option 4

Let's not get railroaded into a single name

6ef87 No.13395


You can sign me up for that if it ever becomes a possibility.

a7a06 No.13396

On the one hand, we made her happy. On the other hand, it's clear that she's possessive. I don't know if we'll be able to safely pursue that harem ending now.

An yeah MB. Something's wrong here. Maybe Vlad spent all the money on mercenaries when he was conquering, so now they're broke. Or perhaps there's no one that he trusts with money. Or, worse yet, he's just a scrooge. Hopefully he's not foolish enough to try to take it with him.

Anyway, vote time. Let's go with a variety of endearments then, Option 3. (Seriously, the 'my husband' thing is creepy sometimes.)

e271d No.13400

Only if it's netori. It's netori if the protag is the one stealing the girl, netorare if it's the protag/nice guy having his girl stolen. I am totally up for some netori action.

d9cae No.13401

Option 1.

7f261 No.13402

Option 1.

13428 No.13403

File: 1451616220592.jpg (58.52 KB, 600x817, tharja12.jpg)

>9 votes for some combination of "my husband" or anything Tharja wants.

'My husband' or anything else is fine.

You smile at her and tell Tharja that in that case, you're more than happy with 'my husband', or any other name she wants to call you.

She giggles again, probably glad you approved of her explanation.

"All right… my… husband."

She places a warm hand on yours.

"What would you like to do now?"

You gently tell Tharja you're a little too tired for another round of sex today. You're more concerned that a second round with Tharja so soon after the pounding you gave her would possibly injure her, but you don't tell her that. You get the idea she'd volunteer for it anyway.

She nods.

"I understand. We don't have to have sex. You must be sore from the trip, aren't you? I could massage your muscles for you."

–That did sound agreeable, actually.

If you both did it in her room, you could also use it as an opportunity to ask her about the castle. It'd be interesting to hear her take on the goings on, and not risk Daniella or any other spies for King Vlad overhearing.

"Oh, or I could show you around the castle a little more. There's lots of parts you haven't seen yet, I'm sure."

That was true. At the very least, you hadn't even seen your room yet. You were reasonably sure you weren't intended to be sharing Tharja's bed all night, though she'd probably welcome that.


You could surprise her and tell her you'd rather spend it just cuddling, kissing, and enjoying each other's company.

Discussion of politics would probably spoil the mood, so if you committed to that, you wouldn't be able to ask her any questions.

But you would be able to explore her body a bit more.

Choice time:
>Have her massage you, take the opportunity to ask questions you have about the castle.
>Have her show you around the castle more.
>Get affectionate. Spend time kissing and cuddling.

ec22d No.13404


As much as I want Option 3, we need to prove to her we are just as capable of being a King in the royal court and inside her bedroom.
Option 1 will do just fine.

e271d No.13405

Option 1. I'd normally be okay with a tour, but that can wait until the morning, and at this point I genuinely consider gathering intel more important than anything else we could do now that we've boned our wife.

a7a06 No.13406

I agree with this sentiment wholeheartedly. Option 1.

80586 No.13407

As lovely as Tharja is, it's obvious what the REAL drawback is here.
>Yuno edit used as picture
>Instant attraction and desire to get close to us
>Utter compliance with our desires
>You're mine
>You complete me
>I'm nothing without you

Lads, we grabbed a ticket to the Yandere Zone. That means unless we can charm and persuade her into mellowing out we might have to get real comfortable with monogamy. We may be technically 'allowed' to sleep around, but she'll view that as an existential threat to her new Edward-centric universe. We're probably fairly safe… but the other girls might meet with an unfortunate accident for trying to steal her darling Eddy.

If true this casts the power dynamic of the castle into a whole new light. Maybe Vlad's not a controlling asshole, he just knows his daughter has a screw loose upstairs, particularly in the romance department. Best to keep her in her own wing with strictly limited power and Daniella keeping watch over her. Maybe we're not rescuing a damsel, we're marrying the beast in the tower!

I guess time will tell. Tharja in the game starts out much loopier than she finishes, so I'm hopeful we can help her.

Oh, the choice! A massage sounds like a nice bonding experience, let's do that. Though let's bear in mind we'll be getting her version of the truth, not necessarily all of it.

2813c No.13408

Option one looks good to me.

e271d No.13409

Tharja = Yandere is pretty much one of her primary traits from the source material, so pretty much all of us who already knew her walking in were expecting it. We'll be fine. And sleep around with one eye open.

2813c No.13415

Maybe we could spend the night cuddling after we finish option 1?

13428 No.13416

The implication is if you do 1, you'll run out of time to do 3. At least today.

7f261 No.13417

Option 1. I'm beginning to feel like I'm repeating myself. :P

4035b No.13418

Option 1.

5a30d No.13419

File: 1451625299307.jpg (248.43 KB, 681x726, image.jpg)

She sounds like she really wants to do option 2 with us, all things considered. Show us around, memorise the layout of the castle the best we can (we don't want to be chased into a dead end, do we?), it'll be a DATE.

4035b No.13421

I wanna go with option 3.

51b6a No.13422


My vote is for Option 1.

Though Option 3 would be fun, I think that we need to take our situation seriously. The physical structure of the castle could be helpful, but not nearly as much so as gaining more information about the political landscape here.

Besides, it's been a long, long trip, and our recent welcome, while delightful, was also quite intense. A massage session that also gains us information, and reinforces to Tharja that we value her input, is just about perfect.

897c8 No.13423

Option 1 please

Hahaha, thank you.
Didn't know that.

13428 No.13424

>9 votes for option one, receive a massage and use it as an opportunity to question her.
>1 vote for option two, have her show you around the castle.
>1 vote for option three, spend the time kissing, cuddling, and being affectionate.

You tell Tharja a massage sounds lovely. You tell her a bit about how you had to sleep on rocks some nights on the trail to the castle. She tells you those days are long over.

"So… please strip for me, my husband. I need to have access to your body directly."

You gladly strip down to your ass for Tharja, casting your clothes to the side. She looks over your body appreciatively and has you lie face down on her bed.

She sets her book down on a table and starts kneading at your back muscles. Her hands are soft, and the squeezing of your muscles feels very relaxing.

You ask her if she's done this before.

"No, never… but I've read books on this sort of therapy and how muscle anatomy works."

Oh, that's right.

You recall her profile listed her as a serious, studious girl who enjoyed reading.

You decide to ask her about the other people in the castle before that, first.

Ricardo seemed… sympathetic, when you both went to the treasury, you say.

"Mm… yes… he knew we might have been turned away."

Is he trustworthy?

"My father certainly thinks so, or he wouldn't be master of coin."

Right… what about the rest of King Vlad's council?

Her hands seem a little uneasy.

"…The rest?" she asks.

What about his chancellor, to conduct diplomacy with other countries?

"Passed away, years ago."

His military general, to lead his army?

"He's also passed on. The guards just sort of train themselves, as far as I know."

The court chaplain?

"There is none."

You're beginning to get confused. The castle was without a representative of the Church to give spiritual guidance?

"No, the priest of the nearest monastery comes by every two weeks. He leads a sermon and takes confession, including father's."

–Amazing. You've now got a real picture of King Vlad's government.

King Vlad is the government. The entire government.

You had pictured a bedridden half-senile old man who was being shepherded in the last few moments of his life before he finally died… but, no. That was apparently far from the case.

King Vlad was in control, as much as he could be from his bed in the tower. And despite his advanced age, he wasn't in any mind to give it up.

You almost ask Tharja if the position of master of spies is vacant too, but you stop yourself. That was a job that would definitely not be public knowledge.

Besides, if anyone was playing spymaster for King Vlad, you had an idea of who it would be.

Why are so many positions vacant? How did they all die?

"…I'm sorry, I don't know that, my husband. Possibly Ricardo could tell you, if he had any inclination to… or you could ask my father yourself."

You'll probably pass on that.

13428 No.13425

Tharja's hands reach your thighs, and the massage does wonders for your worn-out legs, still drained from climbing all of those stairs.

You decide to broach the subject of Daniella. Who was she, exactly?

"…she's just father's personal maid. When did you meet her, my husband?"

You explain she came in with King Vlad's dinner while you were greeting him.

"I see."

You might be imagining it, but you think you hear her give a small sigh of relief.

"Well, yes, she does that. She handles all of father's personal needs."

Including extinguishing your candles?

"…That's just her being a busybody."

You feel Tharja's hands become exceptionally strong as you talk about Daniella.

How long has she been working for King Vlad? She only looked a little bit older than you both are. Definitely the youngest person you've seen in the castle yet, besides Tharja herself.

"I'm not sure of the actual dates, but I guess she's always sort of been there. …It's just more noticeable now that father is confined to his bed."

You think that over. You suppose the maid being allowed unrestricted access to the King only becomes apparent when the King can no longer move around…

What had she done to so earn King Vlad's trust? Was it possible Daniella is of noble birth, you ask?

"No. She is definitely not."

You get the feeling talking about Daniella causes Tharja stress.

"Please, my husband, don't dwell too long on Daniella. She's just a mere maid. Yes, she only answers to father, but she's still only a maid."

You're not so sure. A maid who is free to disregard the orders of others and potentially do anything just seemed poised to act as a natural spy, in your eyes.

Still, you change the subject.

13428 No.13426

File: 1451631867341.jpg (59.54 KB, 600x600, tharja-test.jpg)

Tharja moves on to massaging your feet. You did your best to keep them dry during your hike, but you still had blisters here and there.

You eyes fall on that book she set on her table.

You ask, what is she reading?

You can hear her let out an appreciative sound.

"Oh, it's a book on how to be a good wife for your husband."

Hah… really?

"Yes, really."

Had she learned anything good?

"Yes, sometime I want to try cooking for you. The book says it's the best way to show a man how much you care."

That sounds unbelievably sweet…

…but cooking is no easy job. You know from your time spent impregnating cooking chefs and serving girls. She'd have to spend hours in the kitchen, unless it was something simple like sliced fruit.

Still, you don't want to spoil her fun. So you tell her you'll gladly eat whatever she makes for you.

She giggles with delight.

"…I'm not quite at the part of the book that deals with motherhood, but hopefully I'll reach it soon. Maybe within ten months…?"


You raise your groin a bit to accommodate your growing erection. Of course if she starts talking about wanting to be a mother it's going to put you in the mood…

She seems to have realized the effect on you, as her giggling grows even more intense.

That's something you wonder…

What was she told about you, exactly, when you were arranged to be married?

"Oh, that day…" she begins, as if recounting an old story fondly.

"Father summoned me to his chambers. He informed me I was now married, to a man who was traveling across the sea and through the Ruhemanian hills, forests, and swamps for me."

Hm… the way she describes it, King Vlad didn't tell her about you being a "mere" heir to an independent dukedom, and not a kingdom.

It also sounds like she was definitely given no choice in the manner, but you expected that.

Did she see your portrait?

"No, but I was told you were handsome, young, healthy, and you were known for being a fair, generous person."

You're not surprised there was no portrait. At the very least, you can't recall ever posing for such a thing.

"Father told me I should expect to bear many of your children… and that you were the most virile husband I could hope to have."

It sure sounded like you.

Tharja stops massaging your feet, you can feel her tracing her fingertips back up your calves, the back of your thighs, and your buttocks.

It's not… an altogether pleasant feeling.

"Tell me, my husband… did you ever father any children before our marriage?"

Uh oh.

She was definitely testing you with that question.

–Technically speaking, you may have even fathered a child after your marriage, since there were many women at your father's castle who had yet to give birth at the time you departed home, especially those three maids.

Not to mention the matchmaker.

You're not sure if King Vlad would have told her outright about your reputation… she may only be guessing.

Still, you had to answer her.

>Full honesty. Tell her you're the Mad Rutting Beast. You've fathered dozens and dozens of bastards.

>Downplay it. Tell her you haven't been shy about sowing your wild oats, and there are bastards of yours out there.
>Evade the question. Tell her that's in the past, before life with her in it.
>Small lie. You've had experience with sex, but you've never fathered a child that you know of.
>Huge lie. She's your first and only, ever.

f2e8d No.13427


Careful, we're stepping on minefields here..

Damn, I'm actually split on what to choose here lol.

51b6a No.13428


Whatever we do, I think we should choose between Option 1 and Option 2. She asked this question rather directly, and she's not going to appreciate us dancing around it. And ever being caught in an outright lie (and given the size of our reputation, we would eventually be caught in it) would be disastrous.

Difficult as it is, I would suggest Option 1, raised gently. Start with Option 2, but slowly, delicately explain the full extent of the matter. Better that she hear it from us than that she learn it from someone else. We can at least soften the blow.

51b6a No.13430

As added disincentive for lying, I'll note that we could be caught out right here, if Vlad has been frank with Tharja.

2813c No.13431

I'd try to evade the question…
But I suspect she wouldn't just let it pass like that.
So.. yeah.
Option 2.

e271d No.13432


Okay, this right here is pretty much the moment of truth, both for ourselves and for Tharja. How she reacts to us and how we react to her at this point is pretty much going to fully determine how the rest of this route plays out.

She has absolutely no idea about us. All she knows is we're married. She doesn't know we're a son of a duke, she doesn't know we picked her, she sure as hell doesn't know about our hobbies, interests, or sexual inclinations. She has a goddamn fairy tale romance going on in her head about us and that's pretty much it. This is making that Plan B thing I talked about before look a lot more likely, really.

So, let's look at the list. Option 5 is a flat out no. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that we knew exactly what we were doing in bed earlier, so Edward trying to claim he was a virgin until today will go bad VERY fast.

Option 3 is equally a no. If we try to dodge the question, she'll either just bring it back up later, not let us worm out of it now, or take it as a yes, with the implication that we don't want to be honest about it. That's a bad thing.

Option 4… I'd prefer not. It's being honest about sleeping around, sure, but she's not asking if we've slept around, she's asking if we've knocked anyone up before. Half-truths in this case would still be lying, which she may either pick up on or otherwise figure out at some point.

So that leaves us with nothing but honesty. Options 1 or 2. Do we try to downplay the fact we've got an impreg fetish, or do we flat out admit it and hope for the best?

Option 2 would be less of a risk. It's being honest, but not fully. It answers her question, but doesn't make it sound like we chase every tail that walks by. At the same time, however, it's a lie of omission, and there's always a chance at some future point in time that the truth could come out, and at the most inopportune time.

So that leaves us with Option 1. She's got this fairy tale image of her perfect romantic husband who's eternally hers and no one else's. That ISN'T who she married, and there's no fucking way she's going to remain ignorant of that forever. If she's gonna find out about it, it should be from Edward rather than ANYONE else, especially not someone who might feel like telling her just to make us miserable. Unfortunately, laying our cards all out on the table like that leaves us completely at the mercy of her reaction. Either she'll accept us for who we are, or she'll completely lose her shit and try to cut our dick off while we sleep. And even more unfortunately, there's no way to know ahead of time how it's gonna go.


This is pretty much exactly what I was going to suggest. Option 1, with a dash of 2 so we're not being TOO brutally honest about it. She needs to know exactly what she's gotten into, but we're the one telling her, so we can at least put a spin on it. Explain how we love to see women get heavy with our child in them, and in that regard, she's no exception. HOWEVER, we should also emphasize at great length that we chose HER to be our wife. That was not something we did lightly, no matter what our other proclivities may be. Hopefully, that'll help express where we stand on this whole thing and save us from getting castrated in our sleep tonight.

b1be7 No.13433

Oh boy… This is a tough one. In all honesty, NONE of these options sound like they're going to benefit us at all. Don't want to get caught in any lies, and we don't want to be hurting Tharja's feelings or trust.

I'm going to suggest a modified Option 1. Let's be honest, but let's NOT be calling ourselves the Mad Rutting Beast. Edward's not doing this because he can't keep his pants on and Tharja's just the latest womb to be claimed. He's a gentleman and a great lover who has won the heart of many, and has great admiration for women in a maternal state. All those girls who have fallen to Edward in the past (including Matchy) did so willingly and happily and should not be considered any threat to Tharja's own happiness.

Short version: lying is a bad idea and we should at least tell her the REAL truth and not our what our reputation makes us out to be. If we do this right, maybe she will come around to our way of thinking (maybe not immediately, but at some point).

e271d No.13434

Yeah, mildly amending my vote to agree with this. We need to find whoever came up with that nickname and either throw them out a window or make them lament on the consequences of doing so. For ten months.

3504c No.13436

File: 1451637443276.jpg (290.78 KB, 600x574, silas and a friend.jpg)

First off, happy New Years my homeboys!
Second, this is a rough one, but lying to our new wifey isn't exactly the best way to go about building a foundation of trust…
So, let's default to the popular…
>Option 1, with a dash of Option 2
We'd normally like to keep things cut and dry, but in this case, this fuckin' shoddy-ass sceevy nickname has GOT to go. Explain ourselves, I mean we're royalty after all, even if our station was formerly not so high. We're to be expected to have a 'wild' phase of proliferating our genetics amongst the fertile soil, ya dig?

3504c No.13437

File: 1451637590524.jpg (33.4 KB, 350x369, silas and a 2nd friend.jpg)


2e214 No.13441


Option 1 with a bit of 2.

80586 No.13442

I'm going to agree with the 'Option 1 minus brutality' suggestion we have going. We have to rip this band-aid off, but we should emphasise the gulf between reputation (which she's probably been told about and is afraid of) and reality.

Leaving it until later is a terrible idea, now while she's still aglow with newlywed excitement is the best opportunity we may get to put our point across.

897c8 No.13443

>Option 1 please

4035b No.13445

Yeah, also going with the Option 1. We WILL get caught in a lie sooner or latter, so let's be up front about it.

7f261 No.13446

Option 1!

83799 No.13447

Option 1, we definately need to let her know and see if she is okay with that.

5a30d No.13448

Option 1 with some Option 2
"Yes. I was, to put it simply, a man-whore. Without someone in particular to sate the urges, I sought out any willing womb that would take me. It is… not a time in my life I would like to repeat; it is no way to live, and almost entirely loveless."

Lay it out, EVERYTHING out, into the open, BUT say it was in the past; we were a lost lamb, waiting for the Shepard to arrive.

b1be7 No.13449


I'd call that the opposite of the appropriate way to handle this (plus we're actually also committing another lie doing that, they weren't loveless affairs and I doubt we're finished after Tharja). Yes, we need to let her know the truth, but we have to do it properly.

daacc No.13451