Electrolysis has been around over 100 years. It was created in 1875 by Dr. Charles Michel to remove unwanted ingrown eyelashes. It is the only method that is safe and effective in permanent hair removal.

It is also the only method approved by the FDA and the Medical community as well. It can be done on all hair and skin types unlike Laser. Laser can only use the term permanent hair reduction even if they only rid you of a few hairs and is not safe for all hair and skin types.

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Upper lip, Chin, Eyebrows, Hairline, Cheeks, Arms, Fingers, Toes, Breast, Stomach, Buttocks, Bikini and extended bikini, Brazilian, Legs   Read More


Beard removal and shaping, Eye brows, Ears, Chest and Back, Buttock, Bikini and extended bikini, Brazilian Read More


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  • Free consultation
  • Going forward the first 15 min is $30
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  • 1/2 hour is $45
  • 3/4 hour $60
  • Full hour is $75
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  • For clients that need extensive hair removal, I offer a package. If they pre-pay for 6 hours at $450 they receive the 7th hour free. A $75 value.
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Meet Our Expert

Tammy Crawford

Beauty Expert

A little about myself: My name is Tammy Crawford. I have been practicing Electrolysis in North San Diego County for over 28 years. I'm licensed in the State of California. I had extensive work done in my twenties and became very interested in pursuing this as a career. I know how much better I felt about myself after my treatments. I knew I could make a difference in many people's lives-giving them more confidence in their appearance. For some, it was merely cosmetic. For others, literally life changing. The thought of self-employment and the freedom to make my own schedule and be with children more was very appealing. It gives me great pride in helping people get rid of embarrassing and unwanted hair while improving their confidence and self esteem. I cater to male or female as well as the transgender community.