Better Late Than Never: New Year’s Resolutions 2011

I meant to write this post days ago. Instead, I’ve used the last few days to make sure I accomplish one of my resolutions. The one I’m talking about? Hanging with my little family.

I’ve spent the last few days mostly hanging out with my ten-month-old daughter Kavya on the floor in the middle of the living room at my in-laws house, playing. We’ve played with blocks, we’ve read books, we’ve helped the big bad wolf knock down the three little piggies’ houses and cause all sorts of mischief. We’ve sung countless songs — Kavi loves music — and bhangra-ed around the room repeatedly.

Then today, my husband and I — and little Kavi, too — went out for breakfast to BJ’s Country Kitchen, a little throwback of a Southern comfort diner in the middle of Fresno. We talked over coffee, savoring conversation even more than the yummy food. After that, we headed to Barnes and Noble for one of our old school bookstore dates, where we purused stacks of travel magazines and made big plans for the future. After the bookstore, Kavi and I curled up and took an afternoon nap. All in all a great day.

And so, yeah, my resolution post is late. But I’ve already been working on making my biggest goal this year happen. Because my major resolution this year is to make time — and manage the time I have in a much more fulfilling way. In the past year, I’ve taken on too much. I had my first child, I started graduate school, I quickly expanded my freelance business. I feel like for the past 12 months, I’ve always been on, with never a down minute. And in that crazy mix, I haven’t been able to give any one thing the dedicated attention it deserves. A frequent scenario last year: I’m on the laptop, trying to get a few random on-deadline assignments done while chasing Kavi around the room and trying nab a couple of biscuits to go with my already-tepid chai. No breakfast. No exercise. No cuddle time with my husband or baby. Fun, huh?

This year, no more of that. Of course, there are the usual things on my list. The gym. Eating healthy. Cooking at home, with some pre-planning involved to prevent the last-minute panic. Cutting out some of my daily mega-dose of caffeine.

But these all add up to the same thing, really. A more balanced and thoughtful existence. A life that’s cleverly compartmentalized so that things get the attention they deserve. So this year, I want to slow things down. I want to make time for the things that are really important. Like my daughter. And my husband. And my writing.

I’ll save the run-down list for my planner. But this year, I hope to work smarter not harder, to finish what I start, and to slow down and keep in mind what’s really important.

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5 Responses to Better Late Than Never: New Year’s Resolutions 2011

  1. I know the feeling of constantly being in the “on” position without being able to properly relax. Hanging out for the morning at BJ’s and the bookstore was fun because a) our laptops were out of sight and b) we got to relax and chat about things we’d like to accomplish. Me and Kavi are still waiting for our cuddles though!

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