Are agile and scrum frameworks or methodologies or what

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I’m having trouble finding an explanation for framework and methodology that makes sense to a ten year old.. or sometimes even me for that matter. Do you have any words or resources where I can get a better feel for their differences and defining lines?

why does your 10 yr old need to know? or your grandmother?

  • methodology = “set of conventions the team agrees to follow”
  • framework = fairly undefinied, as far as I can tell, but imagine the structure for something that could be wonderful, enough present to force the final shape but enough missing so that different people can choose different variations.

given that answer, pose your question(s) again, narrowing down my search space for something that does for you what you need.

if someone asked me to explain the difference between the two I would stutter. I know the Agile manifesto in and out. Scrum I participate in daily. Kanban and Lean development as well. We fit in aspects of XP into just about everything we do. I can see how the manifesto supports these efforts and the kinds of behaviors that can emerge from there use, but I’m lacking the general vocabulary to make a distinction between a methodology and a framework… so i kinda feel like I’m missing something.

I’m very familiar with teams of people, but project management/facilitation as a formal practice is pretty new to me.

Is Agile a methodology or a framework or neither or both depending on how you use it?
I often read about Agile methodologies under the Agile framework. For instance this guy arguing that Agile is not a methodology and that it is a framework or frame of mind:
and then you get articles like this that talk a lot about an agile methodology after talking about Scrum which is a framework:

I can see how Scrum is a framework.. it clearly defines actions and articles and allows you to fill in that space.. In comparison Agile, looking at the manifesto, isn’t as prescriptive. It is specific in the principles, but there is little structure around how to put it all together.

I can’t really find any good clean examples of how to make a distinction. It would be great if there was a Jeff Foxworthy skit where he goes “you know you’re a methodology when…”

no problem, happy to dialog. would love to answer but I’m off to spanish class for 4 hours of grilling . in the meantime, read

hopefully those two short pieces can get you started

(Hours Later)

When we wrote the agile manifesto, we knew it was not a methodology, and not a framework, either. It was and is a value center, a way of looking at situations and thinking about how to proceed. It was carefully written as values and principles. Each of the methodologies, approaches, views represented in the room could fit into that value center.

Scrum, on the other hand, is a framework – it is a partially filled out “something”. Not a methodology, because it doesn’t even have enough in it to qualify as a methodology framework. I call it a "reflection improvement framework" (discussion: Re: The end of methodology). It provides a useful structure that gets you started reflecting and improving. See The end of methodology (discussion: Re: The end of methodology).

Crystal is a reflection improvement framework. It might be called a methodology framework, but I rather think of Crystal as a methodology generator, because it has explicit steps to help an organization create a methodology.

um…. what’s the next question?



To understand the application of scrum, one must know how it originated. Scrum was first implemented in the year 1993 by Jeff Sutherland, who along with John Scumniotales and Jeff McKenna, was inspired by the1986 HBR article “The New New Product Development Game”. This article provided a holistic approach in which management could be followed to achieve desired results, something along the lines of the game ‘Rugby’. go through Simplilearn website for more details

-by Helen Cooke on 2/2/2015 at 2:05 AM

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