Artificial Intelligence in Education

The Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED) theme within the Personalisation strand of TLRP TEL is concerned with exploring the ways in which the work conducted under TEL within and across projects can contribute to the (inter)discipline of AIED.

AIED draws together work from multiple disciplines, in particular: computer science, education and psychology to explore ways in which learning and teaching can benefit from technology that draws upon research in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The nature of the research conducted under the heading of AIED has developed and evolved over the past 25 years or so and the community is a broad church concerned with supporting the learning and teaching process in situ and in real time. Theoretically grounded research is supported by systematic empirical evaluation that informs further theory development. Increasing attention is paid to the affective and collaborative as well as the intellectual aspects of learning with very active research being conducted to investigate collaboration, metacognition, motivation, and emotions, as well as the more traditional areas of scaffolding and intelligent support; and the new possibilities afforded by data mining techniques.

Over the next year or so the work of the AIED theme will review the original AIED influences as cited by TEL project leaders and teams, through their funding applications and subsequent discussion. We will chart the themes within the AIED community and their changes in recent years in order to map potential links between the work of the TEL projects and the main foci of attention of the AIED community. In this way we will identify areas where the TEL projects have particular contributions to make and will support the communication of these contributions to the wider AIED community, in particular at the AIED conference in 2011.

The AIED theme is led from the London Knowledge Lab by Rose Luckin, with support from Joshua Underwood and guidance from an International advisory group:

Rose Luckin, London Knowledge Lab


Artificial Intelligence in Education: Outputs

Three reports are available on AI in Education:

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