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1.In clinic hours
In the event of sudden illness or unexpected injury, you can search for information on this site about hospitals and clinics, which can provide you with medical advice and treatment, by choosing the relevant language, speciality(branch of medicine) and geographical area. If you want to consult with a doctor at the medical institution, please contact them in advance to arrange a consultation within office hours.

2.Out of clinic hours
Hokkaido has a total of 14 emergency centers, which provide first-aid treatment for sudden illness or injuries during out-of-clinic hours.

Medical treatment at emergency centers during out of clinic hours, including holidays, are mainly internal medicine and pediatrics.

In addition, there is a rotation of local hospitals and clinics offering treatment during out-of-clinic hours.

If you do not know the location of your local area’s emergency center, or which hospital or clinic is on duty, please contact the Emergency Medical Treatment Information Center, which handles calls around-the- clock (in Japanese only).

Toll free service: 0120-20-8699
(If you call the above number from a public telephone, coins used are returned automatically after you hang up.)

From a cell phone or PHS: 011-221-8699

3.In the case of severe symptoms
Please dial 119, in the event of an emergency.

Operators handling emergency calls usually speak only Japanese, therefore if you have access to someone who speaks Japanese, please ask the person to make the call.

In the event that you cannot find someone who speaks Japanese, please be ready yourself to say at least the following in Japanese.

When you talk to the operator, please speak as slowly and clearly as you can,

First, please indicate that an ambulance is needed.

Ambulance: “Please send an ambulance”. = “Kyukyusha onegai-shimasu.”

Next please give your name and address.

You may be asked to give your birth date, nationality, blood type, occupation and the type of insurance.

*Ambulances are available free of charge, but they can be used only in emergencies.





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