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Cooling Solutions


Column Concepts

Wind turbine ventilators

Good indoor air quality can improve your families quality of life and prevent unwanted moisture and heat problems which could lead to illness.

Speak to Whirlys about our wide range of industrial and domestic wind turbine ventilators, evaporative air conditioners, ceramic heat barrier systems, power ventilators and other natural ventilation products.


Column concepts

Pre cast modular stacking system that forms freestanding square columns.

Speak to Whirlys about our range of modular stacking systems used for fencing and construction.


Solar Tube Lighting

Windown Blocks

Winblok window surrounds are manufactured from high density, low permeability, precast concrete.

Speak to Whirlys about our range of window surrounds used in residential, commercial and industrial construction.

  Solar Tube Lighting The Solar Tube lighing provides illumination to dark areas where you would not neccesarily want to install ordinary lighting.

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