Muslims have an important responsibility in the fight against terrorism, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard said Thursday as authorities continued to search the Montreal home of a suspect in an attack at the Flint, Mich., airport.

"Unfortunately, you cannot disconnect this type of event — terrorism — from Islam in general," Couillard said.

He pointed to remarks made recently by French President Emmanuel Macron, whom he said was "very eloquent about this when addressing the Muslim community in France."

"He told them it's also your responsibility to act on the theological front to explain to your people that is not part of the religion — that it's contrary to the teachings of the religion," Couillard told reporters in Quebec City.

The comments, which came in response to a question about whether he was concerned Quebec Muslims would face a backlash following the Flint attack, represent a departure for the premier, who normally calls for unity in the wake of such events.

Officer Injured-Airport

Police officers responding to Wednesday morning's attack at Bishop International Airport in Flint, Mich. Montreal resident Amor Ftouhi has been identified as the suspect. (Dominic Adams/The Flint Press)

U.S. authorities have identified Amor Ftouhi, a Montreal resident, as the suspect in the stabbing of a police officer at Flint's Bishop International Airport.

The FBI is treating the attack as an act of terror.

The RCMP began searching Ftouhi's apartment in the city's Saint-Michel neighbourhood on Wednesday evening.