11 Summer Sangria Recipes

Mmmm, Sangria. Nothing says unwinding with friends quite like a pitcher of this delicious and beautiful beverage. The quintessential summer drink, it traditionally consists of just wine, chopped fruit, a spirit or liqueur, and some sort of sweetener. The end result is fun, fruity, and, when done right, wonderfully complex. One of the greatest things about this classic Spanish punch, however, is that it is practically a blank canvas for the inner mixologist in all of us. Just change the fruit, spices, herbs, or liqueur and suddenly you have a whole new sangria experience. Whatever ingredients you choose, it’s best when left to chill overnight, so the flavors can mingle and deepen.

When buying your wine, you can usually get away with choosing a cheaper one than you might normally purchase, but remember that the quality of your wine will have a big impact on the end result. In other words, pick a wine that tastes good and your sangria will taste good! Red wine sangrias might be the most iconic, but choosing white wines in warmer weather (“Sangria blanca”) or cava (Spanish sparkling wine) for celebrations is also quite common. (A few tips: when using a cava, let the other ingredients sit overnight to develop the flavors, but don’t add the cava until right before serving–otherwise you’ll lose all the carbonation. For red wine, we like Spanish Rioja but a Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon that’s not oaky will work well too.)

Whether it’s light and fruity on a warm summer’s evening or deeply complex with spices on a chilly night, a glass of sangria is pretty hard to beat. We’ve scoured the internet, salivating over a countless number of recipes, and now we’re excited to bring you a collection of some of our favorites. May they inspire you and make you thirsty!

Classic Red:

Simple Sangria: This simple, straightforward recipe is a great introduction to sangria. It stays true to the drink’s traditional Spanish roots by incorporating three kinds of citrus in a red wine base. Grand Marnier, an orange liqueur, adds more depth to the citrus flavor, and the handful of sliced strawberries imparts a sweet, springy note. If you’ve never tasted sangria before, try this simple, classic punch, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love. (Recipe and Photo Courtesy of Gourmantine’s Blog)

Classic Sangria

Red Wine Sangria with Cognac and Berries: With both cognac and triple sec, this recipe packs a bit more of a punch than some sangrias. Combined with orange juice, lemon-lime soda, fresh apple and orange slices, and a cinnamon stick, this recipe results in a dangerously tasty concoction. Instead of adding sugar, it calls for sweetened frozen berries of your choice, adding an extra burst of flavor and sweetness that makes this sangria particularly drinkable. (Recipe and Photo Courtesy of Happy Good Time Blog).

Red Wine Sangria with Cognac and Berries

Burnt Sage and Blackberry Sangria for Two: Using herbs and spices is a great way to add mystery and depth to sangria. In this recipe, toasty burnt sage, black pepper syrup, and a two-day steeping period create an incredibly complex and delicious drink. The sweetness of blackberries and blood oranges mingles with tangy lime, and the spiciness of the pepper and bourbon complements both the softness of the sage and the tannins of the wine. This recipe makes enough for two servings, so you might want to double it. Or triple it. Your call. (Recipe and Photo Courtesy of Stir and Strain)

Burnt Sage and Blackberry Sangria for Two

Green Apple Sangria: Chopped apple is a common addition to classic sangria, but when you use tart, green apples, the result is perkier with more of a zing to it. A layered orange component packs a quadruple punch in the form of juice, liqueur, zest, and slices of fresh fruit. Top it off with brandy, lemon juice, club soda, sugar, and two cinnamon sticks, and you’ve got yourself a delicious, sweet-tart sangria perfect for any season. (Recipe and Photo Courtesy of Full Fork Ahead)

Green Apple Sangria


Sangria Blanca (White Wine):

Peach Sangria: When peaches are at the peak of their season and you’re looking for a drink that will place them center stage, try this simple white sangria recipe. Adding peaches to sangria is very common in the south of Spain, and this version allows their yummy, fresh flavor to really shine. The ingredients are simple: cognac, angostura orange bitters, and chopped peaches. Naturally, in order to fully bring out the depth of the peach flavor, your sangria should sit for at least eight hours. (Recipe and Photo Courtesy of Cocktail Remedy)

Peach Sangria

Mango, Mint, and Peach Sangria: This refreshing and slightly tropical white sangria was recently one of our featured recipes, and as the summer heats up we can’t help but return to it. Lauren Grier of Climbing Grier Mountain combines fresh peaches and mangoes for a bright, fruity flavor that is enhanced by the orange notes of Grand Marnier liqueur. Fresh mint adds a cool, herby component that is an excellent complement to the fruits and makes this drink truly refreshing. If you find yourself wishing for an ice-cold drink to beat the heat, grab a couple friends and mix up a pitcher of this tasty sangria to cool you off. (Recipe and Photo Courtesy of Climbing Grier Mountain)

Mango, Mint, and Peach Sangria

Kiwi Blackberry Summer Sangria: Blackberries, kiwi, and the berry juice of your choice come together wonderfully in this light, springy sangria from NoshOnIt Featured Chef Marina Delio of Yummy Mummy Kitchen. A generous amount of fresh mint complements the delicate flavors of the kiwi, but this sangria isn’t just delicious–it’s also beautiful! The slices of green kiwi shimmering through the pale pink of the sangria create an incredibly elegant effect, one that’s sure to please both you and your guests. Give it a try for your next get together! (Recipe and Photo Courtesy of Yummy Mummy Kitchen)

Kiwi Blackberry Summer Sangria

Harvest Sangria: Generally, white sangrias just beg to be sipped in the warmth of a summer’s day. This sangria, however, would be particularly well suited to the cooling final days of summer or a warmer autumn day. In its white wine base, crisp apples and spiced rum mingle with spices reminiscent of apple pies–cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and brown sugar. Orange liqueur adds a bright, zesty note, and sparkling apple cider intensifies the apple flavors while teasing your tongue with a carbonated tingle. Next time you’re in the mood for changing leaves and cable-knit sweaters, mix up a pitcher of this toasty yet refreshing Harvest Sangria. (Recipe and Photo Courtesy of The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie)

Harvest Sangria

Cava (Sparkling Wine):

Cava Sangria: We recently featured this excellent cava sangria from Katie at the Kitchen Door, and it’s still one of our favorites. It has all the warmth, depth, and complexity of a red sangria, but with the lightness and tingle of a sparkling white wine base. Mint and cinnamon meld with the brandy, strawberries, oranges, and peaches overnight to create an intriguing depth of flavor. When ready to serve, add the wine, give it a quick stir, and you’re ready to enjoy this classic sparkling sangria. (Recipe and Photo Courtesy of Katie at the Kitchen Door)

Cava Sangria

Fruity Fizz White Sangria: This fizzy sangria is like drinking sunshine from a glass. The bright flavors of fresh pineapple, crisp apple, and peach nectar set the stage for this energetic recipe. Add lime juice and zest, and even a dash of cayenne if you’re feeling adventurous, then let it all steep in white wine and brandy until it’s ready to be topped off with chilled, sparkling wine. If you’re looking for some sunshine on a cloudy day, or just soaking up some vitamin D with friends, this cava sangria is the recipe for you. (Recipe and Photo Courtesy of Healthy. Happy. Life.)

Fruity Fizz White Sangria

Sparkling Grapefruit Sangria: If you love grapefruit as much as we do, then this is the sangria for you. Jessica’s recipe really lets the delicate, floral undertone of grapefruit shine. Simple syrup mellows the tartness of the drink while still leaving a satisfying pucker, and strawberries add a lovely color. We also like that she uses both white and sparkling wines, so the fruit can exchange flavors with the white wine overnight and create a delicious base for the sparkling wine to join when you’re ready to serve. (Recipe and Photo Courtesy of How Sweet It Is)

Sparkling Grapefruit Sangria

Which of these is your favorite type of sangria?