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Report of the RCUS on Infant Communion

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Report of the Special Committee to Study the Federal Vision

This report was presented to the 261 Synod of the Reformed Church in the U. S. May, 2007, and is the official position on this matter.†† PDF format: requires Adobe Reader.


Resolution of Cheyenne Mountain PCA on Federal Vision


Review of Doug Wilsonís Reformed Is Not Enough

From A Puritanís Mind

The Report of the Committee to Study Justification

Presented to the 259 Synod of the Reformed Church in the U.S.May, 2005

This report considers the theology of N.T. Wright.It was adopted unanimously by Synod.

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C. W. Powellís Report on Legalism in First Century Judaism†††


John Fescoís Critique of the Federal Vision with respect to the Covenant of Works.


Report of the Mississippi Valley Presbytery [PCA] on the New Perspectives[pdf]


The Report of the Committee to Study Justification

Presented to the 258 Synod of the Reformed Church in the U.S.May 11-13, 2004

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Rev Paul Treick: Editorial in October Reformed Herald

Rev. Norm Jones:Critique of Professor Norman Shepherd

Many Links to Articles on Justification by Faith

James A. Meek:Introduction to the New Perspectives[Needs Adobe Reader].

A. Andrew Das:Beyond Covenantal Nomism[Needs Adobe Reader].

Selected Articles from the Three Forms of Unity

Selected Articles from Other Confessions

The Rich Young Ruler

Resolutions of the RPUSA

Resolutions from Trinity Covenant RCUS in Colorado Springs

Heresy Ad Hominem

J. Ligon Duncan

Quotes from the Auburn Four

Link to Articles by Palmer Robertson

Council of Chalcedon Documentation on the Auburn Four

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Douglas F. Kelly

Calvin on the Law

The Paul Page.Web Site on the New Perspectives; Both Pro and Con

Articles by Dr. Venema in The Outlook

Chart on Federal Theology from Romans Five

Colloquium on Auburn Avenue Theology

[Knox Theological Seminary: Requires Adobe Reader]


Site for a number of articles opposing the New Perspective and Auburn Avenue Theology.
Ignore the "reformed" baptistic propaganda and errors.


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