At Crowfoot Village Family Practice (CVFP) we are committed to providing a "Medical Home" for our patients - this means we deliver comprehensive care for newborn to geriatric patients with a team-based approach that includes physicians, registered nurses, a pharmacist, psychologist, respiratory and diabetic educators, a dietitian and a nurse practitioner all working on-site in a collaborative and efficient model.

Did you know? CVFP is one of two clinics province wide that uses a comprehensive care model to deliver service to our patients. The Health Quality council conducted a recent study of Crowfoot Patients as compared with patients within NW Calgary (the Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network catchment area) as well as the AHS Calgary Zone and we're proud of how we stack up. Click here to read more.

Watch Peggy Aufricht, Retired Physician, and Shauna Wilkinson Executive Director on CVFP's Model of Care


Contact us by phone, or contact us by email.

  • Dr. Richardson, Dr. Kathy Johns (403) 539-5210
  • Dr. Ward, Dr. Orr, Dr. Siegel (403) 539-5211
  • Dr. McLean Wiest, Dr. Klassen, Dr. Gillis (403) 539-5212
  • Dr. Bockmuehl, Dr. Croteau, Dr. Miller (403) 539-5213
  • Dr. Stefanek, Dr. Jablonski, Dr. Young (403) 539-5214 


The Calgary Foothills PCN has an afterhours service that CVFP patients can access through calling Health Link at: 943-LINK (5465)

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Jun 6, 2017
We must change the way we pay for healthcare. Your CVFP Health Team couldn't agree more...

A recent article appeared in the Toronto Star highlighting important changes needed in Canada to ensure our health dollars are invested to improve the health Canadians.

Apr 28, 2017
What Happens when you see a Family Physician Outside CVFP?

Did you know…. Your CVFP doctor pays the government for services provided to you by Family Doctors outside CVFP?


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Phone: 403-239-9733
Office Hours:Monday to Friday
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